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The commute

Commute gets interesting when the train stops unexpectedly
The commute

Sierra sighed as she closed her laptop and stowed it in her bag. Done for another week.  She slung the bag over her shoulder and headed to the Lieu. She locked the stall door and pull the pink toy from her bag. She hesitated, the toy dangling between her fingers.  She had been waiting all day to try this but was still nervous about doing this. She took a deep breath and exhaled to firm up her resolve. Her panties were already wet, they had been for the last hour thinking about what she was going to do. She pulled down her panties and slid the toy in place and turned it on. She looked down at her panties and thought no sense in putting them back on, her knee-length dress covered plenty. She turned the vibrator to a low setting through the app on her phone and exited the stall.

The two-block walk to the subway station was nerve-wracking, but also as the vibrator pulsed away inside her.  She made it to her train with 5 minutes to spare and decided to kick it up a notch.  She put in her headphones and selected a playlist syncing the toy to the rhythmic beat of the music. Her cheeks flushed as the vibrator did its work.  There Is a cold breeze no one would notice or care about her flushed cheeks.

Sierra boarded the train unconcerned about the noise it would make knowing that the noise of the ride would cover it.  She took a window seat and sat back and closed her eyes letting the pleasure wash over her as the energetic bear of “All about that bass” played in her ears and echoed through her pussy. She was vaguely aware that someone had sat down next to her, but she paid them no mind. 

A few minutes later and things were getting a little harder for Sierra she was hard-pressed not to move her hands toward her throbbing clit.  All of a sudden the car stops and the lights go out. The slight din and mechanical sounds of the travel no longer hid the sounds of the vibrator.  

She fumbled to get her phone out of her pocket in the dim orange emergency lighting.  

She opens the app to turn it off when a hand grabs her wrist gently but insistent.

 She looks over to see the smirk on their face in the dim light from the phone.

They gently take the phone from her. Adjust herself so the toy doesn’t make contact with the seat. Good that muted the buzzing and the conversation started again if a little quieter. She bites down on her lip trying not to moan as this stranger increases the vibrations.

Their other hand traces the hem begins to trace the hem of her dress caressing. Before beginning caress her inner thigh. Their fingernails teasing along the soft flesh of her thigh shed shoulders and stifle the moans attempting to escape her lips.  

Their hand further slides along the inner part of her thigh, and the noise from the train fades as their hand brushes her lips. They pulse the vibrations up and down in quick succession.

The vibrations increase as they begin to flick and play with her throbbing clit. Juices flowing freely from her pussy. She bites her lip again, lip holding back whimpers threatening to escape her lips. Knowing won’t last long, she looks over barely able to make out the smirk in the dim light.

The vibrations increase and the fingers continue to massage her clit until she can’t take it anymore. With a  “holy fuck” she orgasms gushing all over the stranger’s hands As the lights come on and the train begins to move again.   People’s heads turn toward Sierra’s flushed face but she is beyond caring lost in the orgasmic high. They retract their hand again, running their nails across your inner thigh causing another wave of pleasure.  The vibrations stop and she begins to control her breathing. She finds that her phone is back in her hand.  The stranger is gone. She gets up at her stop noticing she has left a slight wet spot on the seat. She exits the train and notices a new notification “A new friend has been added to the Toy control app.”

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