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Our Nudist Adventure

Empty Nester Couple go to a local nudist resort for the first time
Our Nudist Adventure

So last summer I finally convinced my wife to go to a nudist camp. Literally, a nudist camp. About an hour away from where we live. I found it online, secluded way back in the woods off the beaten path. I bugged her about it for months, told her it was on my bucket list. Since I’m 55 and she’s 58, I said we’d better do it before we’re too old to walk.  So, after months of me bringing it up, arguing it was time to release some inhibitions, and that most of the people there would be our age anyway, she said yes, with a catch. She reserved the right to back out at any time, even if we were in the parking lot. I agreed.

So, I made a first visit reservation online, set it for an early Saturday afternoon, and bided my time. Of course, I had to endure a litany of reasons to cancel from my wife.

“This is wrong. I don’t look good. I’m too fat to be seen like this.”

On and on. To say my wife is a prude would be kind. Uber pent up would be more descript.

Finally, the day came, and the afternoon was fast approaching.

We were getting ready to go when she said,

“Do you think I should shave?”

“No, I said, trim it like you would for your bathing suit.”

I love her pubes. We got dressed and headed for our destination. The camp said to bring towels, a cooler, drinks, a picnic lunch. They apparently have a small canteen. During our trip I could tell my wife’s anxiety was building, she was quiet. We finally arrived, pulled into a parking lot surrounded by an eight-foot-tall wooden fence. We parked and headed for the office entrance. When we walked in an older woman greeted us, took our names, and made a call. We were to have a tour of the grounds. After a few minutes another woman partially opened a door towards the rear of the office and signaled us over. The woman that checked us in said that beyond that door there were no clothes allowed. She said to disrobe at a bench along the wall just before we exit. I was out of my clothes in under thirty seconds. My wife was slow, looking at me like I was crazy. I thought she was going to backout, but off came the bra, and down came the shorts and panties. I assured her we’d be alright, we packed the clothes in a beach bag we had and walked out the door.

Now, my wife knew there was a woman outside that door waiting for us. What she wasn’t ready for was her husband was with her. Both were our age at least, naked head to flip flops, like us. I know my wife’s eyes went right down to his cock, which I must say, was well proportioned. These two didn’t act like they noticed, I’m sure for first timers it happens all the time. She introduced herself as Terry and he was Jim, they were our guides. We shook hands,

I said, I’m JC, this is my wife Sue.

 Thank God it was late July and Sue had a pretty good tan going already. If not, she’d have been red all over. They walked us out on to the rather crowded grounds. It was after 1:00 pm, and the pool area was crowded. They took us around, showed us the pool, community center, pointed out some trailers, cottages and camp sites for rent, then went into the rules. No public sex, no cameras, no profanity, this was a family-oriented nudist resort. For the men, if there was any arousal, (I was coming real close trying to wish it down), they had to cover with a towel or get in the pool.

So, the tour ended, Terry and Jim said to have a good time, and if we had any questions just look for them or just ask anybody. So, on our own, we went to the pool. It was pretty good size, a water polo/volleyball game was going on in the shallow end. We found two vacant chairs, one lounge type and one regular chair. We covered them with our towels and Sue busied herself with suntan lotion while me, the more fare complicated, was trolling on sunscreen. She sat upright for a few minutes checking her phone, and I asked how she was doing. She said she still felt odd about all this but was more relaxed. She kept an extra towel for cover close. I said of course, everyone’s naked, just like us. There was no touching or obvious leering or staring going on. I was amazed at the maturity of the crowd. In some respects, we were on the younger side, being in our mid-fifties. We both, like most, were wearing sunglasses and ball caps, it was sunny and damn hot on the pool deck.

Now, since I had purposely worn mirrored sunglasses, I was getting a good look around without looking like I was. Seemed to be a common theme at least among the males. Sue did some looking up, but mostly kept to her phone texting someone. I know it wasn’t to tell them where we were. So, I noticed among the guys sitting on the pool deck, some of them were checking out the newbies. Now we weren’t the only first timers there by any means. But it was like you could tell the veterans from the beginners, especially the guys. Among the sometimes loud and ebbing conversations, and cheers coming up from the pool volleyball game, there was some looking around going on. Not to blame them, like I said, I was looking too. Enjoying the view so to speak. Now, my wife and I are by no means in great shape. We’ve got stomachs the stick out with the middle age bulge, but I still consider my wife a looker. What she doesn’t have in the chest area, she makes up with a round cheeky ass that thrills me to no end. So, it was no surprise when I noticed a couple of the gents taking in the view. Sue was just putting her phone down but while she was using it, semi reclined in the lounge chair, she unconsciously parted her legs, giving a good view of her recently light trimmed cooch. I saw no less than three guys look and look away quickly. I didn’t mind, I was looking at their wives too. Sue then laid back in the chair to sun herself. Why not work on a whole-body sun tan?

After about fifteen minutes, she asked me for a bottle of water, which we had in a cooler we brought. The website recommended bringing food and drink. This was a no-frills operation I guess. She then rolled on her stomach for a while, giving those guys a view of that wonderful ass. We were sitting among a fair number of people, some said “hi”, others nodded politely. About forty- five minutes past and Sue said she was getting too warm. I thought for a minute that meant time to go, so I immediately said, let’s get in the pool. She agreed if I would go to, so we made our way over and down the submerged steps into the pool. Chilly at first, then okay, we sort of hung at the side in about 4 to 5 feet of water, the volleyball game had ended and a new one not yet started. There was another couple close to us, early sixties I’d guessed, and they both said hello. The husband introduced himself as Roger, and his wife was Elaine. We shook hands, Sue sinking down to her neck in the water.

Now for the purposes of anonymity I’ve changed the names, and not revealed the name or location of this resort, suffice to say East Coast. I don’t know how many members would read this, so not to offend.

So, Elaine started right in making conversation, thank God, it broke some ice, even on a hot day, and seemed to put Sue at ease. Of course, the questions, new here, where you from, what do you do in the clothed world, all that. Turns out Elaine is a nurse, and Roger does something with the railroad. She asked if we were nervous. I said not anymore. Sue said yes, she was. Roger said that’s normal, and his was their fourth year coming here about once a month during the summer. They didn’t live far from here but decided for the first time to rent one of the cottages, more like trailers, for the weekend. After some more conversation, Sue wanted out of the pool. Roger asked where we were sitting, and could they join us. Sue said yes, before I could. They grabbed their chairs and stuff and moved over next to us. Sue said she had to use the rest room, so I said ok, I’ll go with you, but Elaine said she would, and the way we didn’t need to take all our valuables, keys and such with us. Sue said that was fine and off they went. Now, looking at them leave it wasn’t lost on me that they were pretty much built the same. Height, weight, about the same. It wasn’t thirty seconds until Roger remarked, my how good they both looked. I looked over my sunglasses and said yes, they do.

Roger and I bs’ed a bit more, the girls still gone. Then he said something I didn’t expect to hear.

He said, so JC, do you and the wife “play?”

 I said, “play what?”

Then it hit me, I said, “you mean do we play as in swing?”

Roger smiled, I’m surprised it took me that long to comprehend, but in all my research into nudist resorts I read the swinging didn’t go hand in hand.

I said, “well, I wish, but no, I married a good Catholic girl and if you even hinted that to Sue, we’d be ought a here in a flash.”

 I’d also have to live with five billion “I told you so’s”,and would never see a place like this again. He immediately apologized, said he didn’t mean any harm and would not mention it again, that no was enough. I said no problem, but you’re incredibly lucky Sue didn’t hear it. But, as to the thoughts of it, I found I had to cover myself with a towel for a few minutes.

Sue and Elaine returned not two minutes later, took their seats, and Elaine proceeded to continue as I found out later from Sue, to fill us in on all the goings on and the positives about the place. I said are you trying to sell memberships, and she did honestly say there were referral discounts. I appreciated her candor, so the general conversation continued, and Sue asked both how they got into his lifestyle. Roger said same way you did, curiosity. After a couple visits, we enjoyed it. I asked do the rest of your family, kids and such, they had two grown and out of the house. Elaine said the subject has never come up, and although she had no problem in telling them, she said they have things they haven’t told me either. All’s fair. After one more trip to the pool to cool off, and Roger went to his cottage and came back with some beers in plastic cups, no glass on the pool deck, we’d been there about three hours and Sue gave me the “let’s get going” look. I was glad she lasted this long, and happy for the experience. So, we made our goodbyes and Elaine said why didn’t we come see their cottage in case we were to ever consider a rental. We’d only just met, and the guys could have another beer. Now, Sue had no idea about the conversation earlier, and before I could say we had something else to get to,

Sue looked at me and said, “you want another beer?”

That’s like the second-best question in life, so I said yes. So, we gathered our things, so we could leave from their cottage, and started the walk over.

The whole resort, away from the pool, was quiet. Nestled in the woods off the main highway, several people were among the paths to the cottages. We arrived at their “cottage”, which was a built-up trailer. It was nice inside, a small living room on the end, kitchen with a little bar area in the middle and bedrooms and bathroom on the other end. I wouldn’t put a family of five in it, but for two it was cozy. Roger got a couple beers out of the fridge, handed it to me, and asked Sue what she wanted. She said just water, but Elaine said no have some wine, she was going to open a bottle. Reluctantly Sue said yes. We sat, still totally naked in the living room. They weren’t covered so I figured I’d make no mention of it, and Sue had finally gotten at some ease with it. Why spoil it? Elaine asked Sue to come tell her how much wine she wanted. Sue got up from the couch by leaning on me and winced a little. Her right shoulder has been a problem for years, and after two surgeries, still ached on occasion. Roger asked if she was alright, she said yes and explained, and Elaine said for god sakes she was a nurse, come over here. She proceeded to start massaging Sue’s shoulders quite vigorously, after she poured the wine, and I must admit, seeing two naked women in a massage situation was good to see, but I eventually had to turn to Roger, so I couldn’t be accused of staring. Roger looked over occasionally, the massage elicited grateful, relaxing moans from Sue, who said things like “yes”, and “oh thank you.” Elaine remarked on how tight Sue’s shoulders were and Sue said that was about normal. Roger looked over and inclined his head with a slight smile, to which I smiled back.

Elaine and Sue were standing on the far side of the kitchen/bar counter, Sue was slightly hunched while Elaine worked her shoulders, facing away from Roger and me. Roger had turned on the TV to a golf game, and we were watching that. The massage went on for about 5 to 7 minutes, and I wasn’t paying all that much attention. After a minute, I heard Sue exhale hard. I instantly got up and went over around the counter into the kitchen. I noticed Elaine’s hands were no longer on Sue’s shoulders, but she was fixed looking into Sue’s face which was turned away from me.

I came in and said, “Sue, are you…WHOA!!”

Elaine had her right hand over Sue’s pussy, her middle finger working between the lips, massaging her clit gently. Sue must have never had time to react, but also hadn’t pulled away. Her head was inclined back, eyes closed, her hands resting on the counter top. She had heard me exclaim, turned toward me breathing heavy and tried to say,

“I’m so…”

 I said, “don’t worry, does it feel good?”

She nodded yes, and I was instantly hard watching. Sue was fully aroused as Elaine worked her now wet pussy, her nipples were hard, and she softly moaned, her legs spread slightly apart standing there. I moved up on Sue’s right side and braced her with my left side. Roger came in and stood on Elaine’s right, his cock growing harder by the second. Mine was at full tilt, and Elaine noticed and smiled. She then took her hand off Sue’s pussy for an instant, reached up to my face, rubbing under my nose, and sticking her middle finger in my mouth. I smelled and tasted my wife’s arousal juices. Her hand went right back to Sue’s pussy, the slit now very discernable under the brown hair, and it made that familiar “slicky” sound as her finger parted the cunt lips again.

I moved Sue’s right hand down to my cock, she immediately began jerking me, I turned and kissed her, and said it’s ok, let it come. I also said in her ear,

 “You have to return the favor, put your other hand on Elaine’s vag.”

 As if on cue, Elaine stepped closer, Sue extended her vastly inexperienced hand and found Elaine’s black-haired pussy. Sue roughly parted Elaine’s cunt, and Elaine didn’t mind, stepping as close as she could to Sue. There was no kissing or anything, Elaine seemed to just know how to do this, she moved, and I know Sue’s fingers had found their mark, Elaine said

“Yes, there, there”.

 Roger was hard and jerking his cock when Elaine’s free left hand found him, taking his cock, a good 8″ to my 6″, and pulled him in close. We were all tight in what seemed to be a knot. Elaine said to Sue,

 “Let me know when you’re going to come”.

 Sue moaned and tried to keep both hands going on Elaine and me. Sue always jerks me a little rough, and it takes time to get me to come with a hand job. I was almost ready to take control of my own cock, as I wanted to blow my load on Sue, I love coming on her, cream pieing her. Elaine was wet and moaning now, the scent and sound of wet pussy in the air. Roger moved his hips in unison with Elaine’s stroking his cock. All of this seemed to take an eternity, but I guarantee it hadn’t been three minutes total yet. Sue’s head tilted back again, and I could tell by her open mouth the orgasm was building. I nodded to Elaine, took my cock out of Sue’s grasp, and began stroking myself. Elaine said,

 “Sue, as you come, work your hand faster on me.”

Sue looked at her and increased her hand movement, as did Elaine. I was stroking so hard you could hear it, I was getting ready to blow. I got as close to Sue as I could, my cock head brushing her outer right thigh. I said,

 “I’m Cumming, OH!!”

 I launched my spunk onto Sue’s thigh, lower belly, and Elaine’s hand!! My cum was dripping down Sue’s belly and into her pubes. Elaine’s fingers I’d hoped, were working my jizz into Sue’s pussy. Sue then began to come, her OHHH!!! was loud, and Roger was jerking himself now to, Elaine’s free hand now on Sue’s hand in her pussy, moving it around. Sue was still orgasming, and Elaine wasn’t far behind. Roger started moaning, his explosion imminent. I reached up to Roger’s left shoulder and drew him in closer. I whispered,

“Cum on her.”

 That was it, he blew, launched his load all over Sue’s belly, and Elaine’s hand. Sue barely noticed, going, OHHH!! YES!!! UHHHH!!!!

Roger finished emptying his load and took a step back, Elaine was next, she still had Sue’s hand and as she started to come, Roger took his right hand and gently but audibly slapped Elaine’s left ass cheek, then squeezed it saying,


 Elaine came as Sue’s orgasm ebbed, her moans of,


 She quivered and shook until she ebbed, finally separating her hand and Sue’s. Sue reached out to me hugged and kissed me. I said,

 “WHEW, that was HOT!”

 Sue smiled. Elaine reached out and hugged Sue. As she hugged her, she visibly looked at me, licked the cum off her hand and winked at me.

To say there was an awkwardness after that didn’t have to be said. Elaine joked about the mess on Sue and took her back to the bathroom to clean up. I heard her say,

“Bet your shoulder isn’t hurting now.”

 Roger inclined his head and said,

“Welcome to swinging.”

 I said yea, right”. Sue came out of the bathroom, a towel around her, and said we needed to go. She hugged Elaine and Roger, as did I, thanked them and on the way-out Roger said to please come back.

We got to the parking lot, got dressed and pulled out. It was a quiet ride for a while. I had a great time but thought, there’s always a price. So, I finally said,

“Are you ok?”

 Sue said, “what just happened?”

 I thought my answer out carefully and replied, “Better shoulder therapy than even insurance can provide.”

Then, I busted out laughing. Remarkably, so did my wife.

“I hope you got that out of your system.”

 “Are you kidding”, I can’t wait to go back.”

We did hook up with Elaine and Roger again, but that’s another story.



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