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Dog Walk

A puppy Play experiences with some exhibtioism mixed in.
Dog Walk

Slipping on the black leather collar sends a shiver up my spine as I feel the cold of the metal ring against my skin. Master had said I should be prepared for our little hiking trip to test my limits. I can feel myself dripping at the thought but also a twinge of nervousness, we’re going on a small hike up a secluded trail, but any outdoor activities risk the chance of being caught. I slip on some shorts and a thin tank top with knee-high black socks, and I want to make it easy for Master to take off my clothes when needed but also make him struggle to look away from me.

“Come on, pet, time to go.” The call of my Master makes it difficult not to let out a whimper, my desperation growing.

We hike the trail for a bit, slowly making our way to the destination he’s chosen just for me. We passed a few other hikers, two couples, and a trio of men who appeared to be friends. I’m nervous and excited about what position they might catch me in with my Master’s. My thighs were starting to send burning sensation into my calves; maybe Master had planned this out. Make me hike so I wouldn’t be able to be as defiant as usual. Making me weak and only able to be an obedient puppy, the warmth spreads to my pussy. The thrill of being caught is as good as any edging, but I won’t make it too easy for him to take me as is. I grip the edges of my shorts, trying to calm myself at the thought of being forced to the edge of a climax, only to be slowly back down once again. A punishment I find delicious despite the maddening sensations it gives me. The couple is behind us only a few paces, and I let out a louder than intended moan while I claw my thighs. I don’t turn back to see if they heard, but Master turns to look at me. I can’t help but smile, and I love putting on a show. A few moments later, I begin to get bored with this endless trail, so I get close to his back and paw at his shirt, making a teasing whimpering sound like a puppy. Maybe if I get on his nerves a little, he’ll stop the hike and give me a good spanking, so I gently bite his shoulder and slip my hands up his shirt.

A gentle yet firm touch to my chin, forcing my eyes up to his, brings me to a halt. I melt quickly into his grasp, my submissive mind ready to obey despite my bratty nature.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

“We’re here, my impatient little puppy,” his voice is deep and rich, putting me in a trance that makes me instantly his obedient Puppy. I take in my surroundings; we’ve wandered off the trail to a small waterfall and pool of water. He sits across a fallen tree and unloads the toys from his backpack for the evening. He makes a hand signal, a secret code for just the two of us, to fall into puppy mode. I strip my clothes except for my collar and sit on my knees. The cool dirt presses against me as I wait obediently. This is our ritual. He hands me my mittens made of black leather. They bind my hands, making me feel more like a puppy than a person. My mind easily slips into the role, and my tongue instantly falls out of my mouth happily. I am his Puppy, and he is my owner.

He sits back down, “Come, puppy.” I happily hop over, standing in front of my Master. This is our routine. First, he will inspect me to ensure I am healed from the last session and that I’ve kept up the training he gave me. His hands slowly move across my sides; he’s barely using the tips of his fingers to tickle me, and soft giggles escape my lips. Then, I feel a harsh tug on my hair, forcing my head back as he growls in my ear. “Did I say you could make a sound?” I whimper as a harsh slap ripples across my ass as he growls another command at me. “Speak, Puppy!” I let out a small bark, feeling the sting across my bottom, with another spank to follow as I let out a yelp. As he winds up for the next spank, I can’t help but let these words escape my mouth, “Master seems a little tired, doesn’t hurt as much as usual.” The subsequent spank stings as he yanks my head back and follows through.

Every spank is painful but pleasurable, and I love his punishments. After he’s finished my spanking, he trails a gentle kiss down my spine as a reward for taking it so well, but I can hear him mumble about my bratty nature. His hands follow down my red sore ass, slowly spread my cheeks, and gently massage my tight ass. Instinctively I bend over, spreading myself further. His fingers slowly work their way inside me, and I can feel his fingers moving in and out, stretching me as he adds more. My clit twitches desperately as he pushes inside me, massaging the inner walls, it’s tight, but with each push, I become more relaxed.

“That’s my good girl, what good little puppy,” That’s all it takes, those simple words, and I can’t help it. As the warmth spreads from my pussy, targeting my twitching clit, it builds, and I want to close my legs, but he holds them apart to prevent it. My clit aches as I feel the sensitivity building quickly. I squirt, soaking my thighs, my moans disturbing the quiet outdoors. I feel myself bending over more, desperate for him to continue teasing me until I come to an earth-shattering orgasm.

“Naughty Puppy, look at you desperate. You’re already making a mess from your Master just prepping your tight ass.” I moan and wiggle my ass a little, ready for what’s coming next, what will push me over the edge. He spreads my ass and generously preps me with lube. As I feel the butt plug enter me, I let out a whimper of strain. Its tip enters me. My tight ass resists at first, but Master’s hands find my burning, aching clit. With one finger, he begins stroking, not enough to stop the desperation but just to tease it. The barely there strokes cause me to rock against the butt plug, trying to get more stimulation to my clit. Which helps me take more of it in. He adds pressure to my clit when it finally enters, allowing circler motions to take me farther into puppy mode. The pleasure is fantastic as I feel the familiar tickle of the furry tail that has just been placed inside me. I am entirely a puppy.

He stops teasing my clit and spanks me when I begin to make whimpers of protest, then takes a few steps back and admires his work. I stay in my position, moving my ass back and forth to feel how the butt plug fills, stretching me and teasing my Master. Without looking, I know his eyes are following the movement of the tail as it moves back and forth with the wiggling of my ass. When I finally stand, feeling the weight of the butt plug push down slightly at the adjustment of movement. My eyes widened greedily when I finally saw the large erection straining against Master’s pants. My tongue flopped out against my will, drooling at the sight of it, desperate to move my tongue against it.

“Puppy Sit,” I hesitated to sit down with the tail, which meant plunging the butt plug deeper into me, which I wasn’t sure I was prepared for. He repeated the command, his patience was growing thin, and I wanted to keep testing it. I started to twirl around and make barking sounds as if I was ignoring him, and I knew my breast were bouncing with my movement, teasing my already on-edge Master. “Puppy doesn’t want to listen. I see well, and I guess I will just add an extra hour to her edging punishment-” that got me to obey. I immediately moved to his feet and gingerly sat in an attentive puppy position. The Butt plug strained against my tight ass; I winced as the large object readjusted inside me. I had to sit on my knees with my ass hovering over my calves while keeping my knees apart and leaving my pussy exposed to adjust to the strain.

“That much better, Puppy, but I’ll still be adding some extra time to your edging today, Brat,” I whimpered and submitted to my punishment, but I was soon excited as he pulled out the metal leash and attached it to my collar. Suddenly I felt my head jerk as I grabbed the edge of the chain, forcing my head to look at his smirking face. While I stayed on all fours like his dog, he admired his work and Puppy on her leash. “Let’s go for a walk, puppy,” This was the start of our routine. Puppy training was on full display. I crawl to his right side as he leads me towards the pool of water. I crawl obediently. This is heaven; I am his Puppy, his valuable pet that he has spent hours training.

“Puppy Heel,” I stop and wiggle my ass to swish my tail back and forth, desperately trying to hold in the giggles while it tickles my thighs. “Sit, Girl,” I sit for him as he gently scratches under my chin; my tongue comes out panting, wanting desperately more commands. He unzips his pants while looking down at my desperate face wanting more.

“Looks like my little Puppy wants something. How about a treat” His nine-inch cock bursts forward, and I can feel myself drooling at sight. My mind becomes jumbled, not knowing where I want to take him all in first. Finally, he grabs a fist full of my hair and tilts my head back.

“Tell me, puppy, do you want master’s cock in your whore mouth?” I reply with a cute “Arf!” and widen my tongue to move across his tip. I see Master shudder at the sensation, and his head goes back a little as I work my tongue teasingly across his shaft, leaving trails of kisses along the way. Next, I work my kisses back to the tip and swirl my tongue across the top, placing my lip around the tip and teasing the slit.

“Such a fucking tease, Puppy, “It sounds like a growl as the leash is pulled, forcing me forward to bring more of his treat into my mouth. I feel the tip of his cock tickle the back of my throat and fill my cheeks. I gag a bit, but the grip on my hair keeps in place, so I can’t back away. Tears well in my eyes; his cock is so big, but puppy training has taught me very well.

“That it, puppy, let it settle and show me what puppy training has gotten me,” I breathe my nose, run my tongue along the bottom of his shaft, and slowly move my head forward. I swallow, letting my throat relax, allowing him to fill the space with his cock. He lets out a slow and deep moan. That’s my cue to back my head, letting my tongue drag from the base of his cock to the tip before inviting it back deeper into my throat. His breath becomes faster as we move my head up and down. Fuck he’s filling my mouth. I barely keep up the pace as I brace myself against his thighs while sucking on his cock.

He lets out a loud moan, “Puppy sit now” I know what that means, but it doesn’t mean I have to be quick about it. I push his cock down my throat to the point my lips graze the base of his cock, and painfully slowly move my head back, letting his cock feel every inch of my tongue before fully letting go. I enjoy the delicious strain of my Master as he desperately tries to contain himself and not lose control. Once I’ve released him from the teasing grip of my tongue, I tilt my head back with my leather paws exposed for him, panting like a good puppy. He releases his hot cum all over my panting tongue, and I can feel it dripping all over my breast. It feels good, and I want to rub it all over me. I look at my Master eagerly lapping up his fresh cum from his cock, and he places a hand on my head, gently petting me.

“That’s a good girl.”


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