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Wish You Were Here

Alone and horny in a hotel room.
Wish You Were Here

Baby I wish you had been here. It was steaming hot, the first truly hot day of the summer and I was alone in a hotel room with a noisy air conditioner and an itch I just couldn’t scratch myself. I had packed quickly for this trip and forgot to include my bag of toys. Alone no toys and as horny as I have ever been. This was the predicament I found myself in.

I had woken up horny; it was getting worse as the morning wore on. I was going nuts. I wanted, actually need to get fucked but that was out of the question. I didn’t know anyone in this town and i8 didn’t have time to go find someone suitable.

I tried using my hands but that was a tease and made things worse than ever. I was climbing the walls Baby. I needed your tongue licking me flicking my clit and nibbling gently with your sharp teeth. Rubbing your fingers in and out of my well-moistened pussy while I squirm and twist urging my body to release.

But, you’re not here. I am alone. I decided to try a trick I used to use when I was a kid and had not toys. Walking naked and panting with heat and passion into the tiled bathroom I turned the bathtub taps on full force and adjusted the temperature for coolness.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

I shivered with anticipation as I lowered myself into the cooling tub and placed my feet on the wall beside the taps. I wiggled down until the flow of water was pounding directly onto my clit. It felt so good Baby. But it wasn’t good enough.

I was ready to go off like a rocket but I couldn’t find the right switch. I was stuck in heat and getting hotter and the water wasn’t working.

Baby I was so frustrated, I needed to cum. As I lay there pinching at my fully swollen nipples a flash went off, I remembered something. There was a sex shop about a block and a half down the street from my hotel. I had noticed it after dinner the night before.

I hurried out of the bath and did not even pause to dry off or put on underwear. I tossed a long cotton dress over my head and took off for the store quickly my hard wet nipples poking through the thin fabric of my dress.

The effort of walking quickly in the hot humid air brought a sweat out on my already fevered body. I walked fast. I was on a mission. I scanned every man I passed as a potential toy but this was a rougher end of town and I found nothing that was of interest and very shortly arrived at the store.

It was lovely and cool inside, but I was still hot and raging with need. The sight of all the beautiful toys and clothing was breath taking. Feeling like a kid in a candy store I went from one sexy display to another. There were dildos and whips, lingerie and cuffs, anal beads and nipple clamps. I was in heaven. The prices were reasonable but I was on a limited budget this trip.

Standing alone drooling over the merchandise, chest heaving I must have looked quite a sight. Anyone would be able to tell at a glance that I was needy, very needy. I heard a soft voice behind me speaking over my left shoulder, her breath hot on my neck. Damn I was horny. I was almost ready to play with the sales girl if she were so inclined.

She was so nice and helpful. She wanted to help me find just what I needed. I explained my predicament in brief, to which she promptly replied,

“So basically you just need a clit stimulator?” she half queried half stated.

Damn Baby, I nearly creamed when she said that! I loved how candid she was able to be about my need. We walked together over to her cash desk she gestured to the display case beside it. There right on the counter in plain view was the toy she had in mind.

A tiny silver bullet. No more than 2 inches long and maybe an inch in diameter sat shining on a purple velvet pad. Perfect I thought as she demonstrated its power on the palm of my left hand. I was entranced by the intensity of the vibration. I paid as quickly as I could and nearly ran back to my room. I ached to try my new toy; the lust fever was upon me as strongly as ever.

My dress was off and hitting the floor before the door of my room had even closed, then grabbing a narrow rounded plastic shampoo bottle and a pair of hair clips I went to the chair near the air conditioner which happened to be alongside the floor to ceiling picture window in my suite and moved it in front of the window.

Placing my naked throbbing body into the chair I swung my long lean legs over the arms of the chair to maximize my exposure (you know what an exhibitionist I am at heart) and accessibility. I paused to savour the moment then plunged the shampoo bottle into my gaping gash.

Moaning softly I eased the bottle in and out, twisting it as I did so. Oh Baby it felt soooo good. I was pretending it was you pushing the invader in and out trying to drive me into frenzy. As my pleasure grew I added the hair clips to my nipples and felt an instant surge in my by now desperate clit.

I carefully turned on my new bullet and as I reached a fever pitch I applied it directly to my swollen female member.

I exploded screaming out loud I nearly flew out of the chair. I came so hard my body was shaking my moans were out of control. Oh how I wish you could have been watching!

Gradually I calmed down and was able to get on with my day. I will never go anywhere without my trusty little bullet in my purse. Baby I can’t wait to share it with you, and believe me you’ll love what I’m going to do to you with that little silver bullet.


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