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Peeping Tom at the Library

Lucy meets the peeping tom, and gives him a show!
Peeping Tom at the Library

There’s a peeping tom in the library.

Everyone knows it. You go to use the single bathroom, and if you don’t lock it, the man’s got his grubby eye against the crack in the door.

Lucy knows about this man. It’s what makes what she’s about to do even hotter.

See, she’s always had a thing for public sex. She could never find a hardcore partner to participate in it though, too afraid of being arrested or mocked at, but just the idea of someone accidentally seeing her get plowed five ways to Sunday…sent her core shivering in delight, pulsating and slicking itself in eagerness.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

So yes, she knows about the peeper.

No, she does not lock the door when she enters the bathroom.

Instead, she hikes her tight little skirt up above her waist, and extends her leg out to rest against the handicap bar. The mirror catches everything, including the fact she’s not wearing any panties at all, and if one examined her pure white button up shirt a little more, they’d find her lack of bra wanting. With all this ready, she settles in, toes curling a bit as one shoe clatters to the ground with ease, her fingers diving between her thighs.

She’s an expert at getting herself revved and going by now, considering she’s owned this body for nigh on thirty years. Her fingers tease around the edges of her folds, slipping between them once or twice by accident and she lets out a breathy moan.

Lucy’s done this in this very bathroom enough times to know it doesn’t matter how loud she gets, no one’s heard her yet.

She slides her fingers across wet folds, her breath stuttering softly as she rocks into her own hand. For a moment, it’s gentle and pleasing, then she curls her fingers and catches the nub of her clit, making her hiss in delight.

The door creaks.

She smiles.

Thing is, this is going just much too slow for her, so she slides her fingers away with a groan, fumbling for her skirt pocket, and pulls out Old Reliable.

It’s a cheap little pink vibrator, a bit discolored from use and only takes two triple AAA batteries, but that dinky little thing has brought her to more orgasms than she can even count! So, it stays.

She fiddles with the top, cursing softly, then clicks twice for her favorite speed, bringing the head of the vibrator down and angling herself to give a show in the mirror. The head of it buzzes angrily, and once it meets her clit, she’s arching up, holding tight to the bar next to her as she moans in delight. Her chest heaves as she’s brought quickly to the edge, her body rocking in excitement as she starts to push the vibrator against her harshly.

She moves it a bit, taking away the vibrations to her entrance, making her whine breathlessly and recover. The vibrations are always somehow duller when pressed against her hole, and she’s never been one to be pleased with a quick one. Still, she has to remember she has an audience, so she sucks in a heady breath and brings it back up, pressing against her clit and doing her in.

She arches again, garbling out a cry of pleasure as she cums, squirting and ending up getting it on the mirror. She faintly reminds herself to clean it off as her body jolts with pleasure, hips canting up and hammering at the vibrator that feels like it’s locked in to her nervous system before it increasingly becomes too much, and she has to force it off, body curled down and breathing heavily as pleasure sparks across her body.

She meets the eye in the mirror, and she smirks.

The eye blinks, then crinkles like the person is smiling, and then they disappear, shutting the door.

Once cleaned up and looking like nothing happened, she goes to leave, and notices a very obvious, white stain on the door…

Looks like she’ll have to do this again sometime~


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