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Part 8

Chapter 8 – The Meeting

Tim is called to Overton to discuss the prosecution
Chapter 8 – The Meeting

Morning came within seconds of going to bed. We had coffee and toast, then I got ready to go to Overton. When I got to Overton, it was nine-fifteen. I had time to kill, so I went to the local diner for a cup of coffee. As I sat there watching the steam rise from my cup, I started thinking about my life. I came to Medford to get out from under all the crap of the city. Where am I?
I have helped a couple of people, but I haven’t done what I came here to do. A small computer repair shop. But I’m engulfed with these older women for the sake of sex and nothing more. I have always preferred older women, and these ladies fit the bill perfectly.
I don’t give a damn about their money, but they sure as hell do. Weird. It’s kind of like I’m fucked either way. Shit, time to get to City Hall.
It was ten minutes of the hour when I walked into the office. O’Connell’s secretary announced my presence and closed the door behind me. Ms. O’Connell motioned to a chair by the Sheriff, and I sat down. She called the meeting to order, and there was a court stenographer to capture the event. We were just getting started when the secretary interrupted the meeting.
“Madam Chair, I apologize for this interruption, but Officer Carl Himmel is in my office demanding to be heard. He is not scheduled for this meeting.”
The Sheriff interrupted, “Madam Chair, Officer Himmel is the cousin to the person we have in custody and charged. He had not informed me of this or his intentions. Carl is a good man; I would appreciate the time to have him heard.”
“Very well, Sheriff. Miss Duggins, please show Officer Himmel in.”
When Himmel entered the room, he came to full “Attention”. Then he waited.
Ms. O’Connell spoke, “Officer Himmel, I would like an explanation for your appearance at this meeting. It is private. What have you to say?”
“Madam Chair, Sheriff, Mr. Andersen our D.A., please pardon my interruption of this meeting. I respectfully wish to resign from the police force of Overton. I am here to surrender my gun and badge to you Sheriff Nelson, or you Madam Chair. I am no longer fit for duty with this honorable office. I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to the Chair and my Sheriff for their kindness and guidance during my tenure.”
Sheriff Nelson got out of his chair. He looked at Himmel, then at the rest of us.
“Madam Chair, may I speak freely?”
“You may.”
“Himmel, what the hell are you talking about? Did the squirrels miss you last fall? What is with you?”
“My family has brought dishonor to this office, sir.”
The Sheriff continued, “Himmel, you are a damn fine officer. Your record is spotless. We have a person charged in this case who has not been proven guilty. Officer, you know he is innocent until proven guilty. If this is your wish, I order you on temporary leave, with pay, until this matter is satisfied in a court of law. Then I will listen to your request. Understood? I will not accept your gun and badge at this time. If necessary, you will be called to duty.”
“Yes, sir. Thank you,”
With a snap salute, a sharp turn, and Officer Himmel left the room.
“Madam Chair, I apologize – “
“Sheriff, no apology necessary. Himmel is a great example of how you deal with your officers. You are to be commended. When this business is over, I will have a conversation with Officer Himmel and praise him for his behavior.”
After that, the meeting went along as planned. The D.A. asked what changes I had made in the system. I told him what I had done, and then George had his opportunity to explain how it made identifying the perpetrator and having full proof of his identity clear-cut. The meeting was ending, and Ms. O’Connell advised me that when my testimony was necessary, I would be given proper notice.
The meeting had finished. Sheriff Nelson expressed his gratitude to Ms. O’Connell for her understanding of Himmel. He thanked the D.A. and there was only Madam Chair and I left in the room.
Everyone was leaving the office, but Ms. O’Connell made a gesture for me to stay behind. I can only guess what type of community service I would be required to serve. Ms. O’Connell asked me to have a chair. I sat down, not knowing where she was going to go with this. I remember sneaking out of the bar through the side door during my last visit.
She started to speak, “I am guessing Nelson and the D.A. have talked to you about the trial the day after tomorrow.”
“No, Ma’am we are having a meeting this afternoon at four at the D.A.’s office. Sheriff Nelson wanted to hear from you first if there were specific details that needed to be brought to your attention.”
“For me, everything has been covered,” Ms. O’Connell said. “I have made provisions for your stay. All your expenses will be covered by the city. Normally, I would have to say reasonable expenses, but you are a man of your word, Mr. Ouster.
I would like to meet you at Shirley’s after your meeting. Say, roughly six-thirty this evening. You know where my table is. You can have the Sheriff drop you at Shirley’s. It’s on his way home. I’ll see you then.”
I have always been fascinated by Amanda’s ability to tell you what you are going to do and make it sound like I’m doing this all for you sweetheart. Geez, she’s good. By the way, I haven’t told anyone that I hate courtrooms ever since getting rid of the nut I was married to.
The meeting with Nelson and the D.A. ended. I spent two hours listening to just tell the Truth and the Facts. Try shucking that down from the terms legal beagles use. Just remove “bull” from bullshit and you’re good to go.



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