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Spare panties

After discovering a shared exhibition kink a couple decides to go flashing
Spare panties

Will was 32, brown shaggy hair and piercing blue eyes and a fat throbbing 8inch dick that he was piston fucking his gorgeous girlfriend Claire with behind a low wall which wrapped around an air conditioner for a nearby building.

The wall was low enough that Will had Claire bent over it watching for passersby Will had seen the formally dressed woman n the third-floor window who was watching but since her reaction had been to slide a hand down her panties Will had winked at her and not told Claire.

Partly he wanted to fuck but he was in love with being watched, Claire was moaning like the dirty little whore Will was letting her be finally, he had promised that if they were caught by a guy she would beget a spit roast.

She moaned a bit louder hoping to draw a crowd.

Claire is 19 5 ft 3 short red hair blue eyes a tight pink freckled body with a boyish tight ass that she loves having fucked, a flat belly with a ring in her navel, and a perfectly smooth plump pink pussy that is literally dripping a small puddle between her legs as she Feels wills balls slapping her clit and his cockhead battering at her cervix, fucking in and out of her thrumming quim.

She was thinking of the couple who had seen them fucking in the car, she had been sucking her new daddy’s perfect sized pussy probe while he told her about the places he had fucked outside, in the woods, in an ex-girlfriend’s back yard while her parents were home, the giggling girl telling him they were probably fucking themselves thats what they usually do when they come home to an empty house.

“She told me she likes sneaking around until they are alone and then she jill off listening to them”

They had parked at the lot a few blocks away while she still had her face in his lap, he had pulled in and opened the door while holding her head still and facefucking her slow and deep while turning and putting one foot out of the car so he could spread his legs.

“You ever listen to your parents fuck?”

He asked her not to let her off his tool.

My parents divorced when I was 5 but I have had several sets of neighbors whose sexual sounds have gotten me going. I try to imagine how long his dick is based on the frequency and duration of her moans, she felt his cock throbbing and his hands gripping her head tight and knew he was thinking about how loud she had been that morning while he plowed her ass and she had just let it go until pounding on the wall made them aware that the other couple they shared a trailer with and that couples three kids 4 5 and 9 were right on the other side of the thin aluminum wall.

She was screaming right into as he fucked her ass mercilessly, he didn’t stop either, just stuffed her dirty panties in her mouth and told her about the teen boy he sometimes saw watching them fuck from a spot across the narrow street.

“I mean I love to be watched but if you’re going to try to call him I’m going to give him a Show”

Will had then picked her up and swung her so that her naked and impaled college coed body was fully on display to the window and anyone outside would see her pussy and titties and see his fat cock disappearing into her.

She kept screaming thinking of her close friend who was sitting with her husband surrounded by her three kids and listening to claire being fucked like an alter boy not 5 feet away she screamed into her dirty wet panties as she came hard enough to pass out.

He had picked out her outfit while she came back from her cum.

A very short skirt and panties that were sexy enough not to obscure her shave but opaque enough to prevent getting arrested or raped for tying a shoe, except he picked some fuck-me heels that didn’t tie, they didn’t fit the outfit which she could tell Will had been thinking about showing the whole world his sexy little fuck toys pink bits, the skirt short enough to show off the bottom of her bottom, the vest designed to expose her flat belly and slim hips open to show side boob and cleavage and short enough o show the bottoms of her boobs from the front or sides and certain angles to either side would have a good chance of catching a nip slip.

He got her big purse and had put three pairs of panties in it along with her leash and the remote-controlled vibrator.

He had also included a set of kneepads that made her tremble where was he thinking of making her kneel for him she had been unable to stop herself from sucking his big cock while he drove them to campus where he had shown the kissing couple her face in his lap making eye contact with the brunette girl whose boyfriends eyes were focussed on Claire’s bobbing head.

Claire had climbed up and sat on the throbbing hard wet purple tool Will kept using to touch her heart and lungs and ribcage she looked right into the boys eyes as she bounced up and down letting her face go slack and knowing she looked like a total slut the girl holding the hand of the boy who had forgotten her was groping for his cock but where Will and Claire were inside a car and only obvious to the voyeur couple.

The younger couple were in plain sight of the ROTC runners who came around the corner then. They quickly walked away while will closed the door, a few minutes later they ducked into the enclosure where the single and reserved data entry manager who was jilling herself at the window watching the man who seemed to be her age giving what every girl needs to a girl who was barely legal if the dirty-minded good girl giggled as she felt waves of pleasure wash over her and bit her lip to keep from alerting the frumpy middle-aged and very married coworker who was 7 feet away lost in his work and un aware that his secret wet dream crush and bathroom jerk off fantasy was about to cum at the table where he ate his lunch.

Kelly saw the skater boy slide around the corner and find himself looking into the rolled-back eyes of a girl whose mouth was full of panties and who was obviously getting her brains fucked out will whisper in her ear: well slut you picked the place I guess its time or you to show daddy how well you can multitask.

Take those panties out of your mouth ask him if you can please suck his cock while your daddy gets you pregnant, give him the panties in your as a cumrag and souvenir, and tell him daddy asked him to jizz all over your face for me and your audience up there.


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