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Homecumming Week

I fuck with my new boy toy during Homecoming week.
Homecumming Week

I last left you with telling you how I had found a way to control my jealousy. While at the same time, get some attention, especially when I went along with John when he was making personal appearances somewhere. If you need to know, more read my last story “Becoming the Slut.”

I also told you about Adam the nerdy boy I had befriended at college. I had more or less seduced him at our apartment after school. I enjoyed it even more when I found out that Adam was a virgin. I told him I would show him the wonders of sex as long as we kept it our little secret.

It was Homecoming week at our college when I started Adam’s lessons. I had only given him one little lesson on how to hold and kiss a woman. Adam was a fast learner; I had enjoyed myself with him that first time and was looking forward to more fun with him. This was to happen the following day.

John walked me to my homeroom class at the college just as he did every morning. I gave him a deep passionate kiss at the door and I told him I would see him at lunch. I walked into the class and I sat down beside Kim who was already there.

“Well I see that John was not mad at you,” Kim said referring to the fact I had slapped him across his face yesterday.

“We got it all worked out last night and you were right Kim that stuff at the pep rally yesterday was just harmless fun,” I replied as I sat down at my desk.

I told Kim how John explained to me that he had not known about the cheerleaders giving him a lap dance in front of the whole college as they had. I also told her that when I had seen John with Kris pinned against the wall it was not what I had thought it was. John was yelling at Kris when he had her pinned against the wall in the hallway for doing what she did during the pep rally.

“Thanks Kim for pulling me away from John yesterday before I got myself in trouble with him,” I said as I leaned over giving her a hug.

“I told you so girl,” Kim replied giving me a smile.

As I sat back up in my seat, I saw Adam coming into the classroom. He was smiling from ear to ear. He walked over and was standing in front of me with his hands behind his back. I looked up at him giving him a smile.

Adam pulled his hand from behind his back as he handed me a single red rose and he said, “This is for you,” before he walked to his seat.

I took the rose not really knowing what to say other than thank you, which I did. Kim leaned over to me as she asked me if Adam had just given me that rose. I told her yeah he had. I also told her it was because I have been giving him a ride home after school. Kim gave me one of her little grins.

“No it is not like that,” I said to her.

The study period started and I sat there smelling and playing with that rose. I thought it was sweet of him to bring me one in. I turned around to look at him thinking he would be staring at me. However, he was busy studying as he had his face buried in his books. I just took it as his way of saying thanks. At least I hoped that all it was.

The day seemed to drag; I sat in most of my classes watching the clock. I was looking forward to teaching Adam more after school was out. I ate lunch with John off campus that day, as he wanted to get away for a while. I asked him if everything was all right; he told me that he was just tired of all the fuss over him. He also told me he missed spending time with me.

“Don’t worry John the season will be over before you know it,” I said to him as we ate our lunch.

“I fucking wish it was over now,” John replied with some disgust in his tone of voice. “I feel like I am not giving you the attention you need and deserve sometimes,” John added as he stared at me.

“I understand you’re busy and you have a lot on your mind what with it being football season and all,” I replied.

Which was a lie, as I did not really understand anything at that time in my life? I knew I loved him with all my heart; however, I not only needed his attention. I wanted everyone’s attention and nine out of ten times, if you paid any attention to me I was going to fuck you. Now that I have had time to think about my life back then, I knew why I had become a slut.

I was filling the void and the fear I felt of being alone. I had grown up alone until I had become sexy and beautiful. I enjoyed the attention I had gotten from everyone when I had transformed. When that attention lost its focus on me, I became that goofy little girl again. I felt that as long as I had your attention I would never be alone. I was so self-centered back then; I did not see the error in my way of thinking.

After lunch, we returned to the college. I went to my next class as I was sitting at my desk I saw Adam standing outside talking to John. I sat there wondering what they were talking about to each other. Adam barely made it into our class as the bell rang. I know John did not make it to his on time.

When school was over for the day, I had figured on Adam standing there waiting for me as he always did. However, he was not I thought maybe John had scared him off. I walked over to my car to find Adam waiting for me there. My pussy started to drip as I left him into my car.

As I pulled out of the college parking lot, I asked Adam, “Are you ready for your next lesson?”

“Hell yeah,” Adam cried out giving me a smile.

While driving us back to the apartment I asked Adam, “What were you and John talking about today?”

Adam seemed to stumble for his reply, then he replied, “Nothing just guy stuff you know,” as he turned away from me.

We soon arrived at the apartment and I took Adam inside. I asked him if he would like to join me in a glass of wine. He told me he would as he sat down on the sofa. I walked out into the kitchen getting us some wine. I returned to the living room and has I handed him his glass of wine I saw that his cock was already making a tent in his pants.

We had some small talk and a few glasses of wine then as I sat my glass down I said, “Show me what you have learned so far,” as I smiled at him.

Adam placed his glass next to mine before he scooted over next to me. He placed one of his arms up around my shoulder and his other behind my back. Adam pulled me into himself as he tilted his head. He lightly kissed at my lips for a while before he locked his lips onto mine. He embraced me harder as our kiss turned into a deep passionate kiss.

Adam licked at my lips with his tongue before he slipped his tongue into my mouth. Once he had his tongue in my mouth, he danced it over mine as I did the same to his. His kisses were making me horny as we did. While our tongue danced in our mouths, I felt Adam’s hand sliding down my back. He did not bring it back up as he pulled me toward him as he fell back onto the sofa. He had pulled me on top of himself and now he had both of his hands feeling my ass up as we kissed.

I broke our kiss as I got up off him. I stood up and I asked him where he had learned that move. Adam told me it just came to him as he always sees other men feeling their girls butt up when they kiss. I just smiled at him as I told him I would be right back.

I went into the bedroom where I removed the clothes I had on. While removing my clothes my eyes went to the photo of John and me on the nightstand. I stared into the photo of us as I thought about what I was about to do. I closed my eyes for just a few seconds; wondering if I was doing right by what I was about to do.

I got off the bed and I slipped my robe over my nude body. I walked back out into the living room to find Adam lying on the sofa naked as well. I stopped at the edge of the hallway leading into the living room. I stood there watching him as he was pulling on his own cock.

“Hey save some for me,” I yelled as I entered the living room.

Adam jumped a little bit as he sat up and replied, “I was just getting it ready that’s all.”

I walked over to in front of him; I asked him, “Have you ever seen a naked woman in person?”

Adam replied, “Only my mom once years ago when I caught her coming out of the shower.”

I asked Adam if he had liked what he had seen. He told me yes and that he still jacks off to it yet. Adam also told me that his mom was not nearly as lovely as I was. I asked him if he was ready to see what I looked like. Adam stared at me as he shook his head yes.

I slowly peeled my robe down my shoulders. I exposed just the upper parts of my tits to Adam. I leaned down giving him a better view of my tits as I pushed them together. I moved closer to him until my breasts were right in his face. I pulled my robe down more exposing both of the girls to Adam. I shook them in his face actually beating them against his face.

Adam was all smiles as I stood back up with my robe still covering my pussy. He was looking right at my crotch as I stood there. I opened my robe letting it fall to the floor. I was standing naked in front of him. Adam stared right into my hairless pussy then he moved his eyes to my big tits hanging in front of him.

“Janet you have some big breasts,” “You don’t have any hair on your pussy,” Adam said with surprise in his voice. “My mom had plenty of hair covering hers,” He added.

“I keep my pussy shaved,” I replied as I cupped both of my tits in my hand.

I asked Adam if he would like to touch my breasts, he shook his head yes. I reach for his hands and I placed one on each of my tits. Adam squeezed at my breasts hard with both of his hands. I never understood why you men always have to give the tit’s a squeezing before you do anything else.

“Gently Adam, they are attached,” I said to him.

I removed his hands as I told him I would show him how to touch them. Adam sat there at the edge of the sofa watching me with his eyes wide open. I took a finger from each of my hands and I ran them around the aureola on each of my breasts. I made little circles around them slowly moving my fingers toward my nipples.

My nipples grew hard even before my fingers touched them. When my fingers touch my nipples, I pushed at them before I started to run circles around the end of my nipples with my fingers. I moaned softly as I told Adam that most women love their breasts played with in this manner. I told him to try it.

Adam did exactly what I had done to my breasts as I stood there. I slipped my hand down to my pussy where I began to rub on the mound of my pussy. I could feel my pussy opening and closing as Adam ran his fingers around my nipples.

“Take my nipples between your first finger and your thumb and pinch them gently,” I cooed out in front of him.

“Like this,” Adam replied as he gently started to pinch at my nipples.

I told Adam yes just like that. His touch felt soft and wonderful on my nipples as he gently pinched on them. I slipped a finger from my hand that was rubbing at my pussy in between my pussy lips. I felt the wetness building in my pussy as he pinched at my nipples.

Adam stopped his pinching and he went back to running his fingers around the outer portion of my breasts. He used his fingers to circle my nipples again before he started to pinch at them again. I moaned out more as Adam tugged at my nipples as well as pinching on them.

“Use your tongue on my nipples,” I cooed out to Adam.

Adam leaned forward off the sofa until his tongue was licking at my nipples. My nipples grew harder as his tongue flicked at them. Adam surprised me when he sucked my tit into his mouth. I remove my hand from my pussy as both of my hands went to the back of his head. I cradled his head as he suckled on my tits.

“Play with my pussy as you suck on my tits,” I said to him sweetly.

I felt Adam’s hand on my pussy. He started to see saw his hand on my pussy. If I had been wetter, it may have been OK. However, his hand was not feeling good at all with the way he was doing it. I told Adam to slide on down to the end of the sofa as I pulled his head from my tit.

Adam was sitting there just staring at me as I got up onto the sofa with my long legs pointing toward him. I sat up with my back against the arm of the sofa. I pulled one of my long legs up onto the back of the sofa while I draped the other off the sofa. I felt my pussy opening up as I parted my legs.

I told Adam this is my pussy, these are my pussy lips as I grabbed them as I pulled them apart making a butterfly out of my pussy. I left go on my pussy lips as I ran two of my fingers into my mouth getting it wet with my saliva. I told Adam to watch me as I played with my pussy lips.

I ran my two fingers down each side of my pussy lips making them wet with my saliva. I used my fingers to rub at my lips. I brought my fingers up to my clit. I told Adam this is my clit, I explained to him how sensitive it is to the touch. I wet my fingers again before I started to rub at my clit with them. My clit swelled at my touch. Adam bent over to get a closer look at what was going on.

“It looks almost like a small dick,” Adam said as he peered at my clit.

“Go ahead Adam touch my clit,” I replied.

Adam wet his finger by sticking it in his mouth. He laid his finger upon my clit. I told him to rub his finger in little round circles over my clit. Adam’s fingers started to tease my clit. I moaned softly as I felt my pussy start to drip. My wetness was flowing freely from my pussy.

“Your pussy is dripping wet, Janet,” Adam said as he toyed with my clit.

Not only was my pussy dripping wet; I was also horny for some cock. I had wanted to feel Adam’s cock in me since the first time I had saw it. I wanted all that pre-cum his cock made wetting the walls of my pussy. I wanted to feel his cock shooting all his stored up cum deep into my pussy. I was leaning back thinking all that when I felt something stabbing at my clit.

I opened my eyes to see that Adam was poking his tongue at my swollen clit. I told him to lick at it as he had done to my nipples. Adam was soon dragging his tongue across my clit. He moved it very slowly over my clit while he also applied pressure to it with his tongue. My clit was throbbing in a few minutes.

“AHhhh Adam, that feels wonderful your tongue on my clit,” I cooed out as my hands went to the back of his head.

I started to pull his face into my pussy as I bucked my hips toward his face. I told Adam to run his tongue down between my pussy lips. I moaned loudly as his tongue parted my lips. Adam started to lap wildly between my puss lips with his tongue. He was like a dog licking water from its bowl.

“Rub your finger on my clit as you lick my pussy,” I cried out to Adam.

Adam brought his finger up to my clit with out missing a lick on my pussy. He started to rub his finger across my fully enraged clit. I was now pumping my pussy into his face while pulling his head toward my pussy. I felt my thighs start to shake as he tongue lapped at my pussy.

“AHHhhhh Adam,” I moaned.

My orgasm came over me fast and hard. My pussy convulsed as a small but wet squirt. I left go of Adam’s head as my pussy left go of the squirt. Adam just dug his tongue deeper at my pussy as it splashed on his face. I closed my eyes enjoying the orgasm Adam was bringing me to.

Adam’s finger was still going to town on my clit as I used my own hand to push it from my clit. Adam moved his finger however, he stayed licking at my wet pussy. I opened my eyes as I came back down to earth from my orgasm. I pushed his face from between my legs as I said, “That felt really good Adam and you made me cum as well,” looking down at his wet face.

Adam’s face was shiny with my juices all over it. I pulled his face up to mine. I kissed him lightly on his lips as he returned my kisses. I ran my tongue over his lips and around his face tasting my own juices from it. I felt Adam’s hand going to the back of my head. He started to kiss me deeply as he pulled my face into his.

Adam parted my lips with his tongue as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. His tongue danced wildly against mine in my mouth. Adam rather pushed me down onto the sofa onto my back. He was still tonguing my tongue as we fell down. His body was on me and between my legs, I felt Adam reaching down at his cock. He grabbed it and he placed it at my wet pussy.

I tried to moan as I felt Adam slam his cock right up deep into my pussy. However, he had clamped his mouth tightly over mine so no sounds came from my mouth. Adam was driving his cock in and out of my pussy as fast and as hard as he could. I just lie there taking a hard pounding from his cock.

Adam finally released his mouth from mine as he moaned loudly, “AHHHHhhh JANET.”

Adam shoved his cock deep into my pussy as his body got stiff. I felt his cock swell and then throb wildly as it fired round after round of cum deeply into my pussy. I just lie there watching his face contorting as his cock just kept shooting cum up into my pussy. I lost count at five or six throbs of his cock as it filled my pussy up with cum from his cock.

Adam slowly pulled his softening cock from my pussy. I felt his cum start to flow freely from my pussy. I felt it running out onto my thighs and down into the crack of my ass. That boy sure could produce those little swimmers I thought as he got off me and sat back down on the sofa.

“Sorry Janet I just had to stick it in you,” Adam sheepishly said to me.

“That’s OK Adam we will work on how you use your cock the next time,” I replied.

I looked down between my legs there was tons of white stuff running out from my pussy. Damn this boy was a baby factory, I thought as I swung my legs off the sofa. I stood up and my pussy left off a rather loud pussy fart as his cum ran down both my thighs and my legs.

“Janet, did you just fart?” Adam asked giving me a funny look.

“NO, you filled my pussy full of air and cum which made it fart,” I replied. “It’s a pussy fart,” I added as I smiled at him.

“Cool,” Adam replied with a little laugh as I watched his hand going to his wet slimy cock.

Adam rubbed on his cock as I stood there with his cum running down my legs. He stared at his cum pouring from my pussy as he started to pull on his cock again. I was half-tempted to drop to my knees and take that semi hard slimy cock into my mouth to clean him up however it was getting late. I had better be getting him home before John got home.

“Save it for next time,” I said to him as I walked from the living room.

I walked to the bathroom with his cum still flowing from my pussy. I sat down onto the toilet to pee. I heard big globs of cum splashing into the toilet water as my pee tinkled into the water as well. From the bathroom, I went into our bedroom where I slipped a pull over shirt and a pair of sweat pants on.

I returned to the living room finding Adam dressed and waiting on me. We left the apartment and I drove him home. On the way Adam told me he had enjoyed him self very much. I told him that I had enjoyed it as well. I did tell him that the fucking he gave me could have been better; however, we would work on that the next time.

I pulled up outside of Adam’s house. Adam ran his arm around my neck and he pulled me toward him. Adam pressed his lips against mine and he kissed me deeply with feeling. Adam broke our kiss and he opened his door to get out.

Adam leaned down as he was getting from the car and he said, “I really enjoyed myself today and I am looking forward to the next time,” smiling from ear to ear.

Adam closed the car door and I watched him walk happily and proudly into his house before I drove off. I had to hurry home because I knew John would soon be home. I wanted to make sure I did not leave any tall tales of my fun with Adam around the apartment. As I drove, I thought about how happy and joyful Adam seemed as he was walking into his home.

I got home and I walked around the apartment making sure every thing was the way it should be. I especially checked that none of his cum was on the floor or on the sofa. I fell back onto the sofa still in my jogging pants and my shirt. My eyes soon closed as I drifted off to sleep.

The thought of John kissing and licking at my toes filled my mind as I lie there on the sofa. I could almost feel it as he dragged his tongue between my toes, he would stop and kiss at each of them before he gently sucked them into his mouth. I swear I could feel him running his cock over my feet and using them to jack on his cock. I believed I even moaned lightly as he worked his cock between my feet as it always tickles me when he does.

I lie there asleep feeling his tongue slowly running up my legs. I felt my pussy twitching and getting wet in my sleep. I felt his tongue running up behind my knee as his hands traced lightly on my thighs. My eyes flickered as I slowly awoke from my sleep and the dream I was having.

However, it was no dream as John was kneeling beside the sofa running his tongue up my leg. His hands were on my inner thighs his fingers running up toward my pussy. His fingers touched at my outer lips. I moaned softly as I felt his fingers slipping between my lips.

“Damn girl your pussy is soaking wet with your juices,” John said as I felt his tongue running on my thighs.

I suddenly realized it might not have been my juices. It may have been some of Adam’s cum still leaking from my pussy. My hands went to John’s head and I pushed at it as I swung my leg around his head and down onto the floor. I jumped up off the sofa leaving him half on the sofa and half off.

“I got to pee John,” I yelled as I ran for the bathroom.

I closed the door as I entered the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet hoping he had not noticed the left over cum in my pussy. I got worried as I sat there when I took my hand and I rubbed at my pussy. I brought my hand up to my nose; I could smell the fresh fucked smell on my hand.

I got up flushed the toilet and I took a washcloth with some soap and water. I scrubbed at my pussy getting rid of the odor of sex that was on it. I hoped that he had not noticed it. I sat back down on the toilet feeling bad for what I had done with Adam. I felt as if I should pay for what I had done as I slowly left the bathroom. I returned to the living room where I slipped up next to John on the sofa.

“Now where were we?” I asked as my arms wrapped around his neck.

John removed my arms from his neck as he replied, “NO where as I am out of the mood now,” as he got off the sofa heading for the bedroom.

I sat there wondering if he knew something was going on. I wondered if he had smelled sex on my pussy. I wondered if he knew that Adam had just filled my pussy completely full of his man seed. I did not have to wonder for long as John soon walked from the bedroom naked but for a towel draped over his neck.

“Care to shower with me,” John asked looking my way with a smile on his face.

I peeled my top off as I raced toward him. We walked with his arm around me to the bathroom. John turned the shower on and we both entered. The water was cascading off my back as John took me into his arms. His lips pressed against mine as we stood there kissing deeply and passionately.

I could feel his hard throbbing cock pressing against my hairless pussy. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I bucked my pussy toward his cock. John’s hand went to my ass where he scooped me up. I wrapped my long legs around his back as he hoisted me above his cock. I remove one of my hands from his neck.

I grabbed at his cock as I settled my pussy right down on it. When I felt his cock entering me I threw my hand back around his neck. John started to rock me up and down slowly on his cock. It felt wonderful feeling his cock slowly sliding up into my pussy. John worked more of his cock deeper into my pussy which time he lowered me back onto his cock.

“AHhhhh YES,” I moaned out loudly when I felt all of his cock buried in my pussy.

I started to rock my body against him as I hung on to him around his neck. John was pumping his hips driving his cock in and out of my pussy. His hands were pulling at my butt cheeks as he pumped my body up and down on his cock. I could feel his hard cock hitting the deep back wall of my pussy.

“Ahhhhh fuck your cock is so deep,” I cooed into his ear as I hung on.

John just pumped me harder up and down on his cock. He was lifting me high off his cock and slamming my pussy back down onto his cock. His cock was rubbing against my cervix each time he pulled me back down onto his cock. A strong powerful orgasm hit me as he was pumping me up and down onto his cock.

“FUCK Fuck,” I screamed out before I started to kiss him passionately as I hung onto his neck.

My pussy sucked at his cock as it exploded with my orgasm. John’s cock slipped out as my juices splashed from my pussy. John just held me off his cock letting my pussy juices splash over his cock. My orgasm was still going strong as I slipped my legs from around him.

I was standing on my tiptoes as my feet touched the floor. I kissed madly at his lips for a few seconds. My hands fell from around his neck as my feet were now squarely on the floor. I turned my back to him, I leaned forward and I placed my hands against the walls of the shower.

I was going to give him my asshole. I thought if he had noticed anything, he would forget about it if I left him take my ass. I did not give him my ass all the time as he always fucks me to hard and it hurts. I thought it was fitting punishment for being the slut; I had been that day. I started to grind my ass against his cock.

I gave him that evil grin of mine as I looked back to him as I said, “Fuck me in my ass.”

John grabbed at his cock and he placed it against my asshole. John pushed his cock forward sticking just the head into my butt hole. I moaned softly as his cock entered my ass. He stood there not moving letting my ass get used to his hard cock that was up in it. I started to pump my ass on his cock before he even moved it.

“Fuck my ass John,” “Fuck my ass like the slut I am,” I cried out as I moved back against his cock.

John hands went to my hips as he started to take his cock in and out of my ass. He was fucking my ass slowly and gently. I was shoving my butt back against trying to get him to fuck me harder however; he just kept fucking my ass slowly.

“Fuck my ass hard JOHN,” “Fuck me like the bad girl I am,” I cried out.

John still was fucking my ass slowly as I screamed out, “DAMN IT FUCK MY ASS HARD.”

John must have finally got the message. He started to pound his cock hard into my ass from behind. His deep hard strokes were lifting my feet from the floor. I lowered my head down and took the hard fucking he was giving me. John was burying his cock fully into my ass as the water cascaded off my back. The water was splashing from between my butt and his cock as he slammed it up my ass.

I whimpered softly under my breath, “Yes fuck the bad girl, and fuck the little slut.”

I was making him punish me for what I had done with Adam. It felt like his cock grew in my tight ass as he plowed it in and out. I tried to grip into the wall with my hands from the pain my asshole was feeling as John fucked my ass deep and hard.

My pain started to fade away as his balls slapped into my pussy. I was soon rocking back against him meeting his deep strokes into my ass. John reached a hand down to my clit as he fucked my ass. He dug his fingers into my clit.

“AHhhhh you going to make me cum again,” I screamed out.

The orgasm that was about to over take me was a strong and powerful one. I was not for sure whether my pussy was squirting or John was just fucking the piss from me as he hammered my ass. I felt John grab my hips as he drove his cock deep into my butt.

“AYyyyye shit,” John screamed out.

I felt his cock throb in my ass then a series of twitches as he pumped his cum deep into my ass. John just leaned into my ass as his cock filled my ass full. His cock finally slipped from my ass. John pulled me toward him raising me up, he spun me around as his arms wrapped around me.

He kissed me deeply and passionately as the water cascaded over us both. We kissed for a while until we washed each other all over again. John turned the water off and we both stepped from the shower.

We both were drying off when John said, “Hey I liked that I am a bad girl and slut talk,” giving me a big smile.

I simply smiled back thinking if he only knew just how true it was. John never said anything about whether he had smelled sex on me or not that day. I figured with the anal sex that I had given him; he could care less. We ordered a pizza and before long, it was bedtime.

When I got up the next morning, I found a note from John in the kitchen. In it, he told me that he had an early morning practice. He stated that he got in his morning run by just running to the college in the morning. He also told me that he was looking forward to seeing his bad girl later tonight. I ate a light breakfast and off to the college I went myself.

I drove to college and I parked my car. John would have normally been waiting for me at the front door however; he was not today. Adam was standing there instead. I walked up to Adam.

“John asked me to walk you to the home room today as his practice is running late today,” Adam said as he opened the door for me.

Adam and I walked down through the hallway making small talk as we did. Neither of us said anything about his lesson. As we turned into the hallway of our homeroom I over heard two girls talking. One of them was telling the other, that a long black limo was outside the locker room. The other girl told her that she heard that it was some scout from a pro football team here to see the coach.

I did not give it to much of a thought as they did stop by every now and then. Adam walked me to my seat as I sat down he slipped his hand over mine and he gave it a light rub. I looked up at him seeing the sparkle and the joy in his eye. I smiled at him as he removed his hand and walked to his seat. I should have realized something right then about Adam however I did not.

My mind went to watching for John who I figured would have at least run by and waved. The morning bell rang and there was no John. All through the morning after each class I was waiting for John, I never saw him. Lunchtime came and I walked alone into the lunchroom. I was feeling a little down and only became sadder as I walked into the lunchroom.

Now when I would walk into the lunchroom with John everyone would stop eating, sometimes they would cheer or the whole lunchroom would go silent. Today no one even looked up from his or her table as I entered. I walked over to Kim, Steve and Adam. I sat down between Kim and Adam; I looked around Kim to Steve.

“Steve where is John?” I asked as I got to their table.

Steve looked up at me as he replied, “Some pro scout by the name of Mr. Angelo took him away after practice is all I know.”

My blood pressure went up as my heart started to pound in my chest. That fucking bitch Gina I thought as I sat there. I knew she was coming back this weekend for his game however she was not suppose to get here until Friday. I was boiling with jealous anger and rage. Kim noticed it right away.

Kim slipped your arm around me as she said, “Janet, its OK I am sure it is not what you think it is,” as she pulled me toward her.

I turned to her as I replied, “You know Kim I don’t even care anymore,” fighting back my tears as I pulled myself from her arm.

I left my hand slip over to Adam’s as I told Kim fuck him I can play as well. I squeezed at Adam’s hand as I turned toward him. I moved closer to him as I whispered into his ear that I was looking forward to be with him after school today. Adam just smiled and squeezed my hand back.

I turned back to Kim who after she had closed her opened mouth said, “Janet, that is so wrong,” as she shook her head.

Kim told Steve to come on they were leaving. Steve looked at her like what did I do. Kim got up and walked away with Steve tailing behind her. I turned my attention back to Adam. I moved closer to him as I brought his hand that was in mine above the table. I gave his hand a kiss in mine.

“How about we just leave now and get on with your next lesson,” I said as I licked at his hand with my tongue.

Adam just smiled as he shook his head yes. Adam stood up as he pulled my chair out for me to stand up. My mind was racing and my blood was boiling over the fact that John had left school with Gina. As I stood up I took Adam’s arm and I placed it up around my shoulder as I wrapped my arm around his back.

I looked around to see that I now had some people’s attention. Adam and I walked toward the lunchroom doors at each table we passed the people stopped what ever they were doing whether they were eating or talking. The lunchroom was dead silent as we walked through the doors in each others arms. I hurried Adam to my car and we drove to our apartment.

“Janet is something wrong?” Adam asked as I drove.

“Nothing at all I have it all under control,” I replied as I smiled at him.

Once inside I told Adam to give me a few minutes to get ready before I gave him his next lesson. I kissed him passionately before I pushed him down onto the sofa, I told him to be ready when I returned. I walked away peeling my shirt off and my bra as I headed for the bedroom, I turned back toward him to see him undressing as well. I entered the bedroom and closed the door behind me.

I got dressed in my best red push up bra; I slipped on a little sleeveless lace white mid drift top over it. I slipped into my red garter belt, which I pulled a pair of red panties over letting the garters hang out. I sat down onto the bed as I slipped a pair of white nylons on attaching them to the garter belt. I slipped on a black short skirt that barely covered my butt. I also slipped on a pair of red high heel shoes.

I stood in front of the mirror checking myself out. I smiled at myself in the mirror for the outfit made me the slut I was. I turned to exit the bedroom my eyes went to a picture in a frame hanging on the wall. It was one of Gina and John standing arm in arm. It only enraged me when I saw it. I ripped it off the wall and I threw it across the room. The sound of breaking glass filled the room as it shattered striking the wall as I walked from the bedroom.

Adam was standing naked looking toward the bedroom as I walked out, he asked, “You OK Janet?”

“Yes, I just knocked a stupid picture frame over that’s all,” I replied giving him my evil grin.

I went to Adam and I took him into my arms. I kissed him passionately on his lips. He kissed me back deeply and with more passion as our tongues entered each other’s mouth. I broke our kiss as I pushed him down onto the sofa. I walked over and I turned some music on the stereo.

I returned to about two feet in front of him. I turned my back to him as I started to dance. I had my legs spread as I started to wiggle and shake my ass near his face. I started to draw a circle with my ass by using my hips. I slowly bent my knees as I started to grind down toward the floor until I was almost squatting. I was undulating my hips erotically as I stood slowly back up.

With my legs, straight I bent over slightly looking back coquettishly at Adam. I took my hands stroking my panty-covered ass as I looked at him. He smiled as I saw his hand going to his hard throbbing cock. I started to sway from my ankles as I opened my legs gradually. I slowly bent over so that my ass was brazenly near his face. I bent one knee to the side as I straighten my other out to the other side. I rubbed my hand up my straight leg as I peered back to him over my corresponding shoulder. I slapped at my one butt cheek with my hand. I did the same move again only with my other leg and slapping my other butt cheek.

Adam moved to the edge of the sofa so that his face was almost right against my butt. He was stroking hard on his cock as I slipped my panties slowly from my butt. I felt him kissing at my butt cheeks as I stepped out of my panties. I turned enough to push him back into the sofa as I danced between his open legs. I turned again with my butt facing him as I moved it in circles again. I bent at my knees keeping my back straight as I gently placed my hands onto his knees.

I lowered my ass in his lap until I felt just the head of his cock touch my butt crack. With my hands on his knees, I started to grind my ass against the head of his cock. I moved my hips in a forward and backward motion as I looked over my shoulder to Adam. He just moaned as I worked his cock between my butt cheeks. I could feel his wet pre-cum as it oozed out over my butt. I teased Adam’s cock like that for a few minutes before I spun around facing him again.

His cock was oozing pre-cum as I looked down at it. I was still standing between his legs as I moved to the music. I danced in front of him staring into his eyes as my hands fondled my breasts. My nipples grew hard at my touch; I scooped my breasts from my bra with the lace shirt still covering my nipples. I pinched and pulled at my nipples as I danced in front of him.

Adam took his hand and he wrapped it around his hard throbbing cock. He pulled on his cock as he watched me toying with my nipples. I pushed his hand from his cock as I shook my head No at him. I moved closer to him between his legs as I leaned forward toward him. I placed my hands on each side of his thighs as I shoved my breasts into his face.

His nose nestled in my cleavage, as I rocked to the music. I started to move my breasts from side to side. My hard nipples stroking the end of his nose each time I did. I danced my tits in his face slowly working them down to his hard throbbing cock. My breasts were now hanging out and over both my bra and the lace shirt. I worked my tits down over the head of his cock as I swayed to the music.

His cock twitched and jerked as I ran my nipples across the head of his dick. The pre-cum on his cock trailed with my tits each time I pulled them from the head of his cock. I danced my tits over and around his cock until I had his cock between both of my tits. I wrapped my tits, lubricated with his pre-cum around his hard throbbing cock. I pushed them together with my hands squeezing them around his cock. I started to move my tits up and down on his cock.

Adam moaned out, “AHhh Janet,” as he threw his back against the sofa back.

I knew he was going to blow a nut as I remembered a lesson I was taught. I took his dick head between my forefinger and my thumb. I squeezed at it hard as I brought my finger and thumb together around his dick head. Adam rocked toward me as he left out a little yelp.

“Easy boy I am not done with my dance,” I said as I smiled at him.

I stood straight back up as I danced to the music. I looked at his now softening cock as I ran my hands down over my breasts to my hairless pussy. I rubbed at my pussy with both my hands. I removed one to steady myself for my next move. With my hand still rubbing at my pussy I whipped my high heel covered foot up onto the sofa. I rocked forward on that leg until the bottom top on my shoe was lightly tapping on his now soft cock. Adam tensed up a bit but I reassured him I would not hurt him. I swayed to the music with my hand rubbing on my pussy while I tapped my foot lightly on his cock.

My pussy was seeping juices out onto my pussy lips as my hand rubbed at it. I slipped one then two fingers into my pussy. My pussy lips sucked at my fingers, as I worked them in and out. I felt something starting to press back against my shoe; I looked down to see that his cock was once again getting hard. I dug my fingers deeper into my pussy as I watched his cock grow fully hard.

My pussy was running its juices all over my fingers as I worked them in and out. I dropped my foot from the sofa as I straddled Adam’s thigh. I pulled my fingers from my wet pussy as I began to rub my pussy on his upper thigh. My wet pussy was leaving wet trails on his thigh as I rocked to the music on his thigh.

I licked and sucked at my fingers as I stared into his face. Adam reached out with his hands placing them at my sides; he pulled me from his thigh to right over top of his throbbing hard cock. I pushed him back against the back of the sofa as I felt his cock rubbing against the front of my pussy. I reached down to his cock with my fingers rubbing them in his pre-cum that was oozing from his cock once again.

“Now you just lie back and enjoy the ride,” I said as I rose a little ways off his cock.

I guided his cock to the entrance of my wet pussy. My lips parted as I sat down onto his hard cock. I was going to go slowly down onto his cock, however when I felt his cock enter my pussy I just took it fully into my pussy. I started to rock my whole body on his cock to the beat of the music.

I looked onto Adam’s face as I ground my pussy on his cock. He was smiling as his eyelids went closed. I was now squirming and bouncing my pussy up and down on his cock. His cock felt lovely in my pussy as I rode him. I placed my hands up onto the back of the sofa as I really started to grind my pussy onto his cock.

“AHHh your cock feels so nice,” I cooed out as I rode his hard cock.

Adam just sat there with his eyes closed moaning softly. My wet pussy was starting to drown out the music as my wet pussy slapped against his cock. I wanted to feel his cock touching the back wall of my pussy as I slammed it down harder onto his cock. I felt Adam’s hand go to my waist; he started to rock me back and forth on his cock as I bounced up and down. Each time he rocked me his cock was sliding against my special spot in my pussy. It only caused me to fuck his cock harder.

I threw my head back as I screamed out, “Cum with me,” as I bounced on his cock.

Adam moaned loudly, “I am going to cum,” as I felt him buck his hips upward driving his cock into my pussy.

My eyes rolled back into my head as my pussy felt the first blast of his hot cum filling it. I moaned loudly as my own orgasm took over my body. My pussy sucked at his cock as it blew its load up into me. My pussy twitched as his third blast of cum shot into my pussy.

“I am going to cum also,” I screamed out loudly.

My pussy shook and convulsed around his cock. I rose a little bit too much off his cock when my orgasm started. His hard cock slipped from my pussy I felt his cum splashing against my belly. My pussy squirted fully and hard.

“AHHHHH SHIT,” I screamed out as my body shook with a very intense orgasm.

I threw my arms around his neck as I just pumped my pussy against his body trying to get his cock to touch my pussy. My pussy juices ran out followed by a mixture of his cum and my pee. I could not help it I was peeing freely as my orgasm rocked through my body. It lasted for only thirty seconds or so but it was long enough to get us both soaked as well as the sofa.

My eyes reopened; as they did, they focused on the door of our apartment. Horror suddenly replaced the feeling of ecstasy in my mind as I saw the doorknob turning. I tried to get up off Adam but my body was still in orgasmic ecstasy. Fear gripped tightly at my throat to where I could not say a word.

My eyes grew wide as the door swung open. I closed them as tight as I could for I did not want to see who was walking through that door. My body shook again but not with pleasure, I was shaking out of pure fear. It only got worst as I heard.

“SON OF A BITCH,” Followed by, “Figlio di una cagna,” in a heavy Italian accent booming loudly through the apartment, causing my body to shake even more.

The voices I heard were those of John and Angelo.

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