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My video game character fucked me? (not included in this part)

After getting home early one day she found something strange has happened to her game
My video game character fucked me? (not included in this part)

Scarlet rushes home, her blonde curly hair and school uniform soaked and sticky, she doesn’t mind though her thoughts are set on one thing. Today will be the day she will beat her speedrunning record in Fighter Of The Streets V Remastered.

She hurries the door open and locks it behind her before running into her room, in one fell swoop she turns on her PC and tears off her juice-drenched clothes, Scarlet knows she won’t be disturbed. No one’s coming back home, not her parents anyway. She launches the game and eagerly waits for it to load. Sitting silently she feels her crotch flare up itchy from earlier in the day, she begins to scratch. Her pubes feel strange and as she continues to get more into it spreading her legs. Distracted by the relief and pleasure Scarlet is unaware of the surge of power going to her PC, the screen glitches as the technology connects itself to her.

When Scarlet regains her focus she notices the game has changed slightly, she rationalises it as an update she was unaware of and continues to the character customisation. 

Scarlet notices another strange change to the game, the option to take the character’s clothes off, she immediately clicks the option. With one hand on the controller and the other in her pants, she begins customising.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

She is immediately greeted by a naked man. While Scarlet finds the whole package unattractive she can’t help but admire the detail on the penis and how accurately they have made it swing. Scarlet knows her type and puts her fingers to work. She settles for a muscular woman with short brown hair and blue eyes, she gives the woman a nice olive complexion and freckles all over her body. Scarlet decides to give the woman vitiligo that covers the woman’s abs and stretches down and wraps around to the woman’s butt crack and ass hole as well as a small patch on the side of the woman’s face. Unable to decide whether to give the woman a vagina or penis she finds a third option: futanari. With her perfect hermaphrodite created, Scarlet decided her best option was to enjoy it, after all her speed run could wait.

She pressed the button on her controller to make it vibrate and got to work. Firstly she pushed it against her pants, Scarlet relished in the feeling of her pants slowly finding its way inside. She squeezed her boob with her unoccupied hand, thinking of all the things she would do to her creation she couldn’t help but compare herself to it. Scarlet always thought of herself as looking like a frog on an autopsy table, with thin awkward legs and arms with a disproportionately thick torso that was completely flat where it counted. Her pussy now as wet as a slip and slide she wrestles her vibrating controller into her pants, one of its hands now teasing just outside her vagina and her other massaging in between her crack just below her other hole.

She awkwardly manoeuvres her body into a position where she is leaning back against her chair with her vibrating controller-filled crotch resting on the edge of the table. She begins to thrust, and each thrust causes the bulbous handle of the controller to enter her pussy and plop out satisfyingly as she tenses her muscles, each thrust causes the other handle to pound her arse hole but not enter it. Scarlet closes her eyes and imagines her hermaphrodite and everything she would do to them, her arms begin to shake and her heart and head throb. The closer she gets to orgasm the more her mind begins to wonder. Holding each other’s hands, relaxing on top of them on a beach, holding her until her mind settles on one final thought, their name Harper. With that Scarlet’s pussy erupts an uncontrollable spray drenching her pants, her arms buckle and she collapses to the floor. She opens her eyes to see Harper standing over her, real and physical, their penis masterfully swaying.


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