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Putting On a Show at Camp

A couple renews excitement being watched.
Putting On a Show at Camp

The sun had begun to set in the sky a few hours ago. Meghan and Chad’s children had been enjoying s’mores by the campfire when the rain began. Everyone rushed into their tents and soon the campground was quiet except for the steady rain and occasional laugh from a nearby tent. The rhythm of the rain and a day filled with hiking and swimming had the children soon sleeping. Meghan’s mother had decided to call it a night too. She had been up early making the kids breakfast and was quick to fall asleep.

The pitter patter of the rain had stopped some time ago. The ground was mostly dry already from the warm summer night but the air still held that clean fresh scent. Meghan took a deep breath in and enjoyed the mountain air. It had been hot all day but the evening had cooled to a warm but comfortable temperature. Meghan loved spending time as a family but couldn’t help think about getting Chad alone. Little chance of that happening here she thought.

As soon as the rain had stopped the adults had emerged from their tents. By now the kids would all be sleeping and the adults would take their places around the community bon fire. Chad had picked a spot for their tent away from the fire. He had known the drinking and loud behavior would begin before the sun set and he wanted to keep the kids far enough back they could sleep. That hadn’t stopped him and Meghan from joining in the drinking every night! They didn’t really know anyone but the people were all friendly.

They smiled at each other and began walking to the fire. They could already hear the voices around the fire. Before they could get there Chad grabbed her arm and pulled her just off the trail. He pressed against her, pinning her back to a tree. He wrapped his arms around her and leaned in. He kissed her deeply on the lips and began trailing his kisses first to her ear, then slowly down her neck. Meghan was worried because she had been sweating but Chad greedily kissed her flesh. Licking the salt from her skin. He nibbled on her neck gently while pulling her to him. His left hand ran up her side to squeeze her breast. The thin t-shirt she was wearing did little to defend against his advances. He quickly had her nipple hard and began teasing it, forcing a small noise to escape her lips.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

His right hand slip down her waist to the skirt she was wearing. He boldly slid the skirt up her leg and let his hand inside. She still had the swimsuit on she was wearing earlier. Meghan gasped as he slid his hand over her. Feeling her slit through the material he ran his fingers over each side, forcing the fabric into her a little. As his finger ran over her clit a small shudder wracked her body. He continued his assault on her neck and breasts while he teased her below. Pushing the material deeper into her till he could clearly feel her slit. His finger paused on her clit. Rubbing it gently , then slowly running his nails across the fabric. It felt electric to Meghan. It was almost too strong a sensation brought on by their frustration but even as her knees shook she was held tight to the tree. They had been so close all week but unable to have sex with the children and her mother there. Now they both felt the need growing in them.

She reached down and pulled him urgently to her. “Would I do it?” She thought. Would she fuck him right there just off the trail with other campers so close. The thrill of getting caught had always been a turn on for her but that was in her younger years. Now that ember of desire was stirred up again. Her mind was made for her when he slid the fabric aside.

She felt hot to his fingers. Her skin was on fire. When he pressed a digit inside he was rewarded by her hot wet pussy. He found a rhythm with his finger getting her wetness to the outside. He curled his finger in and found her g spot while his thumb again began teasing her button. Her knees threatened to buckle but he pressed her tighter to the tree. Suddenly he paused. His thumb pressed tight , his finger to the hilt, deep inside her. His left hand teasing her hard nipple with a gentle twisting. She knew they weren’t well hidden. Anyone could walk right by. Anyone could be watching now. Concealed by the gently moonlight. Watching her publicly being enjoyed. Her body exposed to them.

His kissing on her neck had stopped. He looked deep into her eyes and seeing the heat there he kissed her deeply. Then he let go of her breast. Slowly slid his finger out, pulled her suit back straight and stepped back. She was shocked. Well on her way to an orgasm that was much needed and he had stopped her cold.

He smiled and pulled her to him. Then he resumed their walk back on the trail to the fire. He led her with a hand around her waist and a quick step. At first the shock of the sudden stoppage had floored her into silence but now she was less than thrilled with his teasing. They might not get another chance and with 3 days of camping left to go she needed him. She needed to feel him inside her. They had been having sex almost daily for months now and this break was killing them both.

“What the fuck was that? ” Meghan asked with a voice still breathless from their play.

“A warm up.” He replied with a small cocky smile.

Meghan wasn’t too thrilled about his behavior but knew it was pointless to argue. Besides, it really was a bit risky. People walked that trail constantly at night to use the rest room or get more beer from their coolers. Maybe he had other plans for her. Their love making had been daring and adventurous so far. Maybe tonight would be special. She tried to let that thought console her because if she had to go to bed this horny he was going to pay for it later!

Most of the other 20 tents set up their were families. About half had representatives around the fire that night, around 15 total people were there already drinking and laughing when Chad and Meghan joined them. By the look of things most had been drinking in their tents during the rain. They smiled and offers of beer were quickly given. A few people had joints but Chad and Meghan kept to the booze only.

The evening progressed as usual. Beer flowed. Stories were told. Slowly their numbers dwindled down along with their inhibitions. By the time they were down to around 3 couples and a few guys the conversation was almost exclusively about sex. Chad joined in laughing and sharing some interesting experiences along the way. They always had spoken openly and honestly so there was little that came as a surprise to her about his sexual explorations. Between their earlier play and the talking about sex Meghan was frustrated. Chad had been teasing her skin while sitting there. He had his hands on her back gently brushing her. Or they had been up on her neck. Caressing the skin there. They would kiss and occasionally he had even taken the opportunity to brush his hand across her breasts. Always his hand was on her. Just not enough or the right place to take care of the need she felt.

He felt it too. She knew the flush on his face wasn’t just from the fire. The occasional twitch in his pants as he grew a little. He wanted her too.

Finally the older couple from Oregon called it a night. It was now down to just the two younger guys there on a camping trip through the northwest and another couple from the Seattle area. Both guys had drank so much they looked in danger of passing out. Both had their eyes nearly closed. The couples however seemed to still have energy. Chad and Meghan were talking quietly when he nudged her arm indicating with his head towards the other side of the fire. The other couple had been kissing deeply and passionately. But now he had openly began caressing her breasts. They were younger maybe in their late 20’s and still obviously very much desiring each other.

Her shirt was unbuttoned and his hand inside pulling her bra down. She had small breasts but they looked pert and firm. The direction they were sitting on a log made it hard to tell but her hand seemed to be rubbing him through her jeans. Maybe it was the beer, maybe the lack of sex but Meghan stood up to see what they were doing.

She was surprised to see not only was she rubbing him but that he had slipped his dick out of his pants. In the dim light of the fire it was hard to see how big he was but it looked like the girl was enjoying it. Chad had also stood up and had taken a seat just to the side of Meghan on a picnic bench. Meghan sat down next to him but Chad quickly pulled her into his lap. He began kissing her deeply. His tongue exploring her. He squeezed her breasts. Meghan could feel his dick pressed tight against her under her skirt. He was hard, so very hard. She instinctively ground into him. Her pussy instantly responding. She dug her fingers into his shoulders urging him on.

They continued rubbing against each other through their clothes till Meghan had enough. Still perched on Chad she looked back at the other couple. The woman was sucking on the guy. His head was back and he was unaware of anything else. The woman however was staring right at one of the younger men. Looking the young man right in the eye as she worked her head up and down her man’s hard shaft. She pulled off slowly and never losing eye contact she began licking it. Her tongue teasing the tip, then slowly engulfing it in her mouth again. The young man brazened by the beer and her bold attitude was rubbing his crotch where an obvious bulge had developed. They both seemed to enjoy the teasing show she was giving.

A twitch under her brought Meghan back to reality. Chad’s dick had pulsed at the sight of the blowjob. He was grabbing at her with an urgency. She felt a cool breeze through her skirt. She felt down with her hand and realized he had untied her bikini bottom. She was covered only barely by her skirt and her bare pussy was exposed from the front to Chad. He slipped her bottoms into his pocket and ran his hand under her waist. With her sitting spread on him her hips were opened wide. Yeah for Yoga he thought. He skipped teasing and went straight for the pleasing this time.

She was wet and inviting as he slipped two fingers deep into her. She moaned a little at the sudden . Her hips began working on their own. Fucking his fingers and rubbing her self on him. She felt the need inside her building fast. She looked again at the couple by the log. The woman was laying on a blanket, her pants were off, strewn carelessly about one leg. Her boyfriend was entering her. By now the young guy had stood up and had his cock out. He was openly stroking his hard dick. Watching them from only 5 feet away. Meghan stared at him while her hips rubbed against Chad’s fingers.

The sight of two men’s erections, one being stroked sordidly and openly, the other fucking a young woman’s wet pussy was giving Meghan a head rush. Her stomach quivered with excitement. Coupled with the teasing earlier, the beer, and now Chad’s fingers urgently inside her was quickly pushing Meghan over the edge. From where they were they could hear the sounds of the couple. Low groans and moans and even the sound of friction from his hard dick entering her very wet hole.

Unsure how he would react she reached down and undid Chad’s pants. To answer the question in her eyes he pulled them down quickly, his dick springing up, slapping her lips as it stood straight and ready. Chad pulled his fingers out of her and ran them over himself. The wetness transferring to his tip so as Meghan sat down he easily entered her. She could feel the head of him settle against her insides. He was long enough in this position that he reached the end of her perfectly. It was as if they were made to fit each other. She began working back and forth, sliding up and down, teasing Chad.

The effect on her was instant as well. She could feel an orgasm already building. The excitement of seeing other people having sex and the build up from earlier made her race towards the end faster than usual. Chad pushed her top up with no resistance and began kissing her chest. He traced kisses from one side to the other. Pausing to lick and nibble on each nipple. This further excited the release she was feeling growing inside. He was lifting himself up into her with enough passion and power to raise her off the ground. The position was working well on her. She felt the flush of orgasm continuing to build. She looked back again. The couple was now in doggy style and still going at it. She could hear the slap of their bodies colliding in an animalistic way as they tried to meet their needs with their flesh.

The young guy was closer now. Standing just feet in front of the girl. Her shirt pushed up. Breasts exposed and swaying with their motion. He was aiming himself right at her. No one was hiding anything now. Her boyfriend had a tight grip on her hips and was sliding deep inside her. She continued to watch the young man but her eyes never left his dick. Licking her lips and putting on a show with her body and her moans. She was being so slutty but for some reason Meghan was turned on by it.

Chad couldn’t believe what was happening. He knew the other couples had passed joints around but they hadn’t smoked. So what was their excuse? Beer and horny was all he could think of later. Right now his mind was on the hot wet hold Meghan had on his dick. She was going deep on it. He loved the way she felt. Over the last few months they had learned about each others bodies. She was using that knowledge tonight. She knew just how to move to give herself an orgasm and the way she did it felt great for him. He was using his hand as well to caress her there. By adding to the stimulation he knew she would come soon. He had learned what pressure to use and what motion to bring her over the top.

Chad had a better view of what was happening next to them. He stole glances occasionally but mostly he was watching his girl. The way she ground her hips into him was driving him crazy. He did notice when the young man got up and walked over to the couple on the blanket. He also noticed the other young man staring at Meghan. She had perked up when she heard he was a yoga instructor earlier in the week. He was outside the tent everyday practicing. She seemed to appreciate the spandex shorts he wore. Chad didn’t mind, she was always respectful and if she got turned on by him he knew he reaped the benefits of her arousal later.

Chad couldn’t believe what he was doing. Later when he though about it, he would still get an instant erection but what possessed him to act this way was never clear. He slowly raised Meghan’s skirt up over her hips. This gave the young man Chad only jokingly knew as Yogi a full view of her ass. It also gave him a clear view of Chad sliding in and out and how wet she was. Yogi stood up and walked closer. The swaying motion told Chad how drunk he was. He sat down on a log only feet away from Meghan and watched her. He kept licking his lips as he watched her expert motions against Chad. The constant sliding in and out of his erection, the pull of her lips against his shaft slick with their excitement.

Chad wasn’t sure how she would react but decided it wasn’t worth getting in trouble or causing a fight so he decided to tell her. He leaned in and whispered “you have a fan…” Meghan turned and saw the young Yogi rubbing himself through his shorts as he stared at her ass. She paused only a second then giggled and resumed her motion. Chad knew he was off the hook. If anything she was more dramatic in her motions. Giving the young man a very impressive show.

She couldn’t believe she was letting this happen but she was too turned on to care. Deep inside she had always enjoyed the idea of being watched. She had never performed so openly but the effect was awesome. She was quickly reaching her climax. She felt the warmth work through her whole body as it tensed and quivered. She was holding it off for a moment more. Chad reached behind her and slid his hands over her ass, opening her, giving her admirer an even better view. She saw Yogi pull his cock out, already swollen and purple from excitement. With no further encouragement needed he began to rub it. Quickly, he was drunk and looking to come fast.

Chad saw it and motioned for him to come closer. He sat on the picnic table near them. He had a view of the front of Meghan now. Her shirt pressed up, her large breasts red from kisses and excitement. Chad continued to play with her running one hand over her ass, sliding it between them, stroking her. The other in the front, pushing her buttons just right. Driving her toward her climax as he felt his own building inside.

Just then the young man moaned and leaned back. She saw his dick twitch as he climaxed. His cum shot onto the table and his body tensed in rhythm as he came and came. He moaned and slowed his motions. She felt her whole body go tense, the sight of another man that excited for her was too much.

Chad was close now too. She recognized the little noises he was making, the urgency at which he was trying to get her off before he did. Her body squeezed tight and the feeling just flooded every inch of her skin. Then the first wave of orgasm hit her. She released and her legs began to quiver, refusing to keep the rhythm and hold her up any longer. Chad picked up the motion driving her over the top as her body was no longer responding. It racked with orgasm as she came on him. He felt her muscles tense around him as she came hard, milking him in a way he couldn’t resist. Finally they just pressed together as Chad began coming inside her. He pulled her deep onto him and rubbed as she felt his come empty into her. They moaned as their sexes, wet from their love making, slid against each other, grinding out the pleasure they felt and extending the feeling.

Finally she just slumped against him. Both of their chests heaving and their breathing hard. Occasionally twitching as the electricity they felt burned through them. Meghan’s hair was damp with work, Chad’s arms were shaking. Finally as their bodies slowed he reached down and pulled her head to his. Whispered in her ear, making her smile and turn to him, looking deep into his eyes. They kissed deeply and for all the excitement of people all around at that moment they were the only two people in the world.

Slowly, reluctantly she stood up, feeling him slide out of her. She suddenly felt empty but the urge to answer mother natures call took over. When she came back from the bathroom only Chad remained. He smiled and pulled her to him.

” I don’t know about you but I am hot after that. Everyone was going to go to the lake and go skinny dipping. Wanna go?” He said with a twinkle in his eye. A cool dip did sound nice. Plus who knew what actions would take place in the water. She wasn’t sure the best wasn’t yet to come.


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