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Massage So Soft

A soothing massage takes a teasing turn.
Massage So Soft

Have I ever told you about my soft, warm hands? When they touch you a pleasant shiver will run up along your spine. Tell you what, instead of just telling you, I’ll show you how they feel. And if you like it, tell me and I’ll give you more.

Let’s find a place, then it’ll be time for some pampering. I’d have you lay down on the bed, wrapped only in a towel. Candles burning provide soft light easy on the eyes and cause shadows to bounce on the walls.

Rubbing my hands together to heat them up more, I’d sprinkle some massage oil on your back, start to rub it in. Oh babe, I can feel that tension in your shoulders, all the way down your spine. My fingers would loosen that up, thumbs gently circling, searching out all the tight spots.

Mmmmmm, doesn’t that feel so good….my hands wandering all over, taking extra care on the back of your neck, your shoulders, working on your back. Fingers starting to work their magic, spreading warmth and good feeling lower and lower, down to the base of your spine, then dancing back up again.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

No hurrying or rushing here, just close your eyes and enjoy. I know I’ll love touching you, feeling your skin….the oil makes my hands slip and slide. That very gentle friction providing soothing heat, I can feel you start to loosen up. Grabbing ahold of your feet, my thumbs press firmly into the soles, rubbing all the soreness away. My hands running all over, your soft skin feeling so supple and smooth.

Up and down your calves, working out those kinks. Fingers tickling that especially soft spot on the back side of your knee and then I’m up to your thighs. Mmmmmm, have I ever told you how much I like thighs? Yours are soooo soft and smooth, my hands gliding along. Hard for me to concentrate at this point, my fingers are in heaven right now, feeding off your softness. And damn, baby, your ass is right there…oh what an ass!

I put my lips to your ears, tell you just how beautiful you are, a vision before me. I can’t resist kissing your ear, my tongue capturing your lobe in my mouth. Mmmmm, is that a small moan I hear?

My hands feel so warm on your thighs, but I can feel a different heat there, one even stronger than my own. I gently spread open your legs, my mouth laying kisses down your back.

You’re becoming quite wet, nothing arouses me more than that knowledge. It’s MY hands, MY lips bringing you to this place of good sensations. My fingers slip between your legs now….fuck you are so wet. Slick and hot, your syrup feels wonderous as I spread it around. Teasing your lips, my fingers gently tickle, lightly rubbing around and around.

Turning you over on your back, I climb in between your legs. We share a deep, passionate kiss…it’s great to finally see you babe, and you’re even hotter than I imagined. You body glows in the candlelight, the sheen from the oil sparkling. My god you are sexy, a goddess down here on earth, brightening up my life. I break our kiss, my lips now nuzzling your neck, my fingers still stroking your pussy, blissful in the hot moistness.

Mmmmm, moving lower, I lavish licks on your breasts, my tongue circling your nipples, flicking and gently nipping. Fingers slip inside you now, so unbelievably hot there, and a gasp slips from your mouth as your pussy clenches around me, my thumb tapping a pattern on your little nub, making it rise up with desire. Now your hands are moving, fingers tangled in my hair, pushing my head lower and lower…I think I know what you want, you’re craving the feel of my tongue licking up and down your slit, aren’t you?

Oh babe, it’s all yours, and you can feel my breath right now…my mouth hovering just above your puss, tempting you, teasing you, a very sensual torture. My fingers pumping in and out…oh yeah, your hips bucking upwards, meeting each thrust. My hand is soaked, your juice dripping down my wrist…I want to taste you, but still I tease. My tongue giving just the lightest of licks, almost not touching, really only a hint of heat. Still you gasp, you know my mouth is right there, you’re pushing but I resist.

Suddenly your legs wrap around me, and fling me on my back. Such a powerful move, taking me by surprise!

Now you’re on top of me….lust filling your eyes. “Tease me, John?…I don’t think so, you’ll lick this pussy and you’ll lick it NOW!!” you shout, your voice shaking with raw need.

Lowering yourself onto my face, mmmmmm, I’m smothered with your pussy. So fucking good, my mouth starts to devour you, my tongue on your clit. You grind up against me, your hands and knees on the bed,providing your leverage. Bucking on my face, you feel my hands on your ass, pulling you tighter on top of me. My finger, wet with your juices, starts to explore, circling your sweet ass. Cum baby, cum all over me, coat my face with your juices.

Moaning so loudly, you’re right there, and as my finger slips inside you, keeping time with my tongue on your clit, here you cum…..mmmm that feels good. I feel your back arch as you pound into my face, your muscles tingling now.

And just like that, with a loud shout, you collapse on top of me, your breath coming in spurts, your heart pounding deep inside your chest. All the day’s aches and pains now long gone, you enjoy this blissful feeling I’ve given.

Somehow we’ve merged into one being, our hearts and lungs matching perfectly, melding together. Though exhausted and spent, you know it’s only temporary, you can feel the recharging starting to begin. So tell me babe, tell me what you really want.


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