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Train Ride

They didn't realize they had an audience.
Train Ride

It was an autumn evening and Katya walked along the train platform to the end; Mark was waiting for her. She smiled when she saw him and kissed his lips softly, looking into his eyes. He wrapped his arms around her waist clothed in a white silk shirt as she ran her hands round, inside his suit jacket.

“How was your day gorgeous?”

“Better for seeing you! I’ve been thinking about you all day…”

“Oh really? What about me?”

“What I’m going to do to you when we get home,” Katya responded with a wicked glint in her eye.

It was true; Katya had spent most of the day at her desk daydreaming about that evening. For some inexplicable reason she had been very horny recently and intended to make the most of it. She’d been sending Mark provocative texts all day, to which he’d responded with just as much vigour.

Five minutes late, the train finally rolled into the station. It was rush hour and Katya and Mark managed to find a wall to squeeze themselves into amongst the rest of the commuters. Mark turned around so that he was face-to-face with Katya and kissed his lips. He gazed at her long dark hair, falling into natural waves around her soft face with those full lips he loved kissing so much. He felt himself become aroused as he looked at her top, suddenly realising that it was completely translucent. He could see the outline of the flimsy white lace that made up her bra and did a very poor job of supporting her breasts because they looked, to him, as though they were about to burst out of her top. His eyes scanned down the rest of her body to the flowing black skirt that ended at her knees and her nylon tights, down to her feet clad in entirely impractical shoes that seemed to be all ‘tiny little heel’. He moved a little closer, unnecessarily, so that Katya could feel his growing cock against her thigh. She looked up, catching his eye and grinned. She rested her hand against his chest and felt for his nipple, giving it a little tweak. Mark moved his hand against her crotch area and applied pressure. Katya opened her eyes wide in protest, but as Mark pushed harder she melted into his touch, angling her body so she could feel the tips of his fingers more intensely. Slowly he began to rub her clit through the material of her skirt as Katya did her best to act normal. Fortunately they packed in like sardines and no one noticed their illicit movements.

Katya could feel Mark’s cock growing harder and brushed the palm of her hand over his trousers. He responded with a light groan and pushed up against her thigh harder. Katya was becoming wetter and she was longing for the train ride to end so she could hurry home with Mark. As the journey wore on, more and more people got off until they were the last people in the carriage. Katya and Mark lived at the last stop on the line, and not many people who lived near them bothered to commute to the city. Mark glanced around and said,

“I think we’re alone… with at least 20 minutes left of this journey…” Katya scanned the carriage and couldn’t see anyone. But she still looked at Mark with a shocked expression,

“Mark, we can’t. Not here — what if someone came in? It’s a train!”

“They won’t. Anyway, I think I might explode if I can’t have you now!”

Katya giggled and allowed Mark to kiss her neck and collarbone. He slipped his hand underneath her skirt and pulled down at her tights and underwear until they were around her thighs. Then he slipped two fingers into her dripping went cunt and began to finger fuck her. Katya gasped and clung onto the pole next to her. They began to kiss passionately as she stroked the bulge in his trousers firmly and then slowly undid the zip on his suit trousers, pulling out his fully erect cock. She pulled the foreskin over the head and ran her hands back down the shaft to the base of it causing Mark to groan loudly. Katya repeated this a few times until Mark growled,

“Enough! I want you!”

He undid the top few buttons of her top and slipped one of her breasts out of the bra, bringing it to his mouth and sucking on her nipple, while continuing to push his fingers in and out of her. Then he lifted Katya up against a small ledge and positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt. As he was doing so Katya got a whole look at the carriage. Sitting in the corner was a middle-aged businessman watching them intently with a massive bulge in his trousers which he seemed to be stroking. Katya gasped and said urgently to Mark,

“I think we have an audience.” Mark turned to see where she was looking and became even more turned on.

“Does it matter darling? He just wants to see such a beautiful woman like you get fucked. Let’s show him.” Katya grinned wickedly and Mark slid himself inside her as she moaned loudly and held onto his shoulders. At this point the businessman unzipped his flies and got out his cock, stroking it to attention. Katya had a perfect view of this and became even more turned on, enjoying the feeling of being fucked while watching another man become aroused by it. Mark held on to her breasts as he thrust into her and said,

“Let me know what he’s doing.”

“He’s got his cock out and he’s watching us while stroking it.” Katya responded quickly, in between her own moans; she could feel the familiar pleasure feeling rising. It seemed as though the businessman could also feel the pleasure mounting as he began groaning and stroking himself faster. Mark too picked up the pace and glanced round to look at this guy watching him fuck his wife. Then he pushed deeper into Katya faster, desperate for some release.

Katya watched the businessman and Mark alternately as she held Mark’s head into her breasts, urging him to suck her nipples. She let out a raspy moan as Mark slid back into her. Suddenly, there was a loud moan from the corner where the businessman was sitting. Katya looked up just in time to see him cum across the floor and the seat opposite him. Mark couldn’t take anymore and thrust into Katya a couple more times before he too climaxed. Katya felt his cum spurt into her, and his throbbing cock against the walls of her pussy and it pushed her over the edge. She temporarily lost her voice as the strength of her orgasm hit her. She leant back against the wall of the carriage and closed her eyes; that was, by far, the best orgasm she had ever experienced.

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