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Part 2

Chapter 2 – Lillian Nottingham

It seems that Lillian's laptop needed an upgrade as well
Chapter 2 – Lillian Nottingham

I was sitting in my office, and somehow my mind turned to Lillian Nottingham. Lillian Nottingham and Cynthia Crenshaw were cut from the same cloth. Money. I met Lillian only briefly at Cynthia’s, but it was obvious, neither of them wanted anything, and got whatever they wanted. At least I knew where I stood with Cynthia. I wouldn’t mind having the same “understanding” with Lillian. Cynthia’s “desktop” and Lillian’s “laptop” could become interesting.

I called the Sheriff’s office to tell him I had his security system ready to install. I like this guy. He owns the town but doesn’t show it. He is a smooth operator. If you are on his good side, the law has some flexibility. Also, he loves his sister, Cynthia.

“Sheriff, Tim Oster. When does your office close so I can install the software for you?”

“Hey, Tim. The office doesn’t close, “officially”, but whoever is scheduled for patrol is out of the office, and I’m on my way home by five or five-thirty. Do you need the system shut down?”

“Yes, shutting the system down ensures a more accurate installation. It would only be for about fifteen to twenty minutes max.”

“Ted Miller is on tonight. I’ll tell him to use his cell for communications between five and six this evening. That should give you plenty of time.”

“Perfect. I’ll call you when the installation is finished. If anyone has questions, give me a call.”

It was just five-thirty when I had finished and was leaving the cop shop. I call the Sheriff to tell him at 0800 Timorrow, the system will need to be logged on. He will know who is using the system.

I had just walked out and was heading up the street heading home when a horn gave a short beep. It was Lillian slowing down alongside me.

“Hey Tim, where are you heading? I haven’t eaten yet. Can I talk you into a burger, fries, and beer at Glen’s Grill? The beer is the coldest in town. It will be my treat.”

“I am hungry, sounds good to me, but if I may Mrs. Nottingham, I will buy our dinner. I very much appreciate your offer, though.

When we arrived, there were only three other cars in the lot. Very unusual, so finding a quiet booth in a corner spot wasn’t difficult. The waiter brought our drinks, my beer, and her wine, and left the menu. The food smelled delicious, and Lillian was right, the beer was ice cold.

We were just having small talk and laughing. She was telling me about how nice the town has been. I also noticed her dexterity. When she thought I was watching her put the wine to her lips, she would open a button on her blouse. On the second unbuttoning, she saw I watched her open the button, not her drinking the wine. She looked at me and blushed.

“Is the wine to your satisfaction? I think I may be enjoying it more than you. Especially the way your lips curve to the glass. How they purse as you sip your wine. You enjoy savoring things in life. Am I right.?”

“You seem to be very intuitive Tim Ouster. Intuitive, intelligent, and handsome. The trifecta in a man if there ever was one. You are making what was a very boring evening into an unforgettable encounter. Do you have any hobbies?

“Yes, if you consider a walk in a park and taking in the sights over a cup of coffee a hobby. I used to fish but somehow lost interest. I guess my work gets a bit intricate, and I love it, I need time just to sit and rest my mind. Even on a rainy day, I may just sit in the car and enjoy the surroundings and my coffee.”

Tim was luring Lillian into a sensual mode, but not deliberately. He was only conversing; she was becoming aroused. She was looking at him with a desire in her mind. But how to get him into her bed? She did not know him that well.

Tim ordered another round of drinks, and they continued their conversation. Tim asked about her hobbies. She was a bit of a collector of small cups and saucers and other dainty objects. This was pure Lillian. She was as dainty as her hobby.

The drinks were finished, and Tim suggested a drive to the park and enjoying the scenery. It was nearing dusk, a Tim enjoyed it most because the shadows began to act as though they were lurking behind the trees. Lillian thought it to be a wonderful idea. They got into his car and drove the short distance to the park.

The night air was still warm from the day, and Lillian was warm from the wine. Tim led her to a path, and they walked holding hands. The path led to an overgrowth of bushes. They stopped at the edge of the bushes and Tim turned Lillian toward him and kissed her long and deep. Lillian was melting in his embrace.

He reached behind her and grabbed her butt. He pulled her close to him and she reached down to feel his swelling cock. When she felt him, she smiled at him and began to unzip his jeans. He pulled his lips from her and unbuttoned her blouse. She was not wearing a bra, so he had full access to her large breasts and hard nipples. Lillian wanted the swelling she felt in his briefs.

As he sucked her breasts, she massaged his full scrotum. Tim was pushing his erection against her, and she was holding his head as he sucked her breast and nipped her nipples. Now, Lillian had a firm grip on his cock and was slowly stroking up and down. She wanted to feel him pulsing in anticipation. Lillian broke from his grasp and dropped to her knees. She was swallowing his cock, before her knees were on the ground.

Lillian swallowed every inch of him and began a slow and sensual sucking. She would stop going up and down on his shaft only to lick every inch of it. She spent a lot of time licking all around his cock head. When she would do this, he would shove his cock into her mouth.

Tim reached down and grabbed her breasts and began milking them. The harder he pulled the more Lillian moaned and sucked on his cock. She wanted to empty his balls, but Tim had other ideas.

Gently he pulled Lillian up by her breasts. He sucked them and nibbled her hard nipples. He unzipped her jeans and pulled them and her panty down at the same time. She was standing there with her large breast and womanly part exposed to the night. She was wetter than she had ever been in her life.

He turned her around so she could balance herself on a tree. He moved behind her and slowly slid his demanding cock into her. Tim began a rhythm and with each insertion, Lillian would moan in appreciation. She was pushing herself onto his throbbing member with each stroke.
Tim pulled out of her and gently laid her on the ground on his shirt. Lillian looked up at him as if she was begging for him.

He knelt between her outstretched legs and slid into her with a cock that was not to be denied. She mewed as he entered and began massaging her vulva with his erection. Lillian held her breasts for him to suck and his cock pleasured her womanhood. She looked up at Tim and inhaled sharply and her climax flooded his cock and balls. She wrapped her arms around him as though she would never release him. It was then that Tim released all his boiling sperm into her waiting opening. As Tim pumped his lava into Lillian, she laid the mewing with appreciation.

When he removed himself from her, he bent over and kissed her gently. He was kneeling at her feet and gently kissed her legs. She smiled like a completely satisfied woman. Tim helped her up and helped her to dress her. He was just putting his shirt on when Lillian began hugging him.

They went back to the bar and retrieved Lillian’s car. Tim followed her home. She left her car in the drive, and they walked to the front door. Lillian looked at Tim with a soft sensual smile.

“I guess I forgot to add something this evening. Intuitive, intelligent, handsome, a great lover, and a gentleman. Can I ask you a favor?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Next time, don’t be such a gentleman.”
They kissed good night and Tim headed home. He had to laugh to himself. He knew she didn’t want him just for her laptop.


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