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On My Car

She gets off while watching a girl get screwed on her car
On My Car

Natalie lay in bed alone and awake again at 2am. It had been a while since there had been anyone next to her in bed and the build up of sexual tension inside of her was getting too much to bear. She found herself waking up in the middle of the night horny as well, normally after a steamy dream, but even masturbation was losing the ability to satisfy her. It seemed that the price that Natalie had to pay for a successful career was a totally unsuccessful sex life. Her frustration wasn’t helped by the fact that her next door neighbour had recently taken to bringing home a much younger woman who seemed to have the energy of an Olympic athlete and the scream of diva. Even though she was happy for her neighbour who had been on his own for a while it was very frustrating to hear every groan and scream of his new relationship. Even though the July night air was warm and Nat had the window open her nipples were standing to attention and refused to ease off, the heat inside of her was getting unbearable.

At that moment she hear loud talking at the bottom the street and she dreaded the thought that it might be the guy next door coming home for the night with his girl in tow.

“What were you doing in there?” a deep male voice asked, Nat could tell that he was a little drunk and oblivious to the fact that he was talking quite loudly.

“Nothing” replied a female voice, she sounded unsure of herself and it was perfectly clear that she was lying.

“I don’t believe you, what were you doing?”He asked again. Natalie rolled over and tried to ignore the domestic that was about to erupt right outside her house.

“We weren’t doing anything, just drop it ok.” The girl sounded guilty as sin and Natalie was quickly getting the impression that there has been a bit of an indiscretion, typical yet another person who was getting laid that fate wanted to make aware of.

Natalie moved over to the reclining chair that she kept in her bedroom by the window to have a peek at the couple outside, they were pretty young, early 20’s probably and they were dressed to kill. The girl had a short pink dress on with a pair of killer heels while her boyfriend had on a pair of jeans with a white shirt that was unbuttoned to half way down. Natalie couldn’t understand why this girl in front of her would go anywhere but him for her fill because he was gorgeous. Just at that moment he pulled his girlfriend off the pavement and in front of Nat’s shiny black BMW and gripped her shoulders, the situation looked life it might get a bit nasty.

The guy looked at his girlfriend and said “Tell me what you did.”

There was aggression in his voice and Nat considered calling the police. The girl didn’t answer but instead just bit her lower lip slightly.

“Right ok then have it your way. Turn around.” He ordered.

His girlfriend’s eyes widened slightly but she silently obeyed. Natalie was gripped by the drama that had managed to distract her from her frustrations but she knew that it wasn’t right to just sit and watch, what if he hit her which was looking more and more likely.

With one easy movement the man pushed his girlfriend down onto the bonnet of Natalie’s BMW and pushed her dress right up revealing nothing but a perfectly round and naked ass. God why did this have to happen outside her house, she didn’t know what to do, the girl had been pushed down and exposed on the bonnet of her car but she couldn’t take her eyes of the girls ass.

“See I know that you had underwear on when we came out and now it’s gone so how do you explain that?” his voice was still forceful but the aggressive edge had gone.

This certainly was a strange way to react to finding out that you partner had cheated on you. The girl attempted to answer but nothing comprehensible came out, and within second the man slipped his fingers insider and pushed hard causing her to groan.

“And you are very wet so I want you to tell me what you did.” He asked again.

Natalie could feel herself getting wet at the sight of the strange show outside, she brushed her arm against her little silk shorts and felt a small buzz in her clit. Oh god this was bad, there she was watching two strangers have a bizarre sexual encounter on her car and all she could think about was getting off.

Just at that moment the girl decided to give up some information, “We just kissed and touched a bit.”

His fingers were still sliding in and out of her and the words came out interspaced by little pants and sighs.

“Who touched who first?” he demanded.

“She pulled down my top and stroked my breasts.” She admitted.

Whoa hold up, she pulled down her top? It all became clear to Natalie now, no wonder the guy was acting the way he was, yes he’d caught his girl cheating but it was with another woman and he was clearly very turned on by that. Natalie had to admit she was pretty turned on by it too and as a result she had slipped her hand inside her shorts and was now slowly rubbing her clit, which was so erect and sensitive that it felt like it was going to burst. She pushed the recliner back and spread her legs slightly wider never taking her eyes off the furious fingering the girl was getting on her car.

“And what did you do?”

“I, I err took her top off and put her nipple to my mouth.”

The man threw his head back slightly and let out a moan, “You’ve never done a woman before, how did you know what to do?” he asked.

“I did to her what you do to me, I gripped her nipple with my teeth and flicked the tip of tongue across it while a grabbed at her other breast.”

Natalie could feel the juices welling up in her, begging for penetration. She slipped two fingers inside of herself and let out a very small moan.

“Then what happen?” he asked while pulling at his zipper and releasing his throbbing cock.

“She pushed me back and pulled my knickers off, she slowly ran the tip of her tongue over my clit.”

The girl panted feeling her boyfriend poised but not quite in her. Natalie had a great view and she could see that he was making her wait. He was punishing her for going elsewhere and at the same time building an immense sensation of anticipation himself.

“She went down on you and you loved it.” He said and just girlfriend admitted that was exactly right he gripped her hips and pushed all the way into her.

Natalie’s fingers were working overtime, pushing up right inside of her to mimic that penetration that she was seeing on the street below. She could feel he build up of energy inside and she knew that she was close to coming and she wasn’t even getting screwed. With her other hand she grabbed at her breasts, flicking the tips of her fingers around her nipples wishing that it was the hands of the couple below all over her body.

The man continued to thrust in and out of his girlfriend and her moans turned into screamed. Suddenly he pulled out and flipped the girl over spreading her legs wide. Natalie noticed that her car bonnet was the perfect height for getting fucked on and made a mental note to try it some time.

“Did you go down on her?”

“No I didn’t know what to do so I just slid my fingers inside of her.”

“What did it feel like?” he gasped as his thrusts became harder and his face relaxed indicating that he was close to coming.

“It felt really wet, just like when I get myself off when you’re not home.” The girl replied.

“Really wet just like me.” Natalie muttered as she thrust her own fingers faster and faster into herself.

“Did you make her come?” The guy shouted and he pulled on her hips drawing himself deeper and deeper into her.

“Yes, yes, she came.” The girl rasped, “Just like… I’m gonna….. come.. now.” She screamed.

Natalie felt her own walls tighten around her fingers and a massive wave of orgasmic bliss came over her. She threw her head back and closed her eyes letting on her own little discreet scream. As she did she heard a deep roar from the street outside as the man shot his load up into his girlfriend.

Natalie lay there for a moment quietly panting and enjoying the after tremors of the best orgasm she’d had in a long time. She cast her eyes back down onto the street down and watched as the couple untwisted themselves. The girl slid off the car bonnet and pulled her dress down while her boyfriend zipped his pants up. He leant over and kissed her deeply, all signs of aggression completely gone. He slung his arm around her shoulder and they started to walk off down the street.

“Babe you can screw as many women as you want as long as you promise to tell me all about it.” He told her as they turned the corner and left the street.

Natalie got back into bed and wondered exactly how strange it would be getting into her car tomorrow morning.


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