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The Lonely Student

Shy college student meets his first love.
The Lonely Student



Great, time to get up again. First of all let me introduce myself. My given name is John but everyone but my mother calls me Bill who calls me Billy. Not that I don’t mind being called Billy it is just that it annoys me sometime when she repeatedly reminds me of my childhood, which for the most part was not so great. For the most part, I think of myself as an outgoing, happy kid who tends to get along with anyone but in reality, I am the chubby, meek adolescent who prefers to stay in the background of life. If you were to see me at my school, you would probably see me at the outside of the group circles enjoying the conversation topics but preferring to stay away from being the center of attention and everyone looking at me.

As I got to school for the day, I can see the cliques starting to group together with the athletes, nerds, Goths, and other various groups getting together in the front hall and jabbering on about who looks great in what outfit. Frankly, none of these discussions really attracted me to any of these groups, so I just scoot around all of them and I head on down the hall towards my locker when I pass the student council office and saw Julie.

Julie is my dream. Not just because of her looks which I will describe in better detail later but her personality is what first really attracted this shy teenager to her. What her best quality is that no matter who you are, she has time for you and will spend some time with you. I have been in quite a few of her classes because we are both in French Immersion, in the same grade and also have the same goal of going to university so we are usually in the advanced classes together as well.

While her personality might be great, I must mention that her fantastic body also plays another large part in my huge crush in the girl. She has alluring gray eyes which draw you in every time that she talks to you and seem to smile at the bad joke that I just made. Her smile with the perfect white teeth has stopped many a person in their tracks and left them staring. The rest of her body is amazing as well. Her breasts while I might not have seen, yet, look very large and alluring. She has strong, athletic legs which she uses in her rugby and basketball training which I just happen to play as well. I actually liked playing rugby before Julie, so do not take this as being another part of my stalking habits, which I do not do.

I slowed down for a second to stare at my dream girl for a second or two which I thought she hadn’t seen and then kept on going to my locker where Sarah and Siobhan, my best friends met me. I have known these two since I was in Grade one and both live fairly close to me so I can go over to talk or just hang out with.

After we briefly talked about the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup last night (Hey this is my story!), we walked over to the next classroom which just happened to be our first class of the day, Math. The teacher, Ms. Ciloci, a married 35 year old immigrant from Eastern Europe was doing her usual bend over to pick up her pencil to make all the poor guys including me stare at her butt, when the bell rang and the class sat down.

“I just wanted to say that I am very disappointed with the results of last weeks examination with a few exceptions” she said while staring at some individual members of the class including yours truly.

“I would like to speak with the following members of the class after the period ends, Bill Smith and Julie Jones.”

Julie and glanced at each other quickly with questioning looks then we quickly got on to the work of the day. As the bell rang and the rest of the class promptly left the class leaving the confused Julie and I in our seats with Ms. Ciloci erasing the remainders of our trigonometry lesson off the blackboard.

“Julie, I realize that you are wanting to go to University in the future which I wish to all my students, however for the last couple of weeks, I am confused, you have not been doing as well as usually do. You must realize that the average that you require for your future school will not be met if you continue to receive the same scores on your tests.”

“I am really sorry, Ms. Ciloci, but math has never been my strongest class and I have been really busy getting ready for the school formal in a couple of weeks.” Julie stammered.

“I realize that Julie and I sympathize with you but excuses will not help you get a better mark in my class. Now the reason why Mr. Smith is here is that he seems to be very proficient at mathematics so perhaps, if he is willing, he could give you some extra help after school maybe.”

I quickly agreed to this not only because maybe I could get some points with Julie but because I did not want to see her do badly in this class. We arranged a time the following night at her house which turned out to be quite far away from my house so I had to figure out a way to get over there.

The following night, I bused my way over to her house which was in the rich area of town. As I got up to the door step with my math textbook and heart in my throat, I knocked on the door. I heard a rush of footsteps coming down a stairwell and the door opened up and there was my dream girl looking slightly ruffled but still as beautiful as ever. She invited me in and introduced me to the rest of her family who turned out to be perfectly normal and similar to my family.

After munching some cookies and enjoying myself quite thoroughly talking to Julie’s parents and sisters, Julie announced it was time to get up and work upstairs. Nervously, I walked behind Julie trying not to stare at her beautiful behind which was hidden by sweatpants. After we started working on our homework and discovering that her problems in math were not as bad as was made out to be, she set out a big sigh and thanked me for all the help that I had given. I told her that it was no problem but when she asked if there was anything that she could do to repay me, I quickly went silent. She noticed my silence and mistook it for not being sure what I wanted.

“Bill, do not take this the wrong way but I have noticed that you are well, slightly overweight. How about I help you fix this problem now that you have helped me with mine. I mean you could be one of the best looking guys at school, the one that all the girls want”. I gulped an answer that I think was ok.

We talked over the next hour or so on things that I could do to help lose some weight such as do not eat as much junk food which I tend to do and start doing some more exercise outside of rugby training such as at the gym. We agreed to meet at the gym the following night and continue doing this until her trigonometry was under control.

I noticed as our nightly junctures to the gym passed by and my raids to the snack cabinet at home slowed down, I was beginning to look much better and feel a lot more self-confidence. I could see my toes for the first time in ages and I also noticed that females who ordinarily would not have given me the time of day, would come up to me in the halls at school and flirt with me which I found very encouraging. I would also catch Julie looking at me and then quickly look away when I looked at her. The following day, I remembered that the school formal was coming up so I decided to gather all of my courage up and ask Julie to the prom.

When we got to the gym that night and started to do our training, a tall leggy blonde glanced at me and smiled. Julie noticed this and in a comical tone of voice asked herself out loud what had she created but it looked to me like she was slightly jealous. I got up from the leg press and wiped myself off and asked her in her a very nervous tone of voice whether or not she wanted to the dance with me. It probably sounded something like this.

“Uh, uh, uh, Julie, would you like, like to come of the prom with me on Saturday.” I stammered.

I immediately noticed a change in her disposition and a deep intake of breath. I was about to say don’t worry about it when she said yes, I would love to go with you very quickly. We smiled at each other and made the arrangements to go out to supper at a very expensive restaurant beforehand and then walk over to the place where the dance was happening which was within five minutes of the place that we were eating.

I went up to my father the next day and asked him if he could take me shopping for a tuxedo for the prom. He asked if I was taking anyone, not expecting any answer when I blurted out Julie’s name. His eyebrows went up in surprise as we had talked about her many times and he knew her dad through work. We went out and rented a very nice black tuxedo and dark brown tie which the saleswoman said really suited my hazel eyes.

As my parents slowly drove me over to the Jones’ house, I nervously turned the corsage over and over in my hands until my parents told me to quit it or I would ruin it. I walked up the doorstep just as nervous as was the first time that I had come over to their house. I knocked on the door and Julie’s mom opened the door and invited me in. She told me that Julie was just as nervous as I was. I then a heard “a oh be quiet mom” coming from the stairwell and my mouth dropped.

There was my Julie looking as gorgeous as I had ever seen. She had her hair all done up in some crazy fashion, she was wearing a purple velvet dress which emphasized her great body and also showed a lot of leg. She slowly walked down the stairs and with a smile of approval on her face, she shut my mouth and told me that I was giving her a complex.

After the obligatory photos and gushing on how handsome and gorgeous we looked, we set off for the restaurant where we went in arm and arm. There were a whole bunch of people from her crowd in the corner so we walked over and sat down. People were asking me questions all of the time which I responded to with smiles and nods but for most of the time, I just stared at my date who returned my looks with blushes and grins.

The date proceeded with a short walk to the dance hall where we quickly started dancing very close which I enjoyed thoroughly. As I slid my hand up and down her back and inhaled her sexy musk, I looked around the hall perfectly content with the knowledge that I had the best looking girl in the room in my arms. When the night finished and got back in the limo which would take us the after party, she smiled at me and rested her head in my arms, until we got to the house.

When we got inside, we were immediately accosted by really loud and angry rap music and the smell of weed. Not being much of fan of either of these, Julie suggested that we go somewhere a little more private which turned out to be the bedroom of a her friend’s parents. She went to the bathroom to clean up while I just looked at the many pictures hanging around the room. I then heard a knock on the door and Julie came in again.

She bit her bottom lip and then proceeded to start walking over to me. She came into my arms and very lightly, kissed me on the lips. She then told me she was very nervous because she had never done anything like this before and she did not want to rush into anything. I told her not to worry and we did not have to do anything that she did not have feel pressured in any way. She shook her head at me, kissed me really hard and then told me to take off my clothes. I very nervously took them off until I reached my boxers and then sat on the bed and just waited.

She turned her back to me and went over to the stereo where she put on some soft Louis Armstrong “We have all the time in the world” and then walked back over to the bed. She pulled the pins out of her hair which returned her hair to its’ normal shoulder length. She then started rolling her hips and making obscene circles with them and turned around. Julie slowly unzipped her dress which fell down to her beautiful body to her feet. She turned around and all that she was wearing was a black bra and panty set with her high heels. She smiled at me then undid the catch on the back which let her bra fall down to the ground and for the first time, let her breasts come into sight for me. She then bent over and wiggled her cute butt at me and pulled her panties to her feet and kicked them onto my face which was a very welcome present for me.

Her body was spectacular. She had large, very soft looking breasts which did not have any sag on them at all. She had a very trim, athletic looking stomach with just a slight amount of fat on it. Her pussy had just a little bit of hair on it to give it proper appearance but not enough to be very mysterious to me. Her legs were long and athletic and were beautiful.

As you can probably imagine, I was in utter shock at my good fortune and would become even happier when she straddled me and kissed me as hard as she could. I turned her over so I could be on top and started kissing her neck. Her face looked like she was in absolute ecstasy and she started moaning to me to keep going. I continued down her body until I reached her perfect breasts. I barely even touched her breasts with my lips, then I kissed them even harder and then started licking her salty tasting breasts with my tongue. Julie then pushed my head down her body until I reached her beautiful smelling pussy. I started darting in and out with my tongue into the deep folds of her vagina and drinking in the wonderful aroma. I then felt a clamping down on my head by her legs as the greatest sound that a guy could ever hear, a woman’s orgasm, came out of Julie’s mouth. A rush of her liquid then came into my mouth which I happily lapped up with my tongue which started another orgasm by Julie. We then separated from each other for a second to just look at each other for a second before we started kissing again.

This time Julie took the initiative and ripped off my boxer shorts so that I was completely naked. I was then pinned into place and she started to position herself so that she could get an easy entry. Just before she entered into me, she smiled at me and told me that I would be her first and that she was on the pill. Oh my gosh, what a great feeling! For around a minute or so, she had my dick buried to the hilt inside of her just enjoying how I felt. Then she slowly started going up and down faster and faster until I decided to take control of the situation again. I flipped her over so that she was on her back but never leaving the comfortable cave that was Julie’s vagina. I then put legs on top of my shoulders so that I could get a better position and making it feel even better for her. I then started getting even harder inside of her and going even faster with Julie matching my vigor ness by going just as fast as I was. This continued on for another hour or so with us changing positions for a sense of variety when we finally arrived back at the classic missionary position again. I moaned into Julie’s ear as I licked it that I was just about to cum when I heard the familiar scream come out of her mouth again so I matched it by spurting massive amounts of my bodily fluid into her body. For a while, we just stayed there just enjoying ourselves until I slipped out of her and caught my breath.

Julie then gave me a big kiss on the forehead and told me the four words that I thought would never come out of her mouth.

“Bill, I love you!”

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