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Friendly Run On Sunset Ridge

Accidental voyeurism on a run with a friend.
Friendly Run On Sunset Ridge

Maggie is late.

She pulls up to the logging road gate and sees Will’s truck already parked. She’s frustrated her alarm didn’t go off. She grabs her hand held water bottle and carefully steps over the gate. She glances as Will’s truck as she passes. No note on the windshield. She guesses that he waited for her for fifteen or twenty minutes. But she’s more like thirty minutes late.

Maggie has been running with Will for the last few months at lunch and he’s finally invited her to go on a weekend run up a nearby box canyon on gated logging roads.

It’s getting warm out and Maggie is wearing a jog bra and a pair of skintight boy shorts.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

She’s not wearing much on purpose, because:

Will is an attractive man. In fact, Maggie thinks he’s downright gorgeous.

And Maggie has been without a boyfriend now for several months.

Will is nice to her, and they have become good friends, just by running at noon. He works at a nearby office. They bumped into each other one day while they were both finishing up a lunchtime run. They’ve been running partners ever since.

Conversations at lunch are fairly benign. She knows that his wife left him recently, although doesn’t know all the details. She suspects it has to do with a third person, but she can’t tell for sure. She can tell he is somewhat distrusting of women, although he is always very polite to her. Running at is where he draws the line with her. Although she finds him very attractive, and has tried to get him to ask her out, he always has an excuse.

Will is tall and muscular, and swims and runs regularly. He’s ten years her senior, to her twenty-five. His hair goes beach blonde in the sun, and his skin goes to a dark tan. Maggie has seen other women turn their heads and look at him, although he is oblivious to it. She likes that he is humble.

Maggie is shorter than Will, and fit. She runs five days a week. This morning, after she slipped on her sports bra and contemplates a shirt for the top, she admires her own flat stomach, and beginnings of washboard abs. Her hair is auburn and long and pulled into a ponytail. Her legs are long and shapely. She smoothes her hands over her smooth shaved legs and looks approvingly at her ass in the mirror. Admires the way the shorts hug the very bottom of her behind. She hopes it’s enough to get Will to look twice. She’s not wearing any underwear. On purpose.

Two days ago Will and Maggie were running and getting along well. Maggie told him a story she heard about a friend of a co-worker who runs in the nude when on vacation in the desert outside of Death Valley.

“I don’t know,” Will said, “I think that might be something he should keep to himself.”

Maggie laughed, “It’s on the list of things to do.”

“Really?” Will asked, genuinely surprised.

“Really.” Maggie responded.

Will seemed to change the subject.

“You should go running with me this weekend. It’s closed logging roads and no one ever goes up there. I go up there almost once a week.”

Then adds like a tease, “You can run naked up there. No one will see you.”

Will continued and tells her she needs to bring a handheld water bottle because its southern facing and can heat up. The run usually takes anywhere from an hour and half to two hours.

“Why the time difference?” Maggie wanted to know.

“Just depends on what route I take, or if I stop and smell the roses.” He smiles at her.

So she agreed to go.

And now she’s late. And it’s not her fault. Okay, maybe it is a little. A comedy of errors really- Her alarm didn’t go off, and then getting stuck in traffic- who would have thought there would be traffic on a Saturday morning?

She starts off at a jog up the hill, but it’s pretty steep, made for logging trucks in a low gear, and it’s a grind. She sees Will’s footprints in the dust of the middle of the road, and is satisfied she won’t get lost.

Will is right. The south-facing slope does get warm quickly. She’s glad she’s not wearing an extra shirt, even if the lack of clothing was to tease Will, or maybe entice him into her body hugging boy shorts. She’s not usually a tease at all, but after all, Will is so sexy.

She’s working hard up the slope. Her GPS watch beeps. She’s gone a mile, then two. She looks up and sees a figure on a side slope, running on what looks like a steep ramp cut into the side of the mountain. The nearby slopes have been logged a few years back and smallish trees are growing in clear-cut. She smells the fir trees on the light breeze and thinks that despite how hard the run is, it’s good to be out of town and in the great outdoors.

She stops and squints in the bright light. Sweat is dripping off of her now. Looks like it’s probably Will, and he’s got his shirt off.

I should take mine off too. She laughs to herself. Then continues on up the gravel road. She keeps him in sight, and gains some ground on him, working hard at a faster pace than Will is running.

She rounds a corner and the road follows a ridge like a ribbon of gravel, rising an falling gently until it rises again and disappears into the trees. She sees Will about a quarter mile away, maybe slightly farther, and she stops dead in her tracks, and pushes her sunglasses down her nose, looking over the top of them.

Maggie almost laughs out loud, but instead, smiles broadly.

Will is running naked.

There’s no mistake at all. He’s not wearing a stitch of clothing save his running shoes. He’s maybe got something his hand, but from this far away, it’s hard to tell.

She trails him, still gaining, but also trying not to let him see her. Will runs up the final stretch of road into the trees, and she’s not too far behind him. She comes around a bend just in time to see him take a right turn down a spur road.

It takes her several minutes to make it to the spur, and she approaches the turn slowly. She doesn’t see him, and she continues up the spur until it widens out into a landing. She doesn’t see Will. She carefully picks her way to the end of the landing and sees a trail that heads off into the trees. She sees Will’s footprints and follows it for a short distance until she can see a break in the taller trees and the forest gives way to a meadow in the sun.

She pauses at the tree line and looks for Will.

She sees him sitting about twenty five yards away sitting down in the grass of the meadow, legs stretched out in front of him, arms propping himself up, head tipped back toward the warm sun.

He’s still naked.

Maggie admires him. His shoulder and back muscles ripple, and he is drenched with sweat. He looks relaxed and at peace. He leans all the way until he’s resting on just his elbows. She can see his abdominal muscles ripple, and how broad his chest is. She’s never seen him with his shirt off. He always runs with his torso covered whenever they are together at lunch.

He’s got very little chest hair, just a few curls of bleached hair she can make out. She lets her eyes follow his chest back down to his flat stomach, and then she sees he is shaved.

No pubic hair.

Hardwood floors.

It shocks her, and moistens her at the same time.

All two of her other boyfriends had hair down there. His penis is semi flaccid and laying against his thigh.

It’s good sized.

She feels a tingle beneath her boy-shorts, blood slowly filling her lips, becoming more sensitive. She’s slick with sweat like he is from her run up the mountainside, but she can feel her interior wetness began to build.

She feels kind of naughty, watching him, like a voyeur. She feels like it’s her move to go out there and strip naked next to him. She knows she would take him in her mouth first, or maybe just straddle his cock as he lay like that. Just strip naked where she is right now and saunter over to him naked. Push him back and guide him into her.

His cock.

She’s watching his cock began to extend out to its full erect length.

Will looks at his erection. He’s still slick with sweat, and so is his length, and he doesn’t use any lube at all, just a little saliva, and begins stroking.

Maggie is mesmerized by what she is seeing. One minute she’s thinking of walking over there and fucking him, the next he’s masturbating in front of her.

She’s not one to think masturbation is disgusting either, especially not in this setting. He thinks he’s alone, and oh my god, he’s so sexy. She’s curious, and she’s horny.

So she watches. She doesn’t interfere. She’s watched boyfriends masturbate before, and she’s always liked watching a man engaged in self pleasure.

Will uses his right hand on his cock, stroking the length, paying particular attention to the tip. The head turns purple as he grips the shaft. He’s still slick with sweat from running.

Maggie wonders what it would be like to take his warm, hard wood and put it in her mouth, letting her tongue swirl around the glans, and suck, sucking all the blood to the tip, turning him purple and swelling him to a bigger than normal size, then parting her wet pussy lips and guide him into her, to feel his girth, his length fill her up.

Maggie can’t help herself and she dips her fingers into the front of her shorts, and touches her clit. It’s swollen and sensitive, and she feels like she could orgasm in seconds. She feels her pubic hair and makes a mental note she should have groomed a little more. She wonders what his smoothness feels like as it slides inside her.

She pulls her shorts down and steps out of them. She spreads her feet wider apart, allowing better access to herself. She slips a finger between her lips and feels how incredibly wet she is. She inserts a finger, her palm squarely on her clit. She starts a rhythmic grind against her hand as she reaches deep inside and then pulls partially back out until she’s caressing her G-Spot. She’s wet and her pussy is making those wet noises. She tries a different rhythm so he won’t hear her.

Her little masturbation secret is that she knows how to make herself squirt. She’s never done it for a boyfriend. It’s something she’s saving for someone special.

Will gets up on his knees, one hand grasped hard around his cock, one hand tugging and massaging his scrotum. His balls are swollen, and his cock is red and purple there’s so much sensation and blood down there it looks like it’s going to burst. He strokes slowly- the entire length- sometimes focusing on the shaft and the whole stroke, sometimes focusing on just the head.

Maggie lifts her jog bra and exposes her pert breasts. No more than a handful. Her nipples harden with exposure to the light breeze. She rotates each one between her fingers of her opposite hand, all the while working her finger in and out, across he G-Spot, and pressing her palm into her clit. She’s going to come. She bites her lip, and she lets up with her hand, not allowing an orgasm yet.

Will gets up from his kneeling position, his cock full, fat and erect. He spreads his legs apart, partially bent at the knees, angles the tip toward the ground, and begins long full strokes, from the base to the tip and back. Clean shaved, he can get the full effect. His shaft is glistening in the sun. He looks huge to her and she imagines him deep inside her.




He has a look of intense concentration on his face. The muscles in his arms are tense and sinewy. She sees his shaved legs, his quads, calves, and hamstrings shine in the sun. She can see every muscle definition. She sees the tension build in him. She can tell he’s getting ready to come. His eyes are rolling up in the back of his head as the pace of his stroking quickens. He’s got the other hand wrapped firmly around his balls drawing them forward and down as he’s simultaneously pressing against his taint. His cock grows massive.

Maggie presses harder again against her clit and against her G-Spot. She stifles a scream, sees stars and gets tunnel vision as an orgasmic wave crashes over her and she feels herself squirt against her hand.

She watches through partially clenched eyelids as Will arches his back, gasps out loud, cock exposed to the sun like he’s trying to make it the highest point on his body, and shoots long arcs of cum into the air as again and again, until his orgasm subsides and he milks the last of his sperm from the tip of his swollen head. He shudders and opens his eyes and looks right at her.

Maggie is panting. She’s out of breath and still so incredibly horny now she can’t believe it. But she’s still, she doesn’t think he can see her and she waits. She sees him lay on his back and relax, his gaze returned elsewhere besides her.

She watched him as soaks in the sun for a few minutes more, then looks at his watch and gathers his shorts. He turns and runs towards her, still naked, and his cock slightly swollen and red, back up the trail. She ducks out of sight as he runs past.

She pulls her bra back over her breasts then slides on her shorts. She waits a few minutes and follows him on the road. She stays just out of sight of him, one turn in the road behind him, until they get near the cars, and he stops to slip his shorts back on.

Will slows at the gate and sees her car. He stops and turns, sees her.

“I didn’t think you were coming,” he smiles at her.

“Oh, I came alright. You just didn’t see me until just now!” She smiles back at him. “Maybe next time we can run together.”


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