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Lost And Found – Chapter 1 – The Meeting

Charlie Jacobs sees a girl sitting on a park bench, alone
Lost And Found – Chapter 1 – The Meeting

Friday night. Time for my usual shortcut through the park and head for Benny’s Burgers. But why is there a girl sitting on a bench in shorts, tee shirt, and tennis shoes on a chilling night? So, I stopped and got out. She gave me a type of now what look. Don’t shoot, I’m unarmed.

“Can I be of some help? Are you hurt?”

“No. I ran off.”

Now this young lady didn’t appear as though she ran away from home, I had a gut feeling there was another reason. When she turned her head into the park light, I saw the bruised cheek.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

“Where are you going to go?’

“Who cares, just away from here. I am fucking tired of his beating on me.”

“I have an offer. Don’t take it the wrong way either. Would you accept a burger and a spare room? At least you would have a meal and a roof. And I will help as much as you want. I’m not pushing a thing. If you want to leave tomorrow that’s your choice.

“I might as well, I sure don’t see a better offer right now.”

I stopped at Benny’s Burgers and headed to my place. I asked her if she wanted a beer. She accepted.

“I’m going to watch some TV, do you want to watch something or go to bed?”

“I’m going to bed. It’s been a crappy day”.

“That’s fine. The john is in the hall. If you want to freshen up or anything. And there are locks on the bathroom and bedroom doors.

“It doesn’t matter. I tried locking the door once before. He kicked it down, slapped me five or six times, grabbed my hair, threw me on the bed, ripped my shorts from me, and shoved it in my butt. I screamed and kicked but it only got worse. I don’t lock doors anymore.”

This guy must be found and stopped. This is not a human being.
The next morning, Saturday, I was having toast and coffee, when she peeked around the door to the kitchen. I think she slept well; her hair was combed, and she tried to look better by turning her tee shirt inside out.

“Good morning. Did you get any sleep? I have toast and Cheerio’s to offer.”

“Coffee and toast would be great. I did sleep well. It was nice not to worry about someone coming in and shoving a dick in you. Even if you don’t know your attacker. And I locked the door. It felt good, not meaning I thought you would do anything.”

“Would you want to stay until you figure out what you want to do?”

“God, I would love it. You have no idea how good it feels to be safe.”

“Would you like to shop for some other clothes? Then we can take those out back and burn them and maybe a bad memory or two?”

I’m ashamed to go to a nice store with you. I don’t want people to think you beat me.”

“I would never be ashamed to be anywhere with you. By the way, what is your name? I’m Charlie, Charles Jacobs. I’m a paralegal. Kind of a high-brow secretary for a lawyer.”

“He called me Tina; I hate that name and what it is attached to. My real name is Olivia, Libby if you don’t mind. And don’t worry about the beer, I’m twenty-four.”

Progress! The first smile. And she did not look twenty-four.

She said she would go to the secondhand shop with me. I felt horrible buying this girl stuff someone had worn before. She had been so demeaned already. I was very happy watching her pick out some things. Sometimes, she would look over at me for my approval. When she saw what she had in the basket, she turned to me with a strange sadness.

“What should I put back? I didn’t realize I had so much. I’ll put anything you don’t like back.”
I thought might just as well set all the cards on the table and let the chips fall where they may.

“I want you to keep everything. You deserve them. Also, would you want to stop for some makeup? I promise you can keep that too.”

She was delighted. Off to the drugstore we went. On the way there, I was trying to decide how

I would tell Libby I wanted her to stay. I know I’m eight years older, but maybe that won’t bother her.

She bounced out of the store with her purchases and a smile you would only see on a girl at Christmas. She looked so happy, and her face was so much more relaxed. She hopped in the car and showed me everything she bought.

“Charlie, a, can I call you Charlie?”


“Charlie, you have been so kind to me. Can I impose on your kindness a bit more? I promise not to ask for anything else.”

Well Don Juan, here is your opening to either be as happy as she is right now or put your tail between your legs and limp home.

“Libby, I have something I would like to ask you.”

“Sure, I’m sure you want to know more about my past, right.?”

“No, I’d like to ask you about your future. Would You stay with me, please? I am in love with you.”

“Charlie, I must be perfectly honest with you. You have been very kind to me. My answer does not reflect all the things you have bought for me or the fact that you took me off a park bench. Charlie, I’ve been in love with you since this morning over coffee. And I won’t be a burden. I will find a job and contribute to the household and-”

“Hold on a minute Libby. Let’s take one thing at a time. We get you settled in your room and go from there.”

A slight frown came over her.

“I can’t sleep with you?”

Well, Hot Damn, and Hallelujah, Christmas came early this year. I couldn’t contain myself; I reached across the car seat and gave her a huge hug and kiss. When our lips parted, she had an enormous smile on her face.

“Just one more favor, Charlie. I have a bag at the bus station, in a locker. Will you take me to get it? You can see what’s in it if you want.”

“No, Libby, I trust you. Completely.”

After the bus station, we headed back to the house. Libby took a long hot shower and came out looking like another woman. And, as agreed, we took her old clothes to the backyard and burned them. Another great smile.

Sunday morning rolled around and another breakfast of coffee and toast. Libby spent the day in our room folding this and moving that. Had her earbuds in and was rocking it. I must admit, it was a real pleasure to watch. Watching her ass move from side to side. She would bend over, and those beautiful tits would sneak a peek.

After dinner, Libby said she would clean the kitchen and meet me in the living room. After several minutes, Libby came crawling on all fours wearing a black leather collar, complete with a leash, black heels, and a fox tail hanging from behind. She was wearing nothing else.
She came to sit next to me on the floor with this amazing smile.

“Daddy, you need some relaxation. You have been driving me all over. Let me help you relax.”
She had the face of a woman and the sensuality of a Siren. She carefully undid my belt, pulled down my zipper, and brought my swelling dick from my pants.

She sucked it into her mouth and looked up at me with this sexual smile. She rode her lips up and down my shaft and spent time licking it from top to bottom.

“Follow me and I’ll undress you in the bedroom.”

She slowly undressed me and never forgot the raging dick before her. She knelt in front of me and swallowed it to my pelvis and then licked my balls with it still in her mouth. She kept this up for about ten minutes and then ushered me to bed.

She swung her leg over me and slid down on my aching pole. Raising and lowering herself in a rhythm stopping occasionally to let me suck her full breasts. Finally, I just grabbed her and pulled her to me so I could suck each breast for my pleasure.

While I sucked and bit on each nipple, her round ass kept going up and down. She started to moan and purr. Then I felt her warm orgasm trickle down my shaft. She continued her pumping until she was finished.

Then she turned around, held my dick, and slid it back into her wanting pussy. She started slow and easy, then increased the tempo until I could not resist any longer. I shot a stream of hot lava then another into her.

With each stream, she would purr and moan. I couldn’t take it anymore and just collapsed. She got off me and turned with a little devilish smile and sucked my dick in her mouth again. Sucking and licking my balls as if nothing else mattered.

“I didn’t want to waste any of your first cum. So, I had to suck and lick it up. You got so hard and felt so good in me. I love the taste of your thick dick.”

We had several sessions of sex, and somewhere, somehow it always turned to lust. Libby was a wonderful partner. And she said she is more than pleased with my hungry sexual appetite.

For instance, I came home from work on a Friday, and she met me at the door. Cute top and shorts, barefooted as usual.

“Daddy, please take your shower, dinner is almost ready, and I want to be sure it is hot when you sit down to eat.”

It wasn’t long before Libby had become a wonder Sub. And always there when I had a hard-on. She was washing dishes and I got behind her and grabbed her. She turned around, kissed me, turned again, dropped her pants and I just slid it in.

She bucked back to every one of my lunges into her wet waiting pussy. When we had finished, she made sure she never lost a drop. That is life with Libby.

So, I finished my shower and went to the table in my robe. Libby was naked, laying on the table, arms and legs spread just waiting for my tongue and then my dick.

“I hope it is the way you like it, Daddy. It’s all for you, and you alone.”

I shoved my face between her legs and began lapping like a dog dying of thirst. Libby was moaning and purring and pushing her pelvis in my face. I grabbed her svelte legs in a death grip and started sucking and licking like a man possessed.

When she came it was wild. She was bucking and panting and groaning. I would not release her legs and kept licking her clit. Then it happened:

“Oh God, please. Please, I’m going to have a heart attack. Daddy, Daddy, I love you so much. You made me cum harder than I ever have. Oh, Daddy, thank you. I don’t know what I did to deserve a Daddy like you. Daddy, hold me, please hold me. “

Libby sat up from the table, and I wrapped my arms around her. Her breath still had not caught up with her. She buried her head in my shoulder saying I love you and thank you. I held her so close, kissing her hair and squeezing her naked body against mine. She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“Daddy, you are always so good to me. You give me love, a home, and self-worth. You gave me life. Daddy, please never let me go. Please.

“Libby, you are the most precious person to me. You made a dull life a life of fun, love, and laughter. Hugs and kisses. And you are a very good girl when we go out. I am so proud to have you next to me where you belong when we meet people. You never forget to stand exactly on my right side.”

“When I broke the vase last week. You gave me ten swats and I had to stand in the corner. You made me clean it up by bending over, not allowing me to get on the floor. You didn’t take me or swat me again.

Before, I may have had a broken arm or at least a few good bruises. You saved my life. But please understand, I love you for you not just because you save me from hell.

Libby has been with me for six months. She has become the perfect Sub for me. She has her “freedom” but knows her boundaries. She will even ask if she can meet her friend Andrea for lunch. She tells me where she is going and when she will be back.

Or for another example. We went shopping and she asked if she could return a pair of jeans she bought. I saw no problem with that. She was gone a while and I thought I better see what was going on. The guy behind the counter was being difficult. She wasn’t sure what to do.

When I showed up, she stopped talking and came to my right side as she was taught. She explained the situation and looked at me. I finished with the jughead, and we left the area.

“I know I’m in trouble. I shouldn’t have talked back to him.”

Trying to look stern, I stopped walking, she turned to look at me with those soulful brown eyes.

“Libby, you were doing fine. You didn’t yell, but you were making your point. When I got there, you stopped talking and came right to my side. I’m proud of you. Now, let’s look at a necklace for you. I want to take you out to dinner tonight”

The smile on her face stretched from ear to ear.

I had reservations at a nice restaurant for the evening. Libby was so excited she was almost stuttering. She had never been to a restaurant, much less a nice one. I was getting ready when she came in from the bathroom. Her makeup was impeccable.

“Daddy, do you want some before we go? I am ready. And would you please help me put this in? I remember saying it would please you if I wore it”

We didn’t have the time, but I sure made time to “help” her put her blue butt plug in. She wanted it to match her dress. She is amazing.

When we got there, our booth in the back of the restaurant was ready. Libby got in and slid over so she was right next to me. We ordered drinks. She wanted Merlot and I had a beer to go with the appetizers.

When the waiter came for our order, Libby looked at me. She was not sure what to do. She was in a new territory. I asked the waiter to give us a few minutes.

“Libby, you can get whatever you want. You tell me what you would like to have, and I tell the waiter. Then I tell him what I want. Remember this.” She smiled.

The waiter returned and I ordered for us. She sat there taking her time and smiling like she had just been crowned queen. The waiter came around and refreshed our drinks, we were just about finished with dinner.

“How was your dinner?”

“Charlie it was wonderful. I have never had such a great meal.”

“Great. And I am so proud of you. Remember to call me Charlie when we are out. Daddy is only for us at home. You’re a very good girl. Take off your panties.”

Without any hesitation, she pulled her dress up and removed her blue panties. She folded them under the table and handed them to me. I moved a bit closer to her and started to slide my hand under her warm, round ass.

She lifted just enough for me to get to her wet pussy and insert a finger. A quiet moan came from Libby and her smile turned to her look of pure sex. I was moving my finger around in her wet love sleeve when the waiter returned with more drinks. He gave an odd look at Libby, set the drinks down, and left.

Now I slid another finger into her. She started to sway a bit and sat back in the booth. Slowly I moved my fingers around in her and she was moaning quietly under her breath. You could tell she was wanting to scream, so I stuffed a third finger into her dripping pussy.

Libby stuffed the linen napkin into her mouth, leaned over the table, and let out a long quiet moan. By now, my fingers and hand were drenched in her cum.

Libby recovered from her orgasm and took a sip of her Merlot. She looked at me with that smile of satisfaction; for now. She about melted when I put my fingers in my mouth and closed my eyes. We I opened my eyes; she was looking at me with her look of submission.

We parked at the far end of the lot. By the time we were leaving it was dusk. The shadows stretched over the car. I was walking her to the back of the car. She stopped and shoved her tongue in my mouth while unzipping my pants.

She knelt on the ground and retrieved my growing dick from my pants and sucked it right into her mouth. She sucked until she had me hard and stopped. She turned around, bent over the trunk, and pulled up her dress.

“Daddy, do you want to use the place where the plug is? You can remove it if you want. Put your dick in me and cum. I need to feel your cum in me.”

I dropped my pants, pulled her toward me, and stuffed my hard shaft into her wanting pussy. Every push into her was met with a pushback. It was as though she wanted to be sure she had every inch inside her. The entire night was so erotic, I just kept slamming my meat into her harder with each lunge.

Then I heard that growl. I knew her orgasm was close. I continued the onslaught of her pussy and the flow of her cum. I exploded at the same time shooting stream after stream of hot cum to meet her juices. As always, after our sex, she made sure not a drop of my sperm was missed. She had licked me clean.

We dressed and got into the car. The quiet was due to exhaustion. She would look over at me smiling and mouthing, “I love you, Daddy”. It was wonderful. Such a beautiful sensual woman sitting next to me. A perfect Sub and partner. I just couldn’t help myself. I looked over at Libby eyes shining, a beautiful sensual smile, hair cascading down to her shoulders. I just had to tell her:

“Take off your bra.”


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