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Fun Times At The Gloryhole

A man enjoys his first glory hole.
Fun Times At The Gloryhole

I’ve always wanted to visit and experience a glory hole, having heard the rumors about them at adult toy shops and bookstores.

I’m a 28 year old straight single guy. My sex life had been lacking excitement and variety for some time, spending way too much of my time and energy caught up in my job. I’ve been a real estate agent for a little over five years. Today’s troubled housing market has required me to work many more hours than before just to make ends meet.

I’ve dated off and on, never finding the right girl for me. Either the sex was dull or they couldn’t accept the time I had to dedicate to my job. For me anyway, a steady girlfriend was just too much aggravation and expense to endure.

My name is Kevin. I’m 6 feet 3 inches tall, weigh about 190 pounds and most of my girlfriends would probably say I’m a pretty good looking guy. I work out a few times a week, watch my diet and try to get my eight hours sleep every night.

I don’t know when or where I acquired this interest for glory holes, I think it was a day I was surfing the net and discovered Craigslist. Out of curiosity, I found myself browsing through the many sexually explicit ads, people looking for hook-ups or no strings attached sex.

Most of these ads were men looking for other men, that just not being my thing, but every once in a while I’d notice an ad from a couple searching for a single male.

I’ve always had a fantasy of joining another man, fucking his wife. I had my doubts about the validity of these ads, it just sounded too good to be true.

Then I discovered an ad posted by a couple looking to meet a man or a few men at a local glory hole, I hadn’t even known there was one in the area. So, I figured what the hell, I replied to the ad.

To my surprise my email was answered asking me to provide a couple with a photo or two of my equipment, them saying they were only interested in glory hole sex. They made it know for certain that there would be no physical contact other than through the hole in the wall. They also wanted to know my stats, including my cock size.

My curiosity got the best of me, I had no photos of myself nude so I decided I’d take a few. I got out the digital camera and put an x-rated movie in the blue ray player to put me in the mood, bringing my cock to full erection.

I’ve been told I have a nice cock, having measured it at between 7 and 8 inches depending on my level of excitement. I’ve never been bashful or ashamed of the equipment I have, most women I’ve been with have been quite satisfied with my size and performance. Like any other guy, when I didn’t have a current girlfriend, I’d masturbate often to take the edge off. I’d either watch a porn or read a story or two on

I took the pictures, being fairly pleased with the results and emailed the couple my photos. Within minutes, I had an invitation to meet them at the local porn shop that evening. I was instructed exactly what to do and which booth to go to.

I was very nervous, having never even been in the place, not knowing if anyone would even show up but figured I really didn’t have anything to lose. So I took a shower, did some body trimming and grooming expecting the best. I put some nice cologne on and shaved, then dressed wearing a nice pair of slacks, my sexiest underwear and a nice button down shirt.

I know it was just going to a porn shop but figured if I was respectful, clean and polite, maybe something good would actually happen. I could hardly contain my excitement of meeting total strangers, not knowing what if anything would happen.

I arrived at the store, about 10 minutes early so I could check the place out, making sure to find and occupy the booth they requested me to be in. I entered the store and slowly and cautiously checked the place out, finding a curtain toward the back of the store.

I pulled the curtain back to find very dark hallway, with doors along the corridor, each numbered. As I snaked my way through the area I found door number 6, the room the couple had asked me to be in. Luckily the door was unlocked, the room empty.

I entered the tiny room noticing a television screen with a dollar bill slot beneath it. I wasn’t born yesterday so I put a few dollars in the slot, the screen coming to life with a few couples going right at it. I sat on the bench, getting in the mood by watching the movie. As I looked around the tiny stall I noticed a hole in both walls to the sides of the bench, allowing visual access to the rooms on each side of me. The holes looked large, certainly a lot larger than needed to do what I knew their purpose was. Each hole was about the size of a softball or grapefruit.

I glanced into each room, both being vacant as I continued watching the movie. On the movie were two guys, one fucking this gorgeous gal with big tits as she had the other guy’s cock stuffed in her mouth. I was already getting excited, this being the scenario I was hoping for. I was certainly too bashful to actually undo my pants and stroke my cock, knowing at any moment someone could enter a booth next to me, catching me in the act.

All of a sudden, I heard the door in the booth to my right close, a movie partially lighting the booth. I was very tentative about looking into the room, not wanting to scare anyone off if indeed the couple really did show up. I figured I’d let them set the pace and have complete control. I didn’t want to come off as obnoxious or rude by sticking my face into the hole.

I could hear the movie next door, even thought I may have heard some rustling, sounding like clothes being removed. I was really getting excited now, barely being able to contain my growing erection, straining to be freed from my slacks. I fought back the urge to look through the hole.

I sat still, trying not to stare at the hole as I continued watching the movie, a definite tent noticeable at my crotch. It was almost becoming painful. I had to reach in and adjust, lifting my cock to stand upward in my pants, the head now pushing against my waistline. At least I was a little bit more comfortable.

I stole a glance at the glory hole to my right again, noticing a set of eyes looking back at me, a woman’s eyes. My couple must have actually showed up. I had no idea what if anything was expected of me as I froze, not daring to move.

I tried to keep my eyes on the screen in front of me as these eyes stayed focused on me. I noticed the eyes disappear and taking their place was what looked to be a gorgeous, full breast with a large erect nipple stuffed into the hole. I couldn’t believe my eyes, now staring at this beautiful tit.

“Suck my tit,” came a female voice from the other room, muffled by the breast now filling the hole.

I didn’t need to be asked twice, also being careful not to do anything I wasn’t instructed to do. My tongue gently brushed the nipple, stimulating it even more as it hardened. I carefully and gently ran my tongue around the nipple, then took it in my mouth, my tongue still circling as I gently sucked.

My cock was about to burst from my pants. Her tit was so firm, silky soft and large. She smelled incredible, like lilacs, though not overpowering. I held her breast in my hands now, feeding her tit into my mouth as I continued gently sucking as my hands caressed this wonderful, full breast.

I could actually hear her moan now as her tit seemed to be pushing into the hole, I think she was being fucked from behind. Suddenly her tit was pulled from my mouth, leaving me staring into the hole. I could see two bodies in the booth, a man and a woman. Both were naked, the woman still being fucked doggie style by her man as he held her hips, rocking back and forth. Her tits were swaying to his movement as he pushed himself into her.

“Take your cock out, give it to me,” she said, her face now against the hole. All I could see was her nose and mouth now, almost inviting me to present my cock as her lips were slightly parted.

Her hand was now reaching into the hole, extending in search of my offering. I quickly removed my shirt and pants, now naked with my cock already erect and throbbing. I stepped closer allowing her hand to reach my cock as she ran her fingers along the underside, now cupping my balls.

Wow, great cock,” she whispered through the hole.

Her hand grasped the base of my cock, gently squeezing, then lifting to stroke the full length of my shaft, stopping as her hand encircled the head of my cock. Her index finger rubbed the slit of my cock, smearing my moisture over the head. My cock twitched in her hand as I felt my shaft expand, swelling to the expectation and anticipation of what was to come.

“You have a beautiful cock, so big and tempting,” she said.

I didn’t dare move, totally mesmerized by the moment and her erotic touch as she continued teasing me, my cock twitching to every beat of my pulse, the veins on my shaft filling with blood as she aroused me.

Her hand grasped my cock very firm now, pulling me toward the hole in the wall as I willingly stepped forward until my stomach was pressed firmly against the wall.

She now had both hands around the shaft of my cock, each twisting and stroking my shaft’s length.

“Isn’t his cock beautiful?” I could hear her say quietly to her man.

“He has a great cock. It’s so big and fat too, just perfect. I want to see you devour it,” he answered.

It was so erotic, having these two unknown people admire and talk about my cock, not knowing what would happen next.

I could feel her hot breath on the head of my cock now as her hands gripped the base of my shaft, holding it steady. I felt her tongue probe the hole, collecting my moisture, then her lips surrounded the head of my cock, as her tongue caressed the underside. She knew the sensitivity a man felt by doing this, sending shivers down my back, actually making me quiver in excitement. She really knew all of the tricks, she was a master. I couldn’t wait to see just how masterful she was.

I could tell she was no longer being fucked as she must have been on her knees now, both of her hands working my shaft as she slowly sunk my cock into her mouth, applying pressure with her lips as she lowered onto my shaft.

Her tongue continued encircling my cock as more of my cock was surrounded by her hot, moist breath and saliva as it continued to disappear into her mouth.

As her head slid back up my cock I could see the slick saliva she was coating my cock with, I loved how I could hear her slurping as she sucked, her lips applying pressure making my cock feel like it was in a tight pussy.

She continued her seducing of my cock, slowly and gently, then slid down my shaft again, taking almost all of me into her mouth. I felt her nose touching my pubic hair, her tongue still working the underside of my cock masterfully as she held me deep within her throat.

Her throat was now milking the head of my cock, I could feel it contract as she gagged me deeper, inching me completely down until I was pressed firmly against the wall, her nose pushing into me hard. She was inhaling me now, not moving anything but the muscles in her throat as her hands cradled my balls, sliding her fingers toward my asshole.

I swear I could feel a second set of lips, now sucking my balls, one at a time into their mouth as my cock remained deep within the other. Yes, my balls were now being sucked as well. I was getting a blowjob from both people on the other side of the wall.

My cock was finally released from the stranglehold of the wonderful throat it was buried in as her lips commenced rising and falling on my cock now, taking all of me each time her head pushed forward. I was forcing my cock as far as possible into the hole, my body flat against the wall as her mouth fucked my cock.

The other mouth was now sharing my cock with her, I think they were alternating sucking me, I could feel two sets of hands all over it now, twisting and stroking my shaft as their mouths devoured it. I lost track of who’s mouth was doing what, it really didn’t matter as my eyes were rolling back in my head, I was lost in complete bliss.

The mystery of not knowing who these people were was very erotic, complete strangers giving my cock their total attention. The pace quickened as the mouth was now rising and falling quickly, consuming my entire shaft as hands continued massaging my balls and the base of my cock, almost squeezing it as I again heard her gagging me deep within her throat, slurping and sucking on it.

The throat massage on the head of my cock was becoming almost unbearable as I felt my orgasmic eruption begin to build. Her suction was incredible as her hand quivered gripping the base of my cock. I could tell she was again being fucked from behind as her face was being forced into the glory hole with each push she received from behind.

The man fucking her was now moaning as I heard his balls slapping her ass each time he pushed her forward into me. Her moans were muffled by my cock filling her mouth and throat, she whimpered as I was certain she was cumming, her hot breath became pants as she gripped my shaft tightly with her lips.

Her orgasm must have finished, she started plunging onto my cock again at a feverish pace while milking me with her hands. My cock was swelling and twitching, my sperm making it’s journey up my shaft as I tried to clench the wall.

My asshole was even contracting as I felt my first surge of hot cum erupt from my cock, forcefully shooting from me as I pushed forward. Her mouth engulfed my entire cock. I felt her throat contract, strangling the head of my cock as she gargled on my first load of sticky sperm filling her throat. She didn’t gag, she inhaled as I erupted a second time, growling as she moaned, muffled by my entire cock filling her mouth.

This woman was incredible, my cock was buried in her mouth, her nose buried in my pubic hair, pushing hard against me. She was forcing me even deeper in her mouth. Somehow she was masterfully caressing my shaft with her tongue as her throat continued milking me.

The other person’s tongue was trying to get a piece of my cock, though all was buried in her mouth. I could feel the other tongue tracing her lips as my cum oozed from the corners of her mouth. The other person was eagerly searching for my fluid, trying to get whatever was escaping from the vacuum of her mouth.

I was cumming a steady stream now, semen flowing from me with such force never felt before. I could hear her now choking on my cum, unable to keep up with the heavy, constant flow emptying from deep within me. My cum was pouring out from around my cock, running from her mouth as the other person eagerly consumed it.

My cock continued to spasm for what seemed like eternity, may ass still clenched tight as I forced each ejaculation from my body until my orgasm felt like an ooze now, just barely leaking from the tip of my cock. She sucked hard now, drawing my final drops of semen from me, milking me dry. She withdrew her mouth from my cock as she ran her tongue into the slit at the end of my cock, cleaning that last bit of milky semen from my cock.

It was the best blowjob of my life, totally erotic and completely sexually fulfilling in every way. I was spent, exhausted from the experience, anxious to find out who my new friends were. This had turned out to be far more stimulating and satisfying than I had imagined. I wanted more.

“Thank you,” I said as I dressed, speaking through the hole. “Can we meet sometime and do this again.”

“This was perfect for us, we really don’t want to have it progress to anything more,’ she answered. “But if you’d like to meet again this way, we’d love a repeat performance. Maybe we’ll even invite you in our booth next time.”

Sounds great to me, I’ll look forward to it,” I said.

I didn’t get to meet them that day as they waited until I left before they left their booth but I’ll certainly be back again. My first glory hole met my every expectation. I will definitely return to room number 6!

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