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Robert’s Sex Education

After Sex Ed class, Robert felt better about himself.
Robert’s Sex Education

Part 01

Robert Randolph stood in front of the full length mirror in his bedroom and looked at his naked body differently than he had just a day ago.

Robert went to a small rural school with not many students. His class had 36 kids in it. Today they had Sex Ed. Even with so few students, the boys and girls took the class separately. The thing that stuck in his mind from the class that day was that the average size of a male’s penis is 5.5 inches. Robert was looking at his and it was over 7 inches and stood out like a flagpole. He had thought that his was kind of small as all he had ever seen were a few were in porn videos on the computer and they were always huge, mostly 9 or 10 inches. In the porn stories he read, the men mostly had 10 – 11 or 12 inches and that was what the women wanted. Now he knew that he had a pretty nice penis.

Robert started sliding his hand up and down his shaft. He often did this but for some reason, today it felt much better as he masturbated. His liberally lotioned hand did not quite reach all the way around his male member. He rapidly stroked himself from fully down at the base and then up till his cock head was in his hand and the underside rubbed on his palm, then back down again. He usually either stood over the toilet so his cum squirted into it or was laying on his back on his bed and he came on his chest and then wiped it up with toilet tissue. This time he stood in front of his mirror with a smile on his face, watching himself jack off. Soon he reached a happy ending and sprayed his seed all over the mirror and it ran down like little rivers. The feeling was so good that he had closed his eyes tight while it happened but he enjoyed seeing the results. Robert went to the bathroom, cleaned his cock at the sink, took a wet rag and some tissue and cleaned the mirror, washed the rag out again and then went to bed.

The next day, at school he was talking to Becky, a girl in his class that he knew well but was not a girlfriend. He did not have a girlfriend. He could not help himself, Robert said, “You had the Sex Ed class yesterday too, right?” Becky had a strange quizzical look on her face but nodded yes. “Did they teach you that the average penis is 5.5 inches?” Again she nodded her head yes. With a smile, Robert told her, “Mine is more than 7 inches. Wanta see it?” Becky turned bright red, turned and walked away.

Two days later, Robert was walking home from school when a girl walked up behind him and matched his speed. It was Wanda, Becky’s sister who was three years older that they were. Wanda was a beauty. She had been home coming queen and only hung around with the jocks. Wanda looked at Robert with a smile on her face and spoke to him for the first time ever, “Hi Rob, how you doing?” Robert replied, “Good, how about you?”

Wanda skipped the rest of the small talk. “Becky said you told her that you have a big cock. Is that true?” Robert blushed but smiled, “From what we learned in Sex Ed class I think I do. It’s more than 7 inches when it’s hard and that’s a lot of the time.” “Is it hard now?”, Wanda asked. “Yeah, as soon as you started talking to me it got hard. Girls do that to me.” Wanda looked to see if anyone was around. When she saw that no-one was, she reached out and briefly touched Robert between the legs.

She took Robert’s hand and turned him on to a path thru the wooded lot next to the sidewalk. The path went down to the river that flowed thru the town. Robert followed her like a puppy on a leash. She smiled at him, “Will you show it to me?” Robert nodded his head. It wasn’t far before they came to a clearing next to the river. The warm sun shown down on the couple and you could hear the water flowing over the rocks in the river bed. Wanda stood facing him, “OK, show it to me.” Robert unzipped his jeans and reached in. It was a struggle to get his rock hard erection out thru his underwear and fly but he managed. He stood there with his pecker pointing straight at Wanda. “You weren’t telling a lie Rob, you’ve got a really nice cock.” Wanda was the first girl, other than his mother, to ever see Robert’s boy parts. What she said made him feel really good and grown up.

“Pull your pants down”, Wanda instructed. Robert dropped them to the ground. Wanda reached out and wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft and started stroking it the same way that he did when he masturbated, but it felt so much better when she did it. Robert felt his prick get harder than it had ever been before. Both of Wanda’s hands could fit on Robert’s shaft and the head would still poke out.

She dropped to her knees in front of him, leaned forward and licked the drop of pre-cum from the tip of his cock. Robert’s cock jumped and he moaned. Wanda slid her lips over Rob’s cock head and took about 3 inches of him into her mouth. She pulled off and the suction made a popping noise. “I had to really stretch my lips to get all the way around your cock, Rob. It’s really nice. Do you like it when girls give you a blowjob?” “You’re the very first Wanda. I’ve never been with a girl.” “Well then, I’ll have to give you a really good one and show you how good it can be.”

Before she got back to sucking Rob’s cock, Wanda unbuttoned and removed her blouse, showing Rob her beautiful, firm pair of 34-C tits. “You can play with them while I blow you if you want.” Rob had never seen boobs live except a couple quick looks at his mother’s large sagging ones. He reached out and cupped them in his hands. They were big and firm and wonderful. He gave them a tentative squeeze and gently pinched her large hard nipples. Wanda pushed her mouth back over Rob’s erection and started bobbing up and down on it. It felt a hundred times better than masturbating.

He looked down and watched more and more of his maleness vanish into Wanda’s sexy mouth. She removed her hand and put them on his ass cheeks. She kept taking more of him into her mouth. He could see her cheeks pull in as she sucked on it. Soon he felt the head touch the back of her mouth and then the next time he felt it slip into her throat. She gagged just a little but didn’t stop. The feeling of his sensitive cock head rubbing along the walls of her throat as she deepthroated him and her hand gently squeezing his ball sack brought him quickly to a finish.

Rob hoarsely warned Wanda that he was about to squirt but rather than stopping and pulling off, she put his cock head on her lower lip and rapidly stroked his shaft till blast after blast of his seed filled her mouth till it could hold no more and two thick ribbons of cum dripped down and hung off her chin. Rob reacted by jerking his hips and saying, “Ohhhhhh!” Wanda looked up and showed Rob her mouthful of his ejaculate and then she swallowed. Then she scooped up what had escaped, pushed it in her mouth with her fingers and sucked them clean. She gave his now half hard prick one last little kiss and stood up. “Was it good?” “God, I thought I was going to pass out. That was the best thing in the world. Thank you. Thank you.”

As she was putting her blouse back on, Wanda said, “There is a swimming hole around the bend where some of us go skinny dipping. After school tomorrow, meet me there and I’ll let you fuck me with that big wonderful cock. I bet you will think it’s even better than a blowjob and I know I’m looking forward to getting that big hunk of man meat of yours in my pussy, and I’m going to be your first. That’s neat. See you tomorrow, Rob.”

Part 02

Robert Randolph dreamily headed for home with visions of the beautiful Wanda Jones floating thru his head. Upon arriving home, he headed straight to his room, locked the door and dropped his pants. Robert reached into the nightstand next to his bed, took out a small bottle of baby oil that he kept there and poured a small amount into his hand. He jumped onto his bed on his back and grabbed his cock in his hand.

His cock was hard, even though only a half hour ago he had gotten his very first blowjob from Wanda, the beautiful older sister of one of his female classmate. Wanda had told him what a wonderful cock he had and had sucked it till he filled her mouth with his cream. Then she had told him that if he came back again the next day, she would let him fuck her pussy.

Only a couple days ago Robert had wondered about being adequate between his legs because he only was comparing himself to the guys in the few porno videos he had seen and fuck stories he had read. Then he learned in Sex Ed class that his 7+ inches was bigger than average and then the beautiful older Wanda had taken him into the woods by the river and sucked him off because he had told her younger sister that he had a big penis and although she had shied away, she had told Wanda. Robert’s attitude and life had quickly changed.

Robert closed his eyes and stroked his erection. Sliding his oiled hand up and down felt great but thinking about how it felt to have Wanda’s lips sliding up and down on it made it feel so much better. When, after a couple minutes, he shot his load, he was picturing his spunk flying into Wanda’s hot mouth.

Robert’s mother called for him to come to supper. He quickly cleaned himself up and headed for the dining room. He got almost to his door before realizing that he had not put his pants back on. He quickly took care of that and joined his mother and father for supper. After supper, he had to do his homework, even though he had a hard time keeping his mind on doing it, he got it done. He watched his favorite TV shows and then went to bed. Robert could not get to sleep. The afternoon kept running thru his mind. Finally about 1 am, after masturbating again, he fell asleep.

He woke before his alarm even though that was very uncommon. Again he had an erection and he grabbed it but decided not to beat off. He wanted to be at his best that afternoon after school. All day it seemed like he was hard and he could not keep his mind on his classes. He was daydreaming about Wanda and what had happened and what was going to happen after school. One time, his English teacher had asked him a question and he did not even know what she had been lecturing about.

As the day went on, he started to worry. Was Wanda really going to be there? Would he really get to fuck her? Would he do it right or make a fool of himself? It wasn’t like Wanda was also a virgin. She was a beautiful, older, experienced woman. But she said that she liked his cock and she had sucked it yesterday. Robert was a mess all day.

The final period bell rang and school was over for the day. Robert ran down the school steps and walked along the sidewalk toward the path that went back to the river. When he got close, he saw her. Wanda was there, standing on the path next to the sidewalk. She was dressed in a short plaid skirt and a bright yellow halter top. Robert thought that she was even more beautiful than he had remembered. When he got there, Wanda spoke, “Hi Rob. I’m glad you decided to come.” She was carrying a light blanket. She took his hand and they started walking back thru the woods to the river. The day was overcast and cool but Robert didn’t care.

Along the way, Wanda asked him if he brought condoms. Robert panicked because he had not even thought about that. Was his chance ruined? Would she say that they could not do it because he had forgotten to bring rubbers? Quietly, with his head down, he said no. Wanda laughed, “That’s OK. Don’t worry. I’m on the pill and I would rather feel your cum filling my cunt anyway.”

They reached the clearing. Wanda spread the blanket out. “OK Rob, tell me what you want to do.” Rob got up his nerve and said, “I want to fuck you.” “Just like that? You just want to hop on and fuck me? Should we do anything else along the way?” Rob gave it a quick thought, “Let’s undress each other.” “That sounds like a good start. You go first, Rob.” Wanda stood on the blanket in front of Robert. He went around in back of her and with shaky fingers he fumbled with the three buttons that held her halter top together. Finally he got them undone.

Wanda held the top in place by folding her arms over her tits till Rob came back around and pulled her arms out. The halter top slid down her arms and dropped to the ground exposing her wonderful big firm tits and hard nipples. “My turn.” Wanda reached out and unbuttoned Robert’s shirt and pulled it off of his chest. She leaned forward and licked his nipples, sending an electric shock thru his body. “Why didn’t you do that to me, Rob?” Robert immediately bent down and took one of Wanda’s nipples in his mouth and sucked on it like a nursing baby. “That feels nice, Rob. Your turn again.”

Robert pulled down Wanda’s skirt. Now all she had on was a thong. “You can have another turn.” He slid her thong to the ground. Now the beautiful Wanda stood completely naked in front of him. Her tits were proudly on display and her shaved pussy reminded Robert of a closed clam shell. With a flourish, Wanda spread the blanket on the ground and dropped to her knees in front of Robert. She reached his belt and pulled his pants and shorts to the ground together. Again she was looking at a cock that she would have expected on much more of a man rather than Robert, who she still thought of as a boy.

Wanda gave it a quick kiss and lick and then dropped down onto the blanket. “Yesterday I sucked your cock. It’s time for you to return the favor. Come down here and eat my pussy.” Rob had seen it in videos but of course had never done anything like that. He had never done anything. He dropped down between her legs and put his face to her crotch. He kissed and licked her closed outer lips. Wanda smiled, reached down and spread her labia. “That was nice but now get in there where the good stuff is. Lick all the way up and down from that bump above my fuck hole down to the other hole below it.” Rob realized that she was talking about her ass hole and he almost said no.

If he was going to get to put his cock in her and fuck her, he would have to do what she wanted or she would say no. So he started licking the length of her slit. Wanda moaned and lifted her hips so that he made harder contact with her sex. “Suck on the bump. That’s my clit and it feels great when it’s sucked.” Rob wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked on it. “Lick it while you do that. Ahhh, yes, fuck, just like that. Don’t stop.”

Rob licked and sucked Wanda’s wet pussy till his jaw was starting to ache but she wouldn’t let him stop. Then she groaned, thrust her hips up and pulled him tight against her cunt. His mouth and nose were pressed hard against her and he was having trouble breathing. Then Wanda exploded in a very hard orgasm. Rob felt a stream of fluid pouring into his mouth. His first thought was that she was pissing, but it was thicker and slippery and did not have the bitter taste that he thought piss would have. He realized that it was girl cum. She filled his mouth almost as full as he had filled hers the day before. Wanda was a squirter.

Wanda finally collapsed down onto the ground and released her grip on Rob’s head. “Bring that nice big cock up here and fuck me now, Robbie. Pound me good. Make me come again.” Rob moved up between her legs and touched the head of his manhood to her dripping hole. As wet and ready as she was, Rob had no trouble burying the bone with his first thrust. He felt her pussy wrap around his dick and his balls smack her ass. Wanda was far from being a virgin but Rob’s size meant that it was still a nice tight fit.

Robert started pounding his meat in and out of Wanda’s cunt as fast and as hard as he could. This was his first fuck, his first pussy and he was loving every second of it. His balls kept bouncing off of her tight ass. He didn’t stop to think how long he could keep it up at this pace and his pleasure meant more to him than hers did right now. Wanda moaned and rolled her head from side to side from the great feeling she was getting from Rob’s big cock pounding her hard, fast and deep. Every time he thrust, she squeezed her vaginal muscles as tight as she could. The sex felt great to both of them.

Rob didn’t last much more than two minutes when he felt his balls tightening and he knew he should slow down if he didn’t want to come already. But, he couldn’t. He drove himself as deep into Wanda as he could and held himself buried in her cunt as he felt his cock pulse and pulse, pouring a massive load of his seed deep into her womb. Rob was sweating and shaking and felt weak as he completed his first fuck and it felt wonderful.

Wanda was driven to another climax as Rob unloaded in her. She felt his cock swell inside of her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she grabbed the blanket tightly with both fists. When she realize that Rob’s pile driver was empty and he had pulled it out, she felt very well fucked but wished it had not ended so quickly. For a virgin, Rob had done an amazing job fucking her. She spun around and slipped her mouth over his cum covered prick and sucked it clean. She thought that if she kept sucking for a while, she could get him back up for another round. Rob moaned and started to show signs of life but he pulled away. “Wow Wanda, that was amazing, wonderful, fantastic. I want to fuck you every day but I’ve gotta get home now. Can we do it again tomorrow after school? Can I eat lunch at school with you tomorrow?”

Wanda looked at him as he started to dress, “Rob, that was really fun and you did great. I love your big cock and loved being the one to take your virginity, BUT.” Rob questioningly looked at her. “But you are a lot younger than me and I don’t think my friends would understand seeing me with a boy your age. No, we can’t eat lunch together. I can’t be seen with you so this has to be our only time.”

Rob’s ego was deflated and he started walking back out the path to the sidewalk. Wanda caught up to him and took his hand. “Look Rob, I’ll tell my sister that when she is ready to have a boyfriend, you will be a great one.” Wanda turned Rob to her, gave him a big kiss and then hurried ahead to the side walk. Robert slowly walked home. He just had his first piece of ass and it was with a very popular and beautiful older girl. She had told him how good it was for her but she had also rejected him. He had very mixed emotions.

Two days later, Rob was standing by his open locker when Julie, Wanda’s sister walked up to him, smiled and asked, “Rob, would you like to take me to the movies some time?” Had Wanda really told Julie about them? That same day, Rob noticed Mrs. Wilson, his attractive thirty year old English teacher staring at his crotch during most of the period. It made his pants tent. She smiled at him. Did she hear about Wanda and him also? Was she thinking about his cock? Would Wanda change her mind and let him fuck her again? Was his life about to take a new and wonderful path?

Part 03

The Tuesday after Wanda had fucked me and then turned me away, Mrs. Wilson, my English teacher excused the class at the end of the period but said,” Mr. Randolph would you remain after class please.” I didn’t think I had done anything wrong but I stayed. After everyone had left she walked up to my desk. “Wanda Jones is a VERY close friend of mine. She says that you could use some special tutoring. Be at my house at eight tomorrow night,” She handed me a slip of paper with an address on it. “You’re excused.” I left he classroom and went to the cafeteria for lunch. I spent all afternoon, that night and the next day thinking about what she had in mind. Was it school related or was it something to do with sex? She had mentioned Wanda and had stressed the word very when she told me that they were friends. That day in class, she looked at me several times and smiled.

After school I showered and put on nicer clothes. I told my mom that I was going to a classmate’s house to work on a school project after supper and that I might be a little later than usual getting home. She said OK and off I went. Mrs. Wilson’s house was ten blocks away so it took a little while to get there. I walked up on the porch and rang the bell. “Come in. The door’s open.” When I entered and looked in the living room I saw Mrs. Wilson and Wanda standing there. They were both dressed in baby doll nighties.

“You have to promise that you will not say a word about tonight to anyone, not even your closest friend, or you can turn around and go home right now”, Mrs. Wilson said. I couldn’t speak but I nodded my head. “Come in and sit on the couch. I want you to either call me Mrs. Wilson or Mam and you have to do everything exactly as I say or you will be punished. Do you understand?” I nodded my head again. “I told you that Wanda and I are VERY good friends. We want to show you just how good of friends we are and then you can be VERY good friends with both of us.”

Wanda and Robert’s English teacher took each other in their arms and started passionately kissing. Wanda reached out and pulled Mrs. Wilson’s baby doll nighty up and over her up stretched arms and then the same was done to Wanda. They both quickly stripped out of the tiny panties that were part of their outfits and stood naked except for high heels that they were each wearing. Robert was astonished. He just stared at the two beautiful naked women in front of him.

His English teacher was almost as beautiful as Wanda. Her first name was Kate but Rob did not know that. Her tits were not quite as big or quite as firm but they were still spectacular as was the rest of her body. Mrs. Wilson, whose husband was out of town on a fishing trip, looked at Robert, “Take your pants off and sit there stroking yourself while you watch us.” Rob stood, unbuckled his belt, let his pants and shorts drop together and stepped out of them. He sat back down with his erect dick in his hand.

“Wanda, you were right. He does have a wonderful cock for a young boy. I’m looking forward to having it pounding my cunt but right now you and I have some fun to get to. Keep watching, Robbie.” Mrs. Wilson and Wanda held each other close and rubbed their tits together. He could see their nipples harden. They shared long kisses with their tongues wrestling. First Wanda dropped down and sucked Rob’s teacher’s tits and then they reversed positions and did it some more. Rob watched with a big smile on his face and his hand slowly stroking his shaft. At one point he had to stop because he was about to shoot his load all over his chest and he wanted to hold off till he was invited to join the fun.

The women stopped. Kate lay on the floor and Wanda got on top of her facing in the opposite direction. Each had their head between the other’s legs and their mouths close to the other’s pussy. They started by using their fingers to spread the other’s labia and start rubbing each other’s clits. You could tell by the sounds that they were making that they were both enjoying the feeling. At the same time, they started sliding a finger in and out of the other’s fuck hole. After doing that for a little while they changed again and this time they started licking each other up and down their slits, from clit to ass hole. Rob thought that because they each changed what they were doing at the same time that they probably had practiced doing this many times before.

Rob listened to the loud moans of pleasure and the slurping sounds they made while eating each other’s pussies. Wanda looked up at Robert, “Are you enjoying our little show, Robbie?” “I sure am”, was his reply. Wanda went back to eating cunt. Suddenly Wanda got more agitated. She stopped eating Kate, pushed her pussy tighter to Kate’s face and started rubbing it against her mouth. Wanda screamed out in orgasm and Rob saw his teacher’s face covered in Wanda’s wet girl cum. Wanda almost passed out and slumped down onto Kate.

Kate looked up at Robert, “Ready to come join the fun? Get down here and put that nice schlong in Wanda’s cunt and fuck her for a bit while I lick her clit. Then take it out and put it in my mouth and then do it all over again.” Rob was more than ready to follow his teacher’s instructions. “Yes, Mrs. Wilson.” Wanda was wet and open from the oral sex she was getting from Kate. Robert had no trouble sliding into her fuck tunnel. He fucked into her about a dozen times when her heard Kate tell him to switch. He pulled out and dropped his prick down where Kate could get her lips around it. He fucked into her mouth while she sucked hard on his meat. Wanda said, “Me again now.” Rob put it back in Wanda’s cunt. They switched back and forth about four times before Rob said that he was getting close. Kate told him to come in Wanda but not deep in her but to do it with his cockhead just inside her and then to move away. “Yes, Mam.”

Rob didn’t know why he was to do it that way but when he came, he had his pecker only about one inch inside Wanda as it pumped his big load of cum in her. He pulled out and his manhood dropped down. Kate gave it a couple quick sucks and then told him to move away. His thick white cream started dripping from Wanda’s fuck hole. Wanda tilted her hips down, bringing her cunt to Kate’s mouth and she pushed with her vaginal muscles, forcing Rob’s load out. Kate licked and slurped at Rob’s seed as it poured from Wanda’s cunt. She swallowed most of it but some ended up on her cheeks and chin. Wanda spun around and licked the excess off Kate’s face and they shared a deep kiss.

The women separated. Kate told Rob to lay on the floor and then she got on top in the sixty-nine position. “One good thing about young guys, they can get it back up really soon after coming.” Kate took Rob’s half hard cum gun in her mouth and expertly started blowing him. Even Rob’s big cock was no problem for Kate to deepthroat. He knew why she had picked this position and he started licking her pussy while she blew him. She was right; it did not take long for his to get a full hard erection again. As soon as Rob was hard, Kate got up. Kate and Wanda got back down together again but with Kate on top this time. “Fuck her, Robbie”, Wanda said.

Rob pushed into Kate. It went the same way as before with him fucking Kate’s cunt, then Wanda’s mouth, then Kate’s pussy again and then back again. When he came, he was told to do it shallow again. He did. This time Wanda ate his cum out of Kate’s draining pussy. Wanda worked hard at pleasing Kate and brought her to an orgasm. Kate went wild. She thrashed around and rapidly fucked herself on Wanda’s face. She added her girl cum to the load of Rob’s seed that Wanda devoured as it poured form Kate.

Everyone was exhausted and they lay on the floor, panting and coming down from their wild half hour of fucking and sucking. Wanda rolled on her side, facing Robert, “Becky says that you haven’t asked her out yet. Don’t you like her?” Rob replied that he liked her very much but was nervous about asking. “Becky and I have been talking. She doesn’t think that she is ready to lose her virginity yet but I have been telling her how much fun oral sex is and how good your cum tastes. If you ask her out and tell her that you want her to, I bet she will be willing to give you a blowjob till that wonderful cock of yours is empty. That will get things started.”

The next day in school, Rob spent all class staring at Mrs. Wilson. At the end of class, before lunch she dismissed the class but told him to stay after class. When everyone else had left she locked the door and walked over to Rob. “Stand up.” Kate dropped to her knees and pulled down his pants. With one push, she swallowed his pecker and within two minutes she had Rob shooting a stream of cum down her throat. She stood up, “I could tell by the way you looked at me in class today that you were not thinking about your studies. We need to be careful that no-one gets any ideas about us. You need to treat me just like before yesterday, You need to do your homework and get good grades. I can’t treat you special, at least not in school.” Then Rob went off to lunch and to say hi to Becky.


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