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Lady In The Window

The lady across the street liked getting fucked in her window
Lady In The Window

The lady across the street liked getting fucked in her window where I could see her. On more than one occasion she would wave at me. She also knew that I took pictures and video of her with all of her men. She was notorious around the neighborhood for her one-night stands. She would let them find her, feel her up, and then fuck her in the window.

Every Friday and Saturday night I would get a treat. Luckily my bedroom was in the front of house and my parent’s bedroom was in the back with my sister’s bedroom.

Lois, the lady across the street, had a special window in her bedroom that was sunk back in and had a small porch or balcony outside of it. It was protected on both sides by the walls of her house. My house was probably the only house that could see her. The window was a full set of sliding glass doors. She had curtains and drapes over them but she would open then to put on her shows for me.

Now at the ripe old age of fifteen, I had been watching her for several months. I had seen probably fifty or more different guys fuck her up against those glass doors. Mostly she faced me and bent over getting fucked from behind by the guy. Meanwhile her tits hung down and jiggled around for my viewing pleasure.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

When she was finished she would open the glass doors, stand up straight and proud, and then she would take in a deep breath, even in the wintertime. She knew that I was always watching her. Like I said earlier I also took pictures and videos of her.

Lois was a woman of about thirty-five. She was divorced, didn’t have any children, and worked as a secretary at some pretty big company. She and her husband had moved in across the street several years ago but it didn’t work out and she kept the house. Not long after they split I noticed that she went out every Friday and Saturday night. She dressed really nice too but Mom sure wouldn’t approve. She always wore really nice outfits to work, but on weekends she dressed to get attention and I was sure that she got it too.

She started out by waving to me often and she would step out onto her tiny balcony and give me a twirl and a wave. I showed her my camera and sort of asked her permission to take a picture. She understood me and posed. Not long after that she started getting fucked right in front of that window and exposing her nakedness to me afterwards. She knew that I took pictures of her.

One day she caught me outside and invited me into her house. I went in gladly.

Lois said, “You must have quite a collection of pictures of me by now. What do you do with them?”

I replied, “Nothing. I just look at them.”

Lois said, “You don’t jerk off to them?”

I blushed and confessed, “Well yes I do. But I can’t let my mother catch me doing it. She’d have a fit.”

Lois laughed and said, “So don’t get caught. My mother caught me doing it a couple of times but no matter how much she beat me I couldn’t stop. I loved the feeling when I orgasmed. I still do.”

I asked, “You still masturbate?”

Again Lois laughed and said, “Yes, occasionally. But mostly I orgasm with a nice hard cock pounding into my pussy from behind while I watch your bedroom window. If I don’t look at him I can pretend that it is you fucking me.”

I gasped.

Lois smiled and said, “I have wanted to tell you that for a few months now. I know the way that you look at me and you make my panties moist. No man has very looked at me the way that you do.”

I blushed.

Lois asked, “Would your mother understand if you came over after I got home and we made love?”

I choked and replied, “Not on your life.”

Lois asked, “Is there any way that you could come here without your mother knowing it?”

I though about it and said, “I think I can come in your back door from the other street if old lady Smith doesn’t catch me.”

Lois asked, “What does that old busy body care?”

I replied, “Just that…she is a busy body. If she catches me sneaking into your house she will tell my mother just to cause trouble.”

Lois smiled and said, “Then don’t get caught.”

I too smiled and then I said, “But I’m here now.”

Lois replied, “So you are. I guess you would like to make love to me then. Come on.”

With that said she grabbed my hand and pulled me up to her bedroom. She simply undressed as if I had seen her do it a hundred times. Actually, I had never seen her undress before and was disappointed that it was over with so quickly. I undressed while she watched me.

Then I watched Lois as she got on her bed on her back and lifted her knees, opening them up for me.

I asked, “Don’t you want to do it front of the window?”

Lois answered, “No. First off you are not in your room watching me have sex with strange men. Second I only give it to them from behind so that I can think about you fucking me. Now that I have you, I want to see your face while we make love.”

I smiled and climbed up on the bed between her legs and let her help me get my hard-on into her pussy. She looked beautiful lying there naked, she smelled real good too, and her pussy felt great wrapped around my cock. I couldn’t have picked a better girl to loose my virginity with. Lois was the woman of my dreams and I knew that I would never forget her.

I held myself up with stiff arms and my hands under her armpits right next to her breasts. I looked down at her dark pink nipples admiring their stiffness as I fucked into her pussy. She smiled sweetly and massaged my back and ass as I stroked into her. It didn’t take nearly as long as I wanted it too. I filled her with my cum and lay down on her heaving breasts to rest. Lois hugged me to her and told me how wonderful it was to finally make love to me. We kissed and we cuddled until I was hard again. She helped me get back inside her and we made love all over again. That time it lasted longer but still not long enough for me. However, Lois was more than pleased with it and asked me to come back the following day as soon as she got home from work. I made her promise to undress slowly so that I could enjoy it.

I was waiting in the bushes along her house when she pulled in. I whispered to her when she opened the car door and she smiled. Then she got out slowly, opening her legs up for me. As I looked at her pretty pink panties Lois said, “My panties are so wet that I had to spread my legs and turn up the air conditioner on the way home…but it didn’t help because I just kept getting them wet again thinking about you.”

She unlocked her side door and held it open so that I could slip inside unnoticed. Once we were both inside and out of sight she grabbed me, hugged me tightly, and kissed me deeply. While she kissed me she humped my leg like a dog but much nicer. Her skirt rose up and her very hot pussy rubbed against my pant leg. I had been hard for an hour waiting for her to come home but now my cock actually hurt and needed immediate relief.

Lois must have sensed it too and dropped to her knees, released my cock, and slipped her mouth over the head of it. That was all that it took. My cum started shooting into her mouth forever but she swallowed it all. Then she smiled up at me and said, “We both needed that.”

Up in her bedroom she put on a slow motion strip tease for me that was even better than I had imagined. In essence she pretended that I wasn’t even in the room with her and just went about her daily routine.

She removed her blouse and looked at herself in a mirror for a moment. She removed her shoes and then she removed her skirt and looked in the mirror again. She then picked up her blouse and skirt and placed them in her dirty clothes hamper. She put her shoes back in the rack in her closet where they belonged. She then picked out clothes for the evening. I smiled when she picked out the sexiest top and skirt in her collection of weekend wear. Finally, she smiled at me as she removed her bra and massaged her bare breasts. She removed her panties and rubbed her pussy for a moment before inserting a finger and tickling her clit until she cooed sweetly.

Finally Lois said, “Do you still want to do it in front of my window?”

Hell yes I did but I only said, “Sure if you want too.”

She opened up her drapes and hooked them back in two cute cloth straps, she opened up the lacy white curtains, and then she grabbed onto the handles as I had seen her do on many occasions. She thrust her butt out at me and beckoned me to stick my cock in her. I did stick it in her and I reached around to cup her breasts as I slammed into her. It was a fantastic feeling. Doing it in the window with just the slightest chance of getting caught was outrageously exciting. Just as I cum in Lois she screamed out her orgasm and I looked up to see my mother standing on our porch looking up at us. I panicked but Lois just smiled and waved at my mother. Then she waved for Mom to come over. I could not believe that Mom walked toward us.

Lois told me to get dressed and come down to the kitchen in a few minutes but mostly she told me to calm down.

Lois put on a thin almost transparent red robe that just barely covered her pussy in the front. As she walked away I smiled because the robe did not cover the bottom of her ass cheeks in the rear.

I sat there for a minute and then I washed myself off before getting dressed. I sat on her bed for another minute calming down before I faced the firing squad. Slowly and quietly I descended the stares listing for the screaming and hollering that I was sure was happening. I didn’t hear any.

Mom was sitting at the table with her back to me and Lois was just turning around with two cups of coffee in her hands.

Lois looked at me and asked, “Would you like a soda?”

Mom turned around and scowled at me but she didn’t say anything. I watched Lois bend over in the refrigerator to get me a cold Pepsi. In the process she flashed Mom and I her beautiful pussy from behind. We could both see my cum glistening on her short pubic hairs and her inner thighs. Lois smiled at us both and put my soda on the table. We both sat down with Mom and all of us took a drink.

Lois asked me, “Can you keep a secret?”

I replied, “Yes of course.”

Lois asked, “How long have you been spying on me and taking pictures?”

I replied, “A few months.”

Lois asked, “Have you told anyone or shown the pictures to anyone?”

I replied, “Not a single person, I swear.”

Lois said, “I believe you. I needed to convince your mother.”

I looked at Mom and she blushed.

Then Lois said, “If you can keep another secret, you can keep coming over here and make love to me and I won’t have to go out to a bar to pick up strangers.”

I nodded my head that I would keep the secret. Lois looked at Mom and Mom nodded her head in agreement.

Lois said, “Okay so it’s settled. You see your mother and I have been lovers for a few years.”

I smiled at Lois and then I looked at Mom. She was blushing and staring into her coffee cup. Right then I realized why Mom was staring at Lois’ pussy when she was bent over in the refrigerator earlier.

Lois said, “Your mother loves to eat my pussy after I’ve been fucked by a stranger the night before. It was her idea for me to seduce you and let her eat your cum out of my pussy. Would you like to watch?”

I looked a Mom blush again and then I looked at Lois, “I’d love to watch Mom eat you out just so I can fill you back up again.”

Finally Mom said, “I’m glad you said that. I’m tied of strange men fucking my girlfriend with you jerking off all of the time. Now we can keep Lois in the family.”

Lois said, “Besides she can eat me out a lot more often now too. Can’t she?”

I replied, “You bet.”


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