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The Perfect Train Ride

A life changing experience on a train
The Perfect Train Ride

As a youth I often took the train from the south of England up to Scotland – the journey from London took a good 5 hours back in those days and this is the story of one of those trips.

It probably started on a previous journey when, sitting in my seat, I happened to notice the lady down the aisle from me had a short skirt which I was lucky enough to be at the right angle of so I could see a triangle of white underwear. As my glances became more frequent I eventually caught her eye. We both looked away and since this was my first real voyeur experience I became more cagey at stealing peeks. Eventually I couldn’t control myself, slid out of my chair and headed to the bathroom where I promptly undid my trousers and quickly masturbated into my hand, my cock was just dripping with pre-cum as I pulled it out. I was fixated with the image of the tight material against her crotch and I had an extremely powerful orgasm. Returning to my seat a bit flushed I spent the rest of the journey glimpsing at her legs until we arrived and disembarked. I don’t think she knew how I had spent most of my journey enjoying the view but I certainly didn’t forget it for a while.

On subsequent trips I became more bold and realize that my exhibitionism was beginning to express itself and the train was a perfect venue to explore it. I regularly went without underwear and would massage my penis through my trousers hoping I would be discovered. I would make sure I was sitting in a seat with an un-obstructed view of a young lady and slowly stroke myself waiting for her to look over at me. It took a few trips to perfect my technique (some women moved when they realized what I was doing, some left at their stop before it could progress too far or some just didn’t notice or ignored me) but on one trip everything came together. I sat down across from a young redhead – we were facing the same direction but across the aisle from each other. She was slightly older than me (probably 21 to my 18) at the time.

She and I glanced at each other a couple of times in a harmless manner and I thought ‘well – she seems to know I exist at least’. Probably 45 minutes into the journey I had done any work that needed doing and decided it was time to give it a shot.

I leaned back in my chair and rested my hands on my lap. I turned my body towards her with my head resting on the window and pretended to get comfortable for a quick nap. She glance towards me as I moved and then went back to her work – a good sign I thought thinking she’d be aware of movements in her peripheral vision.

I rested back, closed my eyes and slowly started to rub my hand over my growing manhood. I was wearing reasonably baggy chino’s which gave me a good amount of space to expand. Peeking through my slightly open eyes I noticed her look over at me and down at my hand before looking away. Bingo! I thought and my penis nearly popped out of my trousers right then – ‘what a thrill, she had seen me stroking myself’. I continued massaging and became fully erect.

Again she looked over this time lingering on my hand, watching as I gently massaged my cock. She must have looked for over a minute and as I became more confident I pressed the material of my trousers against my shaft to ensure she could see that I was indeed doing what she suspected. A couple of times she glanced at my face and I’m not sure whether she could see my eyes partially open but I still pretended to be unaware of her. I’m fortunate that I have a very size able penis and I knew she could see what was going on.

After a few rounds of this – her looking over at me and me peeking back she put down her pen. She had caught me looking at her moments before and I thought ‘this it it – make or break right now’. She turned in her seat slightly and I realized she wasn’t looking away any time soon. I opened my eyes and she smiled at me before glancing back down at my hand which was still slowly massaging myself. Wow, I thought, she seems not only to be OK with this but actually interested in watching. I gently stroked myself and openly watched her staring at my crotch. This was heaven – a real thrill having her watch me masturbate.

After a little while I became more bold and uncovered my hand from the head of my shaft. Looking down I knew I was wet with pre-cum and sure enough there was a small dark patch where it had seeped through, about an inch in diameter. I wanted to show her this and slid a bit further around in my seat to ensure she could see everything. Sure enough the moment she became aware of the dampness her eyes just locked on my cock and she craned her neck for a better view. I was shaking with excitement and slowly stroked my entire shaft for my new audience. I couldn’t have been more turned on and the pre-cum dripping from my cock was testament to this. I watched her staring at me for about 15 minutes slowly stroking my cock trying to get the wet patch to grow – her eyes didn’t leave me from then on.

Shortly I had a decision to make – should I come now in my trousers? I wanted desperately to shoot my load and have her watch me release. But I thought it would be a good idea to unzip my fly instead. Her eyes lit up as slowly I pulled my penis out for her to see. Occasionally people would shuffle down the aisle on the way to or from the restaurant car or toilet so I hovered one hand over the top obscuring their view while massaging my now exposed penis with my other hand. I was in heaven as I saw her eyes staring straight at my shaft. I pulled my foreskin back to give her a full view of my dripping head. It was a sight to see I’m sure with my pre come glistening off the helmet.

She had shifted in her chair a bit further by this point and was adding to my arousal by sliding her finger in and out of her mouth. I didn’t think she would have it on my cock but it was arousing none-the-less. She also had moved one hand down to her crotch (she was wearing black leggings and tight green top) and was gently rubbing it against the outside of her vagina. I wondered how wet she was – how I wanted to see her underwear – with her hand inside against her flesh.

Probably 20 minutes later I was on the verge of coming again – I was gushing pre-come and almost quivering with excitement. I figured I was just going to release in front of her and let her watch my cock explode when all of a sudden she slipped out of the chair and with a gentle nod of her head beckoned me to follow. I still don’t know how I got my cock back into my pants without coming but seconds later I was following her down the aisle. She went into the bathroom and as I slipped in behind her she turned and gave me a powerful kiss on the mouth. It lasted about 20 seconds when all of a sudden she dropped to her knees and pulled my cock out of my pants. I looked down at her and for a moment she looked up at me with it in her mouth – remarkable I thought.

With one hand on my ass and the other gripping my shaft she pumped me into her mouth. Her tongue swirled against my head and within a minute I was filling her mouth with my long awaited load. Again and again I jerked against her as my balls emptied while she stayed clamped against me drinking it down. It was truly memorable and my knees were shaking as she stood up. We kissed again and I tasted myself on her – delightful. We giggled together about what an extraordinary experience it had been and decided to grab a drink from the restaurant car. She bought me a beer which was nice and we spent the rest of the journey talking in the area at the end of the car. She mentioned that some others around us had been aware of what was going on but couldn’t quite see us. I’m glad I didn’t know but was so focused on her it wouldn’t have mattered. I later asked whether we could go back into the bathroom so I could return the favor but sadly she said it was her period. Repeatedly she reached down and played with my cock but sadly I wasn’t to get off with her again. We eventually reached our destination and after picking up our bags from our seats parted ways on the platform. I follow behind her and watched as she was greeted by her boyfriend with a passionate kiss. Little did he know.

I often tried to duplicate this event on subsequent trips but never really succeeded to a great extent. Even now when I take public transport I often sit with my legs open slightly so someone might see a bit too much up my shorts or make myself hard and hope to catch someone glancing down and seeing my erection. It’s enjoyable when it goes according to plan but sadly I think the perfect trip was a one off.

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