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My Neighbour’s New Toy

Catching new neighbor wither her new dildo
My Neighbour’s New Toy

Gail had lived next door only for a few weeks, but already I had become obsessed with her. It didn’t help that it was the summer when she moved in, and that she had a penchant for spending most of the hot afternoons lying on a towel in the garden. I loved it, not only because she had a fantastic figure, but also because my room overlooked her garden. It was an excellent vantage point, and one I took full advantage of. I would sit, watching as she slept, either in a one piece backless swimsuit, or in shorts and a bikini top.

She was only little, about five two (two inches shorter than me), but my God she was stunning. Her shoulder length blonde hair rested softly by her side, framing her wonderfully shaped shoulders. Over those shoulders sat the thin spaghetti straps of her multi coloured bikini top, covering her tiny, beautifully pert breasts, the nipples of which were just visible beneath the Lycra material. Then her belly, so firm and flat, but topped off with a delicate naval piercing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, and I couldn’t take my hand off of my rock solid cock. I would fiddle with its swollen tip for what seemed like hours, teasing it with my fingertips and then swirling the pre-cum around the already glistening helmet.

We had of course exchanged the occasional few words as we passed, and she always smiled and had time to chat for a moment. She lived alone, and was a freelance photographer, which explained why she had so much time to sun-bathe. She’d moved to the area to get away from her nagging family apparently, but instead of doing it to her face in the kitchen as before, it had just transferred to extended phone calls instead. They didn’t believe that what she was doing was a valid career, at least I think that’s what she said, I was staring straight into her big blue eyes as she spoke, rudely paying little attnetion as her soft, moist lips moved hypnotically below.

A few weeks later, some of her post had been dropped through my mailbox, and I decided to take it around for her. As I wandered up her garden path, I noticed her clothing drying on the line. What caught my eye was a beautiful peach coloured silk chemise, flowing lightly in the breeze. It was gorgeous, and I imagined what it must be like resting gently against her olive toned skin. I grew hard again, before I tapped lightly on her door. It moved as I rapped my knuckles against it, and swung half open. Popping my head in, I called out her name, but heard no reply. I couldn’t resist, and had to step further inside. Then I heard the TV and knew she must be in.

The layout of her house was like mine obviously, and I began heading for the front room which is down a short hallway. As I neared the door I caught sight of something in the mirror. A trick of angles, perhaps in order to make the space seem larger, meant that I could see into the room, the door of which was mostly ajar. There, in the perfect center of the mirror, was Gail, intently watching the TV with the curtains drawn. She was kneeling on the carpet, and had her hair tied up in pig tails like she sometimes had done before. The TV was quite loud which explained why she hadn’t heard me. But the most striking thing about the whole image was that she was naked. I could see the shape of her uncovered back, it’s wonderful lines and curves tracing their way down to the small of her back and the top of her pert little buttocks. I could see the tiny soles of her feet offering her bum support. It was truly gorgeous and erotic.

Then I saw what she was watching. Two women filled the screen, kissing one another passionately, before I saw a wider shot, and realised they were naked and in the throes of sex. It was very graphic and would have held my attention but for Gail, totally nude in front of it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her back. Then I was swept by fear. Fear of discovery, and I was about to turn around and leave when I saw her hand reach for something behind her. I was scared it might be the remote and that she was finished watching and would soon wander past me on her way to get dressed. But it wasn’t. It was a purple dildo which she raised to her slightly turned head, slowly slipping it past her full lips and into her waiting mouth. Eyes closed, she began to fellate the plastic cock, and even though the TV was so loud I could discern tiny slupring noises and the occasional contented moan. She obviously liked the feel of it in there.

My own hand wormed its way past my hurriedly opened fly and caught hold of my rigid prick. It was so hard. Harder than ever. I carressed it as she removed the now well coated dildo and dropped it out of my line of sight, but I guessed where it was headed. Tinny buzzing noises suddenly filled the air, and I imagined the purple plastic pressing into her clit, smearing itself with her sweet juices. I melted as she let out a delightful murmur of pleasure, and then again. Pumping furiously now on my pole, I listened as her pleasure grew. I was close to cumming, but I stopped, and suddenly racked with guilt at prying on this intimate moment, I swiftly turned on my heels and headed out, dropping the letters on the doormat as I left.

Later, I chastised myself for not staying for her moment of orgasm. I lay awake wondering what that might be like, but resigned to the fact that I would never know.

I spent the next day waiting for her to take up her position in the garden, but she didn’t. Hoping that she might be doing a repeat performance, I wandered around to hers, and once again found the door ajar. The thrill growing from the pit of my stomach, I popped my head in and called her name. She answered. Damn.

“Oh hi, uh” I stuttered, looking for an excuse, “I was uh, wondering whether you’d got the letters I’d left yesterday?”

“I did thanks,” she smiled and he face lit up, “Coffee?”

“Um, if you’re not too busy.”

Ofcourse she wasn’t, she told me in her dulcet, soft Scottish tones as she headed for her kettle. I wandered in and took a seat. For the next twenty minutes we chatted about pretty much nothing, but it was easy and never a struggle. As I finished the dregs in my cup, she suddenly remembered something.

“I’ve got something you might like.” She disappeared further into the house and soon returned with an audio cassette, handing it to me with a nice smile.

“What’s this?”

“Just an album I thought you might like. It’s a newish group, you probably haven’t heard of them. But please listen to it.”

I thanked her and told her I would, then made my apologies and headed home. As my computer booted up, and I wondered what I could write today, I slipped the tape into my stereo and let it play. Sitting in front of my keyboard, the music filled the room. It was unremarkable, but okay nonetheless. I began tapping away on the keys and soon got lost in my thoughts, blanking out the music almost immediately. Ten minutes passed and I had a craving for coffee, so I headed across to the pot. As I poured some into a mug, the music abruptly stopped and there was a break in the tape. Then a voice. Gail’s voice.

“Hi, it’s me,” it said sweetly, “Um, I didn’t want you to think you had missed anything, so I’m going to finish off for you now. I only wish I had a video camera for you.” Then that familiar tinny buzz came to life, and her voice changed slightly, “I’ve made myself all nice and wet already, and,” she gaspsed slightly, “Oh, I’m rubbing slowly, ever so slowly over my clit, swirling it around feeling my juices flowing more and more. I need to rub my nipples, so I’m going to do that with my other hand, just pressing and carressing them with my fingertips, feeling them swell as I play with them Oh.” Then a minute or so of the buzzing noise as her breathing and groaning grew deeper, “Mmm, this is really nice, knowing you can hear me. I’m going to lie back now and slip the vibrator inside my pussy.” I heard her shift and the vibrator switch off, “Mmm, ohhh. Fuck.” Then I could hear it sliding in and out, “It’s right inside me now, stretching me wide, ohhh, Jees, I’m now rubbing my index finger against my clit, imaging that it might be you doing that for me. Fuck, that’s sooo nice.” Then just the noise of her fucking herself with the plastic cock, her moans rising and her trying to catch her breath, “I’m going to come, but not yet, I want to wait a bit longer first. Mmm. I want to remember your eyes tracing my body as I lay in the garden. Oh fuck. You know I um, oh, um, I uh, got really wet as you watched me from your window, playing with your cock.” A long whimpering purr, “Oh fuck. I can’t hold on anymore, I’m gonna come just for you.” Then I heard her hands go into a frenzy as she pumped herself wildly, bucking against her vibrator and coming with passion and noise. I listened as she caught her breath for a few moments, “Come and see me when you’ve finished listening.”

I realised as the static of the tape buzzed in the air, that I had my cock in my hand, and come all over my wrist. I cleaned myself up and fretted for ten minutes about what to do. I was afraid she might be mad at me for watching her and that the tape was her way of getting me back there for her revenge. I swallowed my pride, consigning myself to my fate and wandered around to hers.

She was in the garden, sitting cross legged on the grass in her bikini. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail, and I smiled weakly as I closed the gate behind me. Her face lit up, and a huge grin grew across it. She held out her hands to me and gestured that I come nearer. I edged forward nervously.

“I’m not going to bite,” she whispered sexily as I took her hands in mine. She pulled me down to her, and we sat facing one another on the grass. Looking deep into my eyes, she held my gaze for an age, cupping my hands in hers softly. Then she leaned in close and pressed her lips delicately to mine. We kissed lightly, tentatively exploring one another, feeling the passion spread from our lips and engulf our bodies.

Then she pulled away and smiled sweetly. God she looked beautiful when she smiled. Reaching around her back, she slowly unlaced her top and let it fall to her lap. Her breasts were as fabulous as I had imagined. So pert and pretty, the nipples sticking out perkily, just begging for attention. She knelt up, and pulled my head close to her chest, feeding one of those wonderful tits into my mouth. As I teased her with my roving tongue, and her breathing grew deeper, I raised a hand to her other nipple and took it between my thumb and middle finger. Squeezing it gently, I then began to rub it with my index finger. She seemed to like it and pushed further onto my mouth and fingers. My other hand snaked its way around her and I started stroking the small of her back. That she loved. And as she squirmed closer to me, I cupped her bum and began kneading it rythmically.

“You make me so wet!” she whispered huskily. To her frustration I pulled my mouth away and asked her to show me. Smiling wickedly, she sat back and uncurled her legs. In one swift motion, she had removed her briefs, and was lying back resting on her elbows looking right into my eyes. Bending her knees, she giggled coyly and spread her legs for me. She wasn’t lying. Beneath her fantastic little blond bush, which was so downy and soft as to be almost imperceptible, her lips glistened in the sunshine. Again she giggled as her hand slipped down and parted those lips for me, and as her fingers opened them, a string of her juice grew across her opening. Her clit stood proudly erect and seemed to be singing for attention. I leant forward, but she stopped me with her foot.

“No,” she whsipered, biting her lower lip, “I want to see you.”

Hurriedly, I stripped my clothes from my body, and was just about to remove my underwear, when she stopped me again. “Not yet,” she giggled and watched me as I knelt back down between her open legs. Her fingers were still holding herself apart, and I watched as she slipped her other hand down and extended a finger towards her swollen clit. She stroked it around the right side of her bud, then quickly moved it to the other side and began flicking at it eagerly. I watched entranced for a good minute or so, when she stopped suddenly. “Now, do that with your tongue,” she purred, wrapping her feet around my neck and pulling my face onto her. She was giggling again, but gasped as my tongue darted at her enflamed button. I did as she had showed me, and soon she was moaning and writhing on the grass. With each tongue movement, she would push further onto it, urging me on with little gasped phrases, “Mmm, like that,” or “Oh, fuck that’s it, faster.”

But as I bought her closer to cumming she quickly pulled me away. Smiling through gasps for air, she began playing with her clit again. “Let me see it!” she said hoarsely. And I showed it to her. It bobbled out from its confines, its searing heat meeting the light breeze, and it’s massive head swollen bigger than ever. I was proud to see it so big, a good half inch bigger than normal, so closer to eight inches now. She smiled lustfully, and whispered, “I don’t know if I’m big enough for that!” Another giggle, “But I’ll try.” She stared right at it, “Come on then!”

“I want you to use it like your dildo,” I said and she smiled sexily as she sat up on her knees again. “Okay,” she giggled, and took it in both her little hands. Holding the base, her fingers entwined around it, then her other hand rested above it. Even with both hands, she still wasn’t able to hold it all. Looking up at me with huge doe eyes she purred, “For someone a little taller than me, you’ve been hiding a lot of meat in there!” Then she slipped her lips over my head, and as her tongue traced its shape, she giggled again, sending fabulous vibrations along my length. “You taste so nice!” she murmured with me still in her mouth, then removed her hands. They dropped to her nipples and she began to carress them much like my fingers had earlier. Slipping further onto my cock, she moaned softly again. I thought she couldn’t go any further, but my eyes bulged as she took my entire length all the way down her throat. Then her hands cupped by buttocks and she started pumping me in and out, letting me fuck her mouth deeper and deeper.

I was soon very close to cumming, but she slid off with a greedy slurp and took my cock in both hands again. Then, she lay back down, pulling me with her. She asked me to support her hips as she pushed them into the air, but instead, unable to resist, I cupped her pert buttocks. As I took her weight, she began rubbing my head against her swollen clit, massaging it with her juices and my own pre-cum. She would rub my tool up her slit, then swirl it around her button, purring quietly that that was how she used her dildo. I couldn’t hold back, and after a few strokes like that, I jerked in her hands, squeezing my cum all over her pussy and bush. It must have felt nice against her because she let out a long contented moan and began to massage my cream into her lips.

“Now, make love to me,” not a demand to fuck her, but a request to make love to her. Thinking I might soon go soft, I was about to protest, but she let me go, squirmed free of my support and dropped to the grass. Pulling me onto her, she kissed me passionately, then looked right into my eyes, “Please.” Any fear I had of losing my erection quickly faded as I pushed into her wet hole. She felt so great. Warm, tight and moist, I could feel every muscle tense around my tool. I stopped, halfway, afraid that I might hurt her, but she whispered into my ear, “All of it.” And I pushed in with ease, stretching her wide and thrusting deep. Her legs wrapped around the back of my thighs and we slowly rocked, my pubis rubbing against her clit. Quickly, she came, and then again. As a third orgasm hurriedly crept up on her, I couldn’t hold on, and just as she came, I did too.

We collapsed kisisng frantically, unable to unlock from that embrace for an age. We fell asleep in the sun.

That was three years ago, and since then we have fallen very much in love. Our sex life is extremely active and she still likes to make me tapes which she gives to me if she is going out. We usually make love all night when she returns. I love being her new dildo

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