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Friend’s Mom In The Shower

Joining my friend's mom in the shower
Friend’s Mom In The Shower

Fuck, why did I agree to stay at Andy’s house?

I mean, it’s only 10 PM, and he’s already asleep.

To make things worse, he didn’t even give me a blanket to sleep with, so I have to resort to making do with a throw pillow.

“Hey Sean, want a blanket before I pass out after bitching about my girlfriend for a couple hours?”

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

Would it really have killed him just to say that?

Admittedly, wanting to hang out with him is really only half the reason I came by.

The other half?

His mom is hot.

Like, smoking hot.

Hell, I practically busted a nut in my pants when she said I could call her by her first name, Olivia, instead of Mrs. Ericks.

Mr. Ericks is alright too. He’s nice, but Olivia is definitely out of his league.

She’s pretty average height for a woman, and has red hair that falls to her shoulders and brown eyes. Like most redheads, she’s pale as well, which only makes her more beautiful to me. She’s kind, and is always fun to talk to.

And to be crass, she has an amazing body and loves to flirt when her Mr. Ericks and Andy aren’t around. She always wears tight yoga pants or leggings when it’s colder, and short shorts when it’s warm outside, which shows off her amazing legs. Not to mention her shapely ass. Also a plus of hanging out here, she will occasionally walk around without a bra, letting me see her nipples through her shirt. And once, she even just wore a sports bra, which obviously did nothing to hide the fact that she has very large tits.

Tonight, she was wearing a big red sweater that unfortunately hung past her ass, along with some black leggings.

Didn’t matter, as I still would fuck her since she looked adorable dressed like that.

Thinking of her like this, I start to get hard.

“Shit, can’t exactly rub one out here…” I say, rolling over in case Andy wakes up.

After waiting for it to go down by thinking of things other than Olivia, I decide to get up and go upstairs to see if anyone else is awake.

I walk into the living room, and see Mr. Ericks passed out on the couch, with the history channel on the television. The volume is almost deafening.

Christ, how can he sleep with this on?

I’d turn it off, but I’m used to my dad waking up if I ever did that to him, so I decide to leave it alone.

I walk into the kitchen to get a glass of water, when I see that the porch light is still on.

Considering that no one else is in this house, it must be Olivia.

After pouring myself a glass of water, I head on outside. When I open the door, I hear… well, strange noises. Almost like a man and a woman moaning?

Almost instantly, the noises stop, so I think nothing of it.

I step around the corner, and I see Olivia looking a little frazzled, with her phone face down on the table.

“Oh, Sean! What are you doing out here?” she asks, calming down.

“Andy fell asleep so I came upstairs, and I saw the light on, so…” I say, my voice trailing off.

“Did he really? God, the one night he goes to sleep at a decent hour, he has a friend over! Honestly…” she says, laughing to herself. “Well, come sit with me then! I don’t mind talking for a bit!” she says, motioning towards the chair across from her.

I’d have to be dumb as shit to turn down that request.

I take a seat across from Olivia, placing my water on the table.

“Thirsty, huh?” she says, trying to start a conversation.

Yeah, for you.

“Yeah, I forgot to bring my water bottle with me this time, so I had to use one of your cups.” I respond.

“Oh honey, don’t act like it’s a problem! It’s one cup! I mean, we have plenty of them!” she reassures me, smiling.

I smile back, unsure of what to say next. All I can really think about is what she was watching before I came out here. To be honest, it sounded a lot like porn.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I mean, we all have our desires. It’s just the thought of Olivia sitting out here, watching some depraved porn thinking no one else is awake is something nice to think about.

Of course, I’m mentally slapping myself for not waiting longer to see if she would start to get handsy with herself, but what can you do.

“So…” I say, my thought process starting to get back on track. “What were you doing out here all by yourself?” I ask.

“Well, I’m sure you noticed that Greg passed out watching TV, even though we were supposed to watch some movies together.” she says, laughing. “So, I decided to just spend some time out here to relax. It’s a little chilly, but I think I’ll probably just take a hot shower when I’m done.” she tells me.

Trying not to think about her soaped up in the shower, I stay on topic.

“I’m sorry he fell asleep. I’d love to watch movies with you.” I flirt.

She rolls her eyes jokingly.

“Oh, hush. Besides, I like to talk way too much during movies.” she jokes.

“Hey, I’m talkative too. It could be a lot of fun.” I say.

“Well, maybe one day then.” she smiles.

“I know some great movies too. Mostly thriller or horror movies, though.” I say.

“Nope, not for me.” she says, laughing. “I can’t handle horror movies. They freak me out too much.”

“I’ll be there, so I think I’ll be able to make you feel safe.” I flirt.

She blushes and giggles at that.

“Aren’t you a cocky one?” she quips.

I smile.

Then, an idea pops up into my head. I’m almost certain she was watching porn before I came out here. If I can get her to open it and I see it, I might be able to steer the conversation into something even more flirty and dirty.

“Actually, there’s one movie I think you’d like. If you want, I could show you the trailer for it.” I tell her.

“That sounds great!” she says, smiling.

I smile back.

I reach into my empty pocket, and feign being shocked.

“Crap, forgot my phone. Would it be alright if I used yours?” I ask.

“Sure, go right ahead!” she says.

I reach for it, and as I pick it up, a look of sudden realization forms on her face.

“Sean-” is all she can get out before I open her phone up.

And just as I expected, she was watching porn.

“Oh.” I say, trying to play dumb.

And then, the video starts playing.

“Fuck me! Fuck, Jason!” the woman moans.

“God, Mrs. Jacobs…” the guy responds.

I glance at the title.

“My Son’s Friend Fucks Me Hard”

I look around the screen, and see that she has it liked, favorited, and bookmarked.

And then, I notice who the guy looks like.


Tall, slim and pretty fit, brown hair, fair skin. I’m more well endowed than him, though.

All the while, loud moaning and sounds of bodies slamming into each other are coming from the phone. Olivia seems to be stirring in her seat.

“Sorry!” I say, handing the phone back.

Trying to act innocent is pretty hard when you planned all this out. It’s also pretty hard when you’re hard yourself.

“N-no, it’s fine.” Olivia says, seemingly nervous.

She takes her phone and clears her throat.

“So…” I start. “My Son’s Friend Fucks Me Hard”, huh?” I ask.

Her eyes widen at the fact that I read the title.

“I just clicked the first video I saw.” she states plainly, trying to posture herself as calm and collected.

“It was bookmarked.” I say.

“It must’ve been an accident, then.” she says.

“Was liking and favoriting it also an accident?” I tease.

She stirs more in her seat.

“And what about the fact that the guy looked like me?” I ask.

Her eyes widen once again.

“That’s…” she starts, her voice trailing off.

I smile, stand up, and walk next to her.

“It’s okay.” I whisper in her ear. “To be honest, I watch videos where the woman looks like you, too.” I tell her.

I put my hands on her shoulders and start to rub them.

“Sean…” she says.

“No, really. I’ve had a crush on you for the longest time.” I tell her.

“Sean, I’m married…” she responds.

“And? I don’t really care about Mr. Ericks, to be honest.” I tell her. “Besides, watching a video like that kinda tells me that you’ve had some thoughts about me as well.” I tease her.

My hands drift from her shoulders down to her breasts, and I begin to grope them.

She looks up at me, and feeling ballsy due to the fact she hasn’t slapped the shit out of me, I lean forward and kiss her.

She’s obviously shocked at first, but she reciprocates the kiss eventually, even moaning as I continue to feel her soft breasts, groping them tenderly.

She breaks the kiss, and tries to push me away.

“Sean, we shouldn’t.” she pleads.

“Olivia, I know we both want this. It’s why you kissed me back.” I tell her.

I kiss her again, and she reciprocates once again.

I can feel my cock growing in my pants as our tongues begin to meet, and it takes no time at all to get completely hard.

“One thing about the video, though.” I start, whispering in her ear. “I’m bigger than him.” I tell her.

I reach down and pull my pants down and let my cock spring free, the cool air touching it.

She stares at it in shock, her mouth open.

A pretty normal reaction, considering I’m a little over eight inches.

“Jesus…” she whispers.

To my surprise, she reaches out for it on her own, lightly wrapping her delicate hand around my thick shaft. She gently lifts it up, staring at it, unable to take her eyes off of it.

And then, she blinks and lets go.

“I’m sorry… we can’t do this.” she says, standing up.

“Olivia-” I start.

“I’m going to go shower.” she says, quickly making her way inside, leaving me standing there with my cock out.

I sigh, and sit down.

Well, I tried. She was accepting of it at first, but then I think she came to her senses.

I look down at my hard cock, and realize I’ll probably have to jack off so I don’t get blue balls after that. I reach down and start to stroke it, thinking about how soft her lips and tits were.

And then I start wanting to feel her again. She was into it at first, so what changed?

Maybe I just need to be more aggressive with her.

You know what?

What the hell, I’m joining her in the shower. It’s getting cold out here anyways.

I pull my pants up and head inside, and can still hear Mr. Ericks snoring along with the TV blaring.


I make my way into their bedroom, and it’s obvious Olivia is the one who handles all the decorating.

Lots of pillows, “Live, laugh, love” signs hanging on the wall, family pictures where they’re all wearing pastel colors, the whole works.

I can hear the shower running, and as I get closer I can feel the warmth from the steam.

I quietly undress, and step into the bathroom, closing the door behind me, and can hear Olivia.

She’s moaning.

I pull open the shower curtain, and see her standing there, one hand fingering herself, the other teasing her nipple.

As I expected, she’s perfectly trimmed down there. Her nude body looks even better than I imagined, with her stomach being toned from what I assume to be lots of exercise. Her pale skin is perfect, with no blemishes that I can see at least. Her red hair is much darker now due to being wet, but seeing her like this makes her even hotter than all those times I’ve seen her be put together and dressed.

Her eyes widen when she sees me.

“Sean!” she shouts.

I step into the shower, and hold a finger up to her mouth to shush her.

“I told you, we can’t-” I grab her and pull her close to me, kissing her.

My hard cock is pressed up against her stomach, and she fights the kiss at first.

And then, she leans into the kiss, putting her arms around my waist.

“I want you so bad.” I moan into her ear.

I reach down and grope her perfect ass, pulling her even closer to me.

“Sean…” she moans, kissing me again. “This is so wrong…” she whispers.

“I don’t care, I need you.” I tell her, this time grabbing her ass with both hands.

“Your hands feel so nice…” she tells me.

The warm water is hitting both of us, and combined with our bodies being so close together, we’ve both become red and hot.

I turn her around, my cock now pressed up against her firm ass. I reach down and begin to tease her clit gently, all while kissing and sucking on her neck up to her ear.

“Fuck…” she moans, pressing her ass against me. “I’m so much older, though…” she whines.

“And so fucking hot.” I tell her, kissing right behind her ear. “No one will find out. I can keep a secret.” I assure her.

She moans in response, and I keep rubbing her clit. She grips my wrist as I keep going at it, and her voice has grown more hoarse and aroused.

“I’ve wanted this for so long.” I tell her.

“Me too… I just never knew you would be so-” she says.

“Forceful?” I interrupt.

She giggles.

“If I wasn’t, we wouldn’t be doing this right now.” I tell her, now slipping two fingers into her wet pussy.

“Oh…” she moans, her head tilting back. “I haven’t been touched like this in forever…” she tells me.

“Get used it, because I’ll be visiting you a lot more from here on out.” I confidently tell her.

“Oh, will you?” she teases.

I begin to rub her g-spot, using the ever so famous “come here” motion.

She likes it, obviously, and moans loudly.

“Yeah, I will.” I tell her.

Using my free hand, I reach up and cup her large breast in my hand, groping it all while my cock is now pressed up against the crack of her ass. She begins to grind against it as well.

“You’re so… big…” she says, biting her lower lip.

“Biggest you’ve seen?” I tease.

She nods in response.

“I’ll be gentle.” I reassure her.

I begin to pinch and tease her nipples, and she presses back against me even harder now, but I don’t stop fingering her.

She grips my wrist tight, her nails digging into my skin.

“Sean…” she moans.

“Olivia…” I moan back.

She turns to face me, and I kiss her deeply.

All the while, she’s pressing down against my hand now, letting me rub her g-spot even easier now. Her moans are getting louder. I pinch her nipple hard, and she moans excitedly into my mouth.

I fall back against the wall, taking her with me, and her moans are becoming more like whines now, pleading me not to stop.

And I don’t.

Her body begins to quiver, and she’s practically sucking on my tongue now. Using my thumb, I begin to tease and rub her clit as I finger her, all while not taking my other hand off of her tits.

Finally, with one last push into me, her moans become louder, only muffled due to the fact that my tongue is in her mouth, and I can feel her body start to shake and rely more on me holding her up rather than her own legs.

Finally, she breaks the kiss, and leans back into me, relying on me to make sure she doesn’t fall. Her breathing is heavy, and she doesn’t speak, only moaning and panting.

I smile.

I just made my friend’s mom, the one that all my friends talk about, and probably beat their dicks to, cum. And I made her cum hard.

“Fuck…” she finally says.

“I’d say I’m pretty good with my hands, wouldn’t you?” I tease, kissing her.

“No… That was better than good! Fuck, that was amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever came like that!” she says, laughing in shock.

“You’ll like what’s gonna come next even more.” I tell her.

“I still can’t believe I’m doing this…” she says.

“Neither can I. Part of what makes it so much fun.” I say.

I turn her around and bend her over. I admire how sexy she looks, her body dripping wet, flushed from the heat of the water. My eyes trace her hourglass figure, and focus right on her perfect, round ass.

“God, you’re so pushy!” she says.

“Got a problem with it?” I ask, rubbing the tip of my cock against the entrance of her cunt.

“…No.” she replies, giggling.

“That’s what I thought.” I tell her, slowly pushing the head of my cock inside of her.

“Oh!” she exclaims in excitement. “Let me know, first! You know you’re big as hell!” she tells me.

I laugh.

“Then I’m going in deeper.” I tell her, grabbing her hips as I push more of my cock inside of her.

Instead of moaning, she instead lightly squeals in delight as I push it in her. Not something I expected from her, but it makes my cock twitch in excitement.

“Just… pull out when you’re about to finish, alright? I can’t really get pregnant anymore… but just please pull out.” she pleads.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I do.” I tell her, this time pushing my full length into her.

She yelps out in response to this, but starts to giggle.

“God… I feel so… full!” she says, her hands against the wall.

“Need a second?” I ask her, groping her ass.

“Yeah, just play around with my ass or something. I just need to get used to you.” she says, her breathing getting heavy again.

I indulge her offer, and begin to grope her ass. Spreading her cheeks apart, pressing them together, and then finally, giving her a firm, hard smack across the ass.

“Hey!” she says.

“Quiet. We don’t want them to hear us.” I say, spanking her again.

She laughs.

“Not like they could hear us over the sounds of the shower. Plus, you shut the door, right?” she asks.

“Yup, we’re all good.” I tell her, spanking her ass again.

She moans out in response.

“God, I feel so naughty…” she says, laughing nervously.

“Isn’t that the fun of it, though?” I reply, slowly beginning to move back and forth.

She grunts and grits her teeth, but quickly begins to moan.

“Jesus, you’re massive…” she groans.

“You like it?” I tease.

She moans in agreement.

Her pussy is tight, gripping my cock like she wants to rip it off of me. Not only that, but she’s wet as hell, which lets me slide in and out of her with ease.

“You can start going faster. Just a little, though.” she tells me, her knuckles clenched against the tile wall of the shower.

“As you wish.” I reply, beginning to up my speed.

I grab onto her hips and begin to slide my cock out to where I’m barely inside, and then push it back inside of her as deep as I can go, savoring the feeling of her tight cunt gripping onto my cock all the while.

“Holy shit…” I hear her whisper.

“Still getting used to it?” I ask.

“Yes! Jesus, you really just want to go as fast as you can, huh?” she laughs.

“Can you blame me?” I say, pushing my cock deep inside her for emphasis.

“Oh! Fuck!” she moans.

I slap her ass hard, watching it bounce.

“Come on, I know you want it rough and hard. Don’t pretend like you don’t.” I growl.

“I-” she says.

“Say it. Tell me how bad you want it.” I order.

“I want you to fuck me hard! God, I need you to just abuse my pussy!” she screams out.

I smile.

“Good girl.” I tell her, spanking her ass one last time.

I feel her pussy quiver once I say that, and I can tell just how much she likes to be degraded.

I begin to pump my cock in and out of her much faster now, the sounds of our bodies slapping together echoing through the bathroom.

“Oh, Sean! I’ve wanted this for so long!” she moans out.

“Oh yeah? How long.” I say, grabbing a fistful of her red hair.

“Fuck! Ever since you came with us on that beach trip, and I saw you get out of the water! Your tight body looked so… yummy! And your shorts were gripping onto you so tight, and I could see just how fucking big you were!” she screams.

I intentionally bought a pair of trunks that would do that just so she could see what I was carrying, so it looks like it worked out in the long run.

“That long, huh?” I ask, fucking her from behind. “God, I’ve wanted this since I met you!” I tell her, gripping her perfect ass.

Her pussy has gotten even tighter, each thrust feels like a warm hug trying to stop me from leaving. Her moans have gotten more wild, with her only being able to say my name a lot.

“God, I could tell! The way you looked at me would just drive me crazy sometimes!” she tells me.

She reaches back and grabs her ass cheek, pulling it back while she looks over her shoulder at me, biting her lip.

“Fuck, you look so good.” she tells me.

“And you look amazing.” I say, slapping her ass again.

“Mm!” she squeals.

“When you bent over in front of me in those tight leggings, I would just go home and jack off to the thought of it so much.” I admit in between my moans.

“I know.” she says with a smug smile. “I would do it on purpose.” she tells me.

I laugh.

“You’re a dirty girl, you know that, Olivia?” I tease.

She giggles.

“I’m well aware of that now. But what are you going to do about it?” she asks, as if I’m not already inside of her.

“This.” I answer.

I pull my cock out of her, turning her around in the process. I grab her ass, lifting her up as she wraps her legs around me instinctively.

“Mm, I think I’ll like this.” she says, looking deep into my eyes.

“You will.” I tell her.

I slide my cock inside of her, holding her up the entire time. While I do that, she doesn’t stop looking me in the eyes once. As I slide in, she opens her mouth, only closing it to bite her lip once I get all the way inside of her tight cunt.

“Fuck, it’s so much hotter when I get to see you stick it in me.” she moans.

I lean forward and kiss her, slowly sliding my cock in and out of her.

To my surprise, the water is still as hot as it was when I first stepped in. Thank God they have so much hot water.

As I’m sliding my cock in and out of her, she digs her fingernails into my back, moaning into my mouth at the same time.

“You are such a slut.” I tell her, not even thinking about what I just called my friend’s mom.

“Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.” she giggles.

Well, it looks like she’s into just about anything, really.

“Don’t worry, I want to make sure I can get seconds.” I joke.

“Just seconds?” she asks, fake pouting.

“And thirds. And fourths. And all the other numbers that come after that.” I say, gripping her ass tighter.

“Good answer.” she says, moaning and closing her eyes.

As she grabs onto me tighter, I feel her warm and soft tits press up against me, making. I can’t tell what’s warmer, Olivia or the water, but I don’t want to get out of either one.

“You’re so much bigger than Greg!” she says.

Her eyes get wide. She probably didn’t mean to say that.

“Oh yeah? How much bigger?” I tease.

“I-I didn’t mean to say that…” she says, trying to laugh it off.

“No, tell me. I know I’m big. But how much bigger am I?” I ask, fucking her faster now.

“Stooooop!” she laughs, which quickly transforms into moans of pleasure.

“Come on, you already told me I was bigger.” I ask, staring deep into her eyes as I slide my cock in and out of her.

She digs her nails into my back again, this time enough to hurt a little. Her moans are hoarse and rapid in my ear, and her cunt is even tighter than before.

“L-like twice as big? I don’t know for sure, I just know you feel so much better…” she moans.

“That wasn’t so hard, now was it?” I tease.

“Fuck, you’re such a cocky little shit!” she laughs.

“And you have your legs wrapped around me real tight.” I tell her.

“Well, it’s hard not to when someone’s pushing a hard cock in and out of me.” she says, kissing me.

I start to go even faster, and her moans get louder in response.

“Fuck, baby! You feel so good!” she practically screams out.

“Yeah, your tight little cunt feels amazing.” I moan out, tilting my head back.

“Make that little pussy yours. Show it why it belongs to a real man’s cock.” she practically orders me.

Looks like she’s finally letting loose.

“I’m gonna make your pussy mine. I’ll take it whenever I fucking want to.” I tell her.

“Yeah! Make it yours, baby!” she moans.

She wraps her legs around me tighter now as I’m practically slamming my cock in and out of her.

“Take my cock, you little slut.” I whisper.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck your little slut!” she screams out.

“Dirty whore, cheating on your husband with your son’s friend like this.” I say, sucking on her neck now.

“I’m so fucking terrible…” she moans, biting her lip.

“We’ll be seeing each other a lot more after this. When I text you, you answer and meet me wherever I tell you. Even if it’s right outside your damn house.” I tell her, gripping her ass tightly. “You drop whatever the fuck you’re doing and you ride my cock, got it?” I growl.

“Yes! Yes, I understand!” she moans. “Just please keep fucking me!”

I keep slamming into her again and again, her pussy tightening each time I push my full length into her. Her moans are getting more erratic, and her body is starting to shake again.

I know what’s coming.

“Baby…” she whimpers. “Your dick feels so goooood!” she says in a begging tone.

That alone is what makes me feel like I’m going to cum.

“Fuck, Olivia, I’m going to cum!” I moan.

“What? Noooo!” she whines. “I’m so close, baby! Please, I’m so close!” she pleads.

“I need to pull out.” I say, feeling it get even harder to hold it back.

“No! No, please let me cum! Keep fucking me! I don’t care if you have to cum inside me!” she says. “Fucking fill me up if you have to I just want to cum!” she moans.

Her nails dig into me once again, and I grip her ass firmly, holding her steady. Our moans are both getting louder, with hers turning into screams and squeals of pleasure.

My balls are getting tight, and I can tell I’m about to cum.

“Cum with me, daddy. Pleaseeeeeee…” she pleads.

And with that, I cum. Hard. I shoot rope after rope inside of her, filling her up. All the while, she’s wrapped around me so tight as if she wants to kill me, screaming my name and saying things I can barely understand.

After holding each other for what feels like forever, I can tell both of our orgasms are done, and my balls feel empty now.

I let her down gently, and she slides down onto her ass, her legs shaky. My cock is glistening from both of our juices, and I look down at her.

“Clean it.” I order.

She looks up at me and nods.

She obediently takes my cock in her mouth, sucking and licking every inch of it until it’s clean.

Once done, she relaxes back against the tub, closing her eyes.

“Fuuuuuck…” she moans. “That was… amazing…” she says.

I nod, and close my eyes as well. My arms are sore from holding her up, but it was definitely worth it.

After a couple minutes of silence, she stands back up, and we begin to clean ourselves off for real this time. Admittedly, with plenty of groping while doing so.

With the last of the hot water being used, we both step out and dry off.

I get dressed, and am about to step out, when she grabs my shirt. I turn around and look at her.

“You know, Greg was doing a little drinking, so he probably won’t be up until twelve tomorrow. And I know Andy likes to sleep in until one or two in the afternoon…” she says. “So how about you sleep with me in my bed? We can keep each other some company.” she asks.

“I would love that.” I reply. “Especially since Andy didn’t give me a blanket.” I joke.

“Better not be the only reason!” she replies with fake anger.

“Well, I guess I have another reason.” I tease, pinching her firm ass.

She smiles and leans in.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I won’t be letting you sleep for a while tonight.” she whispers in my ear.

My cock twitches at this.

“I’ll fuck you until you pass out from exhaustion.” I tell her.

She raises an eyebrow at me.

“Now get in bed.” I order her.

“Yes, daddy.” she says with a wink.


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