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Lydia’s Breeding Fantasy

Lydia fantasizes about being bred by powerful men with huge cocks.
Lydia’s Breeding Fantasy

All characters are over 18 in this story.

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Lydia’s darkest fantasy was a hot one.  She often liked thinking about getting her pussy stretched, good and full, around big, hard, thick cocks.  Sometimes she’d sneak and watch dirty videos after work of hot alpha guys jerking their big dicks, and imagine sucking on them and then getting stretched out with huge dick.

She would then take out her bag of toys, a collection of huge dildos that she had collected over the years. She loved to fantasize about how it would feel to have multiple men fucking her at once. She began by placing a large dildo in her mouth, savoring the feeling and imagining having a big hard cock there instead. Next she took out one of her biggest dildos and applied plenty of lube before slowly pushing it deep inside her pussy. She closed her eyes and imagined having two or three cocks in different positions – thrusting into her from behind, stroking in and out from the front and licking and sucking on her clit all at the same time.

Lydia moaned as she felt herself get more aroused with each thrust, pushing the dildo deeper inside as she imagined each man fuckling her harder than before. With every movement Lydia’s body moved closer to pleasure as it started pounding against the dildo with wild intensity, taking it all.

Her pussy became very wet and sloppy as it took the hard dildo, thrusting it deep up inside her.  She moaned in pleasure.  Every hard thrust made her shiver with pleasure, waves of incredible need coursing through her body.

Lydia’s body moved to a rhythm of passion as she pushed the dildo up inside her, feeling every inch of it.  She moaned in pleasure as it slammed in deep and hard, her pussy taking every inch.  Lydia felt each wave of pleasure as she worked the dildo faster and harder, her whole body moving in rhythm to push the dildo deeper and harder inside her. The feeling of pleasure and arousal was now driving her wild with desire. Her pussy was hungry and wet for the hard cock she was imagining fucking her.

“Yes!” she moaned, working the dildo hard in and out, her body moving passionately in rhythm.

She could feel her orgasm building inside her as she thrust the dildo harder and faster.  Lydia then closed her eyes and thrust one of her smaller dildos in her ass, imagining something even bigger stretching her holes.

“Oh God yes! Fuck me!” she moaned.

Lydia then grabbed her vibrator and turned it on to its highest setting as she felt herself getting close to climax.

Lydia moaned as she felt the huge cock pound her harder and harder.

“Oh! Fuck me! Stretch my pussy! Fuck it! Fuck it harder!” she moaned in pleasure.

Lydia’s body was overwhelmed by the huge cock in her pussy and the vibrator in her ass.  She loved the feeling of being completely stretched and filled to the max with cock as she could feel her climax coming closer.  Lydia then grabbed her dildo and started rubbing her clit, as she felt her pussy tighten around the hard cock inside her as she started to squirt all over it.

Lydia moaned, panting as she pushed the tight vibrator up inside her ass, feeling every inch of it as she squirted hard, soaking the sheets.

“Oh! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she cried.  She dreamed of huge, powerful, virile men fucking her, getting ready to fill up her unprotected pussy with their fertile semen.

She imagined a thick, hot, hard cock in her mouth, cumming as she sucked it, loading her mouth up with cum as she swallowed it down. She imagined big, hard, thick cocks pounding her hard, cumming deep inside her unprotected pussy as she took their big loads of cum, her belly getting bigger and bigger as she got filled with loads of cum inside her, knowing she could get pregnant with several men’s cum.

Lydia opened her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror as she turned off the vibrator and took the dildo out of her pussy.

Lydia smiled, looking at her sweet, innocent face, taking the dildo out of her pussy, knowing she was fertile and ready for breeding.

Lydia thought about her deepest fantasy, and knew that she wanted to be bred.  She was ready for huge-cocked men, and she would be able to take them all, one by one, deep inside her fertile body.

She wanted to get knocked up by rough alphas!


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