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The Virgin & The Dream Girl

Young man loses his virginity to the girl of his dreams
The Virgin & The Dream Girl

The humidity in the air clung to Reagan O’Neal’s legs as she walked down the street. It was the first week of summer vacation, and, in true Georgia form, it was hot and just a bit muggy. It was just past 1 in the morning, and she was restless and a little bit horny. She had graduated high school 4 days ago and was feeling a little too contained. She was headed to Kennesaw State in the fall and had no plans for her summer vacation. Nearly all of her friends were away at the beach or traveling or something fun for their last summer before college, but she was stuck at home, grounded for getting caught drunk at a party that had been busted by the cops. She was just happy that her college acceptance hadn’t been revoked, but it wasn’t as if she was the only one who had been drinking. In fact, she was probably one of the least drunk people there, but she had been one of the lucky few the cops had managed to grab and her parents had gone insane. They assumed that when their “perfect” little girl, a straight A student who was captain of the debate team and went to church every Sunday, said she was spending the night at a friend’s house that that was where she really was. But Reagan had a wild streak in her, and she had always known that as long as she kept her grades up and didn’t get caught, she could drink and smoke and party as much as she wanted, and had been doing so since her freshman year. But now, here she was, sneaking out of the house like she was still in high school, not the 18 year old soon to be college student that she really was, walking down the street with no intended destination, no parties to go to, and no girlfriends to meet up with.

Scrolling through the contacts on her phone, she saw the name of the one friend she knew she could count on to be home: Sam White. They had sat next to one another in nearly every English class since middle school. There was no one else she knew that she had had so many of the same classes with. With his brunette hair and slightly crooked smile, he was cute in a boyish way, though definitely no hunk, but he was so funny that he made up for anything and everything he lacked in looks. Plus he was a total nerd, and she had a thing for the smart boys. The only B he had ever gotten was once in the 6th grade, and it was an 89. He was headed to UGA in the fall, already having declared himself as PreMed, hoping to one day get into Johns Hopkins for Neurology. He had always been so concerned with his grades and extracurriculars that he had never bothered with girls or parties or anything else that might take time out of his studies. She’d had a tiny crush on him for about a week a few months earlier, but she had just broken up with her boyfriend at the time and didn’t want to get into anything else so quickly, especially not with graduation so close. But now, walking down the street in her cut off jean shorts, oversized tank top, and beat up chucks, he was the only person she wanted to see.

“Where r u?” she texted him. She was afraid he might be asleep, but those fears were quashed when almost immediately she felt her phone buzz twice in her hand with a response.

“@ home layin n bed. Whats up?”

She knew before she sent the text that he never would, but she had to ask anyways. “Can u sneak out?”


“U know I cant. My mom is psychic. She’ll know Im gone b4 I make it off the front lawn.”

She had figured as much. She remembered his mom from his 12th birthday party back in middle school. It had been a pool party at his house, and his mother, a thin almost 40 woman with a poorly executed bottle blonde dye job, had spent the entire day fussing about making sure no one ran around the pool or tracked water inside. She wasn’t mean, just horribly overbearing and overprotective. But Reagan wasn’t a girl to be stopped. She remembered where his house was, as it was only a few neighborhoods away from her own and three houses down from one of her closer friends. Cutting through yards and the woods separating the neighborhoods, using the footpaths she and her friends and probably generations of kids before them had spent their childhoods making, she was at his house in less than 20 minutes.

He texted her again, “Y? What did u hav n mind?”

Crouching behind a tree she texted him back, “Not much. Just bored & wanted 2 hang.”

She put her phone in her back pocket, crept over to the tree that grew near his window, and began to climb. She had always loved climbing trees. Because of her slender, lanky frame she could get higher and go out further than most of her friends were willing to try. She climbed level with the second story window and began to scoot her way across the branch, making sure to rub a little extra on the branch, loving the pressure of the rough bark against her shaven mound. She kept going until she felt the branch begin to bend downward with her weight, but at that point she was less than 3 feet from his window, so she leaned and tapped lightly on it. She could faintly hear him drop something as he jumped and then slowly got up. Impatient, she tapped again, and just as she did the blinds parted. She gave him an almost devilish grin, lifting her eyebrows as if to say, “Well are you gonna keep me out here all night?” She could see the relief on his face as he realized it was only her and unlocked and raised his window.

“What the hell are you doing here!?” he whispered at her.

“You said you couldn’t sneak out so I figured I would come to you!” she whispered back.

“Well get in here before you break your neck!” he said, grabbing her hand and half helping her, half pulling her in. Losing their balance as she crossed the threshold of the window, they toppled over into the room, loudly knocking a wooden desk chair over in the process. Jumping up, he shoved her into his closet and shut the door behind him, turning back and reaching for the chair just as his mom knocked and then opened the door without waiting for a response.

“Are you ok? I heard a noise!” she could hear his mother ask, her somewhat shrill voice cutting through the closet door as though it wasn’t even there.

“Yes mom, I’m fine. I left the window open from earlier, but the bugs were starting to annoy me, so I got up to close it. I just tripped over my chair. Calm down.” He said back, the undertones of exasperation in his voice easily identifiable.

In a somewhat huffy tone, Mrs. White said fine, asked him to stop leaving his window open unless he wanted to pay the power bill, wished him a good night, and shut the door behind her. After he had righted the chair, closed his window, and dropped the blinds, he went back to his closet and opened the door, holding his finger up in the universal signal for wait a second. He listened closely for a moment and when he was satisfied that all was well, he quietly said ok and let her out, grabbing a t shirt from his closet and pulling it over his head as he did, but not before she could be pleasantly surprised at his toned chest and the thin happy trail that disappeared beneath the waistband of his flannel pajama pants. She couldn’t help but giggle as she kicked off her shoes, snatched up his classic Gameboy color, plopped down on his bed sitting with her back against his wall and began to play tetris.

“What are you laughing at?” he asked quietly.

“Two things: one, your mom hasn’t changed a bit, and two, you are the only person I know other than myself who still has one of these.” She said, waving the blue Gameboy for a second before fitting a square into place. “I have the pink one.”

She looked up from the game for a moment when she realized he was still standing in the middle of his room.

“So are you gonna sit down, or…?” she asked a bit jokingly.

“Oh, sorry” he said, pulling his desk chair out again and sitting down.

“Don’t apologize to me, I mean, it is your room” she said.

After a moment more of playing, she got bored, turned it off and tossed it onto his bed, crossing her legs and leaning forward to rest on her elbows. They sat in silence for a moment before she laughed again, and smiled saying, “You know most people say hello and start up a conversation, and since you won’t I guess I will. Hiya, how’s your summer been so far?” After a moment he snapped out of it and apologized again, saying it had been boring as usual.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting so weird?” she asked.

Sam gulped. At this angle, he could clearly see Reagan’s bra, her full breasts spilling out of them just the tiniest bit. He could feel himself beginning to get hard and couldn’t will it away.”I’ve never had a girl in my room before, and it’s just really strange, ok?”

“You’ve never had a girl in your room before? Really? Well I mean if I’m making you uncomfortable I can leave…” she said, scooting forward on the bed as if to get up.

“No!” he said, a bit louder than he meant to, clapping his hand over his mouth as he did and listening for the inevitable sound of his mother coming down the hall, but it never came. Reagan smiled a little knowingly, scooting back onto the bed and getting comfortable again, pulling her long, tan legs up with her feet apart and her knees together by her chest, resting her arms on them. She had spent her time during lock down lying on a beach towel on her second story roof with her iPod and some tanning oil, and it had done her justice, making her long blonde hair seem even blonder and giving her skin a glowing perfection. She sat there another moment as he just looked at her, finally saying, “So?”

“Oh! Yeah, sorry.” he chuckled nervously. “Aren’t you, like, majorly grounded or something?” he asked.

“It’s not like that’s ever stopped me before.”

He laughed again, “True, but aren’t you afraid of getting caught… again?”

“My parents didn’t catch me in the first place. That was the cops. I spun them a really good story about wanting to sew my wild oats before buckling down at college, especially after having “toed the line” all of my life, which is bull, and they ate it up. They’re still mad, and I’m still “grounded”, but I just make sure they think I feel extra guilty every time we talk and they don’t bother me. I think they trust me again, for the most part.”

“Well you’re quite the story teller aren’t you then, huh?”

“You’re one to talk, Mister ‘I Just Tripped Over My Chair’.”

“Well what was I supposed to say? ‘Don’t worry mom, there’s only an insanely hot girl hiding in my closet, no big deal!” He blushed a bit as he said it, wondering what had come over himself to say such a thing out loud. Sure he had liked her ever since that very same birthday party, after she had kneed Tony Markham in the groin and shoved him into the pool for pantsing him, but that didn’t mean he would ever tell her such a thing. Even if he had stood a chance with her, he’d never had time for a girlfriend.

“Fair enough.” she said. She hated to admit it, but she got a certain thrill from the compliment, getting a little turned on when he said it. She smiled, appreciating the compliment but knowing better than to push him on it. “So are you excited for college?”

“Yeah. I’m rooming with Tyler, so at least I won’t have to share a room with a stranger.” Tyler Bell had been on the debate team with her and she knew him well, knowing that he and Sam were friends.

“Well that’s good! I love Tyler! He’s such a sweet guy.” she said fondly, “But won’t that get awkward?”

“Um, no, why would it?”

“Well because I know that Olivia got into UGA as well so that they could stay together through college. Where are you gonna go while they’re doing it? Cause from what I hear they can’t keep their clothes on to save their lives.”

“Oh. Well she’s getting an apartment just off campus with Jenny and Tristan, so he’ll probably be spending most of his time there.”

“Well that works then. I guess you’ll have the room to yourself most of the time. You won’t have to worry about bringing girls back yourself” she said a bit teasingly.

“Yeah, right” he said. “Be serious. You know me. Even if I did like a girl, I’d be too nervous to go for it.”

“Oh, come on! Tell me you’re not going to spend college the same way you did high school, with your nose in a book, living in the friend zone! We’re girls! Not snakes! We don’t bite. Unless of course you’re into that, in which case…” she trailed off jokingly, smiling and raising her eyebrows indicatively. “But seriously, though! You’re cute, you’re funny, you’re smart, and you’re charming without even knowing it! Hell, even I had a tiny crush on you at one point this year!” Reagan, for her blonde hair and blue eyes and big lips, was a smart and strategic girl. She knew what to say to get the response she was looking for. This was exactly what Sam needed to hear, and she knew it.

“You did not! Why in the hell didn’t you say anything!?”

“It was near the end of our senior year. I didn’t see the point. Plus you were so preoccupied with studying for exams!”

“Great. I missed out on my chance to go out with the hottest girl in school, and now I get to go to college a virgin.” He so desperately wanted to tell her about his own crush, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“I’m not the hottest. That title belongs to Jordan Evans and always has.” It was true, Jordan had looked like a 21 year old super model since the 8th grade, but she let all of the attention go to her head and thought she was too good for everyone, not to mention she was your classic air head “I’ll just get by on my looks” kind of girl. Still though, she was gorgeous. Regardless, the compliment had sent that same jolt straight to her already well worked up pussy.

“She’s a bitch and everyone knows it. Plus, I like a girl with a brain in her head.”

“Well you’re going to a college that doesn’t accept people who don’t make the grades. All of the girls there will be pretty smart. It’ll be like your dream land!” she said jestingly.

“Reagan, what college girl is going to want to screw a guy who has no idea what he’s doing?”

“Any girl who would refuse to date you because you’re a virgin isn’t a girl you need to be going out with in the first place.”

“Yeah, I know, but still, I always swore to myself that I wouldn’t be one of those guys who went to college a virgin. It’s different for guys. For girls it’s honorable and speaks to their character. For a guy its just pathetic.”

“No it’s not. It’s endearing. And what? Since I’m not a virgin I’m somehow transformed into a dishonorable, characterless, easy lay?” she asked a little sarcastically, not serious at all. She was no stranger to sex, it was true, but she had only ever been with 2 guys. The first her ex, whom she had dated from freshman year all the way till nearly halfway through her senior, and the second was a rebound hook up that she had used for the sole purpose of getting off. Reagan had found out after she and her ex had done it for the first time that she loved sex. And not just fucking, but everything that came before it. She loved it all. She knew that Sam hadn’t meant anything by what he’d said, but she wanted to see him squirm a bit.

“No! That’s not what I meant at all! You’re… well you’re just… You know what I meant!”

Laughing a bit at how flustered he had gotten, she smiled at him, saying, “Relax. I know what you meant. But it’s really not as big a deal as you think. Why did you wait so long?”

“Cause you’re right. I did spend my entire high school career studying. But also because it was like the longer I waited the scarier it got, and the more time I had to mull over every possible horrible outcome. What if she tells everyone at school how bad I am? What if I lose control and finish too quickly? What if she laughs at me? What if I get nervous and can’t get it up. And it’s not like I can trick her into thinking I do know what I’m doing by doing the other stuff really well. Hell, I’ve never even kissed a girl!” he said, a bit dejected. “And now I’ve just sat here and told the only girl whose respect I probably had left all of this and now I look like a total pussy. So great.”

Reagan felt touched that he had been so honest with her, and saw her chance and took it. “No, you don’t. Like, that was fucking brave, saying all of that I mean.” she said. “And honestly? This is an easy fix.”

“Huh?” he said with a slightly confused look on his face, but before he could say any more or figure out what was going on, she had stood up and walked over to him. She bent at the waist, put one hand on his thigh, resting her weight lightly on it, and, putting her other hand on his shoulder, leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips, remaining there for a few seconds before pulling back and standing up with a satisfied smile, saying, “See? Easy fix. Now you’ve kissed a girl.” He began to stammer a bit, blushing fiercely. She interrupted him, saying, “Everyone’s first kiss should be a simple, innocent one. It’s just sweeter, you know?” He dumbly nodded, still fighting off the bright red that had taken up permanent residence on his cheeks.

“So does making out with a girl seem less scary now?” she asked, knowing he was still too flustered to answer. After a confused shake of his head, she smiled and said, “Well you must be terrified then.” And once again, before he could realize what was about to happen, she was there. She straddled him on the chair, her pussy directly on top of what she could tell was the beginning of a boner. Taking his hands and putting them on her waist, she stopped for a second, noticing the terrified look on his face and told him, “Just relax. It’s just kissing. Just pay attention to what I do and follow my lead. Do what you feel comes naturally, ok?” She gave him a reassuring smile and then leaned in again, this time parting her lips against his and kissing him more fully. She took things slowly at first until he got the feel of it, pulling back at one point and smiling, poking him playfully in the chest and saying, “Stop thinking. I can feel you thinking. Just kiss me.” Leaning back in, she kissed him again, this time taking her tongue and lightly running along the roof of his mouth with it, biting his bottom lip as their lips began to part before diving back in. She could feel him growing beneath her, and she was becoming more and more horny by the second. He was a fast learner. He began picking up what she was doing, soon biting her lips right back and even swirling his tongue around hers once or twice. Still, he wasn’t prepared when she grabbed his hand and put it on her breast, cupping it over her barely there D cup, which was just now a little too snuggly fitted in a 34C bra, a trick she had learned to give them a little extra umph. She smiled against his lips, enjoying the fact that he was now frozen and the hard on beneath her had just doubled in size. “It’s ok”, she whispered, diving back into the kiss. Slowly she began to grind herself against his now full erection, loving how it felt against her now soaking pussy. After a moment, she began backing off of his lap, putting her hand on the back of his neck and grabbing him by the shirt, making him stand with her, and, never breaking the kiss, turned him around and slowly pushed him down onto his bed, again getting on top of him in a straddle just above his now throbbing manhood. She pushed him back and sat up, paying careful attention to his face as she slowly stripped her shirt off. She smiled again in satisfaction as his eyes bulged. Then, grabbing her bra the same way she had the bottom of her t shirt, she pulled it over her head in the same fashion and tossed it to the floor. She loved the way her breasts changed shape when her arms were lifted, and how they bounced into place when the confinement of the bra was no longer holding them down. She had known that it would drive him crazy, and she was right, as Sam was now lying beneath her, mouth agape, certain that he must be dreaming. The air hit her naked skin and her nipples hardened immediately. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it off of him, tossing it to the floor with her own. She bent down and resumed the kiss, loving the feeling of her hard nipples rubbing against his chest. Once again, she grabbed his hand and put it on her breast, her own hands running the length of his chest.

She sat up, pulling him up with her, grinding on him again, finding a rhythm, and began to trace her lips along his jaw line until she got to his ear, lightly biting and sucking at it before whispering gently for him to go a little lower. He understood immediately and, wrapping his arms around her waist, began kissing her down her neck to her chest, where he took first one and then the other hard nipple into his mouth, licking, sucking, and lightly biting at and around them until she could no longer take it. Shoving him back down, she started kissing him again, slowly moving her hand down and massaging his cock outside of his pants. She could feel him groaning against her lips and tongue as she did so, so she pulled her hand back up until she met the drawstring of his pants. Gently pulling the string to untie the bow, she slid her hand down the happy trail to his rock hard erection, massaging it for a moment before wrapping her hand around it in one swift motion. He jerked a bit, unused to the feeling of someone else’s hand around his member, before pushing against her hand. She smirked a bit against his lips, then, breaking the kiss and giving him that same devilish smile, she began to trace down his chest with her lips and tongue, taking her time as she made her way down to his throbbing hard on. Finally there, she grabbed his pants on either side and pulled downward until it finally sprang free. Her eyes widened a bit in shock as she had not been expecting what she saw. Before her was a completely exposed Sam White, the same boy she had seen pantsed years before, and my how he’d grown. He was a full 7 ½ to 8 inches, with width to match. Pleasantly surprised she grabbed him again around the base, and as slowly as she could, licked him from the base up to the tip, swirling around it for a moment before taking the head fully into her mouth and starting the slow descent downward again. He felt like he would explode. It was like nothing he’d ever felt before. He’d expected her to stop when the head of his cock hit the back of her throat, but she just kept going. Again, Reagan loved sex, and she had spent the first month of her life after losing her virginity practicing all of the things she felt she needed to be good at, including deep throating. Her lips finally hit the base of his cock and she went back up, and down again, slowly increasing speed until she found a good rhythm. He was reflexively lifting his hips slightly each time to meet her, making her so wet that it soaked through her panties and she could feel it between her thighs when they touched. She could feel him getting closer and closer to orgasm. He was practically twitching beneath her and had a pillow over his face to muffle his poorly stifled groans, so she came back up to the top, taking a second to suck as hard as she could on the head before grasping it in her hand again. She then leaned down and, while still stroking him, took one, then the other, and then both balls into her mouth, lightly sucking and licking them and occasionally humming a bit to give a vibrating effect. Finally, after taking him into her mouth and bobbing up and down on his cock a few more times, he couldn’t stand it anymore and groaned through the pillow that he was about to come. One more hard suck at the head and he did. She sat up not a moment too soon, holding his exploding cock pointed at her mouth and tits. Groaning hard and spasming, his first load landed in her mouth and on her chin, the second and third on her tits. She swallowed and bent down again to suck him dry until he began to go limp again before sitting up and looking at the gobs of cum now splattered across her chest. He took the pillow off of his face just as she raked her finger across her chin and chest, collecting it all and sucking it off her finger. Had he had anything left in him, the sight of it alone would have made him come again.

Lying down next to him, mostly clean but still a little sticky, she smiled as she caught her breath. Still smiling she turned her head and looked at him before saying, “See? Not that scary after all.” They both started laughing before they had to quiet themselves down for fear of being heard.

“So what now?” he asked.

Looking down at her bare chest and soaking shorts, she took her hands and ran them from in between her legs up to her breasts before pinching her nipples and sighing. She turned her head and looked at him again. “Now it’s my turn.” she said, grinning at him.

She rolled over on top of him and dove back into kissing him, loving the fact that he was now tasting himself on her, a sensation that was new to him. Only remaining on top for a moment, she grabbed behind his neck and at his arm and rolled back over, pulling him on top her. She had missed the feeling of a man’s weight on top of her, and Sam seemed to fit perfectly to her body, putting the weight of his body down on all the right parts. He was getting better at kissing by the second, now getting a little daring and trying a few things on his own, somehow knowing that even if he did something that wasn’t right, she wouldn’t care and they would laugh it off. With one hand in her hair, his other hand had found its own way back to her breasts, now massaging and fondling them to the sounds of her faint and muffled groaning against his lips. She pushed him to the side a little, so that he was now lying on his side but leaning on her, she smiled a little, breaking the kiss, and she grabbed his hand and placed it between her legs, cupping her much neglected pussy. She could feel him tense and knew he was nervous from not knowing what to do, so with her hand still over his, she gave him a reassuring smile and guided him up and down against herself, putting pressure on his first two fingers especially. She reached up and unbuttoned her shorts, grabbing his hand again and putting it inside them, underneath her panties, directly on top of her hot, wet slit. She guided him up and down the same way again and resumed the kiss. She grinded against his hand a bit, so turned on she thought she might jump out of her skin. She felt electric. Just as she grinded down again, she felt his fingers push and slip between her slit to the wetness beneath. He stroked upwards, right over her swollen clit, causing her to spasm a little in pleasure. He knew what he had just found, and remembering everything he’d seen in every porno he’d ever watched, he started rubbing in circles around the little button, loving the sound of her breath hitching a little bit every time he passed directly over it without the little bit of skin on top of it. Reagan was going crazy. Suddenly more fired up than she’d been in longer than she could remember, she started kissing him fiercely, rubbing her hands down his chest to his cock, which was beginning to get hard again, and back up again, still grinding herself against his fingers. She put her hands on his shoulders and began pushing him down, biting her lip, groaning a bit as he licked and kissed her the whole way down, pausing when he got there to pull her shorts and underwear off. She could feel his hot breath on her and almost came when he leaned in and kissed her slit, just before taking his fingers and spreading her lips apart, taking a second to examine a wet pussy for the first time in real life. He leaned in again and licked from her hole all the way up to that swollen little button that he had been rubbing moments earlier. When he got to the top he sucked on it for a moment, making her groan and grind against his face. The sounds of her moaning set him on fire, and he went to work with a new ferocity, sticking first one finger and then a second into her tight hole and curling them upwards to hit that spot he’d read so much about in his hopeless attempts to prepare for this exact moment. At the same time, he used his tongue to rub back and forth across her clit, tickling her at first.

“Harder”, she moaned quietly, and he obeyed. Not knowing which to apply the command to, he bore down harder on both with each pass until she was practically writhing underneath him, grinding herself against his face with immense pressure. She couldn’t think. It was all she could do to keep as quiet as she was being.

“Don’t stop! Oh God, I’m so close, don’t stop! Oh fuck! Don’t. Stop…” she pleaded with him, her breath coming in shallow, shuddering, racked gasps now. She could feel that wonderful ambient burning and tightening sensation that marked the beginning of her orgasm. She grabbed him by the hair and shoved his mouth as firmly as could against her aching mound as the climax quickly ripped through her entire lower half, her taut muscles spasming around Sam’s fingers, her body curling inward around the orgasm, shaking as it rocked through her, making even her toes curl. She wanted to scream it felt so good, but knowing she could not, she gasped for air in shrill gulps, throwing a pillow over her face to muffle the sound. Slowly, it started to fade, leaving her with shaking aftershocks, tripling in intensity every time he moved his fingers inside of her. Having already detached himself from her now soaking wet pussy, he was now slowly pulling his fingers from her tightly clenched hole, loving the twitches that the slow movement brought on.

Reagan, still recovering, cupped her firm breast, pinching her nipple lightly before reaching down and grabbing Sam’s wrist, pulling the hand that owned the fingers that he had just extracted from her and brought them to her mouth, sucking them clean before pulling him again towards her. She playfully wiped his face a bit, rubbing her own juices into the skin of her breast and stomach as she caressed herself mindlessly, simply enjoying the sensation. She pulled him in for kiss, again tasting herself on his lips and tongue. She rolled over and rested herself on his chest and shoulder, intertwining herself with him, reveling in the moment. As she did so, she noticed with great pleasure that he was once again rock hard.

“What are we going to do about that?” She asked playfully.

“I know what I’d like to do” he responded with a smile.

“You’re sure?” she asked. “I don’t want you to feel like you rushed into anything.”

“Is that a trick question? Of course I’m sure.”

She leaned in and kissed him again, smiling against his lips as she rolled on top of him and straddled him, hovering above his throbbing erection, the head of it pressing against her wet, swollen lips. She slowly relaxed, so wet that he slipped easily between her lips. She reached down and positioned him at her entrance and, watching Sam’s face closely, slowly lowered herself onto him, feeling him fill her up, until she was all the way down.

“Oh, fuck” he gasped as she leaned down and kissed him, moving her hips as she did so, sat back up, and began moving up and down on his cock, finding her rhythm. She loved the way Sam’s eyes were raking over her body, lingering on her perky tits as they bounced on her chest. The way his chest was heaving. Their breathing became more ragged and a moan escaped her lips as she felt him hit her g spot over and over again. He grabbed her hips and began slamming her down onto him with more force, raising himself up to meet her. He couldn’t take it anymore. As he raised himself to meet her this time he picked her up and rolled her on her back, thrusting himself into her with all the force he had. He leaned down and kissed her roughly, muffling the gasps and moans that she could no longer hold in.

“Oh, God.” He felt like he might explode as he felt her nails scrape across his back. She was now gasping raggedly, unable to contain herself as he buried himself inside her to the hilt as hard as he could again and again, his body rubbing her clit as he went back and forth against her.

“Oh! Oooooh! Oh God, Sam, right there! Don’t stop, please, DON’T STOP! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna CUUUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!” she exclaimed as the second orgasm that night rolled through her body like electricity. She grabbed Sam behind the neck and kissed him again roughly, wanting to muffle the shrill gasps coming from her that she had no control over, her tongue battling his in their mouths. Her body shook as her muscles contracted around him again and again, the tightness sending him over the edge. He knew he couldn’t last any longer.

“NNNNFFFF!!!” he grunted loudly against her mouth, slamming himself into her harder than ever, feeling his balls tighten and explode, splashing his hot load inside of her, her still spasming hole milking him dry. Spent, he collapsed on top of her, their chests heaving against each other as they gasped, trying to catch their breaths. Reagan looked at him, laughing at the stupid grin he couldn’t seem to wipe from his face.

“Happy, then, are we?” she teased.

He broke out into a fit of laughter, throwing the pillow onto his face to try to stifle himself. When he finally got a hold of himself, he managed an, “Uh, yeah. Yeah, I am.”

She giggled, wriggling out from under him, feeling him slip from her as she did. Grabbing her underwear and slipping them on, she looked around and asked, “Have you seen my shorts anywhere?”

“They’re in the corner” he chuckled. “Wait, we didn’t use a condom!”

“It’s cool. I’m on the pill and I’m clean, and if I am I know you are, so we’re good.” She was clasping her bra and looking around for her shirt before he realized what she was doing.

“Hey, wait. Where are you going?”

“Well, I figured you’d want me to get out of here before you’re mom wakes up. It’s past 4 and she seems like an early riser.”

“Well A, she’s not. It’s technically Saturday morning, so she’s probably gonna sleep in until at least 10 or later. And B, I really don’t care. If you want to, I’d really like you to stay.”

“I’ll have to leave before 9, otherwise my parents will know I’m gone. But it would be nice to get some sleep. I’m exhausted” she said with a wink.

He lifted the covers and crawled in himself, holding them open for her expectantly. She started forward, but before she could crawl in he held up a hand and stopped her.

“Nuh-ugh. No clothes allowed!” he said with a grin. Letting out an amused, exasperated sigh, she stripped down again and crawled in, setting an alarm on her phone to wake her up before snuggling in against him.

“You know I’m still mad at you.”

“What? What for!?” she asked.

“For never telling me you liked me. If that’s what it would have led to then I feel cheated.”

“Well it happened anyways, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, once. Had you told me then who knows how many times we could have done it by now!”

“Well, we have all summer, don’t we?” she said with that devilish grin he loved so much, leaning in and kissing him again before laying her head on his shoulder and drifting off to sleep, thinking of all the places she was going to fuck him and all of the things he was going to learn.

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