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A Pleasureable Trick

Tricking my wife to fulfill her fantasy with a college boy
A Pleasureable Trick

“C’mon honey, aren’t you even the slightest bit curious of what it would be like to fuck another man?” Jason asked his wife Christine.

“No, you are the only man for me. Now I might be curious about a college boy but not a man.” Christine suggested.

“A college boy, well, well, my little Christine likes theme young. Just one college boy?” Jason teased.

“Maybe a couple of frat boys would be nice.” Christine responded.

“You know, I could make this little fantasy a reality if you wanted.” Jason suggested.

“No, I could never do that for real. It is just a little fantasy.” Christine answered.

“Are you sure? I would love to watch.” Jason asked.

“I am positive. I just want you.” Christine responded.

“Have it your way then, but it would be sexy.” Jason said.

“Promise me you won’t get another guy for me. I would be mad if you did. That is just a fantasy I get when I drink too much. I am feeling more sober now.” Christine pleaded.

“Okay, I promise you I won’t do that.” Jason promised.

Jason and Christine had been a couple for six years. Jason is 34 years old and Christine is ten years older than him. Jim was a straight white guy with a desire to see his wife with other men. Christine was half Filipino and half Italian. She was small, about 105lbs, 4’10” with short dark hair, a cute little nose, full lips, nice 34B tits, and a nicely trimmed pussy with just enough thick dark pubic hair. She looked to be at least fifteen years younger than her actual age.

Christine enjoyed sex with Jason, especially oral sex. Christine was old school in her belief that cum should never be wasted which is why she always swallowed and never let Jason shoot his load on her. She was fun in bed but not exactly kinky. She did not do anal (although Jason always hoped she would one day try it someday.), nor did she ever allow anyone else into her bedroom.

Jason was being driven crazy by his desire to see his wife with another man. Last night she finally opened up about the type of men she would fantasize about, young college guys. Christine had made one statement last night that stuck with Jason. She had stated more or less that her fantasies were strongest when she had been drinking. He had a plan.

Christine had noticed Jason acting odd during the next week. He had a few mysterious phone calls, bought two bottles of her favorite wine and proposed they spend the weekend in bed getting drunk. This was unlike her husband. Friday had arrived and Christine was very suspicious that her husband was up to something. Christine was in the basement doing laundry when the phone rang. She answered the basement phone at the same time her husband answered the upstairs phone and heard him say hello. She remained quiet and eavesdropped on the conversation.

“Jason, are we still on for tonight?” the male voice asked.

“Yes. I told her we would spend the weekend in bed drunk.” Jason answered.

“When does this go down?” The male voice asked.

“I will make sure she is drunk by 10 o’clock and having sex by 10:30. I will the front door unlocked and at 10:30 come on in. Quietly come upstairs to the second door on the right. I will leave the door slightly open and the lights will be off. Crawl in beside the bed. When I act like I fell off the bed you take my place fucking my wife. She will be too drunk to notice. I will try to get her in doggy position just in case.” Jason explained.

“Sounds cool, I am looking forward to it. See you tonight.” The voice said.

“Ok see you then Brandon.” Jason said as he hung up the phone.

Christine was in shock. She wanted to go upstairs and beat her husband to death. She almost cried, then an deliciously evil thought came into her head.

“If he wants to see me get fucked by another guy then so be it. I will teach him a lesson and make him wish he never tried to deceive me.” She whispered to herself.

Christine tried to act normal during supper and not let on that she knew about Jason’s plan. Around 8 o’clock Jason brought out Christine’s favorite wine. Christine took a drink or two and when he glass was finished Jason was only too happy to fill it again. She made some excuses during the evening to go to the kitchen to get something, go to the bathroom, check on laundry, etc… and each time she emptied her wine down the drain but acted as though she were getting drunk. Being a small woman it did not take much to get her drunk. At almost 10 o’clock she told Jason:

“I am getting so horny, let’s go upstairs, and bring more wine.”

Jason could not believe his plan was working so well. He anxiously grabbed the wine and headed upstairs.

Christine got undressed and then undressed Jason. She dropped to her knees and began clumsily licking Jason’s cock. She sucked it in deep a few times then pulled away.

“Let me go freshen up in the bathroom first, get in bed and wait on me.” She said.

Jason couldn’t believe his luck. He waited as Christine took her time in the bathroom. He began to worry that she would come out too late and Brandon would already be there. Christine finally emerged from the bathroom and climbed on the bed and resumed sucking Jason’s cock. Jason heard the faint sound of footsteps on the stairs. Christine appeared too drunk to notice a bomb going off in the room let alone footsteps. Jason looked up and saw Brandon at the door but he wasn’t alone he had his roommate Tyler with him. Jason smiled. This would be even better than he hoped two college guys were going to fuck his wife.

“Hey baby, turn over and let’s do it doggie style.” Jason ordered.

“I would love to.” Christine said trying to sound as drunk as she could.

Jason plunged his cock into his wife’s very wet pussy. She never felt so hot and wet before. He thought she must really be hammered. After a few strokes Jason pretended to lose his balance and fall off the bed.

“Are you okay back there?” Christine asked fully aware of Jason’s plan.

“I just drank a little too much but I am okay, now where were we.” Jason explained.

Brandon now naked, climbed onto the bed and took his position behind Christine.

Christine knew this would be a new cock for her and eagerly awaited.

Brandon placed his finger in Christine’s pussy and felt how hot and wet she was. He took his cock and slowly pushed it into Christine’s pussy.

Christine instantly felt the difference in cock. This one was thinner but longer than her husbands and it felt good. Christine began fucking Brandon back.

“You feel so big tonight honey; you are going to make me cum already.” Christine lied.

Christine began to pant and moan then finally scream as she faked her first orgasm.

“Oh honey your cock is making me so crazy. I think I want you fuck my ass. Yes, please fuck my ass. Take my ass cherry.” Christine said as she planned.

Brandon removed his cock from Christine’s pussy and placed a finger in her ass. Christine reached over to the nightstand and handed Brandon some KY. Brandon worked a couple of fingers into Christine’s ass.

Jason was shocked. Christine had always been against even discussing anal sex. He stood by trying to figure out how to change places with Brandon but not wanting to alert Christine that anything was wrong. Brandon was enjoying this too much to let someone else take over.

“Fuck my ass now Jason, Please!” Christine shouted.

Brandon placed his cock at the entrance of her forbidden hole and gently pushed it in. Christine bit down on the pillow but as Brandon slowly popped in the pain subsided a little.

“Oh Jason, your cock feels so different in my ass, it is much better. Fuck me, make me cum!” Christine exclaimed.

Brandon began to gently stroke Christine’s tight ass and notice she was starting to relax. Jason could not believe that another guy was fucking his wife’s ass first. He was turned on and a more than a little disappointed at the same time.

“Fuck me harder! Oh yes I am going to cum, Oh my!” Christine said and this time it was not a lie.

Jason saw her breathing getting heavier and her back arch as she screamed with ecstasy. Brandon was pounding her hard and then his body became rigid as he emptied his load into her virgin ass.

“That was great honey, but I am still horny.” Christine said.

“That’s alright baby I can go again.” Jason said as he walked toward Christine but then Tyler popped up and cut him off.

Tyler pulled Christine’s ass to the end of the bed and turned her over her back.

Christine kept her eyes closed so the guys would think she was still unaware that Jason was not the one having sex with her.

Tyler spread Christine’s legs and began licking her dripping wet pussy. He made sure and stayed away from her cum filled ass.

Christine began moaning again.

“Oh Jason why have you not eaten me this good before? You have been holding back, that feels fucking incredible, whatever you do don’t stop.” Christine said.

She did have to admit, this kid really did know how to eat pussy. Her clit was throbbing, her body was heating up, she was going to cum again.

Tyler could feel Christine’s pussy grinding on his tongue. This chick was hot and her pussy smelled and tasted so good. Suddenly he felt her grab the back of his head and pull his tongue deep in her pussy as her body convulsed with pleasure. Her low guttural moan let everybody in the room know she had just had a massive orgasm.

Tyler withdrew his head and Brandon went around to the side of the bed near Christine’s head and pulled it toward his cock. Jason was scared to death; they were not supposed to give Christine the opportunity to see that it was not Jason acting as her lover. Christine looked up at Brandon. He was about 5’8″ 160lbs and looked to be about nineteen. She smiled and then engulfed his cock. She took it out of her mouth and made the announcement that stunned them all.

“Who ever that was that just ate my pussy, thank you and would you please fuck me now.”

Jason was shaking with fear.

“Christine, you know? I mean when did you know? How…” Jason stammered.

“Shut up Jason and watch. That is what you wanted anyway wasn’t it? Oh yeah and when I say watch that is just what I mean, don’t you dare touch me until theses nice young boys are gone, and turn the light on so I can see these magnificent cocks, unlike yours.” Christine ordered.

Tyler who was about 5’7″ and 150lbs got between Christine’s legs and thrust his cock into her very wet pussy. Christine continued to suck on Brandon’s cock. She fought off her gag reflex and deep throated his long cock. Something she never did to Jason. Brandon began to fuck her mouth. Tyler was pumping her pussy. Christine could feel another orgasm approaching. Brandon kept fucking her pussy and reached his had down to Christine’s ass and inserted his middle finger. That was all it took as Christine began convulsing and cumming hard. She pulled Brandon’s cock down her throat and suck hard.

Christine removed Brandon from her mouth and pushed Tyler away from her pussy.

“Lie down on your back” she said to Brandon.

He did as he was told and Christine climbed on top of him, kissed him deeply and passionately on the lips as she slid her soaking pussy over his cock. She then looked back to Tyler.

“I want you to fuck my ass.” She ordered Tyler.

Jason once again realized that this was another first for Christine. Tyler pushed his cock into her well lubricated ass. This time it slid in with ease. He fucked her slowly trying to keep rhythm with Brandon whose cock he could feel in her pussy. Jason could not help himself. He got close so he could see both cocks in his wife pleasuring her in a way he never could. He began stroking himself at the sight. Christine never felt so full, so fulfilled, so pleasured in her life. Jason ended up shooting his load on Christine’s leg but at this point she didn’t care. Christine began the most intense orgasm of her life. She felt dizzy with pleasure. She couldn’t even make a sound the feeling was so intense.

“I am going to cum!” Tyler shouted.

Christine finally managed to say “get up here!”

Tyler hurried around to the side of the bed and Christine grabbed his cock and pointed it toward her open mouth as Tyler erupted onto her tongue, nose, eyes, and hair. Christine licked up all the cum she could and swallowed hard.

“I am going to cum too” Brandon said as he climbed out from under Christine and took his place beside Tyler.

Brandon emptied another load of cum into Christine’s open mouth and she swallowed every drop.

The boys finished and thanked both Christine and Jason and left.

“Christine, I am sorry. When did you know?” Jason said subdued.

Christine stared at him with a look of anger and pity. “I heard you this morning on the phone. I looked at the caller-id and called Brandon back. I told him to bring a friend.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Jason said stunned.

“I told you no and you went behind my back. I figured that if you wanted to see me with another guy then I would let you.” Christine said.

“Christine, I am sorry. I enjoyed seeing you with those boys, but I wish I could have been with you too. I should never have deceived you, that was wrong.” Jason said.

“No you shouldn’t have. I enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would so I guess in some small way I should thank you.” Christine finally said with a smile.

“Are you saying we might do this again? I mean with your full cooperation and planning.” Jason excitedly asked.

“Probably, but as punishment you will never be allowed to cum on my face that is only for other guys to do. And if you ever do cum on me, I will make sure you will lick my body clean of everybody’s cum including your own. Now help me to the shower, you are going to bathe me, give me a massage and we will talk about this more tomorrow.” Christine declared.

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