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A Hot Summer in Scotland

True story about a hot Summer in Scotland
A Hot Summer in Scotland

It’s a hot, still, perfect summers day. I’m walking through a built-up area, seeing all the parched lawns going yellow due to the hosepipe ban, and then I come across one lawn that looks immaculate. Lush green, not a parched area in sight. My suspicions are aroused and in my capacity as an upstanding citizen of the area, I am determined to find out whether the owner of this house has been flouting the hosepipe ban.

I ring the front doorbell, but there is no answer. So I go around the back and see signs of recent activity – a still frosted glass of lemonade, ice cracking inside the glass. A book lying open on the garden table, and a hosepipe curled up on the floor next to the kitchen door.

What is strange is that the grass in the back is the parched sick yellow of all the other houses I have seen? This throws me a bit and when I hear a noise, it makes me dive for cover rather than make myself known. The only hiding place I could find was the garden shed which had the door partially open.

Through the gap on the door frame I see a striking woman in her prime walk out from the kitchen and sit herself down by the table. She is wearing a pair of shorts, a halter-neck top, and sunglasses. She is around 45, in great shape, nice full breasts, long legs – a MILF.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

She lightly draws her fingers on the outside of the glass of lemonade, and runs her fingers over her forehead, letting out an almost inaudible sigh as she savours the temporary relief that the cool moisture brings. She warms to her task and does the same again, but this time tracing her fingers over her cheeks, and again but this time on her neck. She picks up the glass and brings it in contact with her neck, the relief apparent in her whole body as she sighs in contentment.

I am getting very hot in the shed, the heat of the day making me sweat profusely, but also seeing her rub the cold glass over her neck is arousing me. Even more so when she slides the glass from her neck onto her chest, her breathing become slightly more rapid as she glides the glass between her breasts. I can see from my vantage point that her nipples are becoming erect and are pushing against the fabric of her halter-top. She glances around, as if to see whether anyone is watching, and then rubs the glass over her nipples – her low moans of pleasure are wonderful and I am almost fully erect, my cock straining to be let out of the confines of my shorts.

I am in a quandary – if I make my presence known, she will think I am an intruder, or even a peeping tom. But if I stay silent, I am going to bust a gasket from the heat and the erotic tension she is creating in me as I hide in the shed. What should I do?

These thoughts distract me momentarily from looking at what is happening outside, and when I finally look back through the gap I see that she has moved – but where?

I can’t see her anywhere in the garden, so I think this may be my chance to make an exit without being seen.

Still with a very obvious bulge in my shorts, I slip out of the shed and move to go back the way I came. I am almost at the corner of the house and away when I hear a shout.

“Hey, where have you been? What are you doing?”

I turn and see that the woman has returned and is holding the hosepipe in her hand, her other hand poised to switch it on at the tap on the wall.

A million excuses rattle through my brain, and I decide to tell the truth. “I was trying to find you, as I wanted to ask you whether you have been using a hosepipe on the front lawn”. And then in the best authoritarian voice I can muster “don’t you know there is a hosepipe ban?”.

The tap is turned but no water comes out – she has her finger on the trigger. “Where were you hiding” she asks, with a smile in her voice and on her face.

What do I say!! “Um, in the shed” I embarassingly say, and over the next second I see that she remembers what she was doing whilst I was hiding in the shed, and she blushes, but at the same time she casts her eyes over me and sees the bulge in my shorts.

And with that she presses the trigger of the hosepipe and a spurt of water hits me, directly in my groin, the relief and shock of the cold water causing my erection to wilt slightly, before regaining an even greater vigour than before.

I am so aroused – I can see her eyes taking in the fact that I am very turned on – she fires more water at me, soaking me from head to foot, and I am transfixed, as I can see that she appears to be aroused – her nipples are straining at her halter-top, her breasts heaving with each breath that she takes, and her laugh vibrant as she enjoys soaking me.

I want this woman. She is a complete stranger to me, but I have never wanted a woman as much as I want this woman. I move towards her but she uses the hose to make me keep my distance, the water acting as a safety barrier between us.

As I move slightly forward, she steps back and puts her foot on the hose. The water slows to a dribble. In her confusion I rush forward and as I grab the hose in one hand, and her shoulder in the other, she realises her error and steps off the hose.

The water fountains up between our bodies, me getting even more soaked, and her getting covered in water as well.

We struggle for a second to gain ownership of the hose, but we both are determined not to relinquish it. The water is cascading between us, her top becoming translucent, revealing the full contours of her breasts and her nipples, and her shorts also become virtually transparent, the outline of her shaved pubic hair matted against the material.

I let her have the hose, and am rewarded with an icy blast against my back as I lean over to switch off the tap.

We face each other, water dripping off us, her hair sleek against her head, her breathing rapid, lifting her breasts and erect nipples upwards. She begins to smile and a giggle escapes her lips, and that sets me off, and soon we are both laughing loudly, sensing the erotic tension in the air. But who is going to break it?

Within two steps she has moved towards me taking her top off in a swift easy motion, allowing me just the briefest glimpse of her bare breasts and very suckable nipples before she is kissing me, her cold lips parting to allow her warm tongue to seek out mine, pushing me backwards towards the open kitchen door.

I am in no position to put up any resistance, not that I would have. I feel my back crash against a work top and finally my hands move, sliding themselves around her waist, cupping her bum cheeks and pulling her closer against me, feeling her hard nipples pressing into my chest.

She pulls away and we both gasp in air, our eyes seeking mutual permission for what we are about to do.

In seconds my sodden t-shirt is pulled over my head and dumped on the floor, and we both stand there in our wet shorts.

With a nod, she says “best let that out” whilst motioning towards my erect cock.

She watches as I undo the zip, and my cock pops out. Her and touches it, declares it is feeling a bit cold, and with that she drops to her knees and takes my cock into her mouth. Her warm, wet mouth.

The contrast from cold to warm is exhilarating, and I feel my cock swell inside her mouth. She pulls her mouth away, running her tongue up and down the shaft, and kisses, licks and sucks on my balls.

I know that any more of this and I will be coming, and way too soon as far as I’m concerned.

I cast my eyes around the kitchen, see what I want, and proceed to pull her up from her kneeling position.

She looks at me quizzically as I ease her backwards until the backs of her thighs bump against the kitchen table. She understands what I am doing and allows me to tip her backwards onto the table, her wet hair resting on the daily newspaper.

She lies there as I run my hands over her breasts, her nipples like pebbles and she whispers “suck them”, and I comply. It is her turn to feel something cold of hers in a warm eager mouth, my tongue running over her nipples, teasing, teeth gently nipping.

I am naked – she isn’t. I reluctantly remove my attention from her nipples and in one movement pull her shorts down and off. She naturally parts her legs slightly, allowing the aroma of her pussy to reach my nose and inflame my desire for her even more.

Her trimmed pubes sit above her pussy, the glistening moistness not solely a result of the water fight I reckon.

It is now my turn to drop to my knees, and slowly, teasingly kiss my way up her thighs, the smell of her flooding my senses.

I try to hold off for as long as I can, but her hand is pulling my head into her, and soon my tongue is sliding over her clitoris and plunging as deep as I can into her.

The sigh she lets out tells me that she has been aching for this, and the way her body is moving in response to my tongue suggests that she will not take too long to come – assuming of course that she wants to come this way.

I can feel her getting close, her pussy is flooded with her juices, and then she utters the words “I want your cock”.

I am more than happy to oblige, as I want to feel her come with my cock inside her.

I reluctantly lift my face away from her pussy, taking in the marvelous sight in front of me: her wet cunt, lips parted ready for my cock, and her hands one pinching her nipple, the other squeezing her breast.

The height of the table is perfect for me as I stand up, but before I enter her, I lean over and kiss her, her tongue and lips eagerly tasting herself on my lips.

I give my cock a couple of strokes, her eyes on mine as I move forward and tease her cunt lips with my cock, trying to control the eagerness I have to be inside her, to feel her cunt walls grip my cock.

With one movement I push my cock inside her whilst gripping her thighs and pulling her onto me.

The feeling is exquisite – the warmth, the tightness, the moans of pleasure from both of us as we become one.

I can sense that she is close to coming, as she becomes more frantic in her movements, and soon she is crying out as I begin to sense her orgasm rising within her. Her muscles in her vagina grip my cock even tighter. I’m fearful of pulling my cock fully out in case her muscles contract so much that I won’t be able to get back in.

Suddenly, she pushes me off, and without saying a word she leans over the table, her breasts squashed flat against the papers on the table, her bum facing me, and begging me to fuck her now, to make her come.

I need no further instructions – I ease my cock inside her, and she asks me to fuck her hard. Which I do, my balls slapping against her, the table moving with each thrust into her, and soon I feel my orgasm rising, when with a loud cry she comes, her cunt squeezing my cock so hard that, my thrusts are pulling and pushing her without my cock moving out of her.

As her orgasm peaks the grip on my cock lessens to some extent, and I can concentrate on my orgasm as I feel it building within me, the table now resting against a worktop so that each thrust is met with full resistance of her body.

I groan that I am about to come, and she says “on my tits”, so at the point of orgasm, I withdraw, and she flips herself over, so that my cock is level with her belly, and then I release my grip on my cock, allowing a spurt of my spunk to hit her on her left breast, the rest hitting just below, the smell of our sex permeating the air.

We both look at each other, not saying a word, breathing heavily, not even knowing each others names, but knowing each others bodies.

Not knowing what to say, I simply say ‘hosepipes are supposed to be banned’, with which she laughs and reaches over to pick up one of the brochures that had been knocked onto the floor during our love making. She hands it to me, and on the front page is a picture of an immaculate lawn with the words “Beat hosepipe bans and have a perfect lawn all year round, with no maintenance with astroturf, the synthetic lawn”.


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