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Waking Up Alone

What else is a woman to do when she wakes up horny
Waking Up Alone

I woke up horny as shit, a hard on to hell already in my hand. I don’t remember what I was dreaming about, but whatever it was, it must have been a good one. I stroked my cock listening for signs of life in the house, wondering what room I was going to find Kathy in and fuck the shit out of her.

I ran my fingers up and down the shaft of my cock, teasing it, feeling it grow even harder in anticipation of the fuck about to happen. Finally unable to stand it anymore, I rolled out of bed and stroked my cock as I headed out of the bedroom to find my wife’s pussy. I didn’t think she had plans to go anywhere, but she was no where to be found. Walking through the living room I saw the toy box open, and reached in it to grab a butt plug. I slid it in my ass, holding it in with one hand while stroking with the other.

I walked through the kitchen and walked outside into the back yard. No one. I stood there, letting the sun bask on me, warming me up as much on the outside as I was already inside. Letting the butt plug slide mostly out, then pushing it back in, while continuing to play with my cock. I looked around, wishing for anyone to walk through the back gate and find me there. At this point I didn’t care, I just wanted to fuck someone. After a couple minutes standing there jerking, I turned around and headed back inside. Wishful thinking about someone seeing me and taking the open invitation.

I walked back into the living room and popped in a DVD. My favorite is bisexual couples, and right now I was horny for both pussy and a cock in my ass. I pulled the suction cup dildo from the toy box and stuck it to the coffee table. Letting the butt plug slide out of me, I squatted down and slid the 8″ dildo into my hungry ass. I stroked my cock as I watched a woman with a strap on fuck her boyfriend in the ass as he was sucking off another guy.

I was so engrossed in the movie and playing with myself I never heard the door open and Kathy come in. All of a sudden she was just there next to me, nude with a strap on dildo. It was my favorite 12″ dildo, a full 4″ around. It really filled my ass. We had bought it a couple months ago and I had just about mastered being able to take it all. I slid up off the coffee table, knelt on the floor, and told Kathy I was ready to take it all.

She got down behind me and I felt lube being squirted on my ass, then her warm fingers spreading it around, sliding her fingers and lube as deep in my ass as she could. Then came the cock. She stared slow, getting my ass used to the fullness, the 4″, and then started going deeper. It took about 10 minutes, but finally I felt the balls of the dildo hit my ass. She slapped my ass, told me I had taken all of it, and started fucking me faster.

I was in heaven, it felt so fucking awesome. I reached under and pulled on my cock. I didn’t have to look at the TV screen to know she was mimicking everything she was seeing on the screen. It wasn’t long before I was begging for more. I had just taken 12″ and now it wasn’t enough!

We had been fucking for about a half an hour now, and I had Kathy lay on the floor. I climbed on top and slid the dildo back into my ass, not wasting any time slamming hard against her. The heat from the friction was intense in my ass. I closed my eyes and just rode.

After about 5 minutes I began to tire, so I slowed down and opened my eyes. There standing in front of me was a buck naked Tina! Instantly my cock grew even harder, so hard it kind of hurt. But I didn’t care, Tina is my all time favorite fuck. I reached out, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her pussy to my face. There is nothing better than the taste of her pussy juice.

I could feel Kathy under me trying to fuck my ass, so I slid up off the dildo to give her room to fuck me. I looked up and saw Tina playing with her perfect nipples on her perfect sized breasts. Her eyes had that glazed look, as she watched me eat her. Kathy’s hands wandered up and started massaging Tina’s perfect ass.

Tina pulled away and lay on the floor. I slid off the dildo and climbed on top of her, sliding my cock deep inside her. Her pussy was so wet my cock had little trouble going deep inside her. Kathy watched me fuck her for a couple minutes, then came over and slid the strap on deep into my ass. We were now a sandwich, I was in the middle, but was going to provide the filling.

We fucked this way for about 15 or 20 more minutes, and I could feel each girl cum multiple times. I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was my turn to cum, so I started picking up the pace. Kathy must have sensed I was about to explode because she started fucking me even harder and faster. It wasn’t but another minute when I felt the cum rising up the shaft of my cock. With one final deep push, I exploded deep inside Tina. My body jerked with spasms until finally I laid down on her, tired and spent. Kathy gave one final push, buried the dildo deep inside my ass, and just laid on top of me.

I was conscious of not squishing Tina, so I rolled onto my side. The dildo slid out of me as I turned, and Kathy slid around me to kiss Tina. I watched them make out for a few minutes, then we all got up and sat on the furniture. Tina was saying that she couldn’t stay but wanted to borrow a movie. Obviously watching Kathy fuck me must have changed her mind, at least for a few minutes anyhow.

Later that evening just before work, I fucked Kathy one more time, as is our tradition. As I kissed her goodnight and prepared to leave, I thanked her for fucking me like that. We laughed over the thought we had that I wouldn’t be able to take all 12″, and she slapped my ass and told it good job too! I watched her eyes close shut, then left for work.

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