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Christmas Shopping

A trip to the mall turns into pleasure.
Christmas Shopping

Christmas was just around the corner and Clara still had so many gifts to find. As much as she loved the holidays, the shopping was something she could do without. She loved to shop for herself or with one of her girlfriends, but shopping for friends and family for the holidays was like work to her. And she was so deep in thought about what to get her niece, Shana, that she didn’t notice Robert when she walked right past him at a hurried pace in one of the department stores in the mall.

Robert, on the other hand, immediately noticed Clara and his mind went straight to the last night they had spent together. As she walked past him now, she was wearing a form-fitting purple blouse and a short, black skirt with pleats. Tall boots made of black leather completed the outfit nicely and her shape was amazing. In a flash, he was feeling a schoolboy rush of excitement. “Always in a hurry, aren’t you, Clara?” he said.

Clara came to a screeching halt and turned toward the voice she had just heard. She knew that voice from somewhere, but couldn’t place it right away. When she saw the face looking back at her, recognition flooded in. “Robert!” she exclaimed. “Oh my god, it’s so great to see you! When did you get back in town?”

“I drove in yesterday. Just here for the holidays, then back to Baltimore”. Robert was dressed in khaki slacks and a blue dress shirt with a white collar. He appeared to be coming from some sort of meeting, but he was carrying a large bag from another store.

They spent a few minutes chatting about who they were shopping for, then Clara asked the leading question, “So, do you have a girlfriend up in Baltimore?”

“No, I’m not seeing anyone right now,” Robert answered. “I was for a while, but we just didn’t have a lot of common interests, if you know what I mean.” This last part Robert said in a hushed voice, as if it were a secret between them.

“If anyone knows what you mean by ‘common interests’ Robert, it’s me,” Clara replied in a similar voice. “Hey, let’s go out before you leave. I would love to catch-up. It’s been so long.”

They agreed to go out Friday night and verified they had each other’s correct cell numbers by exchanging texts. Robert sent “I’m back!” and Clara replied with “I’m front”. It was an old joke between them from years ago. The two went their separate ways, each taking a look back at the other as they walked away.

Robert was just about finished with shopping for the day and decided to get a snack in the food court before heading to his parents’ house. He ordered some egg rolls from the Chinese place and took a seat at a table in the central area, placing his two large bags in an empty seat. With a heavy sigh, he began to relax after walking the entire length of the mall, and then some. A few minutes later, he spotted Clara in line for Italian. She was too far away to yell over, so he sent her a text.

“I love that skirt. Wonder what’s under it.”

He watched as Clara reached into her purse and pulled her cell phone out. He could see her face blush when she read the text. She began looking around for him, then smiled when she found him. She looked right at him for a long moment, then turned back toward the counter. She reached her right hand down and quickly lifted her skirt just enough for Robert to get a flash of purple fabric. With the distance and how quickly she had made the motion, he couldn’t tell if it was silk, lace, or cotton, but he could tell it was not the same shade of purple as the blouse. He was dying to get a better look. He squirmed a little and tried to be stealthy, as he readjusted his slacks to accommodate his hardening manhood.

Clara got her food and came over to join him. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked as she placed her tray on the table.

“Very much,” he said. Clara glanced over the table and could see Robert was now sporting a large bulge in the crotch of his pants. She smiled proudly at him as she took a seat opposite Robert and put her shopping bag in the remaining empty seat.

They exchanged small talk and got caught-up on how their families and mutual friends were doing. After a while, Robert looked right into Clara’s blue eyes and got very serious. “You know, I couldn’t tell what kind of fabric that was from this far away.” He intentionally pushed a napkin off the table and bent over to pick it up. He stayed bent over, now looking right up Clara’s skirt. Realizing what he was doing, Clara spread her legs a little wider, to make sure he got an excellent view. Robert slowly sat back up, finally making eye contact with Clara as his head moved above the table’s edge. “Very nice,” he said with a huge grin. “I love the lace. It’s like ribbon on a present.”

Clara was getting very aroused and could feel her juices beginning to flow. “I would love to have you come over and open it, but my roommate is at the apartment right now, studying for an exam,” she explained. “I promised her I wouldn’t return until seven o’clock.”

Robert checked his watch and realized it was only four-thirty. “I think I know a place we can go.”

Clara was almost finished eating her baked ziti. Without hesitation, she asked, “Where?”

“Changing room, in the department store where I saw you earlier. It’s so busy right now, they can’t keep track of who’s coming and who’s going.”

“No good,” was Clara’s response. “Too much traffic. Someone will see us. Plus, they constantly come by to offer assistance finding other clothes that you just have to try on. Great service sucks, doesn’t it?” She considered options for a moment and suddenly began to smile. “How about the ladies room at the end of the hall over there?”

Robert looked over his shoulder and could see the restroom sign at the beginning of the hallway. He turned back to Clara and said, “You are such a dirty girl. Let’s go.”

Without another word, both got up from the table and moved in that direction. Clara stepped in front of Robert and went into the ladies room when they reached the end of the hall. Robert waited for her to give him the all clear signal. Minutes went by and she did not come back out. A middle-aged man came out of the men’s room and noticed Robert. “Get used to it”, he said to Robert. “The older they get, the more often they gotta go, and the longer they take.” The old man chuckled at his own joke and wandered off.

A moment later, a woman in a bright red dress stepped out of the ladies room. She looked to be in her mid-thirties and was very attractive, with auburn hair down to her shoulders. The dress was snug with a plunging neckline and a white belt around her mid-section. Robert was watching her walk down the hallway and appreciating her shape when Clara reached out of the door and grabbed his arm.

They went to the last stall, to avoid being noticed by others. There was no way the restroom would go completely unused while they were in there, which only added to the excitement. Clara hung her shopping bag on the door hook, as Robert latched the door. Facing each other in the tight space, Clara moved in for a soft kiss. Robert reached down to her waist. He stroked her belly with the fingers of both hands, moved around to her back, then back to her belly again. His touch was light and gentle, just as Clara remembered. She was now so horny she could hardly keep from reaching an orgasm at his touch. Robert began kissing her a little more passionately as he moved one hand under her blouse and caressed her right breast through her bra. He pushed the bra up and over her breasts, then moved his attention to the left. His fingers were dancing all around her nipple and he suddenly gave it a gentle pinch.

Clara let out a soft moan that told Robert she liked what he was doing to her. Keeping one hand busy on her tits, he moved the other behind her. He slowly pulled the fabric of her skirt up and found the panties he had admired under the table. He softly moved his hand into the crack of her ass and followed it until he felt the moisture from her pussy through the soft fabric. He caressed her opening through her panties for a moment, then pulled the fabric to the side. He slipped his middle finger as deep into her wet tunnel as he could reach.

“God, I’ve missed you,” he breathed into her ear, breaking their kiss. He pulled his hand out of her blouse and moved it around to her firm ass. With both hands, he pulled her into him, rubbing their groins together. His finger was still exploring her vagina, now moving over her lips and clit and spreading her juices around. Clara pushed her pelvis forward and let out a gasp. She pumped back and forth for a moment, enjoying the waves of pleasure she was getting from his hand and pelvis combined.

She moved away from him enough to reach down and stroke his cock through his slacks. Even through the fabric of his slacks and briefs, she could tell he was as hard as a rock. She placed a hand on his chest and pushed him a few inches away from her, then turned them both around. Robert was now backed up to the edge of the toilet, almost straddling the seat. Clara reached down and unbuckled Robert’s belt, unbuttoned his slacks, and lowered his zipper.

Pulling the front of his underwear down, she pulled his cock free and slowly stroked it for a moment. She allowed his slacks to fall down to the top of his shoes, then knelt down on the floor in front of him. She slipped the head of his member into her mouth and quickly pulled it back out. Looking up at him, she slowly took his entire cock into her mouth. Without gagging, she let it remain deep in her mouth for several seconds, then slowly pulled it back out with her lips tightly wrapped around his shaft. Her spit covered his entire cock. After repeating this motion a few times, she began bobbing her head in and out, taking his dick about halfway into her mouth each time.

She could hear Robert’s breathing getting heavy and knew he would not last much longer, if she continued like this. She stood and gently pushed him back until he took a seat on the toilet. Reaching under her own skirt now, Clara pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. “These are soaking wet,” she said as she dropped them into the department store bag.

Clara stepped forward and straddled Robert. She reached down and took his hard dick in her hand and gently stroked it a few more times, then lowered herself onto his lap. When she felt the tip of his cock touch her pussy lips, she stopped for a moment and began rubbing it up and down the length of her pussy. His pre-cum made a slick lubricant that now covered her clit and gave her a remarkable sensation each time she slid it back and forth.

Just then, the restroom door suddenly opened. Both of them jumped as a pair of noisy teen girls came in. They were in the middle of a conversation about some lady in one of the stores in the mall. The lady had apparently said something they didn’t care for. One stepped into a stall at the other end of the row while the other stayed at the vanity. Clara assumed she was checking her make-up in the mirror could only hope she didn’t see two sets of shoes in their stall.

Clara leaned over Robert and got her mouth so close to his ear that he could feel her heavy breathing going in and out. “Shhhh,” She shushed into his ear. “Don’t move.”

Robert’s cock was beginning to soften in her hand. She slowly moved her hand back and forth a few more times to get it hardened again. Then she guided it into her pussy a little at a time, lifting her weight, then setting it back down. Once his cock was completely covered with her pussy juice, she sat all the way down on his lap. She stayed that way, with him buried deep inside of her, and began slowly pushing her pelvis forward and back in slow, quiet motions. She could barely feel his length moving in and out of her, but she also felt a lot of pressure against her clit.

The two girls finally finished their business and left the restroom. As the door closed, Clara and Robert were still for a moment. They remained perfectly still and silent until they were certain the restroom was entirely theirs. Clara suddenly lifted herself up and plunged herself back down onto Robert. His cock filled her and his pelvis slammed into her clit as they locked in a passionate kiss. She could feel the orgasm building deep inside of her, but she didn’t want Robert to finish too soon. So she sat back down on his lap and stopped moving for a moment.

Robert leaned forward, so he could whisper into Clara’s ear. “Did someone else come in?”

“No, I just didn’t want you to cum yet.”

“Oh, got it. No worries, I’m good.”

With that, Clara resumed her pouncing up and down. Then she said “stay there.”

Robert watched as Clara lifted herself off of him. Some of their mixed juices trailed from her pussy lips as they separated and his cock was covered in glistening moisture. Clara turned, now in a reverse cowgirl position, and sat back down. Robert helped guide his cock into her soaking wet pussy, then reached a hand around to stroke her clit. He began tracing circles around her love button, while moving his middle finger along the edge of her pussy lips. He could feel his cock moving in and out of her and everything seemed to be covered in their combined wetness.

Clara leaned her head back onto Robert’s shoulder and moaned as her pleasure built. He increased the pressure on her clit and suddenly felt Clara’s hand on top of his. She guided his movements around her entire pussy, paying special attention to her clit. Clara’s breathing became heavier and suddenly her body tensed. She moved his finger directly under her clit, pushed down on his hand hard, and pulled it upward slightly. With the extreme pressure on her clit, Robert could feel the contractions as Clara came. Her clit thumped and her body shook uncontrollably. “Uh, uh, fuck,” was all she could manage to say, then she slowly began releasing the pressure on his hand. Robert could feel liquid running out of her pussy and over his balls, then dripping into the toilet.

That was all he could take. He lifted Clara off of him and spun them both around. He took her right hand and placed in on the handicap bar that was behind the toilet. Now understanding, Clara moved her other hand to join it. Robert pushed her skirt up onto her back, giving him a clear view of her entire ass and pussy. He took Clara by the hips and began fucking her from behind. He slammed into her over and over as his orgasm built. Clara moved one hand to her clit and began rubbing it furiously, keeping her other hand on the bar for balance. Just before he came, Robert pulled his cock out of her pussy.

He watched as the first stream of his load hit just above her asshole, then began running down her crack and over her pussy lips. His second shot went onto her lower back, just missing her skirt. He shot a few more streams of cum onto her ass and pussy as his breathing began to slow. Clara’s fingers were soon covered in his jizz, as she continued to rub her clit. He gently slipped his cock back into her before it could soften. He could feel Clara’s pussy contracting around his dick, as she enjoyed her second orgasm.

The door to the restroom opened again, this time it sounded as if a single woman entered. Robert and Clara froze, not wanting to bring any attention to themselves and also enjoying this sensation. The woman entered a stall, peed, and left. “Gross, she didn’t wash her hands,” Robert said. Clara laughed and the two separated.

They both cleaned-up and got dressed. Clara went to the door while Robert waited for the signal. Clara called him to the door once the coast was clear. As Robert walked toward her, he slapped his hand onto his forehead. “Shit! I left my bags at the table. God, I hope nobody took off with them.”

Robert was pleasantly surprised to find his bags were still right where he left them. They, once again, agreed to go out on Friday. “Maybe my roommate won’t be home Friday night.” Clara said in a sultry voice.

“Maybe she will,” Robert replied with a grin.


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