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The Fundamentals

Abel Lewis livestreams himself to his audience of incels to show them how to eat.
The Fundamentals

After years upon years of live streaming his life in hopes of teaching young men all over the world tolerance and common sense, this was a level no one thought could be crossed, especially by a guy like Abel Lewis. One of the top streamers in the world and more known for his PG13 approach to sexual content. Maybe there were enough “fuck”s and “pussy”s to toe the line of R, but that was as far as it went. Before now…

Sitting on his bed in a setup that was still new and hard to really get adjusted to the man, some would call “the voice of the current generation / society”, had more on his plate than even going over the delicacies of today’s political atmosphere. Slender smooth legs laid open in front of him, supported by straps of the sex swing the thirty-year-old streamer had installed just that morning. Around the same time, he met this beautiful woman who was offering her time and body to the betterment of men everywhere.

As stunning as she was, the only part of her body that was in view of the livestream was her neatly trimmed pussy. It was obvious as Abel worked to set up the stream that his assistant was getting aroused and heated up for what was coming. It was almost as if he could feel the radiating warmth or smell her leaking juices. It was getting hard not to touch when such a pristine pussy laid waiting before him, clit poking from the hood with the hope of more stimulation. It was crazy what a little want and open circulating air could do to a bare cunt.

There was nothing hotter than such enthusiastic consent.

Going live felt so… otherworldly. Even though he had shared just about everything about his life with his vast community, this had to be over some kind of line. He was a grown-ass man, hairy all over, wrinkles even and he was just sitting there with his well-built and worked on torso on display and a bare, needy pussy waiting beside him. It was a paid stream, charity of course, and even before announcing the details of his plans he had made more money than he ever had in one day. All of it going to a good cause and only able to be put to such good use because he was going to, one day, be showing his cock on the platform. One day.

First things first. The fundamental act to perfect.

“Alright, looks like you guys are horny as ever. Bet you’ll be happy to finally get some payoff,” the chat was already roaring with life, and they were coming in at an almost impossible rate. Abel took a moment to slow the text down to a reasonable speed, his hand going to cup her heat emitting pussy beside him out of pure instinct. How could he not play with it when it was so close? And from the slight sound that came from his new friend and the way she trembled under his big warm palm; Abel could tell she needed it, maybe even more than himself. His thumb began caressing soft, careful circles around her aching nub to make an attempt at soothing her passion slightly.

Raking his fingers through the messy tuff of dark hair he sported, Abel leaned in and kissed the juicy inside of her thigh softly. “Before you guys get the goods, we gotta go over the most important skill to have if you want most women to want you and enjoy herself. Take anything you’ve heard from those incel pickup artists and trash it,” he mumbled. “This is all you really need to know,” Abel couldn’t take his eyes off the meal awaiting him. Not even to read chat yet. But he was sure of what was being asked by the ones that truly needed to learn just what he could be talking about. What was this one golden thing they needed to know?

“Look, eating pussy is the best skill you can refine. No need to be nervous, the slick and lips taste fucking heavenly. There’s a reason people compare it to eating peaches. Every woman will probably taste different, but I have only ever had it be unpleasant when they are not freshly clean,” Well, even then… Abel was still using the pad of his thumb to stimulate the woman, making her gasp and whither under his touch. “She’s having a really nice time too. Don’t worry, you guys know I did this the right way,” he mumbled, dragging his fingers between her lips to gather some juice and show it to the camera. “Look at that… I would describe it as a warm nectar,” he mumbled, sucking his fingers clean quickly. “Once you taste it, you’ll know if you’re into girls. If you don’t like it, in all seriousness, try sucking the boys off,” Abel joked, unable to keep it too serious.

you’ll have to show us that too, himbodaddy~

Abel rolled his eyes when he finally caught a message in the chat. Of course, it would be that. The thought had already crossed his mind… shamefully. Secretly, he had tried once and hated it. But lots of straight girls also hated the taste of cum apparently. It just wasn’t his thing. In his experience, Abel couldn’t name one straight dude he knew that had tried pussy and not liked it. Still, it could come across as sexist and whatever other offense someone wanted to take from it.

Not that he wouldn’t try again just to help part of his community out. Sucking cock that was. They meant everything to him. Had given him a life he could have only dreamed of about a decade ago. For that, he felt this was just another part of what he owed them.

It was part of his lived knowledge after all.

While thumbing her clit and even sliding it between soaked folds, Abel took a moment to actually read what his audience was saying. “Eating pussy is life-changing. If you’re good at it, it doesn’t matter if you’re short, hairy, bald, or a smelly weeb. Though, I don’t recommend relying on it in place of bathing unless you want girls to get their nut then the fuck out of your sheetless bed,”

In no way was Abel under the impression that he was qualified to do this. But he had a loud voice and for some reason, people listened and even soaked it in. He could at the very least try. His eyes were drawn back to the pussy laid out before him. The stranger had a very pretty body, her little pink slit open and waiting for attention with her clit poking up confidently against the pad of his thumb.

“Fuck… I can’t keep entertaining you nerds,” he mumbled, moving so he was completely facing the snack before him. “Just watch me. If you have patience… you can do this. No teeth though,” Abel just wanted to get it all out because the moment his tongue ran between her juicy lips, it was over. He’d be sucking on this woman’s perfect cunt till he had her gushing for him. It was exactly as he described to his fans and more, when it came to taste. His tongue was rolling over her clit with the hunger of a man dying of thirst. Like he needed her thick slick to survive another moment. Abel ate this woman like he fucking fell in loved her.

It was, thankfully, obvious she was enjoying herself. Her moaning was soft at first as she tried with everything she had to keep it from getting too loud, red cheeks clashing against pale ivory skin. All at once, slender knees came up and clamped on Abel’s head. Lucky the man’s quick, strong grasp held her steady in the swing. “Woah, baby. Relax,” he chuckled, speaking against her pussy before gently blowing in her clit. “Gotta keep the view nice and open for them, yea?” The deep vibration on her cunt had the young woman trembling. And the view was *crystal clear* as his tongue lapped away at the drenched snack before him.

The messages on his screen were flashing up at a seemingly impossible to decipher, though Abel caught them here and there, his eyes used to the pace by then. It was nothing he needed to address right away, so he kept focused on the work in front of him, using the woman’s body to learn just how she liked it while still showing off his movements and being… educational?

It was hard to say, but there were more and more memberships being paid as the livestream grew. So, Abel allowed himself to think of the whole thing as a net positive because if he didn’t, he would have to stop because of nerves that popped in here and there. The way he lapped, and his tongue teased the nub showed how much he didn’t want to do that. This woman, who was doing such a brave service, tasted way too good and she was giving him every seductively lewd reaction he could ask for, even if he did have to keep a tight hold on her hips to keep her from wiggling out of view.

She was cumming.

He could feel it a good handful of seconds before as she began bucking against his hold more rapidly. Thrashing would be the better term, but only Abel would know that from how it felt. Seeing them, it would be little more than a bit of extra squirming. “F-fuck~” the woman broke her quiet low sounds finally, her voice wobbling as she teetered on the edge of ecstasy. Abel began to suck on her clit in a playful manner, unable to not have a slight lift in the corners of his lips as he finished her off in a wave of pleasure and slick.

Any stubble on his face was instantly soaked in the warm wetness as she gushed, making it impossible for him not to smile and let loose of her clit, using his tongue instead to bring her down. After another, softer gush, the streamer couldn’t help himself and just leave it at that. Having gotten consent to all this beforehand, Abel slipped a finger inside her slowly. It was only one, but he had some big hands and thick fingers to match. “Sometimes,” he started with a gruff tone, sitting up straight from his meal and quickly using his other hand to wipe his face before grabbing her fleshy hip again. “You gotta milk ‘em a little. Use your finger, or more if she likes it, and curve it slightly to point up at her tummy from the inside. Start gently brushing the walls till you find her g-spot. Not only will she let you know, but you’ll feel it,” his voice smoothed out as he explained this action just as he did anything else.

Like the presidential election. Or some internet drama. It was his superpower when it came to getting through to thousands of thick skulls.

“Milking” was the best word he could think of for what it was like. Finding her spot had been easy enough, her hips jerking and her voice coming out at a higher pitch. “There we are… now, not all women have them in the same spot. You’ll have to find it if you want it, boys,” he chuckled, now assaulting the spot and pushing more and more of her slick out of her along with blissful moans.

He was the only one getting to see the good shit. The full picture. The expressions this goddess was pulling. Her dark black hair hung behind her as she laid out in the sex swing, shaking from her own horny pleasure. Her head was tipped back and her torso, only being covered by a thin white tank top, was to die for. Heavy breasts without the cage of a bra looked like heaven’s clouds the way they settled on her chest. Tummy nice and flat with just the perfect amount of pudge around her lower belly and flowing to her thighs. This woman was delicious and just looking at her was enough to keep his cock seem like it was growing from how stunning the view was. Keeping the “model” anonymous had been mostly for her safety. But only mostly. Abel had a thing for being the only one to see her completely. Just another way to cuck all his views to add to the current list. Eyes glazed over and heavily lidded gazed off at a random point on the wall. The woman wasn’t all there as she finally gave her last little spurt, tensing up, and with that her body was well past exhausted.

There was cheer-type emojis flooding the chat, drowning out anyone there just to bitch about not being in the streamer’s position. There was a lot of pride, more than he would have expected, just surrounding Abel. Showing off like this had been scary, but somehow it came to him so damn naturally in the end. And now, he had conquered another girl, she was fucking brilliant as well, and shown the droves of smelly neck beards in his audience how to care for the women they craved so much.

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