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Billy’s First Time

Mom and Dad complete Billy's education.
Billy’s First Time

All Characters are over 18 years.

Somehow I had agreed to help finish our son’s sex education by letting him watch my husband and I have sex, and now it was happening. I had expected to feel shy and awkward, especially being naked in front of Billy for the first time since he was an infant. What I hadn’t expected was to feel… aroused.

As my husband, Bob, spread my lips, doggie style, with the head of his dick, I was so wet I could feel the juices dripping onto my thighs. It sounded like a few large rain drops falling onto the bed.

“See, Billy?” he said, “That’s what you want. For her to be nice and wet. That way it’s good for both of you.”

He gave me several long slow strokes, while groaning, “Oh, Honey, he’s never going to believe how good this feels.”

I could hardly believe it myself.

“What about it. Can Billy give it a try?”

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea for a son to be fucking his mother,” I panted.

After a few more hard thrusts, Bob said, “What do you think, Billy? Do you think it’s a good idea?”

I look back at Billy, His eyes were glassy, and his mouth hung open. “Yeah. I sure do. That sounds like a really good idea,” he said.

“There, you see, Hon? What do you say? Just let him feel how hot your pussy is. Just the tip.”

Ever since I was a teenager when Bob first knocked me up with Billy, I couldn’t say “no” to him, and it was hard to say “no” now. “If he puts a condom on, then OK,” I said.

“He’s not going to be able to feel anything with a condom on. What do you think, Billy? Do you want to put a condom on?”

“No,” Billy said, surprising no one.

“Well, never do anything unless the girl wants it — if you ever want to fuck her again. ‘No’ means ‘no,'”

“OK,” said Billy, as he continued to watch his father fucking me.

“You know he’s still a virgin, Honey. It’s not like he has any diseases or anything. How about it for his first time? Just the tip. What harm could it do.”

I have to admit, it was sounding better and better to me, too. Still, someone has to be the adult.

“I don’t want… to get… pregnant,” I managed to say.

“Aw, just the tip… isn’t going to get you… pregnant,” Bob said.

“But what if he… loses control?” I said.

“What about that, Billy?” Bob said. “Do you think you can keep from cumming in your mom?”

“I can try,” said Billy.

“There, you see? So is it OK, then?”

“Alright,” I relented. “But just the tip, and no cumming.”

“You heard her, Billy. She said, “yes.” Just the tip. Don’t cum.”

Then Bob pulled out of me, making me feel empty as Billy crawled over behind me. He put his hands on my hips, and I felt his penis touch my labia. I reached between my legs, and guided him to my dripping hole.

Billy eased forward, and I felt his mushroom head start to enter me. I have to admit, it felt really good.

“Remember, just the tip,” said Bob. “You can go just a little deeper. Don’t cum.”

I felt Billy ease a little deeper into me. I gasped out loud.

“Feels hot, doesn’t it,” said Bob. “Move back a forth just little. Get the head nice and wet with her juices.”

Billy began to explore my vagina with his dick, while I tried to keep myself from backing all the way onto him.

“Your mom just finished her period a few days ago,” Bob said. “It should be safe now for her to have sex, but nature doesn’t always play by the rules, so it’s risky.”

Billy’s panting was becoming louder and more ragged. So was mine.

“I think I’m going to cum!” Billy said.

Immediately, Bob grabbed hum by the hips and pulled him away from me. “Don’t touch it,” he said to Billy. “Just wait a few seconds.”

I looked back and could see Billy’s quivering dick, glistening with my moisture, but he didn’t cum. Soon his breathing started to sound more normal.

“Oh, wow,” said Billy. “I’ve never been so close without cumming before.”

“That’s a good trick to know that I bet they never mentioned in sex-ed,” laughed Bob. “Now, you can probably go a long time without finishing.”

I started to finger myself. I wanted to cum soon.

“Can he try again, Honey,” Bob asked me. “Maybe go a little deeper? He should be able to control himself better now.”

“Yes,” I said. “Just a little deeper.”

“You heard her, Billy.”

Then Billy moved forward and once again slipped the head of his cock between my lips.

“Go ahead. A little deeper,” said Bob. “Get nice and slick.”

With that, Billy started to stroke a couple of inches back and forth inside me. His dick felt as good as his father’s — even better in some ways. I was starting to lose my sense of judgment.

“How’s that feel,” asked Bob. “Do you like having your dick in a real pussy?”

“Oh, yeah,” Billy said. “It feels so good.”

“Honey, can he give you a few full strokes? Just for a feel. For his first time.”

I hesitated a few moments, then finally responded by moving back on my son until I could feel his pubic hair start to tickle my vulva.

“That’s even better than a ‘yes,'” laughed Bob. “You know she wants it now. Give her a couple good strokes.”

With that, Billy pulled almost all the way out of me, then plunged back into me hard several times. His groin bounced off my pussy and shook my whole body. The tip of his cock bumped my cervix. I was quickly getting close.

“Oh my god, mom!” Billy exclaimed.

For some reason, It made me really happy that he liked fucking me.

“Honey, he’s going to have some terrible blue balls if he doesn’t cum soon. Do you want him to pull out?”

By now, my resistance was gone. “No,” I panted.”Don’t stop. Don’t… Don’t stop… Cum in me… Cum in me…,” as he fucked me hard.

Then, just as my orgasm began to overtake me, I felt Billy bottom out in me and stop thrusting. His cock twitched in me, and I felt a hot eruption of his semen deep inside me.

“Oh, mom,” gasped Billy. “I love you so much!”

After a minute or so, he pulled out of me, and I heard a large dollop of cum fall onto the bed. I looked at my husband. He had been masturbating watching his son fuck his wife. He had a look on his face I rarely, if ever, saw. He looked… proud!

I was pretty sure I probably didn’t get pregnant that first time. But my most fertile period was coming up soon, and I was pretty sure Billy would be fucking me again for at least the next few days.


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