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Sisters 3

Jasmine and her two sisters cross every taboo line

Like most great things in life, it happened rather unexpectedly.

Jill, my oldest sister, had caught her boyfriend of over ten years getting head from another guy. Things had not been going well for the past year between Jill and her long time boyfriend, Adam, but this was not something any of us would have ever expected. Adam was a man’s man, and apparently that meant having sex with men.

To make matters worse, Jill had caught him just a few days before Valentine’s Day. Thus we decided to have a special sister’s night out on Valentine’s Day. Caroline, the middle child, agreed as her husband was out of town working and, not surprisingly, my husband, Howard, had no problem not going out to an overpriced dinner and instead staying home to watch hockey.

Before I continue this crazy story, I should highlight that although Jill is the oldest and I the youngest, only four years separate all three of us. Mom was a baby making machine, producing Jill, and then, sixteen months later, Caroline and, lastly adorable ol’ me just fifteen months after that.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

Although we were sisters, I should also note that we all looked very, very different. Jill got the breasts both Caroline and I had wished we had throughout high school and college, but less so now, as we don’t have to carry them around all day at work. Jill was also the only blonde, taking after dad, with blue eyes that drew men at will and yet she was the shortest of us at 4’11. And although she wasn’t fat, she was big-boned, again like father, and that had always been her insecurity issue. In fact, she is in great shape for 43. That said, usually she was the glue that kept our family together…the one who always had it going right. She was structured, a psychologist not surprisingly, and the one out of us three who dressed for comfort rather than fashion.

Caroline, on the other hand, was Jill’s polar opposite. The rebel of the family since high school, she willingly admits that from sixteen to thirty were her ‘slut years’ (she won’t give an official number, but she does admit whatever number we guesstimate…we should probably double that). She loves tattoos, is a brunette with hazel eyes, annoyingly slim, married to a rich banker (we call her ‘trophy’ to ruffle her feathers, even though she has a job as a nurse and makes very good money) and always wears the latest and hippest fashions. Her insecurity issue is that she never got breasts. I mean, she has them in the most remote sense of the word, but even though she has long legs, a perfect body and tight ass (she works out every day…it would be nice to have a pool in my backyard too), she fixates on her tiny almost non-existent breasts. She has contemplated getting breast implants for years, but so far we have managed to convince her not to.

Then there is me. I am the plain Jane of the group. The shy one; the boring one; the one with kids. Jill didn’t have any because Adam didn’t want any, and Caroline didn’t have any because she learned, after spending a lot of money, that she was physically unable to. I, on the other hand, had three and they fucked up my body good. Besides having thyroid issues, which makes reaching orgasm twice as much work, I have never lost the baby weight, especially in my ass. I have green eyes, brown hair (with tinges of grey if I don’t dye it) and an adorable smile. My breasts are an average 34b cup, enough to showcase in the right outfit, but not enough to get much attention. My husband is a leg man and thus doesn’t focus much on my breasts. He’s more interested in my very toned legs…especially in nylons, which he expects me to wear every day.

My job is very stressful. I am a high school teacher and have to be mentally strong all day, and therefore I like to just let go at home…thus I am very submissive to my husband. Oh, and my biggest secret is that I write erotica on a website called Literotica and not a single one of my friends or family know. My writing over the past three years has covered a variety of genres and themes, with the most common being lesbian and incest. That said, I write fantasy and, truthfully, never considered seriously crossing the line.

Now that you know a little about us, let me get on with my tale. This story is actually about how the three of us crossed a line that we never even considered crossing until that fateful night that I am about to describe.

Caroline had insisted we all get dolled up for our ‘Valentine’s No Men’ evening as she booked us a table at the most expensive restaurant in town. Again, it must be nice to have connections and money. Caroline, being Caroline, insisted we meet her Thursday evening to go clothes shopping…her treat. By the end of the evening, each of us had a dress that you would wear purely to draw attention, with matching heels and new lace undies. It cost over two thousand dollars but Caroline shrugged it off by insisting money is made to be spent. Jill joked it wasn’t her money, to which Caroline countered, “All the more reason to spend it.”

On Friday, Caroline again insisted we meet right after work, this time at her favourite hair salon where we got our hair, nails and make-up done. By the time we arrived at the restaurant, we had already polished off a bottle of wine and looked like three elegant cougars on the prowl. I was in a red dress, with a black belt that showcased every curve I had (the good and bad), with matching four inch heels and beige pantyhose that really did accentuate by best asset, my legs.

Jill was in a multi-coloured dress that was longer than mine but tighter on the top, making her breasts the obvious attention spot for our waiter or waitress.

Caroline, of course, was in a gold gown, with a side slit that showed off a ton of leg and the fact she was wearing thigh high stockings rather than pantyhose.

I asked, as we drank cocktails at the bar while waiting for our table to be seated, “Aren’t thigh highs a little provocative for such an outfit?”

“Cameron insists I only wear thigh highs as it gives him quicker access to the goods.” She shrugged, adding, “His words not mine.”

I often wore thigh highs for Howard for the exact same reason, but I wasn’t one to openly share my sex life. Instead I shrugged, “Whatever floats your boat.”

Jill joined in, “I never wear pantyhose, I hate them.”

Caroline said, “They are like make-up, or heels, just another way to enhance your look.”

“They are uncomfortable,” Jill said, before adding, “plus I always get runs in them.”

“First, that is why I wear thigh highs, they are very comfortable. Second, if you buy quality hosiery, like Wellford’s, they last forever and you feel like you are wearing silk…because you are.”

“If you say so,” Jill shrugged.

“I am so making you try some on when we get back to my place!” Caroline said.

Jill agreed, because it is always easier to agree with Caroline, “Whatever you say.”

Caroline smiled, “Excellent, you are finally learning.”

“Just trying to shut you up,” Jill countered.

Caroline laughed, “I just aim to please.”

Jill quipped, “That is why you were so popular in high school.”

“And college,” I added.

“Jealousy,” Caroline said, all sing-song, knowing it was true and also letting us know she was fine with her slutty past.

A cute host led us to our table and it was obvious he was overwhelmed by the three of us. He stared at Jill’s cleavage, my legs and Caroline’s everything.

Once we were seated, Caroline asked Jill, “Are you ready to jump on the horse again?”

“God no!” Jill said dramatically, “Men are currently off the menu.”

“Does that mean you are switching sides?” Caroline asked playfully.

Jill shrugged, finishing her drink. “It couldn’t be any worse than being with a man.”

“It’s not worse, it’s just different,” Caroline revealed, surprising both of us.

“You have dyked out?” Jill asked, surprised.

Just before Caroline could reply, our waitress, a cute blonde in her early twenties, arrived at our table.

“Hi, my name is Emma and I will be your server for the evening,” she greeted.

“Good evening, Emma,” Caroline replied, obnoxiously like she always is.

“Good evening, ma’am,” Emma replied politely.

“Ma’am,” Caroline gasped as if she had been greatly offended. “I am no ma’am!”

The poor girl went red, obviously not used to such a response. She stammered, “S-s-sorry.”

Caroline smiled, “I’m Caroline or Goddess of Beauty, you may choose.”

Emma smiled, quickly playing along. “Can I get the Goddess of Beauty something to drink to start?”

“Yes, a bottle of your best wine,” Caroline answered.

“Of course, will that be all?” Emma asked.

“For now,” Caroline smiled warmly.

Emma left and Jill scolded, “That was a bit much.”

Caroline smiled, “Just warming her up for you.”

“She is half my age,” Jill said, flabbergasted by the suggestion.

“The young ones are usually the most eager to please, or at least the easiest to train. Well, them and married women with husbands who neglect their sexual needs, of course,” Caroline shrugged.

I asked, trying to be crude, “Have you eaten cunt since you got married?”

“Is the sky blue?” she answered.

I joked, today being a cloudy miserable day, “Not today.”

“Fine, are Jill’s tits huge?” Caroline rephrased.

Jill quipped, “Especially in this ludicrously tight dress you made me wear.”

“You’re getting laid tonight. If not by some college stud with a big cock who can get it up five times, by some sweet lesbian or bisexual,” Caroline boldly predicted.

“How can you tell if a girl is a lesbian?” I asked.

“That is hard sometimes, but almost all girls, especially younger ones like our Emma there, are bisexual…it is the new ‘in’ thing,” Caroline explained.

“It’s ‘in’ to suck cock and eat cunt?” I asked.

Caroline laughed, “Where did that nasty mouth of yours come from?”

“I learned from the best,” I shrugged.

“We will see if that is true,” Caroline said, her tone ominous in a way I couldn’t explain. “And trust me, it is ‘in’ to be bisexual.”

“If you say so,” I said, the conversation getting a bit uncomfortable. I had fantasized about women for the past three years: mostly younger girls who I fantasized would seduce me and make me their pet teacher. On occasion I would see a black woman and get wet wondering what it would be like to submit to a black woman or a black man for that matter. Yet, that was the reality of fantasy…it was just fantasy.

The thoughts of making my fantasy a reality really changed when a new teacher, Amber Addison, started at school. She was young, fun, beautiful, black, and seemed to flirt with me. She told me how good I looked most days, squeezed my shoulder and arm on many occasions and even put her hand on my leg at the bar during one of the Friday night happy hours. Although nothing had happened, she had definitely triggered my curiosity. My masturbation fantasies of late had not been of my husband, or a gangbang (another secret fantasy of mine) but of Amber seducing me and making me hers.

“Oh my God, Jasmine, you have a crush on someone,” Caroline accused.

“I do not,” I quickly refuted, even as I felt the heat in my cheeks rising.

“Have you already eaten pussy?” Caroline asked.

Thankfully, I was saved by the waitress who brought us some stupidly expensive wine which she poured for each of us. As she leaned forward, I noticed her breasts were quite voluptuous as well, although not as big as Jill’s. After she poured the wine, she also took our appetizer orders.

Once she was gone, Caroline repeated her question, although with a little less frankness. “Is this just a crush or has it already become something more?”

“I would never cheat on Howard,” I answered, avoiding the question thus putting automatic admittance in the mind of Caroline.

“Oh my God, Jasmine, you are such a Leave it to Beaver woman,” Caroline accused.

“Why, because I am loyal and traditional?” I asked, getting annoyed by my sister’s overbearing personality.

Jill chimed in, “Leave Jasmine alone.”

“I am just saying it is not cheating if you are just eating cunt or getting your cunt munched by another female,” Caroline said.

“Oh I can’t wait to hear this logic,” I sarcastically responded, even though part of me was curious, particularly with my crush on Amber.

“I would never cheat on Cameron with another guy,” Caroline began.

“How 1950’s of you,” I said, unable to hold back my sarcasm.

Jill giggled as she finished another glass of wine.

“On the other hand, having a little lesbian rendezvous is completely kosher,” Caroline said.

“Because?” I asked.

“Because my husband doesn’t have a cunt. He can’t provide the lesbian experience,” Caroline answered.

“So eating pussy, not cheating,” I clarified. “Sucking another man’s cock, is cheating.”

“Exactly,” Caroline nodded, as if that cleared up everything.

“Does the lesbian fucking you with a strap-on count as cheating since your husband does have a cock?” I asked, trying to poke holes in her bizarre theory.

“That is a grey area,” Caroline answered. “But I can’t say I haven’t been on both the giving and receiving end of a nice strap-on.” Finishing her wine, she looked around to see if the waitress was coming, before she answered, “Can you keep a secret?”

“Of course,” Jill and I simultaneously replied. Although we were both disturbed by our sister’s slutty behaviour and obnoxious personality, we did seem to live vicariously through her wild nature. Plus, judging by her tone, this was going to be a doozy of a reveal.

“Do you know what pegging is?” Caroline asked.

“No,” Jill and I simultaneously answered, both of us leaning forward to hear Caroline’s suddenly more discreet voice; although truth be told I did know what ‘pegging’ was through my writing.

“Are you ready to order?” Emma asked, making all three of us jump.

“I think we are,” Caroline answered, smiling. Each of us ordered while an older gentleman brought us our appetizers.

Once we were alone again, Caroline filled each of our wine glasses and said, “A toast.”

“To what?” Jill asked.

“To sisters who don’t do this enough,” Caroline answered.

“Agreed,” I said, raising my glass.

“Fair enough,” Jill agreed, raising her glass too.

We clanked our glasses, giggled like school girls and each shot half our glass of wine.

“To a crazy night,” Caroline added, finishing the glass she had just poured.

Not wanting to be outdone, I finished my glass of wine as well…I was now well on my way to being drunk. “More,” I requested, handing my glass to Caroline.

“Is our baby sister getting a little wild tonight?” Caroline asked.

“Maybe,” I shrugged coyly.

Caroline poured herself and me another glass as Jill inquired, “So what is pegging?”

“Are you sure you are ready for this?” Caroline asked.

“You can’t start a story and not finish it,” I said.

“Fair enough,” Caroline said. “Pegging is when the girl, wearing a strap-on, fucks a man in the….”

“Ass?” Jill asked, her eyes going big.

“Do you peg Cameron?” I asked, the thought of her big burly husband taking a strap-on in the ass both disturbing and hot.

“I told him if he wanted my ass I got his,” Caroline smiled, revealing yet another naughty aspect of her life.

“You take it up the ass?” Jill asked, clearly overwhelmed by all these sexual revelations.

“Oh fuck yes; it is the ultimate act of submission. Giving in to the ultimate taboo and giving complete trust to your lover,” Caroline explained. “Plus, once you get used to having a cock in the ass it really feels fucking amazing.”

“I would never,” Jill said.

“Never say never,” Caroline smiled.

“Oh, I’m pretty confident,” Jill countered.

I recalled my ex-fiancé, Mike, taking my ass and although I didn’t enjoy it the first time, I soon began to crave it and would beg for Mike to fill my ass with his cum. Of course, this was not something I planned to ever share with my sisters…nor was it something a gentleman like Howard would ever think to do to his wife…unfortunately.

I tried it once years ago,” Jill admitted, “but it hurt too much.”

“Oh, it takes patience and lube and a lot of wine the first time,” Caroline smiled.

“When was the last time you took it up the butt?” Jill asked.

“Last weekend,” Caroline answered freely with no shame at all.

Jill sighed. “I haven’t been laid in six months and you get it in the butt.”

“Really? Six months? I would die,” Caroline said, as if she were told she had six months to live.

I joked, looking at Caroline, “Does anal sex count as sex?”

“Of course, so does oral,” Caroline replied.

“Well, in that case he has had sex with me, but not vice versa,” Jill said.

“You give him head, but he doesn’t reciprocate?” I asked.

“He will just walk over to me and shove his cock in my mouth,” Jill admitted, tears starting to roll.

“Oh, honey,” I said, moving to her, even as I tried to figure out how someone so strong as Jill could be used so easily.

Caroline said, “What happens once he shoots his load?”

“Caroline, enough!” I sternly said, giving Jill a big hug.

Jill, between tears, admitted, “Either he comes in my mouth or shoots his cum all over my face or tits. He loves coming on me.”

“Wow,” Caroline said. Even she was surprised.

“But he thinks eating pussy is gross and he doesn’t really like having sex,” Jill continued.

“He thinks it’s okay for you to give him head and not give it back?” I asked. “What an asshole.”

“That is a fucking understatement,” Caroline said, before adding, “plus, eating pussy is not gross but rather a sweet, sweet delicacy.”

“Oh for Christ’s sake, Caroline,” I said, frustrated that Caroline never knew when she went too far.

“I am just saying, it is just a pathetic excuse by a pathetic man,” Caroline said.

Just then, Emma arrived with our meals. Noticing it was an awkward situation, she handed us our meals and asked, looking at the almost empty bottle of wine, “More wine?”

“For sure,” I said, thinking getting Jill shit-faced was definitely in the cards.

Emma left and for a few minutes we ate and drank in silence. As I ate, I tried to figure out how Jill, the strongest of us, could be submissive to a dick like Adam. The thought of Adam walking over to her all pretentious and shoving his cock in her mouth was so shocking and yet, truth be told, the thought of Howard doing that to me was quite a turn on. Howard was a gentleman though, and never caught on to the obvious reality that I was submissive no matter how much I hinted.

My ex-fiancé, Mike, was a dominant man who knew exactly what I needed sexually. I remembered the time he walked into my apartment, walked up to me, put his hands on my shoulders and guided me onto my knees. I sucked him, as expected, swallowing his load before he fucked both my pussy and ass. And then I remembered other times when I had submitted to him like when he made me blow him during Christmas at my parent’s house, with both my sisters asleep in the same room; or when I had to suck his cock under the table at a restaurant, and again at a Broadway play; or the time I had to ride him in the back of a taxi.

I missed the clear-cut-man-in-charge relationship I used to have, although I didn’t miss the lack of emotion and conversation that had also been a part of it. Yet, I do often yearn to be face-fucked, forced to do something naughty in public, or to feel a cock in my ass again. Being a teacher, I always have to be in control, and thus having a man just take control in the bedroom is a major turn-on.

“A penny for your thoughts?” Caroline asked.

“What?” I replied, drawn back into reality.

“You seemed to be in la-la land,” Caroline said.

“Oh, I was just thinking of the past,” I answered honestly.

“Mike?” Caroline properly guessed.

“Maybe,” I shrugged.

“He had you as whipped as Adam apparently has Jill,” Caroline said.

Jill snapped, “I wasn’t whipped.”

“You were his personal live-in cum deposit,” Caroline said bluntly, again not one to beat around the bush.

“Says the girl who takes it up the ass,” Jill countered.

“Not because I am submissive, but because I enjoy it. Plus, remember I give and receive,” Caroline reminded us.

Drunk enough to say it, I said, “I can’t believe Cameron takes it up the ass.”

Jill said, “I can’t believe my boyfriend is a faggot either, but, hey, life is full of surprises.”

I had to laugh. “Who would have thought that my Howard is the manliest of the three of our men?”

Caroline laughed, “Do you actually believe that?”

“Well, Adam is a faggot, quoting Jill, and your man takes it in the ass,” I pointed out.

“Well, my man satisfies me sexually and knows exactly what I need,” Caroline countered. “Can you say Howard does that for you?”

I could feel the harsh truth of her words as Mike’s dominant persona and Howard’s oblivious always-a-gentleman persona were polar opposites. I loved Howard more than I had ever loved Mike, yet Howard didn’t come close to sexually satisfying me the way Mike had.

I feigned ignorance, “I have no idea what you are implying.”

“Mike, Mike and Mike,” Caroline smiled. “He was a dominant persona.”

“And?” I asked, continuing to play stupid.

“And although you love Howard, you miss the strong firm personality of Mike because you, my dear sister, are…” she paused.

“Annoyed?” I answered.

“Submissive, like Jill,” Caroline correctly assessed.

“Riiiiight,” I replied, denying her truth.

Jill sighed. “Enough of the psychoanalysis. I’m the doctor here.”

“And you solve everyone else’s problems, but not your own,” Caroline pointed out just as Emma returned to enquire about dessert.

“Can I get you ladies anything for dessert?” Emma asked.

Caroline looked at both Jill and I before asking, “That all depends, are you on the menu?”

Emma blushed bright red as she answered, “No, but the chocolate mousse is to die for.”

“Well I’d rather have something more natural,” Caroline said dripping with flirtation, “but I guess that will have to do.”

Emma left and Jill gasped, “I can’t believe you just hit on our waitress.”

“I can’t believe she rejected me,” Caroline said, not used to being rejected.

“I guess everything happens sooner or later,” I quipped.

“We will see if that is true later,” Caroline answered, with the same ominous tone as before.

Emma came back with our dessert and we again all ate in silence.

A couple of minutes later, Emma returned with the bill and Caroline giggled when she looked at it.

“What? Even more than you expected it to be?” I asked.

“Yes, Cameron is going to shit when he sees the bill, but look at this,” Caroline said.

Taking the bill, I saw a note from Emma.

Off at one

Emma (with a heart after the a)

Just below, she included her number.

“Wow,” I said, she hasn’t been rejected.

“I never get rejected,” Caroline said confidently.

“So it seems,” Jill laughed.

Half an hour later, we were at Caroline’s house and now on our fourth bottle of wine.

“So was Adam always only into oral?” Caroline asked.

“He has always enjoyed oral the most, but he at least would return the favour or fuck me to orgasm,” Jill admitted.

“On the bright side you must give amazing head for him to prefer your mouth to your cunt,” Caroline pointed out.

“I hate that word,” Jill grimaced.

“Head?” Caroline asked, playing innocent.

“The ‘c’ word,” Jill said.

“Cunt…really?” Caroline said, enjoying causing her oldest sister stress. She then added, “Although I love giving head, my gag reflex makes it difficult.”

“Super-slut has a sexual deficiency,” I quipped.

“I still give head, but I really have to focus and almost always gag when he shoots his load down my throat,” Caroline admitted, before adding, “but I am a trooper and always make sure to leave my man completely satisfied.”

“I love giving head,” I admitted, “especially the feeling of a cock growing in my mouth. Not a big fan of swallowing, but thankfully Howard is more of a cum in the cunt type of guy.”

“You too?” Jill said, again wincing at me saying cunt.

“Sorry,” I shrugged. “Must be the wine.”

“Oh, that reminds me,” Caroline said, standing up and going to her room.

Jill asked me, “What was that about?”

“Who knows? Maybe she needed to go and have a quick orgasm,” I joked.

“She probably would leave us to get herself off,” Jill laughed.

Caroline came back with a couple packages. She handed one to Jill. “Put these on.”

“Why?” Jill asked. “I told you I hate pantyhose.”

“First, they are thigh highs, and, second, they are Wolfords,” Caroline said.

Moving to me, Caroline put her hand on my pantyhose clad knee. “Oh yuck, where did you buy these? Walmart?”

“Yes,” I admitted, embarrassed by my lack of purchasing power for nice things.

“I brought you a pair too,” Caroline said, handing me a pair.

Curious what expensive nylons would feel like, I said, “Fine, I’ll put them on.”

Jill, who hadn’t yet put hers on, watched as I quickly yanked off my pantyhose and began putting on the expensive silk thigh high stockings. As soon as I slid one stocking up my leg, I let out an accidental moan. “Oh my, these are the softest nylon stockings I have ever felt. Jill you have got to try them on.”

Jill did and soon we both had thigh high stockings on.

“So?” Caroline asked, looking at Jill.

“They feel nice,” Jill said, moving her hand up and down her leg.

“Plus, the mocha color really hides how white you are…well, like all three of us are,” Caroline explained.

Jill agreed, “They really are nice.”

“They are another tool of seduction,” Caroline said before turning to me. “Now, Jasmine, I realize it is your turn,” Caroline said.

“For what?” I asked.

“So I admitted my cocksucking deficiency and Jill has admitted her submissive nature, what about you, baby sister,” Caroline said. “What is your sexual weakness?”

“Well you already know I was submissive to Mike and I miss it sometimes,” I admitted.

“We all knew that already,” Caroline smiled. “Something we don’t know.”

I sighed. “Well, I have never had an orgasm from intercourse, nor can I have multiple orgasms.”

“You have never come from getting fucked?” Caroline asked crudely.

“I only get off from oral sex, and only once each session,” I admitted.

“You poor girl,” Caroline said, “that needs to change.”

“Do you have a magic wand? I joked.

“Actually, I do,” Caroline laughed. After a pause where she seemed to be thinking about something, conniving perhaps, she changed topics completely, as she suggested, “Let’s play truth or dare.”

“Really? We are not teenagers anymore,” Jill said.

“But it’s nice to live it up once in a while,” Caroline countered.

“I’m in,” I shrugged, figuring what the hell, it’s just the three of us.

“Fine,” Jill reluctantly agreed, although it was obvious she wasn’t really excited about playing.

“Jasmine, truth or dare?” Caroline asked.

“Why me first?” I protested.

“Because you’re the youngest,” she rationalized.

“Fine, truth,” I chose.

“Spit or swallow?” Caroline asked.

“Swallow, of course,” I replied, smiling.

“Slut,” Caroline quipped playfully.

“Takes one to know one,” I shot right back. Turning to Jill, I asked, “Truth or dare?”

“I have shared too many truths with you two already today, so dare, definitely dare,” Jill answered.

I thought about this a while before a naughty, yet fun, dare popped into my head. “I dare you to give head to the empty wine bottle and take as much of it in your mouth as you can.”

“Really?” Jill asked, almost certainly surprised it was me who made such a dare.

“I’m curious just how good a cocksucker you are,” I explained.

“Oh, I am very, very good,” Jill smiled, reaching for the bottle.

Caroline and I watched, both stunned our conversation had gotten so intimate, as Jill took the empty wine bottle and began putting it in her mouth. Jill, her eyes closed, slowly moved the bottle in and out of her mouth, each forward movement taking more and more of the thin bottle neck in between her lips.

Neither Caroline nor I spoke as we watched a silly dare turn into a rather intimate act. Jill treated the wine bottle like it was a real cock. She bobbed back and forth on the long glass fake cock, she swirled her tongue around the top of the bottle before returning to taking a shocking amount of the bottle in her mouth.

I looked to Caroline, whose eyes were big, as she mouthed, ‘Holy shit!’

I nodded, as I returned my gaze to watching my oldest sister give fellatio to a wine bottle.

In reality, Jill only sucked the bottle for two or three minutes, but it seemed like so much longer. Taking the bottle out of her mouth, Jill turned to Caroline and asked, acting as if she didn’t just perform fellatio on a wine bottle, “Truth or dare?”

Caroline responded, “Wait, wait, wait! That was very impressive.”

“I told you, I do it a lot,” Jill shrugged.

“You took a silly task and made it super erotic,” Caroline said, clearly impressed.

“I try,” Jill shrugged.

“No wonder Adam wants blow jobs all the time,” I added.

Caroline laughed, “I would have gagged for sure.”

“Me too,” I concurred.

“Practice makes perfect,” Jill smiled. “Truth or dare, Caroline?”

“Truth,” Caroline answered.

Jill didn’t hesitate. “Have you been with any women we know?”

“Yes,” Caroline answered.

“And?” Jill asked.

“And what?” Caroline asked coyly.

“Whose pussies did you eat that we know?” Jill asked crudely, so very unlike her.

“A few,” Caroline answered back, still not answering the question.

“Tell us,” both Jill and I demanded in unison.

“I answered the question,” Caroline shrugged.

“But you can’t leave us hanging,” I protested, curious as hell.

Jill added, “You can’t just reveal such a juicy piece of news and not finish.”

After a pause, Caroline said, “Tell you what. You each do three straight truth or dares and I will share my dirty little lesbian secrets.”

“Come on,” I pleaded, wanting to know.

“Fine, I’m in,” Jill said.

“Me too,” I agreed with a dramatic sigh.

Looking at me smiling, Caroline asked, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” I answered again.

“Are you submissive to Howard?” Caroline asked.

“I try, but he is pretty oblivious,” I admitted.

“I knew you were with Mike, but wasn’t sure Howard had it in him,” Caroline smiled, looking at Jill. “Two subs and a domme.”

Jill protested, “I’m not submissive.”

Caroline laughed, “You are the prototype for submissive in denial.”

“You’re psychoanalyzing the psychologist?” Jill asked.

“Just like Jasmine, you are always firm and strong at work, thus you want others to make decisions for you at home. That is why you allow Adam to shove his cock in your mouth because although it pisses you off royally to be treated like that, it also turns you on.”

Jill didn’t say anything.

“Dare,” I said, trying to draw the attention away from Jill.

Caroline pondered a moment. “I dare you to kiss Jill for a minute.”

Jill surprisingly didn’t protest but instead bargained, “But that counts as one of my three as well.”

“Fair enough,” Caroline shrugged, surprised how quickly Jill agreed.

I looked at Jill, who broke the awkwardness by saying, “Come kiss me, Boo Boo.”

Boo Boo was my nickname when I was younger, one that was used to remind me I was the youngest and I laughed, “I haven’t heard that nickname in years.”

Jill closed her eyes and puckered up, purposely looking ludicrous. I was laughing when I reached her and still giggling when our lips met. Yet, the instant our lips touched my giggling stopped. I couldn’t believe how soft her lips were. I was expecting little pecks, but our lips never left each others as the original awkwardness shifted to intimacy. I forgot she was my sister and when her tongue explored my mouth, I assumed she forgot I was her baby sister, too.

I responded with my tongue exploring her mouth as our hunger, passion and urgency increased the longer we kissed. I could feel a wetness down below, something that never happened to me from just kissing. Maybe it was the taboo of kissing my sister, maybe it was the incredible softness of her lips or maybe it was all the wine and sex talk, but my body was on fire.

Caroline’s voice brought both of us back to reality. “I could watch you two all night but I have more dares and truths to use.”

Jill broke the kiss, looking at me with the same confused ‘Wow! That was amazing’ look that I had on my own face.

I smiled, trying to make light of our rather intimate moment, “I bet we got our lesbian sister jealous.”

“First off I am not a lesbian, but bi. Secondly, you two were making out like horny teenagers for over three minutes,” Caroline countered.

“We were not,” I protested, even though time had seemed to stand still during the brief kiss.

“My phone backs me,” Caroline said, showing us her phone and us kissing.

“You taped us!” I exclaimed, even though it was obvious she had.

“I wanted you two to have a real memory of your first girl-girl kiss,” Caroline said, before asking me, “Truth or dare?”

“Definitely truth, who knows what you will be daring me to do next,” I quipped.

“Are you the Literotica author Jasmine Walker?” Caroline asked, throwing a bombshell question to me.

I stammered, giving away my answer without actually answering it, “W-w-why would you think that?”

“Your lack of denial is answer enough,” Caroline smiled. “Although I got to say I am a little hurt you have never written a lesbian sister story considering all your lesbian and incest stories.”

“How did you know it was me?” I asked, denial being futile.

“Well, the story ‘A Night of Unconditional Surrender’ was the first story where I wondered, especially when you used both your real names. Plus, the picture you use is from your college days and I remember the dress even though I don’t recognize the couch and your face is covered. Then I searched your iPad and read your notes and my suspicions were confirmed,” Caroline explained.

“You write porn?” Jill asked.

Caroline added, bragging like a proud parent, “Actually, she is the most favorite author on the website.”

“I like to call it erotica,” I countered, thinking my writing was more than just porn, with character development and believable plots (well, for porn) and somehow feeling proud that Caroline knew how distinguished I was in the field of erotica.

“Wow, it’s always the ones you least expect,” Jill said, clearly shocked by the revelation.

I exclaimed, “Isn’t that serial killers? Anyways, Howard is gone a lot and I started writing fantasies and published one and got addicted to the comments and e-mails.”

“How many stories have you written?” Jill asked.

“I don’t know, over a hundred,” I said, although I thought it was over a hundred and twenty.

“And what do you write about?” Jill asked, very curious of my prolific secret writing career.

“Lesbian, incest, gay, orgies, she-males, younger-older, submission, blackmail, anal, humiliation, just to name a few,” I explained casually as if I were discussing the weather.

“Truth or dare, Jill?” Caroline asked, eager to continue her power trip of revelation.

“I’m still coming to grips with the fact that my middle sister is bisexual and my youngest writes erotica,” Jill said.

“Truth or dare, my sister-kissing sister,” Caroline smiled.

Jill’s face went red as she choose, “Truth.”

Caroline laughed, “Scared what I would make you do next?”

“Petrified,” Jill smiled, getting into this sick twisted game of truth or dare.

“Did your cunt get wet during your marathon make out session with your baby sister?” Caroline asked.

Hearing the question, I was instantly curious. Did the kiss impact her the same way it did me?

Jill, trying to be strong to not be bested by Caroline, answered, using the hated c-word I had never heard her use, “Yes, my cunt got very wet from Boo Boo’s kiss.”

“Dare or dare?” Caroline asked.

“Hmmm,” Jill pondered. “I guess dare.”

“Come kiss me,” Caroline dared.

Jill shrugged, acting confident (wine will do that), she asked, “That’s it? I was expecting something a little more extreme.”

“Oh, we are just getting started,” Caroline said, as she snapped her fingers for Jill to come.

“What am I, your puppy?” Jill asked, even though she began moving to Caroline.

“No, more like my little pet,” Caroline quipped back, reminiscent of lines from many of my stories.

Jill reached Caroline and leaned in to kiss her. I was instantly jealous, feeling left out which, of course, was absurd. Unlike my kiss with Jill, Caroline was clearly the aggressor. She moved her hands and cupped Jill’s breasts while assumedly French kissing. I wished I would have been aggressive enough to feel up Jill. Yet, unlike many of my protagonists in my stories, the real me is shy, reserved and conservative.

The kiss lasted a couple of minutes before Caroline broke it.

I instantly demanded, “Spill the beans, whose cunt have you munched on that we know?”

Caroline smiled, “You sure you want to know? Some are people you know very, very well.”

“Tell us!” Jill and I screamed in unison, just as Jill returned to her chair and downed the rest of her wine, her face beet red.

“Fine. The first was Mrs. Poole, then Mrs. Waters, then some girls in high school including Tara,” Caroline revealed.

“My best friend Tara?” I interrupted. I was curious how she ended up having sex with Mrs. Poole, our school principal in high school, and Mrs. Waters, our chubby sweet next door neighbour, but the thought she had sex with Tara, my best friend, was crazy.

“The one and only,” Caroline smiled.

“How?” I asked.

“I ordered her to come to my room after you were asleep during Christmas when I was home from college. She obeyed, and became a very good little cunt-licker,” Caroline explained.

“I don’t believe it,” I gasped. Tara was a mother of four now. The thought of her with Caroline was incomprehensible.

Caroline smiled, adding fuel to the fire. “We still get together every month or two.”

“You still see her?” I asked, even though the answer had already been given.

“She is still my submissive pet,” Caroline revealed. “She obeys without hesitation.”

“Wow!” Jill said. “I’m more stunned by Mrs. Waters.”

“Oh she is the most submissive woman I have ever met, besides maybe you two,” Caroline said. “There are more, by the way.”

Both of us should have been insulted by Caroline’s accusation but curiosity overwhelmed humility. “Just tell us,” we both demanded.

“Well there was my old roommate Becky, which probably isn’t much of a surprise, Professor Hamilton, who loves licking assholes, Jamie Wolfe a couple weeks ago, and the big reveal,” she paused, drumming on the table for dramatics.

Becky was a slut, I didn’t know Professor Hamilton, but Jamie, who was in my class back in high school, was our reverend’s daughter and was currently eight months pregnant. Yet, the pause implied we were in for an even bigger shock.

“Marilyn,” Caroline revealed.

“Aunt Marilyn?” Jill asked.

“Our mother’s sister?” I asked.

“The one and only,” Caroline smiled.

Marilyn was ten years younger than our mom, an ‘oops’ grandma said (although a pleasant oops), and like Caroline, was in the upper class social circle, as she was married to the CEO of some oil company. She was beautiful and a complete bitch.

“That is incest,” Jill said.

“So was you making out with me and Jasmine,” Caroline pointed out. “She is also my most obedient pet at the moment. If I call her now she will be here in thirty minutes, ready to please me.”

“No way,” I said.

“Want me to prove it?” Caroline asked.

It was obvious she was telling the truth and, horny as hell and curious to see that bitch put in her place, I said, “Yes, I do.”

Caroline reached for her phone and texted our aunt. As we waited for a response Jill asked, “How did you get that bitch, wait, no, why would you want that bitch Marilyn?”

“Partly because she was such a bitch to mom and us growing up and partly because I love seeing hot women submit to me,” Caroline shrugged.

“Well, this is the strangest Valentine’s Day ever,” I said.

Jill laughed, “Better than being home alone with Ben and Jerry’s and my Meg Ryan collection.”

Caroline’s phone buzzed and she read it to us. “Be there in an hour, Mistress. Have to get rid of small cock first.”

“Let me see that,” I demanded, giggling at what she had called her husband.

Caroline tossed me her phone and I read the exact same words. Curious, I scrolled up and saw other booty calls or even more intriguing lines like:

-Mistress are you available I am craving your cunt

-Mistress I am home with another cunt licker and she would love to serve you too

-Mistress it has been two weeks please let your worthless slave serve you

-Slut bathroom in five minutes

I asked Caroline, “Where were you when you demanded her to meet you in the bathroom in five minutes?”

“The city hall Christmas party,” Caroline answered. “I came on her face and made her walk around the rest of the night with cum on her face.”

“No way,” Jill gasped, completely drawn into Caroline’s story.

“Humiliating her is the most fun I have,” Caroline smiled. “Now back to Jasmine. Can you really not come any way but from oral?”

“Sad, but true,” I admitted.

Caroline stood up, grabbed my hand and said, “Come with me.”

I was so drunk and so horny, I followed as she led me to her bedroom.

Once in her bedroom, she said, “Just wait here.”

I watched, curious and confused, as Caroline brought out a big contraption from her massive walk-in closet.

She put the contraption, with an erect dildo on top, on the floor and then returned to the walk-in closet just as Jill walked in with the bottle of wine. “Of course you have a Sybian.”

“A what?” I asked, even though it was obviously an expensive sex toy, I had never known its name despite all my sex toy research.

Caroline came out with what looked like a long magic wand.

“Take your panties off, Jasmine,” Caroline ordered.

“Excuse me?” I replied, surprised by her demand.

Caroline sighed, “I am going to make the impossible possible. You are going to come from a cock inside you.”

“You’re my sister,” I pointed out.

“Exactly,” she said, “and sisters look after each other.”

To my surprise, Jill supported Caroline’s ludicrous plan. “Psychologically, you have convinced yourself you can’t come through sex and thus it has become true. Yet, unless you have tried every position and contraption the odds are you can.”

“Really?” I asked, Jill always the rational one among us.

“Yes, I suggest you give it a try. You are safe with us here,” Jill said.

“Plus, do you know how many times we heard you masturbate when you were young?” Caroline added.

“But you never saw me have sex,” I countered.

“Well, now we will,” Caroline shrugged, moving to me, dropping to her knees, moving her hand under my dress and tugging down my panties. I froze like a statue, stunned my sister was taking my panties off and yet my pussy undeniably tingled as my head imagined it was Amber on her knees in front of me.

Standing up, Caroline moved behind me and said, as she unzipped my dress, “Your dress is too tight for the Sybian.”

I again was speechless as I felt my dress open and then fall to the ground. I was now naked except for the thigh high stockings and bra. Having written a plethora of stories where this exact same thing happened, it was still surreal, shocking, exhilarating and new…reality so much rawer than the living through fiction.

“Straddle the cock, baby sister,” Caroline instructed.

My mind on auto pilot, I walked over to the strange contraption and straddled it. Refusing to look at Jill or Caroline, I slowly lowered my pussy onto the plastic cock. Once it was completely inside me, I felt vibrations start inside me and let out a surprised moan.

My eyes closed, all the sex talk getting me horny, as did all the wine, I just let my morals fade and allowed the pleasure to cascade through me.

“You can either sit on it and allow its vibrations to get you off or you can ride it like a sexy cowgirl,” Caroline explained.

Not wanting to have my sisters watch me ride a plastic cock, I just continued to allow the crazy vibrations to cascade through me. In only a couple of minutes I felt my orgasm rising and yet knew that was as far as it would go.

Jill, always in psychologist mode, even when drunk, said, “Just let go, Jasmine, don’t be thinking you can’t come.”

“I’m so close,” I whimpered.

Suddenly I felt an intense pleasure on my clit and opened my eyes to see Caroline on her knees again. This time her magic wand was sending ridiculously intense vibrations to my clit. I screamed, “Oh myyyyyyy fuuuuucking God.”

“Come, Jasmine,” Caroline instructed, tapping my clit with the wand.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped, my orgasm building quickly.

“Ride the cock,” Caroline ordered.

I obeyed, desperate to come, wanting to reach orgasm without a tongue. “Oh God, yes, so close, yes, yes, yesssssss!” I screamed, as the impossible became possible and my orgasm cascaded through me with an intensity I had never experienced in my life. I collapsed on the cock and allowed the vibrations inside and outside of my cunt to continue as wave after wave after wave of orgasmic euphoria washed through me.

Caroline purred, “I told you, baby sister, never say never.”

A moment later, Caroline moved the magic wand away and the pulsations of pleasure began to slow down.

I kept my eyes closed, feeling both euphoric and ashamed at having just come in front of my two sisters. After a couple of minutes of allowing my orgasm to slowly dissipate, I was startled to reality when I heard Caroline.

“Open up, cocksucker,” Caroline ordered.

I opened my eyes, thinking she was talking to me, just in time to see Caroline standing in front of Jill, wearing only thigh highs and a strap-on. Jill obeyed taking Caroline’s plastic big cock in her mouth.

I stared in voyeuristic stunned awe as Jill bobbed up and down on a large, black plastic cock.

Caroline ordered, “That’s it, get it ready for that long-ignored cunt of yours.”

That made Jill bob faster, easily taking the majority of the big cock in her mouth. She seemed even more submissive than me. Watching my sister suck cock turned me on and I began slowly riding the Sybian again.

A couple of minutes later, Caroline ordered, pulling the cock out of Jill’s mouth, “Get out of your dress.”

Jill looked up at her tattooed sister and said, “We probably shouldn’t do this.”

“Jasmine couldn’t come from cock and I fixed that problem and you haven’t been fucked in months and I am going to fix that too,” Caroline said. “Now get undressed.”

Jill hesitated only briefly. The wine, the crazy truths revealed and hunger to get fucked, overriding the reality she was about to commit incest, she stood up and with help from Caroline got out of her dress.

Caroline unclasped Jill’s bra too, revealing the massive and yet shockingly firm breasts we both wished we had.

Jill, surprising both of us, begged, “Please Caroline, suck my tits, Adam always ignored them too!”

Caroline moved around to Jill and cupped Jill’s breasts in her hands before leaning forward and sucking her sister’s left nipple in her mouth. “Ohhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm,” Jill moaned.

“Such beautiful breasts,” Caroline complimented as she continued to splatter them with attention.

Undeniably, my mouth watered. I too wanted to give Jill’s breasts attention. Even though the pleasure of the Sybian was amazing and I was beginning to wonder if I could have two impossibilities occur, I got off, joined my sisters and took Jill’s right nipple in my mouth as I cupped her breast. It was so heavy; I wondered how she could possibly carry such weight all day.

“Oh yes, Boo Boo, suck my nipple, bite itttttttttt,” Jill moaned and instructed.

My own breasts and nipples lacked any sort of erogenous zone or sensitivity, so I was fascinated by the impact our mouths had on Jill’s breasts. I licked, I nibbled, I bit and I sucked. I made love to Jill’s breasts.

“Time to fuck you, Jill. Get on all fours, my pet,” Caroline instructed.

Hearing the words ‘my pet’, I was instantly jealous having wanted those words said to me for so long.

Jill instantly obeyed, a submissive through and through, getting on all fours without protest.

Caroline turned to me, her plastic cock hitting my leg, and ordered, “Get back on the Sybian, my baby pet. You don’t get off until you have come two more times. Is that understood?”

“Um, y-y-yes,” I answered.

“I’ve read all your stories, Jasmine. How would your Domme character expect her pet to respond to such instructions?” Caroline inquired, reaching behind me and unclasping my bra.

I knew this was going to change everything if I answered as she expected, although with Jill on all fours ready to get fucked by Caroline and I ready to obey any order given by my strong-willed sister, I knew the change had already occurred. “Yes, Mistress,” I answered.

“Good, baby pet,” she smiled, leaning forward and taking my right nipple in her mouth. I didn’t tell her my breasts were sexual dead zones as I fake moaned. After a rough tug on my nipple, she moved away and ordered, “Now go come again and again, baby pet.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, loving being ordered around and loving how naturally the word ‘Mistress’, even to my sister, rolled off my tongue.

I returned to the massive fuck-toy, straddled it and began riding it hungrily as I watched Caroline move behind Jill.

Caroline, not surprisingly, making sure we both submitted to her as the Mistress in this crazy, kinky, incestual, lust-filled night, asked Jill, “Do you want me to fuck you, Jill?”

Jill was distracted by the cock rubbing up and down her pussy lips as she stammered, “Y-y-yes.”

“Yes what, Jill?” Caroline asked.

“Yes, I want you to fuck your big sister,” Jill answered, clearly frustrated the cock wasn’t in her yet.

“You understand, big sister, that once I fill your hairy cunt with my cock you are my pet,” Caroline explained.

“Meaning whaaaat?” Jill asked, the pussy teasing driving her crazy.

“You obey me, always,” Caroline explained. “Jasmine has already agreed, haven’t you, baby pet?”

All the years writing such scenes, I knew exactly what to say and answered like I had fantasized so many times, albeit never thinking the first time I said it would be to my sister. “Yes, Mistress Caroline, I am your submissive cunt-licker ready to serve you. My mouth, pussy and ass are yours to use as you wish and your baby slut sister submissive is yours to play with as you please.”

Caroline smiled, clearly impressed by my declaration, “I will take you up on the offer very soon, baby pet.”

Jill, her mouth dropped open in shock at my words, finally spoke. “I’m yours too, Mistress Caroline. Teach me to be a good pet.”

“You will obey my every order?” Caroline asked.

“Y-y-yes,” Jill stammered, clearly overwhelmed with the sudden shift of power as well as her desperate need to come.

“Yes, what?” Caroline sighed, pulling her cock away.

“Yes, Mistress, I’ll obey every fucking order,” Jill urgently answered, before begging, “Now please, fuck your pet’s wet cunt.”

The crazy declaration by Jill, mixed with my own recent declaration of submission, caused electric currents of pleasure throughout my body and my second orgasm exploded through me without warning. “Fuuuuuuuck, I’m coming again!” I screamed.

Jill screamed too, as Caroline slammed deep into her cunt. “Yeeeeeeeeees!”

The sounds of sex echoed through the room as I trembled with orgasmic bliss and Jill began breathing heavily as Caroline slammed into her, the sounds of their bodies colliding yet another turn on.

Caroline suddenly, a couple of minutes later with Jill’s orgasm obviously building, pulled out.

“Noooooooo, please put it back in!” Jill pleaded, her eyes big and wild with desperation.

“Beg for your sister to get you off,” Caroline demanded.

Jill didn’t hesitate, her need to come all that mattered, “Oh God, Mistress Sister, please fuck my cunt and let me have my much needed orgasm.”

“And you will let me fuck your ass?” Caroline asked.

“Yes, dammit,” Jill agreed, bursting with frustration. “Now fuck your pet’s burning cunt.”

“Pet Jill, Pet Jasmine, both of you on the bed now,” Caroline demanded.

“I’m so close, please just fuck me like a slut,” Jill begged.

“Bed, now,” Caroline ordered, as she went to her magical closet.

Jill reluctantly obeyed, as did I, although my obedience was out of curiosity.

Caroline returned with a long double-ended dildo, just as I reached the bed, and I instantly knew I was about to do something I had only written about or watched in porn.

Jill got on the bed after me just as Caroline instructed, “Move your cunts close together, my pet siblings.”

“Yes, Mistress,” both Jill and I said, both hungry for pleasure that had been abruptly stopped.

Caroline joined us on the bed and said, “Jill, you have the hairiest cunt I have ever seen. Maybe that is why Adam wouldn’t go down on you. We will fix that later, too. Jasmine, yours is cleanly trimmed cunt, very impressive. Although a Brazilian is definitely the way to go if you want your cunts eaten by the ladies.”

Neither Jill nor I spoke as we watched Caroline rub one end of the dildo up and down Jill’s pussy lips.

Jill moaned as Caroline slid the head inside her wet cunt. Caroline then turned to me and without any teasing slid the other end inside my very wet cunt. About a foot of the dildo was still in view between Jill and I.

Caroline instructed, “I want my pets to fuck themselves to orgasm. But first I want you kissing cunts.”

“What does that mean?” Jill asked, confused.

I answered, “We’ve got to get all of the rubber snake in our cunts until our pussies are touching each other.”

“Oh,” Jill said, as I began, moving my legs slowly, awkwardly, towards her and allowing the rubber toy to slide deeper inside me. “Oooooh,” Jill repeated, seemingly understanding what I was really explaining as she too began moving her body towards me.

Caroline disappeared briefly, but returned with both a video camera and the magical wand.

Jill, seeing the video camera, pleaded, even though she didn’t stop moving towards me, “Caroline, please don’t film this.”

Caroline said tersely, “When we are being intimate like this you will speak to me properly or be punished. And trust me, after reading Boo Boo’s stories I have a lot of ways to punish disobedient pets. Don’t I, Jasmine?”

“I guess soooo,” I answered with a whimper, as the toy shifted deeper in me and at a strange angle.

“Share with big sister some of the punishments you have written about,” Caroline demanded.

Over a hundred stories, and yet with a dildo in my cunt and my eyes eye level with Jill’s voluptuous tits I couldn’t think of any.

“Stop moving my pets,” Caroline ordered.

Jill whimpered, “Please Mistress, I can’t handle much more teasing.”

“You can come once our little sister answers a simple question,” Caroline replied turning to me. “Answer me, my little slut, or I will punish you with making you serve Aunt Marilyn using punishments from ‘Spanked to Submission’,” Caroline threatened.

Finally, a plethora of naughty humiliations popped into my head. “Walking in public with cum dripping down my face; wearing a butt plug in my ass and having to ask a female teaching colleague or worse an eighteen year old student to remove it; made to orgasm in church during a service; going to a gloryhole and sucking cock after cock after cock; shoving my cunt full with carrots and then leaving them on the table in the staff room for all my fellow colleagues, getting fisted by a stranger at a lesbian club; being tattooed with ‘Caroline’s pet’ above my cunt; or.” I smiled naughtily, “getting double penetrated by my two sexy sisters.”

“Is that last one a punishment or a fantasy?” Caroline asked.

“Depends how much wine I have had,” I playfully answered.

“Get each other off, you dirty incest pets,” Caroline ordered.

Both Jill and I were burning with lust, each of us a vessel for each other’s pleasure, we both bucked our asses forward and soon the plastic snake had disappeared and our pussies were kissing.

“Holy fuuuuuck, Jasmine!” Jill screamed.

“Yeeees!” I screamed too, as I began grinding my cunt onto hers. Caroline taped her two sisters fucking each other with a big smile on her face.

After a minute or two, as both Jill and I aggressively fucked each other, our breathing getting heavier, our orgasms desperate to explode, Caroline, one hand on the camera, the other holding the magic wand, leaned forward and put the buzzing wand on our grinding cunts.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuck,” Jill screamed the moment the powerful vibrating wand touched her clit.

“Come now, my big sister pet and my baby sister slut,” Caroline ordered, as she tapped the wand on Jill’s clit and then mine.

Being called a ‘slut’ turned me on like crazy as I flashed back to Mike pounding me and calling me a variety of dirty names, each memory was turning me on.

“Call me names, Mistress,” I begged, so close, hoping some nasty name calling could be the trigger to reaching my third orgasm in a row.

Caroline obliged, “Jasmine, you are a repressed slut, craving to be used as the dirty whore you want to be. You will be my pet, my slut, my cunt-munching, ass licking slave.”

“Yeeeeeeeees!” I screamed, each name causing twitches throughout my body until I came.

Jill begged, “Me too, Mistress.”

“Oh Jill, I plan to use your mouth, cunt and ass whenever I want. Take you to a gloryhole and have you suck a dozen stranger’s cocks. Have you eat my cunt during break at the hospital and release you from the invisible sexual chains you have been held by all these years. You are my personal fuck-slave, is that understood, slut Jill?”

“Yeeeeees, fuck, make me your sluuuuuuut!” Jill screamed, as her whole body quaked and the dildo slid out of her as cum sprayed out of her cunt, squirting everywhere.

Without thinking, I spun around, the dildo still in me, and buried my face in my oldest sister’s cunt. I had wanted to taste pussy for so long, wanted to be a protagonist in one of my stories, and, suddenly now that I’m in one, I was going to submit unconditionally to pleasure and not the consequences that were bound to arise the next day when sober.

Jill’s squirting coated my face as I hungrily licked and licked, the taste everything I had fantasized. Jill moaned, “Oh yes, Jasmine, lick my cunt, don’t you dare fucking stop.”

I wished I could stay buried between Jill’s legs forever, as her hairy cunt created an aroma that was so intoxicating I was enveloped in perfection. Combined with the deliciousness of her cum that was utterly irresistible, I knew I was not only Caroline’s submissive, but would be Jill’s too if the opportunity arose.

Caroline commented, “Shit, Jasmine, you are like a fat kid at a candy store after years on a diet.”

I looked up and said, so drawn into the submission, “Oh, Mistress, thank you for helping me become what I have fantasized being for so long.”

Jill grabbed my head, and pulled me deep into her cunt, as she ordered, “Keep licking, my cunt-munching baby sister. Once I come, I can come again and again.”

My face buried in Jill’s pussy, I licked hungrily, my nose also buried in her wet, scented pubic hair.

I don’t know how long I was pleasuring Jill’s pussy when I heard the unmistakable, grating voice of Aunt Marilyn. “Oh my fucking God!”

I went to move my head, but Jill grabbed me and held me in my submissive position. “Don’t stop fucking licking. I’m so close again,” Jill demanded, holding my head firmly. I continued licking and tried to hear the conversation between Caroline and Aunt Marilyn.

“Slut, get undressed now,” Caroline ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Aunt Marilyn replied, before asking, “How did this possibly transpire?”

“The same as you, whore,” Caroline said. “They are submissive and looking for a Mistress.”

“Fucking hot,” Aunt Marilyn said, before adding, “the only female left now is your mother.”

My eyes went wide at such a thought, but I was quickly distracted when my face was coated with Jill’s pussy juice when she came all over my face once again. “Keep licking, slut. Swallow big sister’s cuuuuuuunt juice.”

I had no choice since she was holding my head deep in her flooding cunt, but I would have obeyed anyway as licking cunt was as exhilarating as I imagined when I wrote about it.

I felt hands on my ass, my cheeks pulled apart and then a tongue licking my butt hole. I had written about such naughty acts, but had never really wanted it done to me. Yet, the wetness as she swirled her tongue and slowly penetrated my ass with her tongue was so dirty, I felt my cunt, the dildo still part way inside me, starting to burn again.

Jill finally let go of my head a couple of minutes later, and I turned around and saw Aunt Marilyn’s flaming red hair behind me.

Caroline said, “I told you she would be here. She will obey any order.”

Jill ordered, “Tell us what you are, slut Marilyn.”

Aunt Marilyn quit licking my ass and replied obediently, which was so hot because she had always been such a bitch to us, “I’m Caroline’s unconditional slave.”

“And now you are also Jill and Jasmine’s unconditional slave too. You will be on call for both my siblings as well. Is that understood?”

Although it was obvious she was not impressed by this, she obediently agreed, “Of course, Mistress Caroline. May I continue licking Mistress Jasmine’s beautiful asshole?”

“You may,” Caroline said, still filming all the incestuous debauchery. “Jill, come and lick my cunt.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jill answered. I watched as Jill got off the bed, moved the few feet to Caroline, dropped to her knees and, without hesitation, lean forward and began licking Caroline’s cunt.

I wondered if Caroline would taste similar to Jill; I also wondered what would be the difference of a shaved pussy compared to a hairy pussy. I desperately wanted to taste Caroline. My knees sore, I rolled onto my back, looked at Aunt Marilyn and ordered my new pet, “Keep licking my ass, Aunt Slut.”

“Yes, Mistress Jasmine,” Aunt Slut responded, lying on her belly and continuing to lick my asshole. I wanted to humiliate her and pondered how as her tongue bathed my rosebud.

Meanwhile, I glanced over to Caroline and Jill, wishing I could see better as all I could see was Jill’s back.

Caroline asked, “Do you want to fuck Slut Marilyn’s ass?”

“God, yes,” I said, the idea of fucking someone’s ass a major turn-on.

“Go choose a strap-on from the closet. This slut can take any size in her fat ass,” Caroline instructed.

“Get on all fours, bitch,” I ordered, getting off the bed and going to the closet.

I couldn’t believe how many toys were in her closet. She had at least a dozen strap-ons. I grabbed the biggest one there, ten inches in length and fucking wide. I strapped it on me and felt my cunt get damp, another fantasy coming true. I returned to the room and Marilyn’s eyes went big when she saw the size of the cock I was wearing.

Caroline laughed, “Go big or go home, is it?”

I shrugged, “This bitch has been a pain in my ass for years and now I plan to return the favour.”

Caroline laughed again, “Oh, you and your puns.”

I reached the bed, moved in front of my new pet and shoved the cock in her mouth. I roughly face fucked her, making her gag as I got eight inches in her mouth. Listening to her slobbering sounds was yet another turn-on.

Caroline ordered to Jill like she was a puppy dog in training (which maybe she was), “Stay,” and went to her closet of pleasure. She returned with a strange contraption. She walked to Jill and put the contraption with a cock on Jill’s head. I gasped as I realized she had made Jill’s face a cock. Caroline then ordered, “Sit on your knees.”

Jill obeyed, and Caroline straddled Jill’s face and lowered her cunt slowly. It was the hottest and strangest moment of the night so far.

I slapped Marilyn’s head and said, “Keep sucking, bitch,” as I realized I had stopped face-fucking her to watch my two sisters in a kinky sex act.

Suddenly, I really wanted to fuck Marilyn’s ass. I pulled out of her mouth and went to the closet of naughty toys to grab some lube. As I grabbed a bottle, I saw handcuffs and smiled deviously. Grabbing them, I returned to the room of sin to see that Jill was now on her back and Caroline was riding our sister’s face. Things just kept getting hotter.

Reaching the bed, I ordered, “Slut, put your hands on the bed rail.”

Aunt Marilyn saw the handcuffs and obeyed, saying, “I didn’t know you were such a devious woman.”

“I always assumed you were a slutty whore,” I countered, as I handcuffed her to the bed.

Caroline moaned, “Does my slut want her Mistress’s cum?”

Jill mumbled, partially muffled by the toy cock strapped around her mouth, “Yes.”

Caroline got off the cock, quickly took the toy off Jill’s head, and lowered her wet cunt onto Jill’s face. “Lick me, my pet.”

Jill assumedly obeyed, as Caroline’s moans began to increase. I moved behind Marilyn and ordered, as I poured lube between her ass cheeks, “Beg me to fuck your fat ass, bitch.”

Aunt Marilyn responded, as I rubbed the big cock up and down between her ass cheeks, “Oh, Mistress Jasmine, fuck my fat ass with that big cock. Punish me for all the times I treated you pooooorly.”

I pushed forward, the wide black cock slowly penetrating her ass. I kept pushing forward, even as her whimpers echoed through the room, the wide cock obviously causing an extreme burn. “Shiiiiit,” she whimpered, which made me smile.

I kept pushing forward, wanting to see all ten inches buried in her. I wanted to pound her hard, to have her screaming in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Caroline moaned loudly, “That’s it Jill, suck my clit.”

I turned to watch Caroline with her eyes closed, cupping her tiny breasts, as she was near the brink of orgasm.

I continued pushing forward until eight inches had disappeared between Marilyn’s, tanned, fat ass, all the while she kept whimpering. I then began moving in and out, loving the feeling of fucking someone. Although I loved a cock in my mouth, pussy or ass and loved being fucked hard and deep, it was an exhilarating experience to be the one doing the fucking. I held onto her hips, and as her whimpers shifted to moans I began to move faster in her ass, still determined to fill it completely.

“Yeeeeeees,” Caroline screamed, as she was clearly coming on Jill’s face.

I watched her facial expressions shift throughout her orgasm as I continued pumping the plastic cock deep into Marilyn’s ass.

Marilyn, now enjoying the cock in her ass, begged, “Fuck my ass harder.”

I obliged, slamming forward, allowing the whole black cock to disappear in her ass.

“Yeeeeeees!” she screamed, as I went deeper than it seemed possible inside her ass.

My body continued to slam into her for a couple more minutes, her moans increasing, when Caroline stood up and ordered, “Come here, Jasmine. But keep that cock buried deep in the slut’s ass.”

I undid the strap from my body and with the cock already deep in her ass, I slapped the end of the toy pushing it even further up her ass.

“Oh, fucker!” Marilyn screamed, as it burned her ass.

“Stay,” I quipped, laughing at the order since I had her handcuffed to the bed.

Caroline grabbed my hand and led me to the closet, grabbed another strap-on and put it on my waist, all the while kissing my neck and back. “You are still one sexy woman, Jasmine.”

My face flushed at the rare compliment in a night of naughty submission. “As are you!” I said, turning around and kissing her.

She returned the kiss and for a couple of minutes we kissed passionately. Breaking away at last, she said, “I want this to be more than just tonight, Jasmine. I want you to be my obedient pet.”

I looked into her eyes and answered, “I meant every word I said earlier. I am yours, and Jill’s too.”

“You really are the submissive character in all your stories aren’t you?” she asked, her hand moving to my still wet cunt.

“My stories have been my outlet to avoid succumbing to my submissive nature, and the subservient lifestyle I have always craved,” I admitted.

“Well, now you have a great story to write,” Caroline said, sliding her finger in my cunt.

“Ohh, you want me to write it?” I asked,

“For sure,” Caroline said. “Your fans need to know that you are an incest-whore, just like the women you write about.”

“And your pet,” I added.

“Exactly,” she said, grabbing a thinner strap-on and putting it on herself. “Now let’s go double penetrate your big sister.”

“Fuck, yes,” I agreed, the thought making my pussy juice leak down my leg. “Can I get dp’d too?”

“All in good time, my slutty baby sister,” Caroline laughed, grabbing my hand and leading me back to the bedroom. Jill was in the washroom so we both waited for her return.

I walked over to Marilyn and slapped the toy in her ass three times and chuckled as she screamed with each spank.

“You are as devious as some of your dominant characters,” Caroline said, impressed, just as Jill came out of the washroom and saw her two younger siblings with strap-ons.

She asked, her eyes big, “Are those for me?”

“It is your Valentine’s Day present from us,” Caroline said.

“Yes, your first double penetration,” I added.

“Oh my,” Jill said.

Caroline smiled and said, “Remember, I told you to never say never. Now, Jasmine, lay on the bed on your back beside our bound bitch.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I agreed, loving the way the word ‘Mistress’ rolled off my tongue so naturally.

Once I was on the bed, I glanced over to Marilyn, but didn’t say anything before turning my gaze back to my sisters.

“Straddle Boo Boo’s big cock, Jill,” Caroline ordered.

“Yes, Mistress Caroline,” Jill replied, eager, I imagine, to get fucked again after her lengthy lesbian session of pleasing Caroline.

Jill joined me on the bed, straddled my cock, lowered herself onto it and leaned forward until our lips met. She slipped her tongue in my mouth again and we made out passionately while we felt the bed move, assumedly Caroline joining us.

As I continued kissing Jill, I thought about the reality that I was about to have my first threesome. I would have never in a million years thought that it would be an incestuous threesome. Yet here I was with my strap-on in Jill’s cunt, my tongue in her mouth as we awaited Caroline’s sodomizing of Jill.

Caroline asked, “Are you ready to get your ass filled, Jill?”

Jill broke the kiss and answered, “A little scared, but that is no longer my decision to make.”

“Whose is it?” Caroline asked, even though she obviously knew the answer.

“Mistress Caroline’s,” Jill answered, before adding, “and all three of my holes and my big titties are yours to play with as you wish.”

‘Good answer, slut,” Caroline said, spanking Jill’s ass.

Jill returned to kissing me as I assumed Caroline generously coated Jill’s rosebud with anal lube. “Now relax, Jill, this will be uncomfortable for a bit.”

“Okay,” Jill said nervously, looking into my eyes.

Trying to comfort my nervous sister, I said, “Trust me, you are going to love it once you get accustomed to the feeling.”

“I hope so,” she said.

“Now get those lips back onto mine,” I said.

We continued to kiss while Caroline began to penetrate Jill’s ass. I would have loved to have watched it, but the whimpers that resonated in my mouth as we continued kissing told me the sodomy had begun.

My tongue distracted Jill as best it could while Caroline continued the slow exploration of Jill’s virgin ass.

Eventually, Caroline announced, “All in, Jill.”

Jill broke the kiss and asked, “Are you going to fuck my ass or just kneel there making obvious announcements?”

“Such a bad little ass-slut,” Caroline playfully said, as she began to fuck Jill’s ass. I watched Jill’s facial expressions as she got used to a cock in her ass.

Jill moaned, “The two cocks are filling me so completely.”

“Oh, we are just getting started,” Caroline promised, as she began to shift from slow strokes, to long hard strokes, forcing Jill’s body to move forward with each thrust, her massive tits slamming into my chin as Jill shifted positions.

“Oh shit, Caroline, pound my ass,” Jill begged, the sensation of a cock in her ass finally bringing the pleasure I long recalled feeling.

“Are you an ass-whore now?” Caroline asked, continuing to fuck her sister hard.

“Oooooh yes, a dirty fucking ass-whore, just like Aunt Slut here,” Jill replied, moving her hand and viciously slapping the cock in Marilyn’s ass.

I had forgotten she was beside us. I was so transfixed with Jill’s lips and now her tits as Marilyn screamed, “Bloody fucking hell.”

“Meet my strokes, Jasmine,” Caroline said. “Let’s really double fuck our sister.”

I obliged, bucking my ass up, which caused Jill to scream, “Oh my Lord, don’t stop, fuck.”

Although difficult, I kept bucking my ass up, meeting Caroline’s forceful thrusts which caused Jill to make a variety of unique noises and curse like I had never heard her before, while all her sentences became incoherent babble.

“Oh pound my…shit…ass…harder…double team me…oh God…whore…I’m a whore…an incest slut…shit…cunt on fire…close…oh yeah…come…please…oh, oh, oh,” Jill babbled.

Jill was so close and I reached for her tits and tugged on them hard while bucking up furiously, wanting to hear her explode.

“My tits, my melons, oh yes, pull them, suck them, fuckity, fuck, fuck,” Jill continued to babble.

I leaned forward took her right nipple in my mouth and tugged on it with my teeth just as she screamed, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck holy shiiiiiiit!”

She collapsed on me, her tits suffocating me as I felt her body tremble.

Caroline kept thrusting into her ass as I just allowed the cock in her cunt to sit lodged in her.

“Keep coming, ass-slut,” Caroline demanded.

Jill babbled, “Still…fuuuuck…coming.”

I licked and bit her tits thinking what a way to die. Being suffocated by the biggest tits I had ever felt. Finally, Caroline pulled out, Jill weakly rolled off, crashing into our bound bitch and I watched as Caroline shoved the cock, just in Jill’s ass, into Aunt Marilyn’s mouth, roughly face fucking her.

My appetite still not quenched, I rolled on top of Jill, straddling her, and lowering my cunt on her face. Leaning forward I buried my face in her well fucked cunt as I started a sister 69.

The two of us licked each other lavishly, taking our time, as we listened to the gagging sounds of Marilyn.

After a couple minutes of licking each other, my leg cramped and I had to stand up. I apologized to Jill, “Sorry, sorry, sorry, leg cramp.”

Jill laughed, “I forgive you this one time.”

Caroline pulled her cock out of Marilyn’s mouth and said, “My pets, should we go and get some real food?”

“God yes, getting fucked and eating cunt was quite the work out,” I said, dramatically.

“Ditto,” Jill laughed.

Caroline said, “Marilyn we will be back later…probably.”

“Don’t leave me here like this,” Marilyn begged.

“You’re right,” Caroline said, going to her magical closet again. Returning, she walked over to the still bound bitch, turned on a small ball and slid it in Marilyn’s pussy. “Don’t you dare come until we get back.”

“Yeeees, Mistress,” Marilyn moaned, both her holes now filled.

Leaving her alone, we went downstairs, and devoured the appetizers Caroline had brought out before this crazy night became epic.

Finally, Jill said, “So now what?”

“Do you mean now or tomorrow?” Caroline asked.

“Both, I suppose,” Jill said.

“Well, I am getting pretty tired; I don’t think I will even call Emma tonight. But we need to have one finale hurrah. As for the future, this is definitely the beginning,” Caroline smiled.

“I am not sure what this will feel like once I sober up completely and realize what we did,” Jill said.

I poured each of us a glass of wine and said, “Well, then let’s not sober up. Plus, Caroline promised me a double penetration.”

“And I do always keep my promises,” Caroline smiled, standing up.

“Jill downed half the wine, as she asked, “Can I fuck Boo Boo’s ass?”

Caroline laughed, “I think I created a monster.”

“Two monsters, Mistress,” I purred as Caroline went upstairs to grab a few toys as we prepared for one more round downstairs in the living room.

Truth be told, it ended up being two more rounds. A lengthy double penetration for me, where I came like crazy and we finished up with a three sister daisy chain where we licked, sucked and fingered each other’s pussies until we all reached orgasm simultaneously all of us falling asleep out of exhaustion on the living room floor…completely forgetting about Marilyn until the next morning.

Like I said at the beginning of the story…most great things in life happen when you least expect it and this, the most completely sexual experience of my life, the first of many with my beautiful sisters, was completely unexpected.

Not surprisingly, Valentine’s Day became an incest tradition without men, although we did add another member the following year…mom.



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