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Cougar CoWorker

Fucking older co-worker at the gym
Cougar CoWorker

A few weeks after I graduated from college I started working for a very big high-tech company. Since my job requires that I spend most of my day in front of a computer screen, I decided to go to the company gym to keep in shape. I usually went right after work around 4 p.m. I guess everyone had the same idea; the place was packed. After a few days of doing more waiting than working out I decided to forget about the gym and jog instead.

Since I do not have any set hours for work I started coming in later and leaving later. One night I worked until midnight and decided to give the gym a try again. To my surprise there was no one there, not even one of the trainers. I changed then went to the free weight section and began to do some stretches before hitting the weights. About half way through my stretching a woman came out of the changing room. I figure she was in her late thirties. She wasn’t one of those women that ate nothing and a good gust of wind could knock over. She was about 5′ 10″ and had a very strong build. She wore a sweat suit but even through the thick layer of cotton you could tell she had a great body. Strong legs, flat stomach, and what looked like 36C breasts. She was a very sexy older woman, what my old college friends called a cougar.

I hadn’t noticed that I had stopped stretching and was just staring at her body until she spoke. “It’s nice to have the place to your-self, isn’t it?” she said. When I looked up to answer her I was struck by her beautiful face. She had high cheekbones that were framed nicely by shoulder length black hair. Her hair was so black that it had a blue tinge to it and shone like a sapphire. I then looked her in the eyes, which were the purest green I had ever seen. Even though you could tell she took very good care of her skin around her eyes you could see where laugh lines where starting to form.

Taking in all of this in just nanoseconds I replied, “It certainly is. I was wondering why there isn’t a staff member here?” She told me “All of the staff goes home at 8. So I’m usually the only one here every night. Since you can only get in with your security badge they keep it open with the understanding that you come here at your own risk.” We made some more small talk about work. I found out that she worked in the manufacturing building and worked from 4 to midnight. With this bit of information I decided to start coming around midnight every night also. Through some conversation I found out her name was Julie.

After our little chat Julie went to the treadmill. I went to work on the weights. I couldn’t keep my eyes off this woman. She was not the most beautiful woman I have ever seen but there was just something about her. It could have been that she was older and very confident. She made me feel a bit like a kid around her. I have always had a thing for older women. I think it’s just the idea of having a woman that knows what she wants and how to get it that I find so attractive. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I would watch her on that treadmill and see those big breasts bobbing up and down and think about what it would be like to have my cock wedged between them. A couple of times Julie would catch me ogling her breasts and just smile like she knew what I was thinking. I would start to blush and turn my head but only for a few minutes before I had to have another look.

After about an hour she stopped the treadmill toweled off then headed off to the changing room. I finished my set then also went to the showers. Once under the warm spray I took my hard cock in hand. I started stroking it slowly while thinking about Julie and her big breasts. It only took a few strokes before my 6 and a half incher started slinging yogurt all over the shower stall. I quickly toweled off and got dressed hoping to catch another glimpse of Julie before I went home to jerk off again. My plan was to pretend to be putting my stuff into my gym bag so I could see what she looked like in plain clothes. But when I got to the entrance I could smell her perfume and knew she had already left.

Once I got home I jerked off twice more thinking about my cougar. Since I’m only 21 I seem to have an endless supply of cum and jerked off twice more in the morning.

That day I went to work around 2 in the afternoon and worked until 11:45 knowing Julie would be getting off work and heading to the gym at 12. I rushed to the gym so I could get changed and start working out before she arrived. I was just starting my first set of squats when Julie came through the door. I was kind of surprised when I saw her in her skirt and silk blouse. I slowly took her in as she walked to the change room. She had a better body than I could ever imagine. Her skirt came down about mid thigh and you could see every muscle ripple with each step she took. My eyes moved up her flat stomach to her firm breasts that jiggled slightly as she walked. She opened the door and was gone into the changing room.

She was in there for about 10 minutes. Which gave me time to calm down a little and start working out again. When she came out I was on my third set of squats. This time she had a sweatshirt on but instead of her sweat pants she had on a pair of solid white spandex shorts.

I finished off my set while she stretched. What an ass! She might have been in her late thirties but she had an ass most teenage girls would kill for. I took a bit of a break, and toweled off the bar. When I glanced back at Julie she had her legs spread wide and was bending over with her head almost touching the floor. I could see her breasts hanging down through her sweatshirt. My mind started to wander as to what I could do with her in that position. Then I realized Julie was talking to me. I gave my head a little shake looked away and said “Sorry I didn’t catch that. It’s been a long day and I’m in my own little world.”

Julie giggled, “I asked you if it’s been a rough day?”

I turned back to respond and noticed she was still in the same position. Talking to me from between her legs. “You want to believe it. Sometimes I think my boss tries to see how much work he can load on before we snap.”

Julie laughed, “Ya, I’ve got one of those bosses too.”

She then straightened up and walked to the treadmill. I put some weights on a bar to do some curls. While bending down I snuck a glance at her ass while she walked. I caught her checking me out in the mirror. Being a little embarrassed I looked away.

I went about with my workout for a half an hour or so while we exchanged glances and some small talk. While getting some weights ready for some presses Julie stopped the treadmill and went for a drink at the fountain. She came over and watched what I was doing. Toweling the sweat off of her forehead she asked, “You lifting heavy or light tonight?”

I responded, “Well a little on the light side tonight since I don’t have a spotter.”

She said, “Throw a few extra pounds on there and I’ll spot you.”

“Um, ok” I said. I put an extra 20 pounds on and lay down on the bench. Instead of standing behind the bench Julie straddled my body and grabbed the bar. I looked up and couldn’t see her face only her big breasts. So pretending to be getting ready by moving around a bit. I took a good long look at her spandex clad pussy. The material was stretched nice and tight giving me a great view of her snatch. She was so close I could smell her rich muskiness. My cock started to stiffen in my shorts. It was trapped between my thigh and the leg of my boxers. Thankfully it wasn’t straight up pitching a tent but I’m sure it was still quite noticeable.

Trying to get my mind off her pussy so my cock would deflate I started to lift. Every time I would bring the bar down to my chest Julie would bend at the knees keeping her back straight with her hands just below the bar incase I needed some help. Seeing her pussy coming closer to my face didn’t help the problem in my shorts. I couldn’t help envisioning shoving my tongue straight into her sweet hole every time she squatted down.

After my first set I just lay there and Julie never moved. I was getting ready for my next set and imagining what her pussy looked like under that spandex. Julie said, “hang on a sec I’m sweating like a pig.” She reached down and with one swift movement grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it over her head. I looked in amazement at her matching white spandex sports bra. This also didn’t help the problem in my shorts one bit. I don’t know how I did it but I managed to get through two more sets.

Julie then lifted her right leg and swung herself over me. I stood up as fast as I could trying to hide my hard on. I could tell she had seen it from the slight smile on her face. I nodded my head with embarrassment. That’s when I noticed because of her straddling me her shorts were pulled right up into the slit of her pussy giving her camel toe. There is nothing that turns me on more than camel toe. I didn’t think my cock could get any harder but it did. She said, “Well it’s your turn to spot me.” As she started removing some weight from the bar.

Julie lay down on the bench and not being as brave as her walked up behind the bench. I realized my cock was still hard and trying to reach the ceiling and I could feel the air on my penis. I looked down to see if Julie had noticed and could tell she was looking right up the leg of my shorts at my cock. Knowing Julie had a good view of my cock made it twitch involuntarily, giving her an even better view. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. I was praying she would hurry up and grab the bar so I could step back a little. She reached up and instead of grabbing the bar she slid her hand in to my shorts and wrapped her hand around my cock. Without letting go she pulled herself further up on the bench with the other hand.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I know I have fantasized about something like this many times but never thought it would ever happen. She never said a word she just started stroking my cock. After a few strokes she grabbed firmly and pulled me lower until I was almost sitting on the edge of the bench.

Julie stuck her tongue out and licked some of the pre cum from my head. She must have liked the taste because she devoured my cock. I could feel her tongue slide down the underside of my cock as she pulled me closer causing my cock to slide down her throat. I’m not that big but with her head tilted back like that most of my 6 ½ inches was wedged in her throat. She kept this up for a few minutes and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I have had my share of blowjobs before but I have never been deep throated.

Julie pushed me away and told me to take off my shorts, which I did. There was no doubt in my mind this woman was experienced and was in charge. After I removed my shorts she grabbed my cock again and pulled me down so my cock slipped under her bra and between her big tits. I got ready for her to push her tits together so I could fuck them but instead she pulled my sack up and put one of my nuts into her mouth. She rolled it around with her tongue while I pulled the bra straps off her shoulders. I rolled her bra off her tits and down onto her flat stomach. Those beautiful tits sagged to the side a bit so I pushed them together so they wrapped around my cock. I started to move back and forth slowly fucking her tits. Julie let my go of my nut and spread my ass cheeks. As I was fucking her tits she stuck her tongue out rubbing it across my asshole. This drove me wild. I started fucking her tits like crazy. She grabbed my ass harder and slowed me down so she could shove her tongue right into my ass.

I knew I was really close and told her I was going to cum all over her tits. She let go of my ass, sat up and spun around. She looked up at me and said, “Cum in my mouth I want to taste you.” I walked around the bar and stood in front of her. She took me back into her mouth and shoved me into the back of her throat again. I was just about to cum when she spread my cheeks again and started to push her finger into my ass. That was all I needed. I let out a big grunt as I shoved my cock as far down her throat as it would go. What a woman! She never gagged once as I let load after load of cum into her throat. When I started to slow down she pulled me out of her throat and took the last few spurts on her tongue, which she rolled around her mouth before swallowing.

Julie just held me in her mouth until I stopped twitching and started to go soft. She got up went to the showers came out a few minutes later after I had my shorts back on. With a big smile on her face she said, “See ya tomorrow night.”

And I could have sworn I heard her give a little growl.

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