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Part 02

Exposing Your Wife (Part 2)

She wanted to speed up her career as a model. No matter the risk.
Exposing Your Wife (Part 2)

The Cruise Ship

As she stepped out of her tiny dressing room, passing through the common area the woman shared with 15 other unknown girls, Nora instinctively hid her pubis with one hand, and her tits with the other. She walked — on her way to the big contest hall — with speed and skill on her high heels, wearing a brief leotard of thin black leather straps, and golden chains that helped her to cover her cesarean scar (which was also concealed by a beautiful tattoo). Blatantly exposing her beautiful tanned body and the sweet roundness that the judges wanted to evaluate: tits, buttocks, as well as her long legs, and wide hips. The criteria of beauty and sensuality were completing another cosmic orbit: excessively thin and lean bodies were going out of fashion. Nora’s body type, which exudes a joy for pleasure, health and fertility, was once again being valued.

However, she refused to wear a butt plug. Of course, many girls and boys used it to impress the fashion executives in some private sessions, who could give them roles or include them in campaigns. But Nora felt uncomfortable wearing it, even the smallest one.

Hundreds of young women circulated freely through the different rooms, corridors and decks of the cruise ship, uncovering their naked bodies. This helped Nora control the shame she felt about her own nudity. Indeed, she wasn’t accustomed to being naked outside of the intimate settings with her husband or now Paul, her lover. The thought of exposing her body to anyone else made her feel vulnerable. Nora reserved nudity for those closest to her. Stepping out of that comfort zone seemed daunting, yet exhilarating at the same time.

Nora remembered the last time she performed a blow job. It was with JC. The third time she dated her future hubby, she did it just like that. Nora gave head in the car. So intense and diligent that JC finished in her throat. And Nora patiently swallowed. It’s so messy not having a bathroom close. Nora resumed her steps.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

The Marina Catwalk

While she was walking through the labyrinth of the corridors and aisles of the big boat, Nora also listened to the moans and groans of couples indulging in sex in the privacy of the VIP’s rooms. This luxury cruise claims to have hundreds of rooms. “Damn, there must be more than a thousand people in this boat. How many are screwing right now?” Nora thought just before arriving at the marina of the boat where organizers summoned the debutant girls for the contest. A variety of people, VIPs, multi billionaires, judges, organizers, security, as well as technicians and waiters. And, of course, the principal attraction: hundreds of stunning young models, ready to kill to please, just wearing high heels and some jewelry. Posing for photos and selfies; and walking the runways. Some stylish girls had applied glitter powders on their skin and appeared resplendent under the sun. Like goddesses. Brilliant, Nora thought, amazed.

A supervisor randomly called Nora to join a group of ten girls. “Take off your thong!” she ordered Nora, who had forgotten that only high heels were allowed in the contest.

The group of debutant models was fully engaged in a photography session, delivering a sexy performance for the photographers. VIPs casually watched them, while drinking wine or champagne, and chatting each other on the “fresh flesh” of this year. The girls were astonishing. “Wow, they are gorgeous! How could I beat them?” Nora quickly sat at what would be one end of the visual of the picture. Leaning her back against another girl. A very sensual act. “You’re so late,” one model whispered to Nora. But she ignored the complaint.

As all the girls were only wearing their high heels and jewelry. Nora did the same, removing the mesh of leather straps and leaving her gold chains (a gift from her husband) wrapped around her hips and waist; and a pearl necklace around her neck. She crossed her legs so as not to show her pussy. Many of the girls around showed their pussies shamelessly, as well as their tits. Some girls were posing as to kiss each other, or already kissing to call VIPs and the judges’ attention. Nora, instead, let her hair down to hide (ineffectively) her breasts a little while searching for a camera with her sight. Some present judges took notes, discretely asking for the serial number of some models. Cherry picking their favorites.

“I’m afraid it’s no big deal,” one judge said. “But it has to be great. And it’s a perfect opportunity for you to show your talents.” He fished in a box. “Today we give you the name of your model”, he said. The supervisor reached over to Nora’s keyboard. He displayed a photo of her. Her long glossy hair, her ruby red lips, and her full sensual breasts.

“I am confident that this will be your first big modeling gig,” said the man.

Nora flushed when the name of her photographer flashed the screen. A sense of guilt arose. It was true. She had some faith in Paul. She thought of giving this young man what he asked from her. The man wanted the money and the pleasure. Paul had said to her he was always reliable. Nora knew he could be honest in such a way and she hoped he was not a cheat like the others, or that he would take advantage of her.

Lady Milk

When the shooting and the scene finished, many other young girls were naked and gyrating their curves as if they were in a dance show.

“Please don’t touch me,” Nora whispered to a girl dancing too close by her side.

“I won’t, thanks,” the girl replied. “You’re the first to do it. And now I will show you how it should be.” She ran her hand over the girl’s naked skin. WTF! Nora thought, but let her do. “Don’t be afraid,” the girl said. “I know how to do it to a girl. VIPs love to stare at the show of two women caressing each other. Didn’t you know? Are you new here?” The friendly gal asked.

“Yes,” Nora replied, still nervous. How the hell did she know about Nora’s inexperience? Surely she has a sign on her back or something.

Suddenly a VIP, a well-built man in his 60ies approached Nora. He was graying. The old man appeared from nothing and asked Nora if she got milk in her tits. Could he suck streams of her delicious white ambrosia from her nipples? He was drunk. Or stoned.

“If you don’t mind, of course,” he asked as a gentleman. How does he know Nora still lactated to one of her kids? Not only that, she always lured JC to suck her tits, to swallow her milk. It was pleasurable for Nora. Sometimes she achieved orgasms when her husband sucked and licked properly over her nipples and her jets of warm milk. It was their only form of intimacy they indulged in last months. But, she doesn’t know this man! Would he be gentle enough? Nora shrugged, passively accepting him. After all, the man was a VIP.

“We have no milk in our tits, sir,” the unknown gal replied instead of Nora. “Sorry,” she continued. “But I know of girls who gladly give ya what you want.” And she called at one girl in a distant corner. The one with big tits. “She will fill your rack. I promise. I’ve seen her. She is the best!” The girl winked and the old man licked his lips. All the three laughed.

“Some fuckers believe that a young gal’s fresh milk will make them to return their lost youth.” The model said when the old man had retired.

A lot of naked girls were dancing along with the experienced models and actresses. Unlike the new girls, they dressed in a fancy one-piece swimsuit or at least a bikini. Nora recognized a bunch of well-known actresses hanging with unknown men in suits. All were waiting for them to be the winner and to enjoy their prize. Some VIPs already picked some girls, who hanged from the arm of this one or this other mature man.

“Everyone has a wish. This trip is the best opportunity to fulfill it.” Said the unknown woman, a bit enigmatically. She turned to Nora. “Look. I’ve been here longer than you, so let me give you some advice. Did you bring condoms?” she asked. Nora nodded silently, surprised by the question. “Okay, use them. They won’t hesitate to fuck you, just like any of the girls here. But at least it won’t have consequences for you. Many perverts harbor strange fantasies. Some love the idea of anonymously impregnating a bunch of females. Most of the time, they just get a nasty STD in return.” She said as she asked a waiter for water.


Then Nora noticed Paul at the back of the great hall. She had thought he was not on board. She called out to him. He saw her despite the noise and commotion that so many naked girls caused in an audience of drugged and drunken men. Paul scoured the crowded space to find her.

“Gal, you gimme a heart attack. I am on the time for leaving this boat..” Paul said. Nora replied, “Hey, let me first introduce you to this splendid gal..” And she turned to present the girl to Paul. But she wasn’t there anymore. As if vanished in the air. “What..? Well, she was just there”, Nora said in surprise. She didn’t know her name.

“Never mind, Nora,” the man said. “Surely someone got her for a contract.”

“For a…? Do you mean someone will may fuck her while she’s modeling transparent bikinis on some third rate catwalk?” The woman got furious. “Paul, please let me know. What the hell is this place?”

He replied, “Nora, calm down. You’re nervous. This place transforms models’ careers. Many of them would kill to be here. Does it scare you that you’re naked? It’s part of the job. But you knew that from the first day. God! You knew it even before.. Remember? Believe me, it’s not my first time here. I’ve brought in a lot of girls with no name and no position. Unknown girls with cheap names, who are now in the best places. This is the perfect place to start your modeling story and leave JC and his stupid family behind…”

She doubted. “You bring new girls here every while, from time to time,” Nora asked him.

“Exactly.” replied Paul, and he winked.

“So we can make money with these people?” Nora laughed almost hysterically. Money is freedom, she had to learn.


“If we are to do it, how much money is in for me?” she asked.

“Didn’t you read the contract? No money yet, but big numbers will be as soon as fame arrives. Don’t worry. I have a lot of information and plans for us. And I’m confident that you will be my next big star. Oh yeah, I’ll pay for you up front.” Paul said.

Then Nora noticed a man touched her hand and nodded to her.

Paul assured to her that the cruise event wasn’t an orgy. But Nora found so many couples and threesomes having sex in the blind spots of the aisles. For example, this pair: they are in the dark corner of an intersection. Both are naked. She is on her knees. Giving head to a man (an old one, as usual here). None gave a shit to Nora’s presence, who stayed close to them for a few minutes, watching the couple with curiosity. The man’s face was ecstatic. She kneeled below his belly. Sucking his dick the way he commanded. Sometimes it was inside her throat, then out, depending on the man’s hand thrust. He was directing the young woman’s head with an iron fist. Sometimes she made gags. Relentlessly. Until the old man finished in the girl’s mouth. He then withdrew his cock, launching his last spurts of cum on her face, hair, and breasts. The gal first coughed because of the sperm injected into her throat, then laughed, realizing how wet and messy she got. The young woman stood to clean herself: she was much taller than him! Nora almost laughed.


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