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Treehouse Adventure

Jim and Sally need a house sitter. I fill in and take my gf up to the tree house
Treehouse Adventure

It all stated on a warm June day, me and my girlfriend, Nikki, were at a BBQ at our friends house. Jim and Sally were in there mid- to late thirties and had a couple of rug rats underfoot. I was sitting in the back having a beer with Jim, watching his twins run around their giant oak tree. From one branch hung a tire swing, and nestled nicely among the branches was your standard tree house. One room, one door, one window, painted with whatever spare paint they had in the garage. Up the trunk of the tree was your standard board ladder, nailed into place, with haphazardly placed nails.

Jim was flipping the burger when Sally and Nikki came out, and let me tell you, they were a sight to see. Sally, standing about 5’8”, with short blonde hair, was in a flowery sundress, her B cup breasts, sagging slightly, were bronzed from the time she spends outside. Nikki, was a little shorter, with long dark hair, her DD’s were held firmly in place inside of her polka dotted dress. Sally walked over to the grill to give Jim the tray to put the burgers on, as Nikki slide into my lap, kissing me and then taking my beer.

As we sat there, chatting and watching the kid play, Nikki leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Just think of what I would do to you in that tree house.” Now it’s a good thing she was sitting in my lap, because the sultry way she said that had me instantly hard and my Khaki pants would have done nothing to hide it. She clearly felt it, because she started to slowly grind her ass against it with subtle movements, as to not give herself away to our hosts.

When the burgers were done, Nikki headed to the picnic table, giving me enough time to quickly adjust myself and join everyone, without notice. A few more drinks and a couple hours of chatting, and it was time to head home. We said our good byes and got in our car to head out. No sooner were we out of the drive way and heading down the road, Nikki had my cock out of my pants and in her mouth. Her hand gripped the base, and her tongue circled my head before she slid her lips down my shaft. She pulled off and said, “I’ve been waiting to do that all evening” before returning to the task at hand.

I reached over, pulling her dress up, exposing her to the world, not that many people would be able to see in the dark. She lightly drags her teeth up my shaft as she pulls up to get a breath, her hand starts stroking me. I rub my hand down her bare ass, not surprised she wasn’t wearing any panties, and my fingers slid along her wet slit. She slowly slides her mouth back down my cock with a moan, as I slide a finger inside of her. This time, as she goes down, she relaxes her throat taking me deep in to her. I use a come hither motion with my finger, my thumb rubbing her asshole gently.

As we near our house, we live on a little dirt road with our closest neighbors about a mile away, I pull the car over. She looks up at me, biting her lip, as I tell her to get out. I exit my side, and walk around the front of the car, where she meets me. I kiss her deeply, before shoving her over the hood of the car. I unzip her dress, freeing her breasts, and pull it off of her. I slide my cock along her swollen wet lips, as she presses back in anticipation. In one motion, I shove the full length of my cock inside of her. She lets out a groan as I enter her.

After the 20 minute road head, I know I’m not going to last very long, so I reach around to rub her clit, as I slide my cock in and out of her dripping pussy. I pull my fingers up to taste her, and after I suck her juices from my finger, she turns and kisses me so she can taste herself on me. Nearing my orgasm, I grip her hips and pull her back into me, fucking her hard and fast. With a loud groan, I unload inside of her. She cums at the same time, her pussy clenching and coaxing all of my cum out of my cock. Drained, I slide out of her, and her fingers almost instantly replace my cock. When she pulls them out of her, they are covered in our collective juices, and she sucks them clean. She picks up her dress, lays it on the seat and sits in the car, as I walk over to the driver’s side and get in. She leans against me, lightly playing with my cock as I finish driving us home.

A few weeks later, Jim comes over to my desk and says, “Hey, my house sitter had to bail on me, and my vacation starts tomorrow. Since my house is on the way between your house and here, would you mind stopping in and feeding the cat, water the plants and just check on the place?” “Of course, Jim, I don’t know why you were getting a house sitter anyway.” He gives me the spare key, and heads back to work, after saying “Sally will leave you a note of what needs to be done, thanks man, I owe you a ton.”

The next day, after work, I swing by Jim’s and let myself in the front. True to his word, a note from Sally is left on the table. It’s the typical, feed the cat every day, clean the litter box, water the plants, etc. I figure since they left this morning, I shouldn’t have much to do, so I dump some food into the cats bowl and make sure he has water. Of course, I do what every other person in the world does, and I snoop around. I look at their movies, look at all the pictures, snoop though their medicine cabinet and look in on the kids’ rooms. Then I get to the coup de grace, the master bedroom.

I start with the dresser, pulling open the top drawer, thankfully, everything isn’t folded neatly, so snooping around isn’t going to be caught. I pull up a lacy pair of underwear, and check it out. As I rifle through the drawer, my hand hits something hard. I pull out a cd case, which has “X-mas 2008” written on it. I was thinking it was of their kids first Christmas, but recall seeing a 2009 first Christmas frame when I was snooping earlier. My judgement got the best of me, so I popped it in the DVD player on the dresser and sat down on the edge of the bed, unaware I was still clutching a pair of black panties.

What came on the screen had me picking my jaw up off the floor. In poor lighting, typical of home movies, stood Sally, with long blonde hair. The video panned from her face down. She had on a santa hat, and as it panned down, it showed her in some red lace lingerie, her breasts looked massive. It kept panning down, to show that she was also very pregnant, probably about 7 or 8 months. As it kept panning down, I noticed she was wearing a strap-on. I didn’t know Jim had that in him. It zoomed out showing all of her, and I saw her lips moving. I found the remote and turned up the volume.

“Me getting to fuck you was part of the deal of you videoing this,” Sally said.
“Well I didn’t think you meant right now, and I thought I got to go first” Jim pleaded.
“That’s what you get for thinking, now drop them and turn around,” Sally demanded.
“Ugh, fine,” Jim consented.

The camera started shaking, as it was turned towards the bed, and set down, Jim’s face filling the screen. He stepped back, to show him wearing only a pair of boxers. He bent over the side of the bed, and waited. Sally came back on screen, a bottle of lube in her hand, she was stroking her fake cock, lubing it up. She squirted a little on Jim’s backside and he visibly tensed up. “Stop being a baby,” she said as she smacked his ass. She pulled the lingerie over her head, her breasts heavy with milk, were magnificent.

Unaware that I was doing it, I had my cock out stroking it, to my best friend’s pregnant wife. She took her hand that was lubed up, and rubbed it over first one and then the other breast, tweaking each nipple, making her breasts glisten. She grabbed Jim’s ass, and pressed the head of her cock against and his hole, and pressed in. Initially, there was no give, but then he gasped, as she slid the tip inside of him. Slowly, and patiently, she eased the six inch strap on into my friend. When she was fully inside of him, she stopped to allow him to get comfortable. Her pregnant belly resting atop his ass. One hand rubbing his back as she played with her nipples, telling him he’s doing fantastic.

Surprised, because he didn’t seem to into this, I notice his cock was hard, sticking out in front of him. Sally slowly started moving again, her hands gripping his hips, slowly sliding out and back into him, getting a feel for how he is handling it. I could see as Jim relaxed, Sally started gyrating her hips a little faster, her hand reached down, and gripped Jim’s cock and started stroking him. Jim, completely into it now was moaning and moving back to meet Sally’s thrusts. I could never look at Jim the same now.

My hand subconsciously matched Sally’s speed, as I watched her tits bounce with each thrust into her husband. I grabbed the panties I had sitting next to me and grunted as I exploded into them. Quickly becoming embarrassed after I came, I just threw everything back in the drawer and left.

That Friday I was at the house again, taking care of things, watering the plants, my previous actions a distant thought, but still at the forefront of my mind. As I watered the plants in the kitchen window, I stared out at the tree, when a thought came to mind. I finished up what I was doing and headed home. When I got home I told Nikki I had a surprise for her tomorrow.

The next day, I woke up early, made breakfast, and laid out the same outfit Nikki was wearing at the BBQ. I fed her breakfast in bed, and told her to get ready and to be dressed in what I laid out and to meet me in the car. I got dressed as she jumped in the shower, and headed out to the car. “What’s the surprise,” she asked? Without saying a word, I opened her door to let her in, and then leaned in, tying a blindfold around her eyes, and tying her wrists to her thighs. I walked around to the driver’s seat, and said “get comfortable, it’ll be a while before we get where we are going.” Since she knows the way to Jim and Sally’s house, I took a few extra turns, and rough roads, so she wasn’t sure what was going on.

When we arrived, I got out, leaving the car running, and went in and opened the garage. I pulled the car in and shut it off. I undid her wrists with a warning to not touch the blindfold. I led her through the house and out the back door. They have an 8ft privacy fence, so I wasn’t too worried about their neighbors, plus it was nice out, so everyone was probably at the local farmers market. When we were outside, I slid my hand up her thigh, and said “where do you want to play first?” as I pulled the blindfold off.

After her eyes adjusted, she said she wanted to go up in the tree house. I followed her up, getting a good view up her dress. When she got to the top, and started to climb in, I climbed up a little further and buried my face in her pussy. Her legs, spread out as far as they could on the make shift ladder, allowing me just enough room to lap at her already soaking pussy. She moaned as my tongue flicked across her clit and then was buried inside of her. “OH GOD, please stop, you’re going to make me fall,” she moaned out. I pulled myself up higher, pushing my face deeper into her gash, and lifting her up off the steps into the tree house. Once she was fully in, I told her to roll over and scoot her pussy back to my waiting tongue. I stayed standing on the steps, licking and sucking on her clit, her juices gushing out, coating my face and beard, while her legs dangled out the door.

I climbed the rest of the way in, pulling her to her feet, I push her top through the window, hiking her skirt over her ass. I pull my arm back and smack her ass had, as she yelps out loud. My hand stings as I pull it away from her ass, a large red print remaining behind. I smack her again on her other cheek, to another yelp of lustful pain, leaving a matching print. I kept one hand on her back holding her out the window, while my other hand slid up between her thighs, caressing her swollen lips. I slide my fingers inside, of her slowly at first, but picking up speed.

Her moans getting louder as my fingers work in and out of her, she pushes back against my hand, urging me deeper. I stand, to move behind her, bumping my head on the ceiling. I look out the window to see the tire swing and I get an idea. “Come back down,” I order her, and smack her ass, before crawling out the door again. When she gets down the treehouse, I pull her over to me, pushing her through the tire swing. I hike her skirt up again and enter her. She moans as my cock enters her. I grab on to the tire, using it to pull her in to me. She reaches back, holding her ankles so that she is only supported by the swing, as my cock fills her. I let go of the tire, letting my thrusts move her. She stops me and says “hold, on, I want to try something.” She spins around, and takes my cock in her mouth. “Gimme a pufh” she mumbles around my shaft. I grab the tire and push her, slowly, letting her slide back down my cock. I push her again, a little further out, so that her mouth stops right at the head of my cock, and then swings right back down my shaft.

She pushes herself off of my cock, and spins upside down in the swing, wrapping her legs around my waist, I slide back inside of her. She uses the swing to bounce up and down on my cock. After a few minutes, I grab her legs, pulling them up over my shoulder. I begin to thrust hard into her, our bodies slapping together loudly in the back yard. She moans out loud, as her pussy begins to quiver around my cock. I don’t last long after that and I explode inside of her, her quivering slit milking my cum from me. After she drains my cock, I help her out of the tire and we drive home.

That was the last experience I had at the house, as Jim and Sally were coming back on Monday. That Monday, Jim came over to my desk, with a bottle of whisky, as a thanks for watching the place. Around 2 that afternoon, I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, I pull it out and see it’s a text from Sally. Assuming it’s just another thank you I check it. To my surprise, a picture started downloading. It was a picture of her in a pair of familiar black panties with white stains on them. I panicked until another text popped in, a picture of her in the panties with her hand down the front. A final 3rd text came through that said “thanks for the gift, when can I get a fresh pair?

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