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Part 13

Thanksgiving Eve

Tim arrives at Elenore's for the holiday
Thanksgiving Eve

Tim was up at the crack of dawn.  He had loaded his car the night before, then he went to Cynthia’s.  Now he was racing toward this high-rent district for Thanksgiving at Elenore’s.  But his main desire was to see Pat.  Elenore was at the door to greet Tim on his arrival.

“Elenore, you look radiant.  It is so great to be here.  Where do you want to put the turkey until tomorrow?”

“I made room in my fridge for it.  That’s a large bird for the three of us.  But there are always leftovers at Thanksgiving. I put the turkey in the fridge, and she showed me to my room.  Hers.  I unpacked my toothbrush and got ready for our afternoon. 

The outfit she had chosen for me was a very blue ball sack with a vest and slip-on tennis shoes to match.  One good sneeze and I would be nude from the waist down.  I must admit, it complemented her orange lounge suit nicely. I should be on the cover of one of those ritzy men’s magazines. NO.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

We passed through the kitchen to get our drinks and then into the living room.  There was a nice fire in the huge fireplace.  I’m sure it warmed most of her home.  I was looking around the room and the view from the floor-to-ceiling window was unbelievable.  Finally, I sat down next to Elenore.

We chatted about living in the high-rent district.  She loved the peace, but she did get lonesome.  That’s how she and Pat became such “good” friends.  She was looking at me while she was talking.  I gently put my hand behind her head.  She looked into my eyes.  As she closed her eyes, she licked her lips.  I kissed her gently and Elenore moaned quietly.  Our lips parted, but she pulled my back to her, and we kissed long and deep.  Elenore sighed deeply as we kissed.

I moved my hand to her breast.  There was a sensual feeling through the material of her lounge outfit.  I pulled my other hand from the couch and fondled her other breast.  Elenore held my face to kiss me.  Then she slid her tongue between my lips.  My cock was looking for a way out of its confines.

Elenore stood up and put on a very sensual strip tease.  When she was finished, I pulled her close to me and started licking her.  She pushed my face into her pelvis, I reached for her ass and held her to me.

She said it was my turn to strip.  I kicked my tennis shoes off and slowly removed my vest.  I untied the little ball sack.  When my growing cock popped out, Elenore immediately sucked it into her mouth.  As her head bobbed up and down on my solid shaft, one hand held my ass cheek, and the other pulled and massaged my balls.

Elenore released my cock and balls.  She laid back on the sofa.  She looked at me with pleading eyes.  Her legs and arms were wide open as if she was pleading for comfort.  I remembered at the party she asked me to be gentle because it had been quite a while. 

I knelt between her legs and slowly guided my cock into her waiting pussy.  As I slid my cock into her, Elenore slowly inhaled deeply.  When she felt that I had slid it in, she let out a soft sigh of contentment.

“Mmmm, Tim. Feels so nice.”  Mmmm, make me happy.”

I gently squeezed her breasts and kissed her deeply.  Elenore slid her tongue between my lips.  My tongue was there to greet her.  It was time to start to stroke in and out of Elenore.  When I started to move my hips, Elenore wrapped her legs around my waist and met my strokes in perfect unison.  She was getting the love she wanted. 

I continued stroking her with long even strokes.  She was getting closer to her climax.  I moved my head to suck on her tit and nip her nipple.  Elenore moaned and pushed her hips harder against me.  I switched to her other tit and Elenore responded the same way.

I got up on my knees.  Elenore looked at me with pleading eyes.  I got a firm hold on her legs.  Then I stroked just a bit harder into her wet pussy.  Elenore’s eyes rolled back and then closed. Elenore was moaning louder, then she grabbed her nipples and pulled them.  That’s when I took my thumb and rubbed her clit.

Elenore groaned quietly then inhaled a long silent inhale.  She held her breath for a few seconds, but when she exhaled, her cum flooded my pumping cock.  Watching Elenore and feeling her cum wash over my cock and balls was all I could take.  My balls erupted and my cum shot out and slammed against her pussy walls.

When Elenore felt the hot blasts from my balls, she pumped me even harder.  She was determined to pull every last sperm from my aching balls.  I stroked her dripping pussy until I was certain there was nothing left in my balls.

I bent over onto my elbows and started kissing Elenore.  She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately.  Whatever strength was left kept me inside her for a few minutes.  When my cock got to a certain point, Elenore frowned as she felt it slide out of her.

“I’ll be right back.” 

I ran and got a warm washcloth for Elenore’s pussy.  When I was placing it between her legs, She raised on her elbow and sucked my cock into her mouth.  She sucked and licked my cock, and she was driving me insane.

“That felt good, thank you.”

“I thought you would like the warm towel,” I said smiling.

“Oh, yes, that was nice.  I was referring to having your cock in my mouth.  I wanted to taste our sex juices together.  I hope you didn’t mind,” Elenore said with a coy expression.

I asked her, “Can I refresh your drink?”

“Yes, please.  And can I empty your balls again later,” she asked with a sensual tone.

My answer was, “Yes please.”

We were sitting in the living room listening to Elenore’s vinyl.  Some great music, The Ink Spots, Jack Teagarten, just wonderful music.  Elenore had her glass of chardonnay, and I had my beer.  We were sitting next to each other.  Her perfume was exciting.  I had my arm around her shoulders so I could reach down and fondle her breast and nipple.

Elenore loved holding my cock and balls.  I wasn’t opposed to her soft touch.  Her phone sounded off, it was Pat.  They talked for a minute and ended the conversation.  Elenore said Pat was stopping by on her way to the store, and just wanted to “Hello”.  I wanted to say more than hello to Pat.

Elenore met Pat at the door and brought her into the living room.  I got up and gave her a “proper” kiss on her cheek. God, I wish it was her other cheek.  We chatted for a few minutes; then Pat got up to leave.  Elenore was going to walk her to the front door.  Again, I gave Pat the “proper” kiss on her cheek.  She gave my cock and balls a proper hug out of Elenore’s sight.

When Elenore returned, we sat on the couch again, she gave my cock a hug and smiled.

“Someone seems to have something on his mind,” Elenore cooed.

“Well, hell yes.  I watched your hot butt walking to the front door and remembered how wonderful it feels between those cheeks.  And then seeing those beautiful tits bouncing on your way back.  Yes, he was watching too.  And a hot sight like that got my balls starting to bubble.”

“It’s amazing. I didn’t think a seventy-year-old lady could get wet, but you sure proved me wrong.  When you were here for the party, was the first time I had any form of sex in eleven years.  I’ll admit, at first, it was uncomfortable, but it wasn’t long before I was enjoying the feeling of your hard cock sliding in and out of me.  I only wish we had more time. 

But I know Cynthia.  She had told me on a couple of occasions how much business she had brought to your new business.  Cynthia and Lillian have a lot, I mean a lot of money.  They think it will open any door they want.  The wonderful sex you give me, I appreciate, I don’t demand it.”

“Elenore, there is no explanation needed from either of us.  But you are spot on.  I enjoy having sex with you.  I never have felt you demanded it.  You are a wonderful lover.  I know I can trust you to keep this dark, I wish I could get away from the Medford Meddlers.  But enough of that.  Is the pool house still open?”  I asked with a devilish grin.

“Tim, for you, anything is open.  And if it isn’t open, you sure are welcome to open it as far as you want.”  Elenore’s face was flushing from the memory of our first tryst.

We walked to the pool house holding hands.  The look on Elenore’s face was pure anticipation.  I opened the door, and she walked in.  When I walked in, she locked the door.  This added to the excitement. 

I grabbed Elenore and gave her a long kiss.  She wrapped her arms around me. Her breathing was becoming deeper, almost labored.  When our lips parted, she put her head on my shoulder.  The feel of her breasts rising and lowering against my chest was arousing.  My cock was trying to sneak between her legs.

Her back was against the bench I had her bent over on our first meeting.  I helped her onto it and pulled up the chair.  Elenore watched me as I positioned myself between her open legs.  As I pushed her legs up, Elenore lay down on the bench, her large breasts falling to her sides.  The site made my cock harder.

I gently licked her pussy lips slowly.  Up and down, I didn’t want to rush.  I lapped at her lips and ran my hands up and down her torso.  Elenore was smiling and breathing a little heavier.  When my tongue slid between her inner lips Elenore mewed and grabbed my head.  When she did that, I ran my hands up her torso, this time I got a firm grip on her large tits. 

I was enjoying Elenore’s response and the taste of her pussy.  The longer I licked her and milked her tits, the more Elenore humped my tongue.  She was moving as though she wanted my tongue inside her.  When I squeezed her nipples, Elenore yelped, and the orgasm began to cover my face.  She held my head firmly against her dripping pussy until she had finished her climax.

Elenore pushed me away from her quivering pussy, panting, groaning, and smiling.  I couldn’t wait until my aching cock was sliding in and out of her.  Elenore looked up at me and opened her legs.  She reached for me.  I got onto the table and guided my cock into her waiting pussy.

As my cock spread her lips apart, Elenore wrapped her legs around my waist.  When I felt my balls touching her ass cheeks, I bent down, grabbed both of her tits, and sucked the left one into my mouth.  Elenore was moving my head from one tit to the other, at her pleasure.

“Mmmm, it feels so good.” Elenore purred.

I started stroking her pussy with slow even strokes.  Elenore would push her hips up to meet mine in a perfect rhythm.  When she did, my cock went deeper as her pussy devoured my cock.  I couldn’t hold out much longer.  I could feel the cum boiling in my balls.  I released the tit I was sucking and pinched her nipple between my fingers.

When I pulled her tit by the nipple, Elenore inhaled deeply and held it for a few seconds.  When she exhaled, her pussy flooded my cock, and I shot stream after stream of hot cum deep into her.

I kissed Elenore with a soft kiss.  I traced her lips with my tongue, and she moaned.  I kissed her again.  When we parted lips, I looked into her shimmering blue eyes.  She looked at me with the look of a woman satisfied, and still emotionally climaxing.  We cuddled on the table.  Elenore had her butt cheeks against me, so I reached over her and cupped her breast in my hand.  She moved closer.

After a while, Elenore got up and went over to a small refrigerator.  She brought out two beers and sat next to me.  We clinked bottles and had a drink.  Elenore had a very contented expression.  She was breathing quietly and smiling.  I reached over, gently pulled her to me, and kissed her.

“I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but I don’t want to leave yet.  I hope you will take me like you did the first time.  When we were worried about being found out.  I want you to take me like you did that time.  I had never been kind of forced.  I don’t mean you forced me; I’m trying to say it was that we couldn’t be seen. I liked it.” 

I understand.  It did make it arousing.  What I should have done was – “

Tim grabbed Elenore and kissed her hard and passionately.  She threw her arms around him and pushed her pelvis against his.  He forced his tongue into her mouth she responded by wrapping her tongue around his.  Time reached for her ass cheeks and pulled her to him.  Elenore reached down and guided Tim’s cock between her legs.

Elenore spread her legs, so Tim’s cock would be rubbing her inner pussy lips.  She wanted him to do her doggy style and the wait was arousing her more and more.  Tim grabbed her tits and firmly fondled and milked them.  He sucked and nipped her nipples which aroused Elenore even more. When, Tim, when? Elenore mentally was begging Tim to turn her around and slide his shaft deep into her.

Elenore dropped to her knees and swallowed Tim’s swollen member.  With nice even strokes, she sucked him going up or down his shaft.  Tim gently held Elenore’s head as she tried to orally persuade him to take her doggy style.  She pulled the skin down and sucked the head like a lollipop.  Slowly and deliberately, Elenore licked and sucked the head of Tim’s cock.  Elenore won.

Tim reached down and pulled Elenore up with her arms.  He kissed her and gave each tit a quick suck and nip.  He turned Elenore around and bent her over the table.  Elenore spread her legs anticipating the thrust of Tim’s intruding cock plunging deep into her. 

Tim guided his cock to separate her pussy lips then slid it into Elenore.  When his pelvis slammed into her ass cheeks, Elenore started panting and moaning.  Tim began shoving his cock into Elenore in long hard even strokes.  Elenore’s grunting and groaning only made Tim more aroused.

Tim grabbed Elenore’s big swinging tits and pulled them as he milked them.  The more he pulled her tits and slammed into her pussy, the more Elenore wanted.  She was pushing back against Tim to get as much of him inside her before she climaxed.

‘Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm,” is all Time heard as his cock shot load after load of cum deep into Elenore’s waiting pussy.  The two pounded against each other until they had no more to give. 

Tim stayed in Elenore as long as he could.  When his cock strength gave out, it slid from Elenore’s pussy with a mixture of their orgasms.  Tim was panting but still had a firm grip on Elenore’s tits.  He pulled them one more time before he released them.  Then he helped Elenore to a chair.

Elenore pulled Tim to her.  He straddled her legs; she held his legs and sucked his limp cock into her mouth.  Electric shocks ran through Tim’s body as Elenore orally held him captive.  When Elenore had finished sucking Tim, not a drop of their sex juices could be found on his cock.

“Should we go back to the house?” Elenore asked.

“As soon as I can get my strength back, that you so artfully drained by my entire body.”  Tim panted back.

“Here’s a cold beer.  Maybe we should just stay a while longer and enjoy our beer together.” Elenore’s dream had come true.

It was getting cooler in the pool house, so they went back to the main house.  Elenore went to shower and freshen up, while Tim enjoyed a cold beer.  He was looking out on the area when Elenore had the party.  The thought about the commotion with Avery and knocking him out.  Tim laughed to himself. 

Elenore came out of the bath looking beautiful.  Her blue eyes were almost a perfect complement to her graying hair.  She was in a very sheer lavender robe.  Tim enjoyed watching her breasts bounce as she walked toward him.

“Tim, I bought a robe for you, I hope you like it.  I also have another gift by the robe.  I hope they fit.”

“Thank you, Elenore but you didn’t have to do that.”

“I wanted to.  Now take your beer, wait, give that one to me.  It’s almost empty, here’s a full one.  Take your time and enjoy your shower.  Since you were admiring my boobs as I walked into the room, they will be here waiting for you.”

While Tim was getting ready to shower, he thought of how arousing it would be to go swimming with Elenore in the pool.  Not to mention, her gliding up and down on his shaft in the water.  He had done that before and remembered how good it felt.

Tim finished his shower and went into the bedroom to find his evening attire. When he saw it, he wasn’t sure what to do.  He had never seen a sheer robe for a man.  But the cock sling is something he had never thought of wearing.  When he pulled it over his cock and balls it was very comfortable.  But it left nothing to the imagination.  He tied the thin string behind him and put the robe on.  It was a near-perfect fit.  There is more to Elenore than meets the eye.


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