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Part 02

My Video Game Character Fucked Me? Part 2 (Fucking Included in this part)

Same premise as the first part only with more dick swinging action
My Video Game Character Fucked Me? Part 2 (Fucking Included in this part)

“You-you’re real?” is all the words Scarlet could manage to say before clambering to her feet. Harper only responded with a whistle before stepping closer. “How much did you see?” Scarlet continued only for Harper to respond with a more exaggerated whistle as they rolled their eyes at her. Scarlet thought for a moment before saying “You can’t talk, can you? Because the characters in the game don’t talk.” Scarlet’s face burned red only now realising that Harper saw her bought of passion and creative use of her game controller, Scarlet averted her eyes as if not viewing the situation in front of her somehow hid her shame. Harper takes Scarlet in an embrace, Scarlet’s head rests in line with Harper’s underboob, and their pale abs demonstrate their contours on Scarlet’s skin, Scarlet feels Harper’s girth on her stomach.

Being held Scarlet feels something not too dissimilar to nostalgia. Only if nostalgia is defined as reminiscing on a past event, this would be longing for an event that hasn’t happened until now. Scarlet learnt that hugs are always this warm.

Harper only now realising the sticky, sickly sweet substance in Scarlet’s hair, picks her up in a princess lift with shocking ease and navigates the controller out from in between Scarlet’s legs. Harper carries her to the bathroom down the hall, They then proceed to strip what little clothes are left on between the two of them. As Scarlet, taking the hint, runs the shower Harper can’t help but notice how drenched Scarlet’s panties are. They sniff the panties to be greeted with an overwhelming smell of cum and piss, turning her head. Scarlet asks “What are you doing?” Harper replies with a shrug and an impish grin as she takes a lick, while the taste is unique Harper concludes that it is not entirely unpleasant. With growing concern in her look Scarlet urges “Seriously what are-” Before she could say another word Harper wrings the panties into their mouth. Scarlet is taken aback but manages to regain what little composure she has as she awkwardly leans one hand against the wall with the other on her hip and says “Well now that we are both dirty we better take this shower together.” Snickers soon rise to a chorus of laughter directed at Scarlet’s attempted flirting. Harper, doubled over from laughing, steps into the shower dragging Scarlet in tow.

The warm water washes over the both of them, they bristle briefly at its touch before grabbing the soap. They clean themselves unsure of their next move and who will make the move first. Scarlet begins to wash her hair before Harper decides to take over, running their hands through her hair and massaging her scalp. Scarlet begins to run her hands over Harper taking in the supple olive skin of their breasts before appreciating the hard pale contours of their abs. She runs her hand further down over the penis until it reaches under in between their legs finding their pussy. Harper’s cock rests on Scarlet’s arm obscuring most of her forearm as they gently raise her chin until they look into each other’s eyes. Harper makes a crude cock sucking gesture eliciting a small giggle out of Scarlet “We should get out of the shower first, I don’t want to drown.”

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

Drying each other off was like second nature to them, before long Scarlet was wrapping her hands around Harper’s cock. Harper leaned against the sink as Scarlet began to stroke. It doesn’t take long before Harper is fully erect and Scarlet sees this as an opportunity to start licking. Staring at the shaft and working up she wonders how any of it is going to fit, when she reaches the top she decides to give it a go anyway. Harper brushes Scarlet’s hair out of the way only slightly disappointed to find Scarlet struggling to fit even their head in her mouth. As Scarlet gags and gurgles trying to manage Harper’s size, Harper cannot deny that Scarlet’s efforts feel good if not somewhat unfulfilling. With newfound resolve Harper eases Scarlet off of them now determined to fuck her they take the lead and bend her over the toilet bowl. Harper angles their dick pressing it tight against Scarlet’s pussy not caring about the wild bush surrounding it. Their first thrust was unsuccessful causing them to slide up between her cheeks, Harper considers for a second before attempting the vagina again, after all with no lube it would be impossible to fit into the smaller hole. A softer thrust this time eases them into Scarlet but not without pushing her hard against the toilet. Scarlet repositions herself as best she can with Harper so deep inside of her, finding her voice caught in her throat she gives Harper a thumbs up as a sight to continue and braces herself against the toilet ready for a rough fucking.

Harper gets into a rhythm of slow, hard, deep thrusts each one causing Scarlet to collide with her porcelain throne and causing her to respond with a deep guttural moan. As this continues Scarlet finds the opportunity and comfort to start to speak “So mmmff… if we were able to ughh… create you then maybe we can… Oh god yes… create more stuff from video games.” Harper responds with a whistle of acknowledgement before, annoyed from the constant repositioning, grabs Scarlet’s head and forces it down, pinning it against the toilet seat. As drool starts to puddle around her mouth Scarlet spits out “So you can’t fuck me properly right, so we should get someone you can. Some girls have been giving me trouble recently and I think I can make just the thing to help us.” Harper lets out an inquisitive whistle telling her to go on before picking up pace. Scarlet reaches out with her hand and in her palm materialises a small purple and green leech. Scarlet can feel herself reaching climax as she talks “It’s an alien from a game that makes everyone they infect become mind-controlled by us.” With that Scarlet feels an eruption course inside of her as Harper’s long throbbing rod cums. Harper eases their penis out watching as the cum seeps out of Scarlet’s vagina, Scarlet slowly catches her breath as she twitches bent over the toilet seat having climaxed when it pulled out.


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