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Influential Friends

After Tim's divorce, he moves to make a new start and meets influential friends
Influential Friends

Mrs. Crenshaw – Fix My Computer

After a long and tedious divorce, I wanted to make a brand-new start. New town, new business, new home everything, thirty-one and ready to take on the world. Surfing the internet, I came across the small city of Medford, with a population of three thousand four hundred and twenty-seven. The site boasted of a grocer, druggist, movie theatre, Thursday through Saturday nights, an auto repair even a Towne Square to mention a few.

I rolled into Medford on a bright Tuesday morning. I spotted a diner, and coffee and breakfast sounded like a great start. I walked in, and the waitress told me just to grab a place. I found a booth by the window overlooking Main Street. The young lady about twenty-five or so came over with a hot cup of coffee to take my order.

“What do you like for breakfast? You are new here so can I suggest something for you?”

“Sure, when I walked in the door, I got even hungrier than I thought. It smells wonderful. What is your suggestion?”

“We have the Hungry Man’s Breakfast. Half a slice of ham, two sausage links, three strips of bacon, and two eggs any way you want them. If you’re adventurous, you can add a short stack of flap jacks.”

“That sounds great, but I’ll hold off on the flapjacks, please Amy. Thank goodness her name was on her uniform.

“Great, get that right up for you.”

I perused the local paper looking for lodging and possible office space. When I looked up, Amy was bringing a platter, I mean a platter of the best-smelling breakfast I have ever encountered.
She placed the smorgasbord in front of me and refilled my coffee.

“Amy, you are right. I am new in town, my name is Tim Ouster. I just went through a divorce and am trying to start over. Do you know of flats for rent or a small home? I could use two bedrooms because I want to use one for my office.”

“What business are you starting? Also, some places are looking for part-time help. That may help you get started.”

“It’s just a little computer repair shop. Putting a new glass on cell phones, that kind of stuff.”

“We don’t have that here. We must drive eleven miles to get those things fixed. You should do well. Terry Dimmert has the realty in town. He should be able to fix you up a place to stay.

That’s him coming through the door, now.”
Amy introduced Tim and me and we started talking. He asked what I wanted and what type of rent I was willing to pay. Tim made you feel like he had known you all his life. We talked about fishing and the different town events they had. By the time he was done, I was willing to participate in all of them.

“Tim, I have a place that just might suit you. It’s a small house just outside of town, but not too far for your business venture. It has three bedrooms, and I know you wanted only two. But the price is under what you want to pay. How about we meet there Tomorrow morning at ten? Look it over and we can go from there.”

I was there at exactly ten, was in love with the place, and hadn’t looked at it. Tim opened the door and told me to look around and take my time and he would answer any questions. The place had been vacant for about a year and just needed some dusting and cleaning. I was sold.

“I have a little side bargain for you. I spoke to old lady Jurgens about you renting the place. She has no use for it anymore, she’s up in age. She told me to make an offer of putting part of the rent down to own the house. I was kidding her, she’s still sharp as a tack and asked about eighty percent of the rent going to the sale. She pounded her cane on the floor and said “SOLD”. It’s up to you – deal or no deal.”

I looked at Tim, pounded my fist on the door jamb, and said “SOLD”. We laughed and shook hands. He asked me to come by the office in the afternoon, and he would have the papers ready to sign.

Wednesday morning, I had a desktop with a virus to work on and that was all.
A knock came on the front door. That’s odd. The “OPEN” sign was on, but still, the person knocked. When I went to the door and opened it, there stood a lady, middle fifties, with auburn hair, and a warm smile.

“Good morning, come in before you catch your death of cold. I have some hot coffee to offer, or I can put on some water for tea if you prefer.”

“Coffee if you please Mr. Ouster. Cream or milk if you have it.”

I poured the coffee and placed the milk in a creamer for her and refilled my cup.

“I must say, I have not had the pleasure of meeting you. You are always welcome here, but why on such a morning?”

“Tim, you are kind, my name is Cynthia. If you please, I prefer Cynthia. I’m not prudish, it’s just my preference.”

“Perfect. Then, Cynthia, it is. And please call me Tim. How can I help?”
“I have two old desktop computers at my home. I know I should get a newer one, but I’m used to these. The one in the den said it needs to be upgraded. I have no idea what to do.”
“An upgrade is not a big deal. It is more time-consuming than anything.
I’m guessing it would be cumbersome to bring it here. If you want, I can come to your home and do the upgrade, and there is no additional charge.”

“That would be wonderful. And for your trouble, I will fix your lunch. Could you make it next Monday?”

“That’s perfect. Shall we say around eleven? I can get the program started and we can talk while the computer does the work.”

“Perfect, see you then.”

As I watched Cynthia walk to her car, well, let’s just say I should be ashamed of what I was thinking. She is a very attractive woman, and I must say she is all woman. Time for me to go back to business and not monkey business.

Monday came around and so did another day of rain. I grabbed my work bag and bolted for the door. When I arrived Cynthia was standing there, a towel in one hand and a hot cup of coffee in the other.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t remember if you take cream or sugar for your coffee. I just set them on the table. Let me take your case while you dry off.”

Her home was “Cynthia”. Lace curtains, a chair, and a table with a lamp and a sofa. Everything was in perfect harmony. I can imagine the den would also be knotty pine lined and appointed. When we walked down the hall to the den, I got a quick peek at her bedroom. Cynthia is all satin and lace and has a beautiful face.

I started to sit down, but she stopped me so she could move a wooden supply box. When she bent over, I had a nice view of a beautiful set of breasts. When she stood up, it appeared that they were going to escape. I was hoping their plan would succeed.

I started her computer, and it needed an upgrade. I opened my work bag, and she was standing there with the work bag practically between her legs. I reached for the disc I was going to use and looked up at her. Her smile was as inviting as her breasts.

“Tim, let me move this box and bring a small table over for your work bag. Then you won’t have to keep bending over.”

She moved the table towards the desk and bent over to pick up my workbag. When she bent over, she looked up at me with a smile that said, come and get them. I started the program then I turned to her. I stood up and wrapped her in my arms and began kissing her soft red lips. She started to go limp, so I reached behind her and held her up by her soft ass cheeks. While we were kissing, she grabbed her blouse and ripped it open. Buttons flew in every direction.

She threw her blouse to the floor and released her demanding breasts from their bondage.
When I grabbed her left breast and sucked it into my mouth, I grabbed the right one and began fondling it and milking it. Cynthia reached for my hard cock still in my jeans and moaned. I unzipped her dress while she was undressing me. She was wearing a garter belt and no panties.

Once she had released my cock from its restraints, Cynthia was on her knees sucking my member deep into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around it in a death grip and began sucking me in and out of her mouth. I grabbed a handful of hair and shoved my member down her throat. She started sucking harder. I pounded in and out of her mouth until a load of hot lava shot into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed without missing a stroke.

I pulled my limp member from her lips and lifted her onto the table where I was working. I knelt between her spreading legs and began running my tongue between her swollen lips. I would suck her lips into my mouth and begin to suck and lick from the bottom of her steaming pussy up to her rock-hard clit. When I got to her clit, I would flick it with my tongue as hard and fast as I could. She was taking hard deep breaths and letting them out in a sexual moan of pleasure. I gently slid a finger into her wet boiling cauldron and then another. I withdrew them both, then slid one into each of her openings. She was moving back and forth on my fingers when she screamed that she wanted two in each opening. When I complied with her request she began responding as though possessed. Cynthia let out a final scream and collapsed on the table. She was breathing heavily, raising her head, and she gave me a huge seductive grin. She spread her legs while she was looking at me.

I guided my semi-hard shaft into her and began my rhythmic pumping. I was getting harder by the minute. When I achieved my full erection, I began stroking in and out of her. Her hips were in the rhythm of my stroking, and it wasn’t long after we were both cumming. She was an unbelievable sex machine.

I got dressed, and she slipped into a “robe”, which left nothing to the imagination. The computer was done, and so was I. I removed the disc and placed it in its folder. Cynthia was sitting there, watching, and smiling.

“Can I buy you a beer?”

“Yes, thank you.” I wasn’t sure I had the strength to pick it up without using both hands. I must admit, it sure tasted good.

We sat and talked for a couple of hours. Finally, I told her I had to leave. I had other repairs at the shop and promised to have them done quickly. And I promised to update her other desktop. She put my hand on her heart, and breast, and made me promise to update her other computer. She had me worried for a minute. The woman is unstoppable.
Three weeks went by, and I was just about finished with the repairs I needed to finish. The door opened and Sheriff Thompson walked in. Now Thompson is a fair-sized gentleman. I have never seen him mad, and I do not want to.

“Sheriff, how can I help you?”

“I’m not sure, but I think someone in the office is using the system and it is not for business. Official business anyway. Is there a way the system can be, I don’t know, locked if you will, to avoid unofficial use?”

“Sure. The easiest and simplest way is to have each person use a password to get into the system. It can be set up as just a simple login or it can get quite complicated. I think by instituting a password and a second verification, your issue should be solved.”

“How long will that take?”

“Not, very. I’m caught up with the pressing repairs I have, I can start on your issue later this afternoon. If all goes well, I can be ready to install it, let’s way Tomorrow afternoon, about three?”

“Excellent. What will it cost our taxpayers?”

“Nothing Sheriff. It isn’t that hard to do. How about you can buy a round or two down at Clancy’s Bar on your off day? “

“You’re great. And I’m going to thank my sister for telling me about you. She said you are very, very good at what you do. Yes, Cynthia is my baby sister. Love her dearly”

“I appreciate that, Sheriff.” My knees wanted to buckle right in front of him. I spent three hours on top of the Sheriff’s baby sister a couple of weeks ago! Holy Crap!” The rest of that afternoon was a total waste as far as any repairs.

It was the following Monday morning when the day arrived. Cynthia walked in the front door looking like a hot vixen in her pink and lavender almost outfit. I started to stand up, but my little buddy was way ahead of me. He has a marvelous memory.

“Good morning, Tim” Cynthia cooed. “How are you doing today?”

“Good morning, Cynthia, I’m feeling fine and how are you?”

“I’m doing well, but I desperately need my desktop updated. You remember the one in the den. You were excellent when you worked on the desktop the first time. I know you will be just as experienced when you work on the other desktop.”
The word desktop is usually one word. But I knew exactly what Cynthia was referring to when she said DESKTOP. I was trying to push the appointment off a bit, but my little buddy had already made the appointment for ten tomorrow morning. I wasn’t sure if I should take my repair kit or a respirator and heart paddles.

I arrived at my destiny at exactly ten. A gentle knock on the door and Cynthia instantly appears in her almost robe again. I really couldn’t wait to get to her. She was looking hot as usual.

“Tim, come in. I would like for you to meet Lillian.”

Lillian. Lillian is here with Cynthia. Lillian was just as out of sight as Cynthia. Is Lillian leaving or staying? Oh God, is Lillian the Sheriff’s cousin or something?

“Tim, Lillian is my best friend from high school. We have been close for years. I have been telling her about your expertise in desktops. I have suggested to her if she ever needs an upgrade call you.”

“Thank you, Cynthia, you are most kind. You are too kind.”

Lillian got up to leave, and I opened the door for her. As she walked to her car, I observed two perfectly timed pistons working in perfect harmony. Left, right, then left again. Good God she was hot.

I closed the door and turned to Cynthia. Her robe was opened, and she had that smile that said nothing but sex. She led me into the den and there was a desktop in there. It had at least four months of dust on it. And considering the fact it was not plugged in, I knew I was the for a different service call.

I turned around and walked up to Cynthia. I grabbed a handful of hair and shoved my tongue in her mouth. My other hand grabbed her ass cheek. She was liking it. I pushed her away, turned her, and ripped off her robe. Then I turned her around to face me.

“Undress me. Slowly.” She was doing as she was told. I’m beginning to understand this woman. When I was undressed, I looked at her with a look of owning.

“On your knees. Lick and suck my balls. Do it right or I will spank you.”
Slowly she dropped to her knees. She was looking at me the entire time. She put her arms around me and started licking and sucking my balls like a pro. She would take both in her mouth and pull them a bit, roll them in her mouth and lick them. It was wonderful.

She pursed her lips and started at the head of my cock and sucked it into her mouth. She didn’t stop until all of it was in her mouth. She ran her tongue around it and used it to lick my balls while I was down her throat. This was a perfect time to face fuck her. I grabbed her head and began thrusting my shaft in her mouth. Cynthia was mewing like a kitten with each thrust.
After a while, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her to follow me. She followed on all fours to the desk chair. I sat down and told her to bend over my lap. She was very obedient. I was rubbing her nice round, white ass and she was purring. Then with a quick movement – SLAP!! She jumped and whimpered. I rubbed her a bit more, and then – SLAP!! “Oh, oh, mm”.

I Spread her legs just enough to get to her hot wet crevasse. I slid a finger in and she pushed back. I started playing with her and she was getting hotter. I inserted another finger much to her delight. I continued moving them in her pussy and then inserted a third finger. Cynthia exploded. Her climax flowed into my hand.

I stood up slowly and Cynthia slid to the floor. She looked up at me with that smile of desire.
I rolled her over and pulled her up on all fours. I knelt behind her and slid my rocket into her. I reached around and had a firm grip on each breast. I started squeezing them and milking them. She mewed. I pulled on her tits and kept shoving it into her. I grabbed her nipples and yanked on them and pulled on them while she squealed in pure lust. I just continued pumping her with strong even strokes.

I pulled out of her even though she wanted me to put it in again. I stood over her and started spanking her ass cheeks until they were crimson red. When I knelt behind her again, I noticed she was very wet with anticipation. I reinserted my cock into her pussy again. She started mewing and cooing again. I gave her a few good pokes, pulled out, grabbed her hair with one hand, and with the other guided my cock into her smaller tighter opening. Cynthia started breathing heavier and faster. She was starting to sound like a low growl. She started pushing back on my rod in her tight hole. I continued to slide it slowly into her small opening.

With that, I shot my full load into her. She was panting and moaning pushing her ass into my pelvis. I had unloaded all I had into her, and she fell forward onto the rug. She lay there for a minute or two, then looked over her left shoulder at me. She started to crawl to me as if it was taking every bit of strength she had left. I was sitting on my feet on the floor watching her every move. When she came to me, she put her head on my lap. She curled up in a ball and began gentle breathing. I was stroking her hair, and she looked up at me and smiled. A sweet, gentile smile. Such a change from the lust-fueled woman of ten minutes ago. We sat there for several minutes, then started to get up.

I helped her up and handed her the robe she was wearing, but she refused it. She put her arms around me and put her face on my neck. I held her close to me but gently. She was breathing like she was almost asleep. Then she looked at me.
“Tim. I would like to sit on your lap, both naked, and talk to you. I want to feel your flesh against mine.
I have been starving. I wanted a man to make me feel like a woman, a real woman. You have given me that. You have made me a woman. I want to be your woman Tim.

“Cynthia, I don’t know what to say except you are the woman I have been looking for. You are wonderful.
Cynthia and I have a wonderful relationship. And I make sure her DESKTOP gets regular maintenance.

Departed Soul



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