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Meeting His New Doctor

18-year-old virgin guy has an unforgettable exam.
Meeting His New Doctor

Trevor couldn’t stop shivering a little as he sat on the examining table in the doctor’s office. The gown wasn’t much help in keeping the goose bumps away from his arms and legs. The nurse had told him to take off all of his clothes including his underwear and put on the medical gown. She assured him the doctor would be right in, that the wait wouldn’t be long. They couldn’t get him into the office until late in the day. He was the last patient. Everybody else had already left and the office was locked up. He hopped up on the exam table and tried to wrap the gown around his backside as well as he could. The straps were missing so he couldn’t tie anything together. Why did these offices always have to be chilly?

Trevor wasn’t sure why they wanted all his clothes off for this appointment or why they even needed to see him at all. His left ankle had completely healed after the strain he suffered during a recent high school swim meet. Doctor Levine had already given him a clean bill of health on it and he was back swimming. He was in superior shape, captain of his swim team. Any healthy just-turned-eighteen-year-old should heal so quickly.

Doctor Levine must know best. Doc had been his doc since birth. This was the last year he’d have to see a “baby doctor” since his graduation to the adult world last week. The old Doc had given Trevor a full-body scan last time just to give him a good bench mark for his medical history. Everything was fine. There was one thing on the scan that the Doc thought curious but told him it wasn’t anything to worry about and they’d discuss it sometime. No need to come in on it. Then Trevor got a card in the mail setting this appointment so he was a little confused.

Trevor stared at the charts and ancient magazines in the room and was lost in thought when the nurse suddenly opened the door and entered the room. “Are you comfortable, Trevor?”

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

“It’s a little chilly. I got the shivers,” Trevor grinned, nice shiny white teeth showing. Trevor was the best looking boy in school and the nurse had to catch her breath a little when she saw his warm smile. Trevor was having interesting thoughts himself, sitting there with just a hospital gown on and catching some quick looks at this really cute nurse standing there in front of him. His heart was beating a bit faster seeing her gorgeous short dark hair, cute little nose, big full lips and pale blue eyes. She wore a lab coat open over a nice low scoop neck top…low enough to show some impressive cleavage. Embarrassed, he shifted his stare to her nametag, “Jennifer Landry, RN”. She looked like she was about 24 years old. This nurse was the cutest older girl he’d ever seen outside of school. The nurse produced a blood pressure cuff, wrapped it around Trevor’s left bicep and pumped it up. His heart was beating even faster, reacting to the nurse’s closeness as she snuggled his right bicep into her side and placed the stethoscope in the crook of his arm. He could smell a warm, sweet aroma coming from her as she listened for his heartbeat. She removed the cuff, “Your pressure’s a bit high for an eighteen-year-old. What are you thinking about? Your next swim meet or something?” Trevor couldn’t answer, able only to gulp a couple of times. He was almost naked and this gorgeous nurse had nudged right up against him!

“I’ll turn up the temp for you. Trevor, It’s going to be just a couple more minutes. By the way, Doctor Levine will not be seeing you today. Doctor Taylor, his new associate will take care of you. I’ll turn up the heat for you while you relax.”

Oh, God, thought Trevor. He hoped he didn’t have to take his gown off. Why should he have to? No reason. Doc Taylor is probably this old ugly guy just like Doc Levine so why should he be embarrassed? At least the heat was rising in the room. His goose bumps were gone and he felt much more comfortable temperature-wise. The exam table was covered in really soft leather so the surface wasn’t as cold as it could’ve been. The table’s surface and padding were actually similar to a large lounge chair. Trevor was glad it wasn’t the hard type covered with that noisy paper. The exam room was different from the one he had seen the old doc in. This one looked like it was furnished for maybe massages and stuff. The exam table he sat on wasn’t like a normal one. He sat and waited.

He heard hushed voices outside his door, then the door opened and it was the cute nurse again. She stepped into the doorway still looking down the hall. She then turned and said, “Trevor, I’d like to introduce you to Doctor Taylor.” The nurse stepped on into the room as Doctor SAMANTHA Taylor stepped from the hallway into the room. Trevor’s heart stopped! He suddenly lost his breath. Standing before him, next to the cutest “Miss Perfectbody” nurse he’d ever seen, was the most gorgeous 30-year-old woman he could ever imagine. Doctor Taylor was a knock-dead beautiful woman! Even more beautiful than the music teacher he got a crush on at his school. Her hair, back in a thick full ponytail, was dark just like the nurse’s, her eyes were golden brown, her lips were soft and full under her pretty nose. Her skin was flawless. She looked almost Italian or South American…exotic. She wore the same lab coat, open over a crisp white blouse tucked into a tight black skirt that stopped at mid-thigh. Her bare legs were tanned and perfectly muscled and shaped. She must work out, he thought. His goose bumps were returning and his face was beginning to flush in front of these two gorgeous females. He felt naked already in this stupid flimsy gown. Trevor just stared at the nurse and doctor as a little shiver returned to his body. He didn’t know what to say. He’d never been examined by a female before. The nurse could see his hesitation and said, “There’s nothing to be worried about. It’s strictly professional. Doctor will definitely go out of her way to make you feel comfortable. Following professional protocol I’ll be staying in here with her as well.” The nurse paused, looked intently at Trevor, he thought he could see her nostrils flare slightly and her pupils dilate just a little when she continued, “We will do everything humanly possible to make it a nice experience for you. OK?”

What could he say? “OK, I guess.”

Doctor Taylor smiled, “Great!” What a gorgeous smile! Cool voice, too! Nice and smooth.

He wasn’t sure but he thought he could see a slight grin playing across those gorgeous, full lips as Doctor Taylor gazed at him for the longest time. The nurse had the same strange look on her face.

“You OK, Trev?” asked Doc.

“Yeah. I’m OK,” Trevor gulped.

“What I’d like to do today, Trevor, is a little follow-up on that scan you had. I think Doc Levine mentioned something came up on it but not to worry.”

“Right,” replied Trevor, “but I didn’t think I had to come in on it. Doc said it was nothing.”

“Well, it’s really nothing to freak about but it’s something that has us scratching our heads. When I saw the scan I decided to see for myself so I booked the appointment for you. Hope you don’t mind. The human body has many glands. One type of gland is found only in the male anatomy. Trevor, do you know what your prostate gland is?”

“Not sure, Doc.” Trevor had heard the name before and thought it was somewhere in the stomach area and his grandpa had some sort of operation on it but that’s all he knew. He could see those little grins returning to those two sets of gorgeous lips. The nurse’s lab coat expanded as she took a deep breath and let it out. Trevor noticed some pretty large breasts pushing against that low top. The left lapel of her coat had slipped to the side revealing a hard, bra-less nipple thrusting forward against the thin material. He started feeling an extra little chill in his lower body.

“Well, Trevor, it’s a gland you probably haven’t used yet at your age, it’s tucked away in the lower part of your body behind your abdomen. When I saw the scan, I also saw your prostate. Your prostate gland is, shall we say, oversized. It’s supposed to be about the size of a walnut but yours appears to be the size of a grapefruit. It’s OK for it to be oversized, doesn’t hurt a thing at your age, but it presents some incredible possibilities for your bodily functions and responses.”

Both women almost let out a little giggle at that point as they gazed at this gorgeous, young athlete. Trevor wondered what was so darned funny.

Doc went on, “Trevor, with your permission, we’d like to run a couple more tests. Strictly voluntary! You don’t have to take them but I think you might even enjoy it a little if you’re interested in advancing medical science and learning more about your capabilities. Trevor didn’t know what to think or say.

“Anyway, Trevor, while you’re thinking about it, let me just give you a brief exam here before you give us your answer.”


Doctor Taylor nodded at the nurse who then stepped to the right side of the soft leather exam table. The nurse leaned slightly around to the boy’s face, “Trevor, first I’m just going to open up your gown and adjust it on your lap so the doctor can begin the exam.” The nurse leaned in and reached across Trevor’s broad shoulders with her right hand and grasped his gown on both sides of his neck, pulling the gown forward, away from his arms and down across his chest. Doctor Taylor stepped to Trevor’s left side and watched intently as the gown was lowered down the front of his body to come to rest against his lower abdomen and hips, still covering his upper thighs and spilling over the foot of the table between his thighs and knees. The nurse was so close that Trevor could smell her body. Again there was just that hint of exotic fragrance mixed with the heat coming from her body he had noticed when she took his blood pressure. If he wasn’t mistaken, the nurse’s face was turning slightly red as she looked in his eyes and dropped his gown.

The two women stood in silence for a moment letting their eyes wander from his unruly shock of blond hair to his big brown eyes, across his strong nose, puffy lips, athlete’s chin, wide swimmer’s shoulders, smooth hairless chest with well-defined swimmer’s pecs and on down to his gorgeous six pack. Just a hint of short, soft, blond pubic hair could be seen peeking out from the gown folded over his groin. That groin was beginning to tingle with somewhat unfamiliar sensations as the young boy, practically naked, watched the looks in the nurse’s and doctor’s eyes and noticed their breathing come a little heavier. The nurse’s nipple was continuing to probe her low top. The doctor’s lips were wet and slightly parted over beautiful white teeth.

“Trevor, I want to check your sensitivity and reactions. Jenny here is going to assist me. It should feel pleasurable to you. Don’t be nervous or embarrassed. Any reaction you have will be only physical and won’t harm you in any way. See the bar hanging above your head? We use it for physical therapy.”

“Yes,” Trevor replied. His breathing was starting to grow a little heavier, too.

“Please reach up and hang on to the bar at each end and don’t let go for any reason or it’ll ruin the test. OK?”

“OK.” Trevor reached above his head and grasped the bar that was over two feet above his head. His arms stretched up above his body and his back was arched straight up. This position also made the back of Trevor’s soft, smooth buns protrude a bit on top of the leather surface.

“Now, stay as still as you can during the process,” said Doctor Taylor. The doctor and nurse exchanged a long look behind Trevor’s back, glanced down at his gorgeous butt and smiled at each other before beginning the procedure. Jenny stepped forward to Trevor’s right side, nudging her thighs up against the exam table. Doctor Taylor did the same on Trevor’s left side.

“Trevor, I’m going to check your spinal column. OK?”


Suddenly, Trevor felt Doctor Taylor’s soft fingertips brush against the back of his neck. They lingered there for a few moments, gently tickling his neck and, occasionally softly brushing across his earlobes. Trevor’s breathing became a little heavier. He was getting chills from the gentle touches.

“I’m just testing your sensitivity to neuro stimulus. It’s OK.”

Trevor couldn’t help but squirm a little. His buns lifted and lowered slightly, waddling back and forth as he responded to the “neuro stimulus”.

“Jenny, please mirror my movements on the front of Trevor’s body so we can check for any imbalances.”

“Yes, Doctor,” said Jenny. The nurse slowly reached forward with her right hand and gently brushed her fingertips across Trevor’s right jaw and on to his throat where her fingers lightly tickled his neck and adam’s apple, mirroring the doctor’s feather-like touchings on the back of the boy’s neck. Chills and goose bumps were rapidly growing from the boy’s face to his shoulders.

As Doctor Taylor continued the ticklish stimulation of Trevor’s neck she reached up to Trevor’s left wrist and began brushing the soft fingertips of her left hand against his wrist, slowly descending to his forearm. Nurse Landry mimicked the treatment on Trevor’s right arm sending an avalanche of goose bumps down his arms and all over his face and neck as Trevor continued to receive stimulation of his neck and throat, too. The two sets of fingertips slowly tickled their way down to his biceps and on to his hairless armpits. This latest stimulation sent Trevor over the edge and he quickly released his grip of the bar and reflexively dropped his arms down to his sides.

“Trevor! You’re interfering with the test, Sweetie!” Doctor Taylor smiled as she admonished the teenager. I’m sorry, but we can’t let that happen again. Jenny, we’ll have to attach the wrist straps to the bar.”

“Yes, Doctor Taylor.” Nurse Landry turned away from the exam table to a drawer where she removed a set of soft, furry straps, two inches wide. She attached one to each end of the three-foot bar above Trevor’s head. The nurse gently lifted Trevor’s right arm up to one end of the bar and placed his right wrist in the soft, furry loop. She then tightened it snugly. Doctor Taylor did the same with the boy’s left wrist at the left end of the three-foot bar, then activated a silent switch with her foot that caused the bar to lift a few inches higher. This caused Trevor’s arms to be stretched a bit more tightly and his torso to be pulled slightly straighter. It wasn’t uncomfortable but he wouldn’t be going anywhere.

“Trevor, don’t worry. We won’t hurt you. Actually, you’ll probably start feeling really good as we continue with the testing process. Just let it happen,” the beautiful doctor urged.

Trevor couldn’t believe this was happening. Here he was with no clothes on, just the gown draped across his upper thighs and these two gorgeous women were touching him in ways that caused new tingling sensations in his body. It was almost more than he could stand to be touched and tickled like that. He was real sensitive and the feeling was even stronger because he had no hair on his entire body except for his head and just a little soft, short tuft or so below his abdomen over his pelvic bone.

“OK. Let’s try this again,” murmured Doctor Taylor. Trevor felt her right hand return and softly brush back up against his neck and earlobes. Nurse Landry’s soft right fingertips landed back below Trevor’s jaw and tickled the front of his throat, gently brushing across his adam’s apple and collarbones. Trevor again responded with major goose bumps and began groaning a little. He could feel twitches in his belly button from the touching of his neck. Two sets of soft fingertips again gently whispered against his forearms, travelling down slowly toward his elbows and on to his biceps. Trevor groaned. This feeling was becoming unbearable. How would he be able to stand it when the tickling reached his armpits again!?

He was about to find out.

As the muscles of Trevor’s neck and the area inside his navel responded to the touches with little twitches, he suddenly felt the fluttering fingertips caress the tender skin of his hairless armpits! He responded naturally by attempting to lower his arms again but he was held fast by the soft wristbands up in the air on the bar. “Ahhh!”

“You’re doing just fine, Trevor,” said Doctor Taylor. “Just try to relax your body. Your responses are completely normal.” As fingers slowly continued to softly tickle his armpits, other tickling fingers slowly ventured lower to Trevor’s shoulders and back, travelling down along his spine between his shoulder blades. Trevor reacted with almost violent shivers. Nurse Landry, as directed, mirrored the doctor’s action by slowly dropping her feather-light fingertips down across his collarbone.

“Use both your hands now, Jenny,” directed Doctor Taylor as her soft right hand tickled its way around to Trevor’s right armpit. All the while her left fingertips played at his left armpit. Jenny immediately began softy touching and tickling across both Trevor’s collarbones eliciting a louder groan from the boy. Fingertips continued their journey down Trevor’s torso. The older woman’s fingertips brushed down from Trevor’s armpits to his sides, softly exploring forward across his ribs. This sensation nearly sent Trev through the ceiling! Nurse Landry softly stroked her fingers down across his pecs where they gently traced cirles over his muscles then lightly flicked across his nipples!

“Oh!! God!!,” he declared. This was turning into too much! He suddenly felt a stirring in his groin under the folded gown. The exquisite sensations were causing his penis to grow! He had only seen it all grown out sometimes when he woke up in the morning and had to pee really bad. He thought it was pretty big because, when it was stiff, it would stretch up way past his belly button. It was kind of thick, too.

As the almost unbearable stimulation continued without letting up his penis continued to grow and lift up underneath the cloth in his lap! This was embarrassing! What would the doctor and nurse think?!?

As Nurse Landry continued to touch, tickle and stimulate Trevor’s stiffening, engorged nipples, Doctor Taylor softly tickled the boy’s ribs, continuing on down to his waist just above his hip bones where she lightly tickled the soft, sensitive skin there. Then the good doctor would allow her feather tips to explore up against Trevor’s sides to his armpits and softly tickle upward over his smooth, expanding ribcage. After lingering there a moment, her fingertips made their erotic, slow journey down to the boy’s hips again, repeating the sequence over and over. Trevor was gasping. The cloth between his legs kept lifting up! Trevor prayed silently that the nurse and doctor didn’t notice! Doctor Taylor moved her right hand back around and lower along Trevor’s spine until her tickling fingers reached the cleft at the top of his exposed, protruding buttocks. His round globes were naked, perched on the soft, smooth leather. The doctor’s fingers softly explored the crack at the top of those soft, hairless buns and ran lightly back and forth across his upper buttocks. Trevor shivered even more and groaned louder. As she continued this stimulation, Doctor Taylor reached around with her left hand and softly brushed her fingers downward across Trevor’s lower abdomen! This sent the boy practically over the edge with what certainly could not be confused with anything but erotic stimulation. His penis was just about at full attention! The cloth was raised out and away from his stomach at a 60-degree angle! Didn’t they notice that??!!?? If his hands were free he would really need to cover himself up a little more! Doctor Taylor wouldn’t stop! While the nurse kept tickling Trevor’s ever-darkening nipples, the doctor kept tickling his buns, his crack and all over his stomach real close to his pubic hair! Then the soft fingertips of her left hand started brushing down across his pubic hair!! Once or twice her light touch slipped across the smooth, hairless top of the base of his penis!!!! “God!!” he cried. Sensations Trevor had never felt before were suddenly building between his legs and across his chest as Nurse Landry continued to tickle and softly pinch his darkening, swollen nipples!

“Oh, God, Doctor! What are you doing? I’m sorry! I can’t help what’s happening to me! I’m sorry, Doc!”

“Don’t be embarrassed, Trevor. Your responses are perfectly normal. We really need to test those responses. Just relax and enjoy the treatment the nurse and I are administering to you.”

Trevor continued to breathe heavily as his tortured, tingling body reacted to what the two were doing to it. He could see that they were also starting to breathe more heavily.

“It’s getting a little hot in here, isn’t it, Jenny?” asked the doctor.

“Yes it is, Doctor.”

“Well, if we turn the temperature back down, poor Trevor may get too cold without his clothes on. Let’s just take off our coats and try to get cooler. Is that OK, Trev?”

“Mmmmm.” That’s the only way Trevor could acknowledge because of his heightened state of stimulation. It wasn’t hot at all as far as he could tell. He was just almost beside himself as the women constantly caressed so many of his sensitive spots.

Four hands suddenly left his awakened, stimulated body for a moment as the women removed their lab coats and hung them up on the wall. Trevor, his arms tethered above him, watched their gorgeous bodies turn and move. He could see Nurse Landry’s ribs press against the nearly sheer white top as she stretched out to hang up the jacket. Her absolutely perfect buns were extremely evident now encased in her black leotard pants. As the leotards stretched he could almost make out bare skin underneath. The nurse wore no panties! Her legs were flawless. As she turned back toward the leather exam table Trevor’s heart suddenly raced! Jenny’s breasts looked incredible! He could see almost the whole top half of the soft, creamy globes, the nipples were both visible now, forcing themselves practically through the thin material! Her stomach was tight and he could see a mound between her thighs and, he swore to God, a crease right in the middle of her gorgeous mound! God!

Doctor Taylor then turned back toward him and gave him another feast for his eyes. Her body looked absolutely heavenly in that short skirt and the white blouse. All he could do was gawk at the two women from his position, practically totally naked, tied up, and suffering from probably the hugest erection in his short life under the gathered material of his hospital gown.

“Guys, I’m still really warm,” said Doctor Taylor. If you don’t mind, I’m going to open my blouse a little. It’s really uncomfortable, isn’t it, Jenny? Trevor, do you mind?”

“Uhhh…uhhhh…n n no,” stammered Trevor. He couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t hot at all!

Doctor Taylor smiled, pulled out her shirttail from the tight, black skirt and slowly began to unbutton her white blouse. As she did, Trevor began to get a look at what had been hidden underneath all this time! The doctor began to reveal an absolutely gorgeous, creamy, soft pair of globes of her own! Trevor couldn’t take his eyes off of them. The doctor released the last button at the bottom and let her blouse gently swing open to reveal pink aureoles and eraser-stiff dark nipples! Trevor’s hospital gown jumped like a puppet just a little higher.

“You know, Doctor, if you and Trevor don’t mind, I’m going to get a little more comfortable, too. I feel left out,” giggled Nurse Landry. “Doc, could you help me? I feel a little stiff in the back.”

YOU feel stiff, exclaimed poor Trevor in his mind. Nobody could be stiffer than he!

“Sure, Jenny. Don’t want you to pull a muscle like Trevor did. Raise your arms,” giggled the doctor. Doctor Taylor stepped behind the nurse, grabbed Jenny’s top and slowly pulled it up. Huge, soft, white breasts bounced out of the top as it was raised over them and off of Jenny’s beautiful head. Trevor groaned loudly now at the sight!! The two women stood there gazing at him for a moment as their breasts jiggled and bounced free!

“What the heck, guys,” announced Doctor Samantha Taylor. “I don’t want to feel left out.” With that, the doctor removed her blouse, tossed it to the counter and stood there nude from the waist up just like the nurse. Just like Trevor. Her glorious globes shook and swayed with her movements. They were just as huge as Jenny’s. Perfect shapes, perky, vibrant! Heaven for a 18-year-old boy!!

“Back to work, Trevor,” said the doctor. “I hope you don’t have any plans tonight because this could take awhile. The place is all locked up for the weekend and we won’t be interrupted. Is that OK?”

“OK,” whispered Trev.

The women slowly walked back and took their places next to Trevor’s exam table. “Where were we?” whispered Doctor Taylor.

“Here,” grinned the nurse as she began softly tickling, teasing and tweaking Trevor’s sensitive nipples.

“Oh! Right! And here,” breathed the doctor as her soft hands returned to caress Trevor’s buttocks and lower abdomen!

Trevor reentered his altered state. These gorgeous women were caressing his body, doing things to it that made him the most stiff, hard and long he’d ever been in his life! And those beautiful breasts!!! He couldn’t take his eyes off them as they lifted and dropped and jiggled with the caressing movements. His penis was throbbing! He could feel the scrotum between his legs undulating! This was incredible!

“Nurse, I believe it’s time to try for some measurements. What do you think?”

“I think so, Doctor. If we wait too long Trevor might lose it before we can get one.”

“You’re right.” Both women lifted their hands away from Trevor’s body leaving him quaking and trembling from the stimulation. “Sweetie, we’re going to reposition you so we can continue with your treatment and gather some important data from your reactions. OK?”


“We need to have you lie on your back and we’re going to have to restrain your ankles this time, too, because we can’t have you moving around and spoiling the process or we’ll be here all night.”


Nurse Landry reached up and began to loosen Trevor’s right wrist from the bar. He couldn’t stop gazing at her breasts as she leaned closer to him and raised her arms. The perfect globes jiggled just inches from his face as she worked at disconnecting the band from the bar. She maintained a soft but firm grip on his wrist with both her hands as Doctor Taylor leaned forward and up to release Trevor’s left wristband from the bar. The doctor’s breasts swung freely, nearly brushing against Trev’s face! “There,” whispered the doc as she lowered his left arm and continued to firmly hold his wrist in her hands. The two women gently lowered Trevor to his back on the soft, rich leather of the massage table and stretched his arms out behind his head where they snapped the two soft cuffs into a wall bracket. His wrists were snugly secured in the soft cuffs. Trevor, flat on his back with his big feet dangling down the front of the table, was keenly aware now of his massive erection lifting his gathered hospital gown above his hips, straight in the air! His face flushed full beet red with embarrassment! Nurse Landry, seeing his reaction, murmured, “Don’t worry, Baby. It’s OK. Only natural.”

“We think it looks just fine, Trev,” whispered the doctor. “Just relax, Sweetie.

“Now, Trev, we have to make sure your legs don’t move around too much and spoil the procedure. We have to put your feet and ankles in restraints, too. They won’t hurt. OK?”


Doctor Taylor and Nurse Landry bent down and gently gripped each of Trevor’s ankles lifting his lower legs up to a horizontal position in the air. Doctor Taylor pushed another button on the floor causing the lower third of the exam table’s surface to silently drop down and away from the boy’s buttocks and thighs. This left Trevor’s body from his lower spine down hovering in midair. Trevor’s hospital gown was still gathered over his groin and draped down between his legs toward the floor. The nurse and doctor grabbed a handle at each corner of what was the new short base of the table and pulled out two 30-inch extensions made of strong titanium tubing, locking them in place. In locked position, the tubes angled out horizontally to the sides at a 30-degree angle. Jenny snapped a 12-inch “L”-shaped titanium bracket into place at the end of her tube, locking it in an upright vertical position on the right and Doctor Taylor did the same on the left. At the top of each bracket was a three-inch soft fur cuff and stirrup. The women raised the boy’s bare feet up in the air, bent his legs slightly back toward his body, opened his legs out and placed Trevor’s feet in the stirrups, snuggly securing his ankles in the fur straps. Trevor was completely immobilized. His legs were up and spread five feet apart and his arms were secured, stretched out behind his head. That head was beginning to spin with funny thoughts and feelings. These beautiful women were standing at his sides, their wonderful breasts exposed to his gaze, their nipples sticking straight out, they were just looking at him, kind of licking their lips from time to time and sort of flushed. They looked like they were kind of excited. Too excited for professional people! He was sure glad that hospital gown didn’t fall off when he was moved around and it was covering his butt hole and stuff. That would just kill him if they saw all that and could see how big his erection was.

The doctor leaned over Trevor and whispered, “We’re going to have to stimulate you a little more for awhile to get you back to the point where you were when we stopped a minute ago.” Trevor gasped! As the doctor leaned over him, her soft breasts grazed his ribs! God!! He could feel her nipples tickling his chest! Oh, God!!

“Oh, God…,” groaned Trevor.

Nurse Landry then leaned in on the other side. Her globes brushed against Trevor’s right ribs as she placed her soft lips against his right ear and whispered, “It’s OK. We understand. Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t worry.” As the nurse tickled his ear when she whispered, the doctor leaned into his left ear and whispered, “This is going to be the easiest test you ever took, Sweetie. We’ll give you an easy ‘A-plus’.”

Trevor almost passed out.

Nurse Landry and Doctor Taylor stood up and reached out over Trevor’s torso where they softly allowed their feathery finger tips to brush across the boy’s chest, lightly flicking his nipples and tickling their fingers down his sides and up into his armpits. Trevor almost screamed with the pleasure he was experiencing! Jenny leaned over across Trevor’s chest and softly placed her puffy lips against his left nipple! She began tonguing it! Searing stimulation shot through his left breast down to his navel! She then lifted her mouth from his raging left nipple and began gently tickling and pinching the hardened, dark nipple while her lips moved to his right nipple and began sucking and tonguing that one. At the same time, Jenny’s free left hand found the boy’s wide-open right armpit and gently began to tickle the excruciatingly sensitive spot, exploring, then, on down his sides across his ribs and back up again to his armpit. Hitting all these erotic spots at once was sending the boy into spasms!

Not to be outdone, Doctor Taylor leaned over on Trevor’s left side, slowly lowered her mouth and kissed the boy’s lips, softly, warmly, sweetly! It was Trevor’s very first kiss!!! What a kiss!! As Trevor’s pediatrician continued the tender, soft, tingly kisses, her right hand softly explored the boy’s soft blond locks of hair while her left hand began to explore, tickling his left armpit and working its way down his left side, over his heaving ribs and on to his undulating abdomen where her left hand stopped its journey for a moment. All the while, the nurse never stopped tickling his right side, tonguing his right nipple and teasing his left nipple. Trevor felt like he was close to really losing it! His erection was raging and he could feel little itchy pulses beginning in the head of his penis!

Doctor Taylor’s left hand continued to lightly feather over and around Trevor’s tight abdomen. Then, her fingertips again slowly crept down to the boy’s soft, blond pubic hair where the fingernails lightly caressed the skin over his pubic bone.

Through the Doctor’s sweet kisses, Trevor whispered, “Ma’am, I’m gonna lose it! Please stop! Something’s happening!!”

The doctor seemed not to hear the boy and slowly kept lowering her tickling fingertips along the pubic bone until they gently grazed the base at the top of Trevor’s penis! Trevor’s stomach suddenly began to spasm! Doctor Taylor’s soft fingers gently encircled the base of the boy’s shaft! He cried out, “Please!!! Doctor!!!!”

The doctor’s hand froze. This is too soon, she thought.

“Break time,” said Doctor Taylor. Jenny immediately retreated from her stimulation and stood next to the table, with her hands in the air like she was assisting in a surgery, waiting for direction from the doctor. “Trevor, let me give you something that will help you delay that reaction your body is about to experience. We need a little more time before something happens here, OK?”

Trevor couldn’t answer. He was in another world bravely fighting down the explosion that was about to occur in the head of his penis. His scrotum was shrunk up and tight. He didn’t know what was going to happen! The hospital gown looked like a pup tent!

The nurse turned away from the exam table and took a syringe from the counter, filled it with a light amber liquid and handed it to the doctor.

“This will prolong your inevitable reaction while still allowing you to feel the extreme, intense stimulation this procedure must provide you tonight. It may take another four to six hours for us to complete the tests we need. Is that OK? It’s Friday. No homework! Are your parents expecting you home soon?”

Before Trevor could answer, Nurse Landry said, “Actually, Doctor, Trevor is on his own this weekend. His mom was in with his little sister this morning and they were all flying out of town for the weekend. Monday’s a holiday so they won’t be back home until late Monday night. They left Trev to house sit!” Nurse Landry had this wide, bright smile on her beautiful face.

“Wonderful!” Doctor Taylor gently administered the drug to Trevor’s left shoulder. The doctor smiled inwardly at the thought of Trevor being completely on his own for the next three nights and three days. The boy didn’t feel the injection but immediately began to feel a tingly, almost itchy sensation spread through his body, down his arms, across his torso and down his legs. A strange little itch began to build in the head of his “cock.” God, he thought the word “cock.” Usually sounded so dirty but it sounded kind of exciting now. A grin began to play across the boy’s puffy lips. “Cock.” His “cock” was big, stiff, long, thick and itchy. The warm tingle spread to his “balls.” Oh, god, now he was calling his scrotum “balls.” His “balls” were tingling, surging up and down inside their “sack.” Trevor began to feel like he was in a dream. He lay there stretched, open, helpless.

“OK, Trevor. Now we need to work toward the point where we can take a measurement or two,” said Doctor Taylor. “How are you feeling, Sweetie?”

“Great, Doc. Just great.”

“OK. What we have to do now, in order to take the first measurement, is remove your hospital gown.”

Trevor’s mind lurched. Lose the hospital gown? That means my cock and balls will be exposed and my cock is big and stiff!!! They’ll see my hardon!!!!! But Trevor couldn’t react. He was tied down, spread out and open and his whole body was feeling strange from the drug. It seemed like his skin was suddenly even more sensitive than before!

He watched the doctor walk around to the foot of his exam table and step forward between the stirrups into the opening between Trevor’s legs. Trevor’s pediatrician reached forward and took in her hands the folds of the gown draped over the left and right sides of the boy’s hips and slowly began to lift the tented cloth up and away.

The nurse was the first to react. She suddenly gasped, touching her fingertips to her full lips, her gorgeous eyes wide. They both just stood there with their mouths open and their tongues absently travelling slowly across their teeth and lips. There before them was the most beautiful, huge, longest, thickest, most gorgeous cock either of them had ever seen!!! The ball sack that hung below was the most enormous scrotum and gonads either had ever imagined!!! Both women flushed red across their cheeks and across their chests!!!! It was THEIR turn to be embarrassed! This would be some weekend!!! Trevor just lay there trembling with embarrassment and excitement as his health care providers allowed their gazes to slowly travel all over his body. Their eyes were glazed over as they murmured, “Oh, Baby. Aren’t we a gorgeous hunk of man here. Please don’t be embarrassed or afraid, Baby. This is going to be one weekend to remember.”

Doctor whispered to Nurse, “Get the tape measure. Let’s get that first measurement. I’ll resume stimulation until we think we’ve gotten to the largest size.”

Nurse retrieved a cloth tape measure from the drawer.

Doctor Taylor said, “OK, Jenny, continue tactile stimulation of Trevor’s arms, sides, nipples and chest. Kiss his sweet lips. I’ll start with his feet and work my way up from there.”

“OK,” replied Jenny, her voice a bit husky for a moment as she anticipated what they were about to do to their patient.

Doctor Taylor apparently was feeling too warm again because she swiftly and smoothly slipped her skirt down over her hips and let it drop to the floor!!! She wore only a thong!!!!! God, is she ever gorgeous!!!!! This was the most gorgeous, erotic, exciting woman Trevor had ever seen! Her slim, tight, soft stomach flared to perfect, round hips and perfect, softly-muscled long legs! Trevor was in love. Doctor Samantha Taylor didn’t stop there. She gazed into Trevor’s tortured eyes and slowly turned to the side, leaned forward with her breasts swinging down and deliberately lowered her thong down her legs. She straightened back up and kicked the thong to the side. Trevor gasped when he saw the doctor’s pussy, hairless except for a small, soft patch of dark brown above.

Apparently Jenny was too hot again, too. Seeing everyone nude probably made her temperature rise a little so she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her leotard and slid it down her legs and off her feet! Now Jenny was entirely, gloriously nude!! Her body was flawless. The beautiful creamy breasts jiggled over her ribs and tight stomach. Her beautiful hips flared out perfectly to long, gorgeous legs. The mound between her legs was completely shaved, the lips of her vulva puffed out from her heavenly, pink vagina! “Oh, God!” thought Trevor. If my hands were free right now I’d have to touch every square inch of those beautiful bodies! The beautiful nude nurse stepped back up to Trevor’s side.

Jenny slowly lowered her hands to Trevor’s tethered arms and began softly tickling his super sensitive skin. Doctor Taylor, completely nude now, moved to Trevor’s feet, stepped in between the stirrups and softly brushed her fingertips across the tops of his feet, tickling them slightly. She then skipped to just above his splayed, tethered ankles and worked her fingertips softly along his calves, bringing the boy sensations of immense pleasure in his legs. The boy’s limbs were receiving the ultimate soft, tickly sensation! The doctor and nurse couldn’t take their eyes off of Trevor’s engorged genitals as they administered his treatment. As he gloried in this love of his body, the four sets of fingertips slowly tickled their way inward. Taking another step forward into the opening, the doctor allowed her long, fine fingers to softly travel up the boy’s calves to his knees, briefly tickling the backs and tops, then on to his bulging, smooth quads! The doctor’s creamy breasts swung with the rhythm. The nurse’s hands found their way back to his arm pits, lingered there, then moved on to tease and torture his nipples again!! Nurse Landry quietly leaned over Trevor, dropping her full breasts against his chest as she slowly, softly kissed his open lips. Doctor Taylor was mesmerized. She saw that his cock was fully engorged again, the big head was growing deep purple. The hole below the tip of the gorgeous crown was spread almost a half-inch wide! The massive erection was beginning to bob up and down with the never-ending, intense stimulation but the drug the doctor had administered would delay the boy’s inevitable erruption. The women continued their tickle torture of the lad for another fifteen minutes as he gasped for air and moaned against Jenny’s tender kisses. The women began moaning with him as he climbed ever closer to Heaven. He could see Nurse Landry’s own creamy globes swing and sway with her ministrations. He was steadily reaching sensory overload!

Then! Doctor Taylor’s soft hands slowly, gently traveled over Trevor’s quads to brush against the inside of his thighs, spread open by the brackets and thrust out from the base of the examination table. Trevor’s ball sack jumped in mid-air! The feathery fingertips were less than an inch away from the soft, sensitive scrotum as Doctor Samantha Taylor continued to tickle the insides of the boy’s thighs. Nurse Landry joined Doctor Taylor’s ticklings, now slowly moving the stimulating fingers of her soft hand down over Trev’s stomach and down toward his climbing shaft! Jenny continued to tickle Trev’s stomach, chest and nipples as the doctor played her soft tips up his inner thighs. The turgid cock continued to grow amazingly longer and thicker!

Then! Doctor Taylor’s hands moved ever closer to the huge ball sack that hung below the towering phallus! Gently, ever so gently, Doctor Samantha Taylor reached down with the soft fingertips of both hands positioned upward two inches beneath Trevor’s totally exposed buttocks and hanging scrotum. The doctor’s soft fingertips reached under the boy’s buttocks and quietly whispered across the top of the swimmer’s buttocks. Trevor’s body from his lower back down was totally exposed off the end of the shortened exam table. Doctor Taylor’s tingly fingertips began sending a wave of gooseflesh across his buns. Trevor reacted with a sharp intake of breath! Doctor Taylor continued to tickle his buns for a few moments eliciting moans and groans from the boy. Then the doctor’s soft hands dropped away for a moment leaving Trevor to recover from the intense tickling he was receiving from both women. Ever so gently, the doctor’s right hand slowly reached up under Trevor’s scrotum. The five soft fingers gently encircled and brushed against the bottom of Trevor’s balls!

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Trevor strained against his bonds but was going nowhere! For the first time in his young life his balls were being tickled! Not only being tickled but being tickled by the incredibly soft hand of a woman. Not only a woman but a GORGEOUS woman!!!!!!!!

Drugs or no drugs, he about lost it right there!!! But it didn’t end there. Doctor Samantha Taylor continued to softly tickle the bottom of the lad’s balls, making them dance and lurch up and down! She continued to softly tickle his buttocks, moving her left hand toward the crease and to his perineum, teasing that super sensitive area between his balls and his anus. Jenny continued to tickle and stimulate his nipples and softly kiss his lips throughout! God!!!!!

Samantha slowly worked her way gently, ever-so-lightly up the huge scrotum to tickle and stimulate his entire ball sack with her right hand! His cock continued to lurch up from his body, growing darker, thicker and longer! The doctor’s left hand tickled its way to the crevice between his soft, smooth globes and her soft fingertips lightly slipped across his pulsating anus! The boy screamed! The doctor removed her left hand from the boy’s buttocks and sent the tickling fingers to join her right hand at the huge scrotum leaving the child gasping for breath as she continued tickling his balls with ten fingers. The boy’s balls virtually danced and pulsated to the tickling touch of Samantha’s soft fingertips. Then the feathery fingers of the doctor’s hands slowly, softly encompassed and whispered up the base of the boy’s giant cock, tickling their way up the shaft to just below the mushroom crown, back down to the base and down over his balls, only to repeat again and again!! The nurse, gently mashing her creamy breasts into Trevor, continued tickling his nipples and kissing the boy’s lips, occasionally softly probing his open mouth with her sweet, hot tongue. Suddenly, a clear drop of fluid appeared at the tip of Trevor’s cock, vibrating at the opening of the hole that led to the depths of his body.

As Doctor Samantha Taylor continued her excruciating tickle torture of Trevor’s balls and shaft Trevor cried out loudly, groaning in ecstasy! Jenny brushed her soft breasts and hard nipples across Trevor’s chest and whispered in his right ear, “Don’t cum, Baby. Doctor Taylor wants to taste your pre-juices. And then we’ll get that first measurement. OK?” Without waiting for an answer, Doctor Taylor gently encircled the giant cock with left thumb and forefinger up against the base of the mushroom head. A clear pearl of fluid appeared and danced on the tip of the engorged cock, poised at the end of that hot, dark tube leading to the boy’s soul. The doctor continued to softly tickle and stimulate her patient’s scrotum, making it dance to the rhythm of her unspeakable ministrations. She then leaned down and steadily moved her lips to the tip of her patient’s huge cock, stopping within an inch of the vibrating transparent pearl! She opened her mouth and slowly exhaled her hot breath onto the cock head. The liquid pearl vibrated perilously before the doctor’s eyes. Slowly, she lowered her full, soft lips the remaining distance to their target. As her slightly open lips touched the tip of Trevor’s cock head, the clear, thick fluid flowed into her mouth! It was salty and sweet!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Goddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This was blowing Trevor’s mind!!! He couldn’t move. His arms were stretched to their limit, tethered to the wall behind him, his legs were up and out, spread wide, feet locked in soft stirrups, his genitals and his anus were presented in mid air — vulnerable and totally accessible to his doctor and nurse. He could only lie there and receive the sweet torture his medical team was giving him!

The clear, sweet, salty liquid continued to flow through Doctor Samantha Taylor’s lips into her warm mouth. Her eyes glazed over in erotic anticipation. She had to tear herself away from his cock! They must get that first measurement!

“Nurse! Get the tape measure!” Doctor Taylor released the penis but it remained nearly straight up in the air! Nurse Landry grabbed the tape from the exam table, pulled a length of it away from the spool and made ready to measure. Jenny froze in erotic thought, gazing vacantly at the throbbing shaft.

“Jenny! Concentrate! First measure the length from the pubic bone to the tip!” The gigantic cock was bobbing up and down to poor Trevor’s racing heartbeat. Doctor Taylor gingerly took the sides of the shaft between the tips of her straight thumb and forefinger just under the huge mushroom cap and steadied the twitching phallus while the nurse quickly touched the tape end to the tip of Trevor’s penis and pulled the tape tight at the upper base of the godcock.

“My God,” Jenny breathed. “I knew it! Thirteen inches!” The two women gazed at the cock unable to speak for a moment.

“Underside from perineum to tip!” croaked the doctor as she let the magnificent creature go with her thumb and finger.

Nurse Landry quickly reached over with the tape, placed the end just under Trevor’s huge ball sack and ran the tape to the tip again, “Nineteen inches.” The doctor’s eyes almost crossed from the erotic information she just received. Trevor was hanging on the edge, still experiencing spasms of erotic stimulation during the last twenty-five seconds of measuring.

“I’ll get the balls,” giggled the nurse. Three-and-a-half inches from side to side, four-and-a-half vertical.

“Don’t forget the width of the shaft! And the crown, that gorgeous crown!!” whispered Doctor Samantha Taylor.

“How could I forget?” moaned Nurse Landry. “Trevor is two-and-a-half in diameter midway….three inches in diameter at the mushroom base!” Trevor nearly came when the nurse touched the tape against the ridge of his massive cock head. A pearl of clear fluid again emerged from the hot tunnel at the tip of his cock.

“OK. We got our measurements. Let him cool down a minute,” directed Doctor Taylor. “Are you OK, Trevor?”

“Mmmm-Hmmm,” hummed Trevor in response. He couldn’t speak. He thought he was going to lose his mind. The things the lady doctor and nurse had been doing to him for the last hour had driven his body to a new plateau of experience. Never had this young boy felt the erotic stimulation he was impelled to feel this afternoon. He didn’t know how he could hold it much longer before something extraordinary would happen and he would be totally embarrassed in front of these two perfect, gorgeous women. He could feel the head of his massive cock twitching, an indescribably luscious itch was present at the base of the mushroom under the wide half-inch hole where the pre cum kept appearing. He could feel his nipples throbbing with a deep tickle, made super sensitive from the teasing and sucking and probably from the injection Doctor Taylor gave him. Trevor was lost in a world of naked eroticism for the first time in his life.

Nurse Landry couldn’t take her eyes off the crystal clear pearl dancing on the tip of the boy’s cock. “My turn, Doctor. Please?”

The women exchanged a deep look for a moment, then Doctor Taylor stepped back and returned to Trevor’s left side. Nurse Landry moved carefully around and between Trevor’s long legs. Her dreamy eyes gazed at the 13-inch vertical shaft as it twitched in the air supported only by Trevor’s young, strong groin muscles. Unbelievable. A woman’s dream.

Trevor gasped as Doctor Taylor leaned across his stomach and chest with those grade-AA globes and brushed her exquisite nipples and pink aureoles against him, barely touching his skin. She leaned in and tenderly kissed his lips, face and eyelids. Trevor tried to catch his breath in reaction to this stimulus. Doctor Taylor slowly raised her body off of Trevor causing her soft, full breasts to brush back across his nakedness, swinging as they brushed away. As she stood erect she touched the right side of Trevor’s face with her left hand and gently turned his face toward her. She looked deeply into the boy’s big brown eyes and whispered, “First test is over. You passed. Now you have to hold on a little longer for our final test. It shouldn’t last much longer.”

Doctor Taylor nodded to Nurse Landry and looked down at Trevor’s cock giving her a cue to proceed with “test 2”. The doctor looked back into Trevor’s dark eyes and said, “Nurse Landry is going to start the next test. I want you to watch her as she begins. Then, I want you to make these feel good with your lips and your tongue.” She softly ran her fingertips across both her darkening, swollen nipples. Trevor gulped. He couldn’t breathe.

Taking her cue, Nurse Landry, slowly reached out with her soft fingertips and lightly slid them across Trevor’s inner thighs. Trevor gasped again, feeling the flood of goose bumps on his legs and toward his genitals. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the beautiful young nurse. Their eyes were locked in an erotic visual embrace. The nurse’s fingers slowly progressed toward Trevor’s balls, closer and closer, until they brushed up against the sides of the scrotum. This caused an intense sensation in the boy’s groin. The fingertips continued their little journey to the top of Trevor’s pubic bone area and tickled the sensitive skin there just below his soft pubes. As Jenny continued to tickle below Trevor’s pubic hairs, she reached under his ball sack with her right hand and, cupping it upward as Doctor Taylor had done, began softly tickling the boy’s huge scrotum. Trevor reacted immediately by crying out! His cock jumped up higher in the air above his stomach. Nurse continued to tickle his balls as she allowed her left hand to lightly brush against the 13-inch rod and softly tickle the entire length from base to tip! Trevor groaned in ecstasy!

Nurse Landry sighed as she saw another clear pearl of precum immerge from the tip of Trevor’s cock. Holding the shaft in her left hand just below the bulbous mushroom crown, the nurse slowly leaned down, opened her gorgeous, full lips and encircled the tip of the cock with them. The thick, sweet fluid immediately flowed through her open lips onto her tongue. Trevor was losing his mind watching this beautiful nurse touch his cock with her mouth! Then! Nurse Landry’s mouth slowly crept down like a caterpillar over the shiny purple 3-inch cap, opening wider until her lips snapped over the ridge of his cock and locked around the shaft below! Trevor screamed!! “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! God!!!!!!!”

Doctor Taylor, mesmerized by the scene, slowly turned back to Trevor’s face, slowly leaned forward over his mouth and served him her left nipple! The boy took the long, dark nipple in his mouth and began tonguing it as if he’d done it all his life. Doctor Taylor gasped at the sudden rush of sensation. Trevor began to suck deeply. The doctor let out a guttural moan as her nipple reacted to the sucking pleasure.

Nurse Jenny Landry allowed the tip of her tongue that was still inside her open mouth, locked over the head of Trevor’s penis, to gently probe the half-inch hole. Trevor’s precum flowed freely onto her tongue as she began gulping it down! It kept flowing like a pump dispensing sweet well water. “Ahhhhhh, Godddd!!!,” cried Trevor.

Doctor Taylor gently withdrew her left nipple from Trevor’s soft, swollen lips and used her left hand to begin lightly tickling the boy’s chest, nipples and stomach. As she continued this, the doctor leaned back over Trevor’s mouth and offered him her right breast. He immediately began sucking.

Jenny, beside herself with erotic pleasure, began flicking the tip of her tongue up and down against that sensitive spot just under and below Trevor’s cock head. The boy screamed again from the searing sensation! Jenny continued for another five minutes until Trevor thought he was going to come. Jenny stopped, withdrew her mouth and looked up at the beautiful sight of the boy nursing at the doctor’s breast.

Nurse Landry reached down under Trevor’s buttocks, hanging in mid air off the table, and softly tickled his globes. Goose bumps sprouted! She continued the tickle with one hand, back and forth and between his buns, gently driving the boy mad. As she tickled his butt she found his ball sack with her other hand, encircled it and began to softly tickle his huge cum bag! Trevor couldn’t take it anymore! At least he thought he couldn’t. On top of all that, Jenny returned her lips to his engorged shaft where they made contact with the free flow of clear fluid escaping the tip. Jenny allowed her soft lips to slowly engulf the head again, sliding her tongue up and down the base of the head as she went.

Doctor Taylor, beside herself with pleasure, felt a stirring in her right nipple as Trevor sucked. Suddenly, milk began to flow from her breast! Trevor immediately tasted the sweet mother’s milk and began moaning, sucking harder! The doctor gasped with increased pleasure as her left hand ceaselessly tickled the boy’s torso!

Jenny’s lips began a long, slow drop down Trevor’s cock until the head nudged up against her uvula! Everyone began groaning in ecstasy! Trevor was drawn closer and closer to his very first orgasm!

As Trevor sucked, Doctor Samantha Taylor’s uterus pulsed inward, tightening with each stimulation. Juices began flowing freely from her vulva and falling to the floor in long, clear strings. Unable to stand it any more, Doctor Taylor stood up. “You’re too much, Trevor. I need a break. I think I’ll assist the nurse for awhile.”

Trevor, left panting from his nursing and the incredible stimulation he was receiving from Nurse Landry, could only watch as the doctor slowly turned away and walked to the foot of the table, her incredibly beautiful, round buttocks and thighs showing themselves to him as she moved away. Doctor Taylor stood next to Trevor’s left thigh, suspended in the air off the foot of the leather exam table. She placed her right hand over Trevor’s stomach and began to tickle his abs and chest with soft, feathery fingertips and nails. This again sent Trev through the ceiling! As she continued this stimulation, and as Jenny continued moving up and down with her mouth on his big cock, Doctor Taylor reached under Trevor with her left hand and found the crease between his buttocks. Suddenly, the soft fingers of her left hand found his pink, puffy anus! “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

Trevor couldn’t stand it! He was gonna cum!!!!!! He couldn’t hold it!!!!!! But the drug was still doing its work, not allowing him release yet! How long could this last?!? Doctor Taylor continued to tickle Trevor’s anus, perineum and buttocks as she tickled all over his stomach, chest and nipples!! Jenny sucked away as she continued to tickle his balls!! The two women were like one erotic sex machine totally engulfing the eighteen-year-old boy’s whole incredible body!

Doctor Taylor finally breathed, “Nurse, I want some!” Jenny lifted her mouth off of Trevor’s shaft and dropped down to her knees between his thighs where she looked up at the doctor, inviting her in. Doctor Taylor, seeing precum juices continuing to flow out and over the head, immediately leaned down from her side and took the boy’s cock deep in her mouth in one swift motion! He cried out in ecstasy! Doctor Samantha Taylor moved her tight, soft lips up and down his shaft as her tongue worked its wonders on the hard tube of flesh and blood vessels. As the doctor drank down the juices, Jenny moved her lips up to Trevor’s ball sack and took his lower, left egg into her mouth! She washed his left ball with her tongue sending him into Heaven. She let the ball pop out of her mouth and greedily slid to the right one, taking it in her warm, wet mouth! He cried out again and again. Doctor Taylor briefly allowed the cock to escape her hot mouth and quickly moved around to join Jenny between Trevor’s thighs. Jenny stayed low, working on his balls and the doctor once again plunged her wet lips over the tip of Trevor’s cock and began sucking and tonguing the gigantic living, pulsating creature.

Jenny searched lower with her soft, cushion lips, finding Trevor’s perineum with her tongue! This drove Trevor mad! As Doctor Taylor sucked the head, the young nurse searched lower with the tip of her tongue until it came in electrifying contact with the boy’s anus! Trevor cried out as if for mercy! The combination of Doctor Taylor’s lips and Nurse Landry’s relentless tongue would send him into spasms any second! As the women gave Trevor the best of their oral attention, Doctor Taylor softy gripped the boy’s long, slippery shaft and slowly pumped her fist up and down. Jenny reached up with her feather-soft fingers and began to lightly tickle Trevor’s balls. The young athlete’s genitals were on fire! No centimeter of his head, shaft, balls, perineum and anus were granted relief from the excruciating stimulation! For fifteen never-ending minutes the nurse rimmed Trevor’s anus and tickled his balls while the doctor pumped his shaft with her right hand and sucked the huge head of his cock! As if that wasn’t enough, Doctor Taylor reached up with her left hand and softly tickled and pinched Trevor’s nipples!! The boy strained against his bonds but his arms, legs and body were unable to move away from the erotic stimulus. His very first ejaculation was building to the point of no return. The boy’s abdomen began to spasm and his powerful quads began to shiver!

“Oh, God, Doc! I’m cumming!!!!!!!!!!,” cried Trevor.

Suddenly, Doctor Taylor and Nurse Landry stopped, pulled away and stood up between Trevor’s legs. “Nurse! Another measurement! Stat!”

Trevor cried out, “Oh, PLEASE!! Don’t stop!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!!!!!!!! Please let me cum, Doc!!!” The boy was hanging at the edge of an erotic cliff, his entire body convulsing. Precum juices had suddenly stopped flowing from the head of his penis and the purple head throbbed! Doctor Taylor saw a drop of white semen suddenly appear just below the opening of Trevor’s urethra, rising like hot mercury in a thermometer with each racing heartbeat then slowly receding! The hole gaped at an incredible two-thirds of an inch opening!!

Nurse Landry grabbed the tape and stretched it against the top length of the penis, “Fourteen inches!!!,” she exclaimed.

“Incredible. Delicious!” replied Doctor Taylor. “Trevor, hang on, Sweetie, we’re ready to take another measurement!”

“PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!” Trevor’s thick, fourteen-inch cock stood at a 60-degree angle from his abdomen, pulsating and throbbing, his huge scrotum on the extreme verge of shooting its first load!

“Jenny!! Lower the extractor! Place it in position!!!”

Jenny quickly reached up above the exam table and pulled down a strange-looking contraption connected to a long clear one-half-inch-in-diameter flexible tube. A fine electric wire ran the length of the tube. The other end of the flexible tube attached to a glass beaker hanging from a metal stand at eye level next to the head of the exam table. The beaker was marked in cubic centimeters and ounces up to a half-gallon and was fitted with a powerful vacuum pump. The device at the tip of the tube was a clear, light-weight cylinder one foot long and five inches in diameter. Visible inside the cylinder was a group of four small, rotating brushes that formed a ring four inches from the cylinder’s tip. The brushes were motorized, made of ultra soft rubber that formed a ring inside the cylinder. The opening at the base of the cylinder was a soft, tight pneumatic seal.

The nurse took the cylinder in both hands and slowly, carefully, lowered the pneumatic lips over the tip of Trevor’s penis. Trevor’s precum fluids immediately coated the lips. He cried out from the stimulation the soft seal gave the head of his cock as it traveled down and snapped over the ridge of the three-inch mushroom head. Nurse Landry continued to slowly lower the cylinder over the beautiful shaft until the rubber brushes slipped down over the crown, engulfed the mushroom head and nudged into place just below the ridge and encircled the entire 360 degrees of the sensitive areas at the base of the boy’s cockhead. The device was now in position for the next phase of Trevor’s excruciating testing. The boy let out continuous moans and groans. His cock was about to explode!

Jenny attached a length of the vacuum tubing to a clip hanging from the ceiling above Trevor’s cock so that the cylinder containing the huge phallus was maintained at a vertical angle from the body.

“Nurse, resume your oral and tactile stimulation of the genitalia and anus,” said Doctor Taylor as the incredibly beautiful, nude doctor moved to a position at Trevor’s left side. As Jenny knelt down between Trevor’s spread, exposed thighs, scrotum, buttocks and anus, Doctor Taylor leaned forward over Trevor’s tethered body allowing her full, soft, creamy breasts to brush across his stomach and chest. Trevor’s eyes were wide, almost as if he were terrified. The nurse resumed softly tickling the huge, bulging ball sack as her tongue softly rimmed his sphincter. The doctor, totally naked, climbed onto the soft leather massage table, nudging the length of her gorgeous body against the boy’s side. She softly, slowly kissed her way up the boy’s chest and touched her full, soft lips to his left ear, “OK, Baby,” Doctor Samantha Taylor whispered, “We’re gonna let you cum now. I know you got a lot. Let’s just see how much you got.” The doctor softly brushed her gorgeous lips against Trevor’s own swollen lips and began to softly kiss his mouth as Nurse Landry pressed a button with her foot. Suddenly, there was a vacuum inside the cylinder. Trevor could feel a tug at the tip of his penis! He cried out! Then! The soft rubber brushes began to rotate! The entire ultra-sensitive base of the gigantic mushroom cock head was engulfed in tingling swirling sensations!! Doctor Taylor whispered in Trevor’s ear, “Cum, Baby. Let your gorgeous cock shoot for me, Sweetheart.”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He could feel the doctor’s wonderful body against his, her soft lips kissing his mouth, her hot tongue slowly snaked in between his lips and teeth in a passionate french kiss!! The nurse continued worshiping his balls and anus!! The whirling brushes reached an unbearable level of erotic stimulation as his cock bulged and spasmed!!!!

Incredibly, the 18-year-old young boy held out for another ten minutes of this erotic torture. The substance the doctor had injected earlier was still working to delay the inevitable.

But not for long.

Suddenly, Nurse Landry’s hands could feel Trevor’s ball sack shrink up and tighten. The tip of her tongue could sense his sphincter entering uncontrollable spasms! Doctor Samantha Taylor opened her eyes and looked beyond her kisses to Trevor’s big brown eyes. They were wide open, gazing deeply into hers! A moan began deep inside the boy as their eyes locked. His chest heaved up against Doctor Taylor’s big, soft breasts! The moan grew to a sobbing cry! Tears welled up in his eyes and flowed down the sides of his cheeks! His reaction to this stimulus took the doctor’s breath away. She began to moan with him as she softly buried her fingers in his hair and continued to lock onto him with her lips and her eyes. Trevor’s body suddenly froze! The dark purple cock head inside the vacuum cylinder jerked! The incredible shaft grew another half inch!!!!! The hole grew to almost three-quarters of an inch!!!


The first, huge, thick, white load of cum exploded from that hole!!!!


Load after pulsating load of foamy, white cream continued to shoot into the vacuum cylinder beyond the soft, tight rotating brushes as the women kissed, licked and fondled the boy out of his mind! The ejaculations continued for the first minute with no indication of slowing down or the end in sight! Trevor continued to cry crocodile tears of erotic torture as his first orgasm swept through him. Two eternal minutes later Trevor entered his fourth minute of unending pleasure! Doctor Taylor saw his eyes roll back into his head in his madness. The beaker was becoming filled with white cream as the continuous stream of cum shot through the tubing. Trevor’s load of cum had reached just below the one quart mark!! And it kept coming! A minute later, while deep kissing the boy, the doctor felt Trevor go limp and close his eyes! Trevor had fallen unconscious! But he continued to shoot huge gobs of cum into the cylinder in the middle of what certainly must be best wet dream imaginable!

Doctor Taylor straightened up. “Jenny. He passed out.”

Jenny stood up and the two women watched Trevor in wonder as his huge cock continued to unload into the cylinder. The convulsions in the boy’s shaft didn’t stop until the white cream reached 1.5 quarts in the beaker!! Finally, Trevor’s capacity was spent. He lay unconscious on the exam table with his wrists restrained above his head, his legs spread apart and his gigantic cock still snuggly encased in the cylinder.

Doctor Taylor shut off the vacuum. The boy lay in a deep sleep as the doctor and nurse just stared at each other, totally engulfed in their feelings of eroticism. Nurse Landry carefully removed the cylinder from Trevor’s cock and placed it to the side. Because of the vacuum inside the cylinder, the shaft and head were surprisingly dry. The wonderful cock was still long and hard as it lay against the boy’s stomach. Nurse Landry softly dabbed any residue from the phallus with a towel and draped a soft blanket over Trevor’s body. The two women then went to work releasing the boy’s arms and gently placed them at his sides. Doctor Taylor reached down and raised the base of the exam table up under Trevor’s legs and feet, then they released his feet and quietly placed his legs straight on the lengthened table that was now a soft bed.

Doctor and Nurse picked up their clothes and quietly left the examination room.

The boy fell deeper into a sleep that would last for 10 hours.

Trevor, in his dream, could feel his stiff cock. It felt so full. He needed to cum again. A soft voice whispered in his ear, “Trevor, time to wake up.” The voice was so sexy. Made him want to shoot another thick load! “Trevor, time to come and play,” the sultry voice murmured in his ear. He opened his eyes. There, leaning over him, was Nurse Landry. She wore only a thin silk robe, open to the lower cleavage between her full, soft, creamy, swinging breasts.

“Hi, Jenny,” croaked Trevor. She was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, aside from the incredibly gorgeous doctor.

Jenny giggled as she observed Trevor’s huge erection poking up beneath the soft blanket. He definitely had that young boy’s morning hard-on! She and the doctor would have to do something about that! “Come on. Let’s go wake up Doctor Taylor!” giggled Jenny as she reached her hands out to coach Trevor off the leather exam table.

Once again, embarrassed, Trevor sat up, slid off the table and wrapped the light blanket around him to cover the huge erection throbbing tightly over his stomach. Jenny turned to the door and lead the way out and down the hall with Trevor obediently following. His erection got harder as he watched the nurse’s perfect buttocks and legs move under the almost sheer silk while she moved toward another room in the office building. The doctor’s office was actually a converted single-story house. One of the original four bedrooms had been kept as a fully furnished bedroom in case someone needed to grab a couple hours of sleep in an emergency. The large king size bed was cozy and comfortable. Jenny led the boy through the bedroom doorway to the foot of the bed where Trevor found Doctor Taylor sound asleep, nude, the sheets and blanket spread on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Doctor Samantha Taylor, enjoying a dream of her own, lay on her back, long, exquisitely formed legs lazily spread apart with one knee bent, her arms were softly spread out and up at the sides with her hands even with her shoulders. Her full, creamy breasts softly jiggled above her ribs and narrow waist as she breathed in and out. Her soft, round stomach moved with each breath. The lips of her vulva were moist with erotic juices. Her eyelids fluttered in dreams and her full, soft lips parted over perfect, white teeth as she dreamed, quite possibly, of what had occurred in the exam room the night before.

Jenny leaned into Trevor and whispered in his ear, “Let’s wake her up. I have a way we can do it that she’ll never forget.”

Trevor just stood there agape. He didn’t know what to do next. Jenny stepped around Trevor and stood facing his gorgeous athletic body draped in the thin material.

“Trevor, you can’t wear this. It’s time to play, Baby.” Nurse Landry slowly pulled the light blanket from Trevor’s body leaving him completely nude. His stiff cock stood at 45-degree attention! Jenny looked at it and giggled. Then, slowly, she opened her thin robe and stepped up against Trevor as she enveloped him in her robe against her body. Her huge breasts softly mashed into his ribs and her tender stomach brushed against his raging erection. The young woman fused her body against the boy’s for a long moment and she reached around with her soft hands and gently cupped Trevor’s smooth buttocks, squeezing them. Trevor’s erection continued to grow ever harder.

Jenny reluctantly stepped back, took Trevor’s hands in hers and led him to the foot of the bed where Samantha slept. “Trevor, I want you to lick her sweet pussy until she comes.”

In a trance, Trevor slowly dropped to his knees on the bed between Samantha’s prize-winning legs as Jenny climbed onto the bed and propped up on her right elbow next to the sleeping doctor. Trevor watched Jenny slowly lower her full, soft lips to Samantha’s left nipple. She carefully engulfed the long, hard nipple and began to suck it. The sleeping Samantha began to moan in her dream. She unconsciously thrust her pelvis up from the bed, as if inviting the cunnilingus the boy would soon perform on her.

Taking the cue, Trevor leaned down and forward between those gorgeous thighs until his mouth was just centimeters away from the doctor’s sweet pussy lips. A drop of clear erotic fluid was forming at the top of the lips. Her clitoris began to grow and emerge from the swollen vulva. The doctor was definitely aroused! Trevor silently closed the distance and softly took the sleeping woman’s clitoris between his lips. Still sleeping, Samantha gasped and began to moan. Trevor probed his hot tongue between his lips and gently licked the underside of Samantha’s love button. She cried out! But, incredibly, she remained asleep! As Trevor softly tongued and sucked his first clit as if he’d done it for ages, Jenny continued to suck Samantha’s left nipple and reached with her soft fingers to tickle and pinch the right nipple.

Samantha steadily built toward what would be a crashing orgasm! Her moans grew louder and she reached the point where her wet dream would culminate. Her eyelids fluttered and spasms engulved her body in this incredible nocturnal loving session. A woman’s soft lips and tongue were nursing at her breast and a 18-year-old stud was sucking her clit!!

“Mmmmmmmm…Uhhnnnng….Oooooooooo….AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH!!” The doctor’s first orgasm grew past the point of no return! Her body shook in spasm after convulsive spasm as she came in her sleep! Juices poured from her pussy into Trevor’s eager virgin mouth. Jenny continued to torture the doctor’s full breasts. Samantha’s pussy unconsciously jammed against the boy’s lips as if to urge him to stick his tongue deep inside her. Trevor caught the thought and snaked his long, strong tongue down her slit and into her vagina! The gorgeous doctor could remain asleep no longer. Samantha opened her eyes in the middle of an orgasm and screamed! Trevor, taking the cue, lapped at the flowing cunt, tasting the woman’s sweet juices. The doctor came and came again, totally engulfed in erotic pleasure. Ten full, rich, powerful orgasms later, Samantha screamed for mercy. Jenny and Trevor disengaged and gazed at the spent body below them on the bed.

Through heavy-lidded eyes, Doctor Samantha Taylor said to Trevor, “I want you to fuck Jenny. I want to watch you fuck her.”

Jenny, on her knees above the doctor, gazed down at Samantha and let out a little whimper. She then turned her lusty gaze on to the boy standing at the foot of the bed between the doctor’s feet. Her smoky eyes were drawn to the huge, thick, 13-inch cock bobbing up and down at its 50-degree angle with every beat of Trevor’s strong young heart.

Doctor Taylor raised up and slid off the side of the bed, silently directing Jenny to lie down in her place. Jenny responded by slipping her sheer robe off, letting it fall to the floor by the bed. Her huge, creamy globes were heaving up and down in anticipation of what was about to happen to her. She hadn’t had an orgasm for months and had just broken up with her boyfriend who hadn’t paid attention to her for those long months. Jenny positioned herself nude on her back, staring at the boy’s huge erection. She moaned as she saw a drop of clear liquid appear at the tip of Trevor’s cock and drip to the floor in a long, clear, thick stream two feet long. The string of precum finally released and dropped into a slick puddle on the floor.

Neither woman would easily forget the incredible experience they were enjoying this weekend with this virgin boygod.

Jenny’s vulva was slick and wet with her flowing juices in anticipation of what was about to be done to her. Samantha, not to be left out, lowered herself onto the bed near Jenny and leaned over her breasts. She began to softly, urgently suck her nipples, back and forth, eliciting stronger moans from the nurse’s lips.

Trevor slowly lowered himself over Jenny and aligned his pelvis with hers. The giant cock slowly rubbed its full length up and down against Jenny’s protruding, engorged clitoris. Trevor’s giant balls brushed up between the girl’s buttocks and against her slit. Jenny’s moan grew to a cry of ecstasy! Trevor kept the sawing motion of his huge, long shaft up and down against Jenny’s clit until she was on the verge of climax! Trevor then slowly dropped the tip of his penis to the tight, slippery opening of Jenny’s vagina, paused there for a few moments, then coaxed the large head in between the lips of her vulva. Trevor suddenly slipped the purple head of his cock into Jenny until the girl’s tight vagina snapped around the base of his cock head. It was Trevor’s turn to moan and cry. Slowly, he urged his cock deeper inside the nurse. Jenny started to babble hysterically, feeling the huge, bulging 13-inch cock begin its ultimate journey deep inside her body.

“Kiss her,” commanded Doctor Taylor as she slipped away from Jenny’s breasts and moved to the lower side of the big bed.

Trevor lowered himself down onto Jenny’s soft body and merged his lips with hers. Their hot tongues probed each other’s mouths gently and Trevor’s cock continued to slowly plunge ever deeper. The tip of Trevor’s penis reached the limit of Jenny’s capacity as it nudged against her cervix! Jenny screamed in ecstasy, then moaned like a wild animal when she felt Trevor against the very center of her being. Trevor began to slowly move in and out of Jenny, allowing the entire length of his shaft to emerge and steadily plunge back inside her, over and over again, steadily building the ancient rhythm of love between the boy and young woman.

Samantha Taylor watched the two in their love dance for a moment, then quietly moved onto her knees next to Trevor’s smoothly heaving, pulsating buttocks. Doctor Taylor reached out with her soft hands and gently brushed her fingertips across Trevor’s ribs, causing chills to suddenly spread across the boy’s torso. “AHHHH!” gasped the boy as he continued pumping in and out of the nurse. Samantha explored Trevor’s stomach and chest with her left hand, softly tickling every inch of his torso while her right hand searched across the heaving buttocks and tickled the flesh of his smooth, soft globes. Trevor cried out in ecstasy as the doctor tickled his nipples and stomach. The ultra soft fingers of her right hand suddenly explored down between Trevor’s soft globes and grazed his anus! “OHHHHHH!! GOD!!!!!” The fingertips continued their lascivious journey down across the boy’s perineum and softly tickled his surging balls!!! “AHHHHHHHH!!!”

Trevor would lose it any moment and shoot his second load deep into Jenny! The nurse tossed her head from side-to-side as the giant cock continued to pump inside of her. The ridge of the over-sized head was perfectly stimulating her ‘G’ spot, bringing her closer and closer to a raging full-body orgasm!!! Samantha relentlessly tickled the boy’s balls, anus, stomach and nipples driving him ever closer to his second orgasmic explosion! Trevor thrust even deeper into Jenny. His giant cock head worked at the tight opening to Jenny’s cervix! Jenny screamed with erotic pleasure as her climax continued to build. The erotic sensation in the nurse’s ‘G’ spot blossomed until it grew into an explosion inside her body she had never experienced before. Her long abstinence was over. She came all over the boy’s shaft! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddd, Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!! Ahhhhhh!!!” she screamed in the throes of her huge orgasm! Her entire body vibrated to the convulsions that claimed it. Pitiful sobs escaped Jenny’s lips as she lay prisoner of ultimate orgasm after orgasm.

Suddenly, Trevor couldn’t hold it any longer. A severe itch began to build in his shaft just under the head of his penis. The sensation grew and spread through his entire phallus and into his stomach and thighs and back to his anus. Trevor froze at the end of his deepest stroke! Jenny’s tight vagina gripped the huge cock! She could feel a vibrating bubbly sensation travelling down the shaft into her! Then! Trevor pulled his pelvis back six inches and slammed his cock deep inside Jenny! The huge head crashed through the opening of Jenny’s cervix and became trapped inside her womb!! Trevor came! Samantha squeezed the boy’s balls, gently massaging them as he shot his megaload. During the next five minutes, wave after wave of thick, white, hot, frothy cumjuice shot from his cock and hosed down the inside of Jenny trembling, convulsive body with a quart of semen! Jenny kept cumming in climax after climax! Nurse Landry cried out in sobs of ecstasy as her orgasms washed over her body. She could feel hot spurts of Trevor’s semen being forcefully injected deep inside her over and over again. Trevor screamed with each pulsating spasm of his never-ending orgasm as Doctor Taylor continued to erotically touch and massage his balls and tickle his anus! Trevor’s ejaculations filled the nurse full and began to pour out from around his solid, surging shaft. The white cream puddled under Jenny’s trembling thighs. Finally, the two bodies fell silent, exhausted against each other on the huge bed.

The nurse and her male patient showered each other with soft kisses in the afterglow of their mutual orgasm. Soon, the two fell into a sleep nuzzled against each other. Doctor Taylor covered the young couple with a soft blanket and left the room to contemplate what pleasure she, herself, would gain during this long, private weekend at the doctor’s office.


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