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Part 6

Back To The Old Grind

Tim's work in Overton gets him even more friends
Back To The Old Grind

Tuesday morning Cynthia and I headed back to Medford. It was another beautiful day, so Cynthia had the top down. I have to admit, watching Cynthia get dressed was a bit of an arousal. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her put on her blouse without a bra. I’ll save that for the ride home.
I was driving when we got to the two-lane road leading to the highway. I thought this is as good a time as any. We were approaching the turnoff we stopped at when I had sex with her on the way up to her house.
“Cynthia, you love driving in the car with the top down, don’t you?”
“Yes, I love the feel of the air passing around me. It invigorates me.”
“Do you know what would invigorate me? Driving with your top down. I know you’re not wearing a bra, so take your top down so I can watch your tits in the breeze.”
Before I finished the sentence, Cynthia was down to just one more button to loosen.
“What a beautiful sight. Beautiful day, beautiful woman and her beautiful tits. All that’s missing is my cock in her beautiful pussy.” I pulled off the main road.
As I was getting out of the car, I looked at Cynthia. She was smiling like the Cheshire Cat. She put her hands under her tits and shook them at me. Her invitation. I opened the car door and lay across her lap and sucked her left tit. From the way Cynthia was moaning I knew her panties were wet. Time to nibble on her hard nipple.
“Damn, you, Tim Ouster.”
With that, she shoved me out of the car, got out, and dropped her jeans and panties. She looked at me while she was flaunting her mostly nude body. She was watching as I undid my jeans. I dropped them and my briefs to the ground. Next, I turned her around and made her bend over. Cynthia was grunting and panting as I slid my cock into her wet warm pussy.
Immediately her muscles tightened around my cock. She was rocking back and forth on my cock. My balls were slapping against her unprotected clit. With each slap, Cynthia would groan or make a sound of a woman in lust. Her orgasm was not far away. I reached for her free-swinging tits.
With a firm grip on her tits, I shoved my cock harder and faster into Cynthia’s pussy. Her panting told me just was just about to climax. I wanted her to have a hard climax. I slapped her ass cheek and regained my grip on her tits. Cynthia let out a yelp. I continued my pounding. I pinched her left nipple between my fingers and used my other hand to slap her ass cheek.
A good hard slap on her ass, having her nipple pinched, and her pussy pounded was too much for Cynthia to resist. With one deep inhale, and a long, low moaning Cynthia was squirting on my cock, balls, and down both of my legs. The pounding of her pussy continued.
My cock was going in and out of Cynthia as fast as I could pump her. My climax was building and building fast. Finally, there was nothing I could do but release the pressure that built up in my balls. When it happened, the first shot came with my cock head against her cervix. Cynthia yelped and I kept pounding until every sperm was in her.
My cock slipped from her drenched pussy. Cynthia sat on the edge of the car seat. She grabbed my ass and pulled me close to her so she could suck my weakening cock. I let her suck as long as she wanted, while I pulled on her tits.
When she was finished sucking me, she held my shaft in her hand and looked up at me.
“Tim, I don’t know what I would do without you. I felt like a washed-out old hag.”
“You are not, you never were, and never will be. You’re a beautiful woman with a kind and loving heart. And a very sensual woman, and one hell of a lover.”
We got dressed and tried to go to Medford for the second time. I was ready to be home again.
Cynthia dropped me off at the shop and went to get carry-outs. The shop was quiet, and I loved to see my things. This is where I belong, not on top of a hill with a house that has eighty-seven rooms. This is Tim Ouster, but I can’t stop thinking about Cynthia – and her friends.
Since it was just after one in the afternoon, I called George in Overton.
“Hey, George. It’s Tim. I just got back in town. I’m at the shop and Cynthia’s gone for take-outs. What’s been going on?”
“Believe it or not, the bastard is Carl Himmel’s cousin. Carl’s been with the force for twenty-plus years. He has a golden record. The cousin is being tried on various counts and was trying to get into our system to erase the evidence. Your program stopped him and left cyber clues I could follow. You got him, brother.” George was elated.
“You got him, I just gave you some extra tools to use. You figured out how he was trying to get in and nabbed him. Great work, man. I can imagine Sheriff Nelson and Ms. O’Connell are damn proud of you.” Tim said.
“It’s a good feeling. See you tomorrow. Tim, Wait! I almost forgot to tell you. Tomorrow, at ten, Ms. O’Connell, the Sheriff, and I will be at City Hall. Meet us there in the Office of the Chair.”
“No problem. Happy dreams, man.”
I had just ended the call with George when Cynthia came in with hot beef on rye and fries. My kind of meal. She set the table and put the beef and fries out and a cold beer for each of us.
Cynthia was sitting across the table from me. She was looking at me with an adoring smile.
“A penny for your thoughts, Mrs. Crenshaw.”
“Oh, Tim. I am so proud of you. While I was waiting for our takeaway my brother walked in. He was telling me about all the excitement in Overton. And you are the one who caught the guy. And I love you.”
“Cynthia, George caught the intruder. I only set up some tools, if you will, for him to use. George should get the ticker tape parade. I’m just there to tell them what I installed. Nothing more.”
“But, without the stuff you put on their computer, they wouldn’t have caught him, right?”
“To be honest, Cynthia, I don’t think so. But George Lewis is not a dummy. I think he would have gotten him it just would have taken longer. The most important part is the idiot is in custody.”
I knew Cynthia was spending the night, so I asked if she wanted to shower first. And she did. While she was gone, I checked the shop and took a quick inventory. It seemed that I had enough of everything, so I went back to finish my beer when the front door opened. It was Miss Thompson from the library.
“Miss Thompson. What a pleasant surprise. How can I help you?”
“Tim, my God Child is graduating high school and heading off to college. I won’t be able to see her as often, so I’m a little sad. But I’m in a bind.”
“Miss Thompson, there is nothing a librarian cannot do. It’s people like you that got us through those horrific themes and research papers. What do you need?”
“I want to give her a new computer, but I can’t afford one. Do you have one and I will pay you with on-time payments? I’ll pay whatever you want.”
I knew Cynthia could hear the entire conversation. I also knew she could tell what I was thinking. One reason I love Cynthia.
“Miss Thompson, when do you need the computer?”
“Next month.” She said sheepishly.
“Give me a couple of days. Let me see what parts I can put together, so your God Child will have a good computer for her studies. Now, I can’t promise it will be the Cadillac laptop, but it will be a good one. We can discuss payments later.”
“Tim Ouster, you are a good man.” Miss Thompson left the shop.
Cynthia came out of hiding, “Tim Ouster you are fibbing to Miss Thompson. I have caught you with Elenore, but now I caught you in a fib. I know damn good and well, you are going to buy her a new laptop. I can’t wait to hear how you are going to fib a second time. What are you going to tell her?”
“Well, you have caught me red-handed. Yes, Cynthia, I am going to buy a new laptop, and no I don’t know how I’m going to tell Miss Thompson she owes me nothing.”
“Well, Mr. Ouster, Miss Thompson was right about one thing. You are a good man.”
“Thank you. If you don’t mind, I’m going to shower, then call my supplier. We can have our cocktails on the couch. I expect you to be naked.”
Cynthia replied, “Is there any other way?”
I had a hot shave and a good long hot shower. I was feeling wonderful. I brought a beer in with me, so I did take my time. I was thinking about the time Cynthia, and I was in the shower, and my cock was having the same thoughts. Time to change my thoughts.
I went into the living room where Cynthia was waiting. She looked beautiful. Her greying hair was framing her face. Her makeup was a bit goth, the way I love it. Her perfume was intoxicating my mind. I had to keep my thoughts straight for a few more minutes.
“Cynthia, I’m going to call my supplier. I want to see what he can do for us. I’m sure you know, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for Miss Thompson. She is a dear lady. I don’t want to let her down.”
“Tim, you couldn’t let her down. It’s not in your makeup.”
I called Ed my supplier and asked what he could do for me. I told him about Miss Thompson and how she wanted to be proud of the gift for her God Child. Ed is a magician. He said to leave it to me and call me on Monday.
We were sitting on the couch listening to country music and sipping our beers. Occasionally, I would reach over and kiss her, or she would kiss me. Cynthia looked at me with her sweet smile and licked her red lips. She can be so sensuous one minute and the next a sexual animal.
I had my arm around Cynthia, and she was sitting so close to me. Her skin is so feminine. The way her tits adorn her chest is so stimulating. And when I can be close to her warmth, her scent is intoxicating. I bent over, kissed her nipple, and gave it a quick suck. Cynthia gave me her seductive smile.
She moved her right hand to my lap and began to play with my cock. It was about sexing Cynthia, so there wasn’t much arousal needed. But Cynthia was only concerned with my orgasm.
She massaged my balls and pulled on them. The more she did that, the harder my cock became. She ran her fingernail up and down my growing shaft encouraging it to harden. She went back to playing with my balls, massaging and pulling. My cock couldn’t get any harder at this point.
Cynthia ran her fingernail up and down my swollen shaft again. She paid close attention to that sensitive part just under my cock head. When it jumped, she would smile a sexual wicked smile. Cynthia was deliberately trying to get me to shove it in her. She was very successful.
She got a firm hold on my cock and began to stroke it, nice and slow. She knew how to drive me crazy. She is so good, there have been times she was going to get cock whether she wanted it or not. I slid my ass to the end of the couch, so she had better access to my aching cock.
While Cynthia is hand pumping my cock, she is rubbing her tit against my arm, then across my chest. When she would bend over to suck it, she made damn sure her tits were sliding up and down my leg. If I pushed her down and jumped on top of her, I wonder if I would have a defense in a court of law.
She had just finished another session of sucking me. Cynthia looked into my eyes with the most soulful expression eyes could have. She kissed me and lightly licked my lips before she slid her tongue into my mouth. The entire time, my cock is receiving a magnificent hand job.
“Baby,” Cynthia said, “I hope a hand job mixed with a loving blow job will make you happy. After what you did to me on the side of the road, it’s a little difficult to sit down. Damn, you did me good.”
“Woman, I will take any type of loving you give me. Just remember, what you do to me, I will do to you.” I said with a slight smirk.
“That better be a promise,” Cynthia said.
“Go on, Baby. Spank my cock and make me cum.”
Cynthia put a firm grip on my cock. She was pumping it and shoving her tit in my mouth. Her pumping made me suck her tit harder and Cynthia was starting to pant as I was sucking her tit. The harder I sucked the faster she pumped my cock. She had such a firm grip and was stroking in a perfect rhythm; I didn’t know if I should tell her I was about to climax.
It didn’t matter. I held her tits so tight she could not escape. She pumped my cock, and I sucked her tit. My climax was building, and I thought hers was as well.
“Don’t stop. Damn it. Don’t stop I’m going to cum.” Cynthia cried out.
When she said that, I started shooting sperm. Shot after shot spewed from my cock. I could hear her heart pounding and she was panting. Cynthia was having a climax of her own. She had a firm grip on my cock during her climax. When she was done, she looked into my eyes.
“Tim, you own every part of me. But, as much as I love you, look at the mess I have to lick up.”
Cynthia started giving me a tongue bath. Every nerve in my body was short-circuited.
“Tim, I must not have been thinking. Even though it is a little hard to sit, I should have given you the option. I love when you enter me from behind.”
“Hmm. Maybe you could explore the same with me. But Baby, I need to get some sleep.” I said. Cynthia reluctantly agreed.
Departed Soul


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