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Doctor Boss’ Perfect Cure

Young woman's first trip to the gynecologist get's spicy.
Doctor Boss’ Perfect Cure

At nineteen years old, Liv Miller had never been seen by a gynecologist. It wasn’t too surprising seeing as Liv had grown up with just her Uncle Oliver, who had been pretty useless when it came to teaching Liv about her growing, blossoming body. Well, now it was in full bloom and after a quick trip to the nurse on campus, it was recommended that the young woman have a full exam with an actual gynecologist.

So, that was how she ended up there, sitting on the padded exam table in nothing but a thin, ugly-patterned gown. This was embarrassing. Liv had never been nude in a doctor’s office before and it just felt… Really weird.

Every time Liv would shift, the wide strip of protective paper would crinkle loudly. She mostly just kept her nose in her phone, aside from when she was talking with the nurse and telling her what was going on. So far, everything was going fine. It was just like any other trip to her regular doctor besides the fact that she was nude.

“Miss Miller, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Dr. Boss, I will be performing your examination today,” Liv looked up from her phone when she heard the voice, looking over as the man was closing the door.

Oh no.

The doctor before her was not what she was expecting. When Liv had made the appointment it had been with Dr. Lewis, an older man. Not this handsome, blond stud that was looking at a tablet as he pulled the circular rolling stool under him and sat down. The only things that showed the man was older were the deep-set smile lines on his face and the slight greying of his thick, blond hair.

Liv placed her phone down beside her on the exam table, clutching the top of the gown a bit. The back had been tied by the nurse, but she was sure it didn’t hide much. Not that Liv was overly modest, this just wasn’t the time to show off her body.

Well, maybe it actually was in a way.

Dr. Boss looked up from his tablet, smiling politely at Liv. “What brings you in today?”

“Where is Dr. Lewis?” Liv asked, looking away from the man. Her face was neutral, showing no emotion here nor there, other than the light blush on her cheeks that couldn’t be controlled.

Dr. Boss rolled over to the counter, placing his tablet down, and opening the drawer to get out his gloves. “Unfortunately, Dr. Lewis was needed for an emergency and I am taking his patients for the rest of the day. Is that alright? Or would you rather reschedule with him?” The man asked, holding the gloves, but not putting them on yet just in case.

Liv thought about it for only a moment, deciding she was being ridiculous. Sure, her doctor was attractive and he was about to be seeing a side of her no other doctor had. Hell, no other man had ever seen the things he was going to. “No,” She finally answered. “It’s fine,” Not only did she feel like she was being foolish, but it wasn’t like she had all the time in the world for doctor’s appointments. Liv had classes and a job as well, freeing time had been a struggle as it was.

“Alright,” Dr. Boss then went to the sink and began washing his hands, drying them well before pulling on the gloves. Liv didn’t know why she noticed, but he didn’t have a ring on. “Now, do you have any concerns? Or are you here just for a regular exam?”

The nurse had already taken all this information, but Liv was used to this. Even at her family doctor’s office, she would have to repeat herself to the doctor.

Fuck, this was going to be embarrassing.

“I… Noticed that the last time I was with a guy it hurt and I couldn’t… get excited I guess,” Liv was blushing even darker. “It’s never happened to me before and I talked to my roommate about it. She told me to talk to the nurse on campus, then I was told to make an appointment here,” she explained, eyes focused on a diagram on the wall of the parts of a vagina.

She could hear Dr. Boss hum softly as if he was thinking. “I see. Have you ever seen a gynecologist before?” he asked, rolling over to her, sitting right in front of the woman and was now blocking her view of the poster. Liv shook her head, just then noticing that she was still holding onto the neck of the gown and her palm was even beginning to sweat.

“Okay, just relax for me,” the doctor said in a calming tone. The first thing he did was run his fingers over the sides of her neck, pressing lightly. “I am going to start with a breast exam. It’s important that you have one annually as well as doing them yourself every couple of weeks,” Dr. Boss explained as he carefully took the neck of the gown between his fingers, pulling it down until it was right under her breasts.

As confident as Liv was with her body, she did feel pretty self-conscious. Being under the harsh, unforgiving lights of the sterile room didn’t help at all. Her breasts were large and, even at her young age, they sagged slightly. Her nipples were pointed more diagonally than they were straight.

The doctor didn’t seem to notice, or at least he didn’t care. This was his job, after all, Liv wasn’t sure why she was so nervous. His large, gloved hands came up, both of them focusing on her right breast. Liv couldn’t watch, she had to turn her head as he felt the doctor’s fingers pressing around the sides at first. He was thorough, pressing and feeling all the way around the mound before moving to the softer, middle area.

“When you’re doing this yourself you are mostly looking for lumps, but if you feel anything abnormal feel free to call the office,” Liv felt that he had leaned in a bit because of his hot breath tickling her sensitive skin. The feeling made her body react uncontrollably, most noticeably her pale, brown nipples hardened. Less noticeable was the wetness she began feeling between her legs, which was mortifying since Liv knew he was going to see it during his exam.

The feeling of his gloved fingers slowly circling her areola and erect nipple just made it worse. Liv wasn’t sure if this was part of the exam, but she said nothing. Not even when he pinched down lightly, making her gasp faintly. She noticed that the doctor stopped for a moment, pushing some of her long, black hair out of the way and behind her shoulder before he began working on the other breast, starting the exam over.

As the doctor worked, Liv tried to focus her mind on the multiple diagrams and posters on the walls. She was actually reading them, doing what she could to pull her mind out of the gutter, but it was pretty hard once he got to her nipple again. This time instead of pinching Dr. Boss began brushing his thumb over the nub while also squeezing gently with his fingers. She felt his other hand rest on her bare knee and Liv was positive that this was completely out of line.

Even so, she was still silent as her heart began to race. It felt good. Much too good for what it was supposed to be. Liv felt dirty for letting the older man do this kind of thing to her, but it wasn’t like anyone was going to know.

Liv wanted to press her tit against his hand to show him that she liked it, but she remained perfectly still. That was until she felt his lips around her nipple and his tongue flicking at it. “Wh-What the hell?” Liv snapped, her hand automatically coming up and pushing the doctor back by his forehead, messing up his perfectly styled hair slightly.

Instead of being angry, Dr. Boss laughed, “Relax Miss Miller,” he said, his tone fully professional as Liv gathered her gown, pulling it over her chest. Her eyes were wide and her brows narrowed, but her cheeks were on fire. The doctor brought his hands to her arms, rubbing them very gently. “You told me you were having a problem becoming aroused, I am just trying to stimulate you and see for myself,”

Liv’s face did not change after his “reasoning”, “Do you expect me to believe that?” She asked sharply. This was the longest she had been able to look Dr. Boss in the face and she watched as he gave her an almost playful smile. ‘Who the fuck does this guy think he is?!’ She thought as she leaned away from him a bit.

His hands slipped from her arms and down to her knees. “Well, if you’ll allow me, I would be interested in seeing if it worked,” His voice was calm, smooth, and confident.

If it was possible, Liv blushed even darker. “Fucking pervert,” She snapped, “Do you do this to all your patients?”

“No. I don’t get attractive, nineteen-year-old, college students telling me they aren’t able to get wet,” the doctor’s playful smile turned to a smirk as he ran his hands up her legs slowly.

This was so fucked.

But, Liv found herself… wanting it. She thought the doctor was really attractive and what he did was effective. Even though Liv was sure that this was multiple degrees of unethical, she let her legs relax and open a bit for the doctor.

“Good girl,” His deep voice pissed Liv off, but it also brought a small gush of slick from her hole. Liv closed her eyes as she felt his gloved hand moving up her leg, sliding down between her thighs until he made it to her folds.

She had to bite her lip to keep quiet when she felt the tip of his finger push between her labia and began pressing against her hole. “Wow, it seems to have worked very well,” Dr. Boss said softly, teasing the ring of muscles with his fingertip.

“I think I understand what the problem was,” the blond said as he pulled his hand back from under her gown, looking at the slick on his finger before making a show of licking it off. Something about seeing her doctor do something so filthy turned Liv on even more. “You’ve been seeing young guys around your age, right?” Dr. Boss asked as he got up from his stool and walked around to the side of the exam table, pulling a small lever that brought the back up to a one hundred and twenty degree angle. “They are too inexperienced and oftentimes selfish. They don’t understand that a woman’s body needs attention and stimulation to get going,”

As the doctor came back in front of her, taking the gloves off, and tossing them into the trash. He then reached forward, pushing Liv’s shoulder gently so that she would lay back. “I bet none of them have even been able to make you orgasm, have they?”

Liv now had her back pressed against the crinkling paper as she listened to him. “No,” She answered, watching as the doctor pulled out the stirrups at the end of the table. He took her ankle and settled her foot down on the brace before doing the same with the other, making her open her legs up for him.

“That’s too bad,” Dr. Boss said as he came to stand between her thighs, reaching around her body, and untying the back of her gown. “But, I can show you what it’s like if you want me to,”

Liv was young, but she knew that this was morally wrong, probably even illegal, but it had already gone this far not to mention… it was actually pretty hot. There was just something about the whole situation that was really working for the young woman. Plus, it wasn’t like she was ever going to get the opportunity again. “I guess that… would be okay,” Liv said, moving a bit so Dr. Boss could untie her gown.

Swiftly, the gown was pulled off her body, exposing everything to the handsome doctor standing over her. After dropping the thin fabric on the ground, Dr. Boss brought his hands to her hips, slowly running them up and down, following her pretty curves. Liv was thin, but she had some pudge on her lower stomach and thighs. The freshmen fifteen was very real. Liv noticed that the doctor’s hands were actually quite soft without the gloves. And pleasantly warm in the chilly exam room. It was a bit scary to be so exposed though. Every time Liv had been with a guy it had been in the dark, and most of the time she wasn’t even fully naked. But, now she was being very closely admired. She could feel the man’s eyes burning over her skin.

“Such a gorgeous body,” Dr. Boss spoke softly as he ran his hand over her soft stomach, “You deserve a man who knows how to appreciate you, Miss Miller,”

Liv watched the man as he memorized her body in a way no other had ever done before. Somehow, Dr. Boss was able to make her feel appreciated, even though what he was doing was completely messed up. Her dull, blue eyes followed as the man lowered, bending over her as he took her nipple back into his mouth. The feeling of his tongue carefully dragging around the sensitive nub drew a small sigh from her.

Dr. Boss gave her tit a lot of attention as his hand went back to her pussy, two bare fingers now slipping between her lips and teasing her hole. He sucked lightly and flicked her nipple with his tongue, but what she really liked was when he kissed the spot lightly and blew cool air against it.

Liv closed her eyes to truly allow herself to enjoy the sensations, taking in the feeling of his two fingers slowly sinking inside her heat. Inch by inch they dove into her and once they were all the way inside she felt them curl, brushing against her walls as if Dr. Boss was searching for something.

A shot of pleasure ran through her, making Liv gasp and arch her back off the table. “There we are,” the doctor hummed proudly as he stood up, pressing against the spot and milking more small, pretty sounds from Liv. “I bet the others have never cared to find this spot for you,” He smirked, licking his lips as his eyes burned into her.

The pleasure was short-lasting though, Liv’s eyes fluttered open when she felt his fingers withdrawing. For a moment she thought he was going to fuck her and she was eager, letting her legs hang lazily open with help from the stirrups. But, Dr. Boss walked over and opened a drawer, getting out a metal tool. Liv’s brows arched. “What’s that?” She asked, watching as he began to spread lubricant over what looked to be a medieval torture device. “You are not putting that inside me,” Liv said, closing her legs and taking her feet down, putting them on the end of the table.

Dr. Boss looked over and chuckled as he went to rinse the lube from his hand. He pulled his stool under him and sat down in front of Liv again. “It’s a speculum,” He told her. “And it does not hurt, especially if you’re already sexually active. I have to perform the procedure to make sure nothing is off with your cervix, Miss Miller,” Plus, it would cause a lot of suspicions if he didn’t complete his exam with the woman. “No need to be worried, I will make sure it isn’t even the slightest bit uncomfortable,”

Liv wasn’t too sure about it all, the thing looked painful as hell, but she slowly rested her heels back into the stirrups. “Good girl,” Dr. Boss smiled, “Now scoot down to the edge,” He told her, watching as she followed his orders. The doctor pressed his thumb against Liv’s swollen clit, rubbing it gently and bringing almost a relaxing amount of pleasure to her body. “Okay, I’m going to put it in. Just don’t tighten up around it,” the man instructed as he began to slide the freezing, slick metal device into her. Liv wasn’t sure how to feel about it, but his constant attention to her clit helped a lot as he pushed the speculum all the way inside, opening it up. Then the thumb on her clit was taken away. “It’s all in. Just relax, this will only take a second,”

Of course, Liv could not really see what he was doing. She did see him open a package with a long q-tip inside. A small squeak left her as he swabbed it against her cervix.

“All done,” Dr. Boss stated politely as he pulled the instrument out of her. Liv shivered at the feeling as the doctor went to put his tools away, setting the speculum aside for sanitation later. When the blond turned back and looked at her his eyes softened just a bit. “You’re very beautiful, Miss-”

“Liv,” She cut him off as the man came over, pushing some of her long hair behind her ear gently. Dr. Boss admired her face for a moment, fingertips dragging over her cheek.

“Liv,” the man repeated and she was sure her name had never sounded so good before. “Well then, call me Evan,” He said before leaning in and pressing a soft, careful kiss to her lips. Liv could swear she felt fireworks going off in her chest. Sadly, it didn’t last long at all before Evan was pulling away and sitting down on his stool again. “Okay Liv, I am going to get started,” He told her. “I need you to keep your voice down for me,”

With that understood between them, Evan slipped his two fingers back inside her making sure they curved perfectly to hit her g-spot. Liv’s back arched automatically as she brought her hand to cover her mouth. She normally wasn’t very loud in bed, but Liv knew this was going to be pretty intense.

Dr. Boss’ eyes never left her as he began to pump his fingers in and out of her at a slow, rhythmic pace. Liv looked like a goddess on his exam table, her head tossed back with thick, raven hair cascading down her body and over her shoulders, stopping near the pretty curve of her back. The woman’s pretty face was slightly scrunched in pleasure as well.

Evan’s fingers alone were making her shake a bit, but when Liv felt his tongue run between her lips and to her clit she couldn’t hold back the moan that slipped out, thankfully it was muffled by her hand. Her hips trembled as he wrapped his arm around her thigh, using the fingers of his free hand to open her up so he could get to her clit easier.

Evan used his mouth expertly. Normally Liv wasn’t into it when guys went down on her. They were always so spastic and careless. Nothing like how the doctor slowly sucked, flicked, and circled her clit, gauging her reaction to find what Liv liked most. Soon he began just flicking and sucking on the swollen nub, speeding up his tongue and fingers at the same time.

Liv couldn’t take her eyes off him as he worked, bringing her hand down to lay on the back of his head, careful not to mess his hair up too much. When Evan looked up at her and they locked eyes, Liv felt her heart skip a beat. Just the sight of his pale, blue eyes gazing up at her with his mouth pressed against her pussy was such a turn-on. She wanted to commit the image to her memory forever.

Soon it was hard for her to focus on him, bliss completely taking over her body and mind. Liv realized she had been moaning softly into her hand the entire time, feeling how her palm had grown dampish from her hot breath. The room was full of the soft sounds of Evan’s fingers thrusting into her wet pussy rapidly.

“Evan,” Liv moaned into her hand, sounding much more like a muffled whine. She was feeling things she had never felt before as she hit her peak. Legs and feet going numb, heart racing, muscles tensed, and back arched. Liv never wanted this feeling to go away, but she could feel it as she was pushed over the edge. For a moment she was worried because every time his fingers hit that perfect spot inside her, Liv felt like she needed to pee a little more until it became unbearable. She wanted to warn him, but the words wouldn’t come as she climaxed, pussy clenching around his fingers tightly and liquid spraying from her. Liv had no idea whether the liquid had come from her opening or her urethra, but she had not been able to watch because her eyes involuntarily squeezed shut as Evan continued to pleasure her through her orgasm. She even heard a deep groan come from the man.

For a few seconds, Liv was fully relaxed against the propped-up exam table, finally not caring about the uncomfortable, loud paper against her back. She could feel as Evan pulled away from her, blowing playfully on her clit as he took his fingers out.

As the high from her climax wore off, Liv’s eyes shot open and she was mortified. “Did I…” She sat up quickly and looked down between her legs at the clear fluids on the table, some of it was even on the floor. When her eyes found Dr. Boss he was using his hand to wipe his mouth and chin.

“It’s okay, Liv,” Evan laughed softly when he saw the concern on her face. “You ejaculated. It’s perfectly normal,” he told her as he went to get some paper towels, checking the time on his smartwatch. “Took a little longer than I planned… But, it will be fine,” the doctor said as he began cleaning up. “Go ahead and get dressed for me,”

Liv slipped off the exam table, getting a paper towel, and drying the slick and saliva from her crotch before getting dressed. She had worn a simple, grey, cotton dress that went past her knees with cooling, short sleeves. She pulled on her basic, blue panties and slipped into her flats. When Liv was dressed, she noticed that Evan was just finishing up himself, washing his hands at the sink.

“Your dress is lovely,” He commented as he dried his clean hands and walked over to her. He dug into his back pocket, pulling out a wallet. “Here, take my card,” Dr. Boss said as he held it out to her. It was like any other card someone would be given by their doctor, but this one had his personal number on it as well. “I would like to see you again somewhere less… official,” There was a hint of laughter in his words. “Contact me if you would be interested in dinner or maybe drinks,”

The last thing Liv expected was for her doctor to ask her out, but of course, the whole situation was unpredictable from start to explosive finish. Her eyes lingered on the small photo of the handsome Dr. Evan Boss as she pushed her hair behind her ear.

Liv already knew she would be contacting him. How could she not?

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