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Broken Road

Woman breaks down on the side of the road.
Broken Road

Driving through Pennsylvania, I took a seldom used state highway to see the countryside, as I had extra time to kill before my delivery. As I rounded a bend, I saw a woman on the roadside, her car was parked off the side, hood up and steam pouring from the engine. I pulled over asked her if she needed help, with a smile she said, “I’m trying to leave this area but the car died on me, can I have a ride?” How could I turn down those piercing blue eyes and her perfect dark brown hair?

As she climbed in the cab, I could see her perfect tits outlined under her pale blue shirt, so round and perky. I couldn’t believe it as they were large and firm. As I helped her into the cab, my hand brushed against her ass cheeks and I felt her shudder. I knew she was a little scared, but also aroused. I tried to help her relax by putting on the same music I had heard coming from her car radio, and it seemed to help. She said she wanted out of the state and would like it if I helped her to get away from her ex boyfriend.

After a few miles she began to relax, and I saw her squirming around in her seat. I asked her if something was wrong. Her reply was a surprise to me. “I haven’t had a good orgasm in a while, and the vibration of the truck is exciting me.” I asked her if she wanted me to pull over and help her with that problem, she gave me a shy smile, and I knew the answer.

Turning off into a road side park, I closed the curtains on the cab to give us some privacy, and stepped into the sleeper with her. In no time, her clothes were off. Her freshly shaven pussy was glistening with her juices, I could smell the scent of her arousal wafting up to me as I looked at her wet hot pussy. I spread her lips and softly kissed her clit, her moans told me that this was what she needed. I sucked her clit into my mouth, gently nibbling it as I tongue fucked her sweet tight hole, the juices running down my chin told me she was getting close. I took a toy from her hand, and slowly started working it around her clit, as I kept flicking my tongue in and out of her hole.

She was getting hotter as I worked the vibrator closer to her gorgeous pussy, one of my fingers teasing around her ass, flirting with the tiny puckered opening and then pulling back again. My teeth were nibbling at her clit, and she thrust her hips at my face and hands, actually sinking a good two inches of the vibrator into her pussy. I decided to really give her what she needed, and started fucking her pussy with the vibrator, sliding first one finger, and then two, into her asshole and working them opposite the vibrator. I kept my mouth glued to her clit, working it and her holes till she was screaming out her first orgasm and covering my face with her sweet juices.

She told me it was her turn as she pushed me down on the bed, taking my cock in her hand, she slowly started licking around the backside along the main vein, sending shudders through me. Up she went to the head, and took it in her mouth, she started slowly working her tongue around it as she went further down. Soon my cock head was against the back of her throat, I thought she would start back up, but again a surprise as she swallowed, and all nine inches of my cock went down her throat. Holding there, her eyes looking up at me as I gasped in pleasure, she released it and came up for air. She paused a moment, then back down she went, gobbling my hard throbbing cock. She did that five or six times, each time my hard cock slid all the way down her throat it sent a shudder through me. My hands found the back of her head and my fingers tangled in her hair as I forced her to take me faster with her mouth. She never batted an eye, her mouth working to handle all of me.

After a few more minutes of that, I pulled her up on to my lap, feeding all of my nine inches into her tight wet hole. I started raising my hips as she ground back and forth on my cock, sending ripples of pleasure through us both. She was wet and slick and my hard cock slid in and out of her smoothly as she rode me. She was good at it, moving up and down, swiveling her hips round to make my cock rub the walls of her pussy as she moved faster and faster. Riding my cock as another orgasm spasmed her sweet body, she collapsed next to me. I rolled over putting my body above her as I slowly poked just the head of my cock in and out of her, teasing her sweet pussy till she couldn’t stand it any longer. She took her hands and digging her nails into my ass cheeks, pulled me deep inside her.

As we fucked, our bodies bounced together, my balls slapping her ass at every thrust. I pulled out and shoved my cock between her beautiful tits, where the head poked out to her mouth. She licked it clean, and after a couple moments of this I turned her over. I have seen some nice asses in my day, but the one presented to me at this time was beautiful. The cum that had run out of her during her orgasms was glistening on her cheeks, and making her sweet puckered rose bud shine.

I got behind her, shoving my cock back in her pussy. I slowly worked the vibrator in and out of her ass, as I pulled my cock out the vibrator slid in, and when I thrust in, I pulled it out. I kept this up for twenty minutes, and then she looked back at me and said “fuck my ass trucker!” Sweeter words were never said to me than her lusty request!

I pulled my cock out of her, hard and shiny with her juices coating it. I pulled the vibrator out of her, and laid it aside. Slowly pushing my cock against her ass till the head popped into her, I stopped to allow her to get used to the invasion. When she was ready, I started slowly pumping in and out of her, going deeper and faster with each thrust. Soon we were slamming into one another like our very lives depended on it. Harder and deeper I thrust and she slammed back against me, yelling for me to cum, to fill her ass with my man juice.

I felt my balls tighten in response, and as I came, I pulled out of her. She turned quickly, catching my cum on her tits and in her mouth as stream after stream of my thick cum flew from me. I remembered then that we had never told each other our names. I told her mine, she said hers was Candy. I knew then my sweet road candy would be with me, making the miles not so lonely, and sucking and fucking our way across the USA.


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