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Old College Friends

After a divorce, she needs consoling.
Old College Friends

Mmm, I was so horny. I was in my pool, naked, sitting in the shallow end the night before my flight, fingering myself. With my free hand, I grabbed a breast, easily bringing it to my own mouth to suck. It’d been months since I got any action.

I was fine with that. I didn’t feel like dating. I didn’t care to meet up for drinks, to wait by the phone, to come up with crap to talk about; everything that went along with dating. I was fine being alone, having sex to, well, myself. I had my toys, my fingers, everything I needed to orgasm. I also enjoyed spending time with my son.

There was desire to have a person in me, yes. I got so horny sometimes, the lust and desire to touch another human, I had to masturbate in the bathroom at work. However, I stayed strong. I would have no drama in my life.

After I climaxed, I climbed out of the pool, the cool night air sending tingles over my body. I grabbed my towel, went inside and called Kristen. I couldn’t wait to see her to tomorrow. I was flying to Atlanta to visit her for my vacation. My son would stay with his Aunt, and it’d be a trip I’d make alone.

Unfortunately, the circumstances weren’t happy. Her soon-to-be ex-husband, Trent, betrayed her. He cheated on her with another woman. I was shocked and saddened by this. My friend, Kristen, someone I met back in my sophomore year of college, 14 years ago, was so hurt she moved away from LA, away from everyone. She said she needed time to adjust and try to move on. I thought she might’ve been embarrassed by the whole ordeal. The only thing I could do to comfort her was hold her.

When I arrive in Atlanta for my visit, I’ll do just that – hold her, let her cry, for as long as needed.

I gave her a call, unwrapping the towel from my body, sitting on the bed.


I wiped a few tears, unable to sleep, as usual. Wendy called me. I knew she’d know I was wide awake. I sniffed, collected myself and answered.

“Hey,” I said, trying to sound like I was asleep.

“Hi there. Tomorrow at this time, I’ll be there with you. We’ll be drinking, talking, laughing,” Wendy told me.

“Yes, I can’t wait.”

“You sound so excited,” Wendy joked.

“I’m sorry, Wendy. I just –“ I had no words, other than I was miserable.

“It’s fine, it really is. You don’t have to wear a happy face for me. I’m here for you, and tomorrow, I’ll be there for you.”

“I know and I am looking forward to it. I could use your hugs,” I told her. It was true. Being held by my old friend, takes me back to my freshman year of college. I was so scared, but she was the RA of our dorm, and helped me get through it. We became best friends – sort of like sisters.

She was my maid of honor. Ugh, why’d I have to think of my wedding? I have no idea how I’ll ever get through this, how I’ll ever stop thinking of Trent and how he hurt me.

We finalized our plans, when I’d pick her up from the airport and so on. I ended the call and walked around my new apartment. There were still boxes strewn about. I haven’t had the energy to unpack or do anything really.

One box in the corner had a lot of memorabilia from the wedding, from the marriage; gifts, photos, stuff like that. I stared at it, contemplating throwing it all away, chucking it in the dumpster. Then I thought about dating.

I can’t do it. I can’t go out and try to meet men. The one man who I thought was perfect, broke my heart, ruined our marriage. I have to be alone for a while.

I sat on the edge of my bed and cried again. All the plans I had, children, a nice house together, were ruined. I thought about Wendy. She’s been my best friend since college. I couldn’t wait to see her. I imagined myself becoming like jelly in her arms at the airport. I needed her hugs so bad.


“Kristen!” I exclaimed, running to my friend, throwing my arms her. She was already tearing up. We stood there in the airport, holding each other. She was crying. I was expecting that. I just held her.

She gained her composure, I grabbed her hand, and off to baggage claim we went. Kristen reminded of that scared, nervous freshman, whose parents pushed her out of the nest. I was there for her then, and now in her greatest heartbreak, I’m here for her again.

“You look gorgeous,” I told her.

“Please don’t,” she wiped her eyes.

“You do. Crying face and all,” I smiled at her. I put my arm around her, her head resting against my shoulder. “We’re going to have a great week. I’ll be like your medicine!”

“Ha, sure,” she laughed weakly.

I wished she hadn’t moved away. I wished hadn’t run from everything. But, I suppose I can empathize.

Grabbing my luggage with one hand, her hand with my other, off we went. I followed her to her car and got in.

We arrived at her apartment a little later. I set my bag in her room, used the bathroom, and headed out to the living room. There Kristen was, crying on the couch. I immediately went to her side.


I knew when Wendy got here, everything would come out. I guess having her around enabled me to really let loose and cry. I almost regret leaving LA, but I had to get away from him, from everything that reminded me of him.

Wendy was so warm. I guess those big boobs of hers act as pillows. I closed my eyes, feeling her fingers through my blonde hair, pulling me against her chest. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What are you laughing at?” she asked me.

I sat up, wiping my eyes, “Pillows.”

“Oh, these?” she looked to her chest. “Feel free to use them!”

I smiled, collapsing against her again. I could hear her heart beat.

“Maybe we could go out tonight,” she suggested. “Get some drinks, maybe go dancing.”

“Oh, no, no way. I’m not going to some club with a bunch of guys trying to pick up ladies. I don’t even want to be around guys right now.”

“Then we can go to a gay bar,” Wendy said. “You wouldn’t have to deal with guys hitting on you. I mean, look at you, I can totally see how that’d be a problem.”

I couldn’t help but blush. “Sorry, I’m not a lesbian though.”

“We’ll just have to pretend then,” Wendy winked at me. I know she was trying to cheer me up, to get me out of the apartment, to take my mind off things. I guess if I were to ever pretend to be with a woman, she’d be the woman I’d pretend to be with. If we went to a gay club, I wouldn’t have to deal with guys coming up to me – not that they would, in my opinion.

I smiled, took a deep breath. “Sure. Why not.”

Kristin looked so beautiful. Seeing her in her dress, makeup, in the low lit lighting of the club, made me angry to think Trent gave this up – gave her up.

We drank, we danced; it was her and I, lost in our world together.

I saw her smile. Her beautiful, full lips, were so incredibly kissable. I almost did. I suppose I could’ve blamed it on the alcohol.

A woman approached her when we were chatting at the bar. I shrugged, nodding to Kristen, saying she should dance and shooed her away.

I watched from afar. The woman was behind Kristen, her hands on her hips. Kristen was grinding against her, laughing at herself, having a good time.

When the song ended, the women led Kristen back over to me. She thanked me for letting her dance with my partner. We didn’t correct the woman. We simply smiled, grabbed each other’s hands and left.

“So you have fun dancing with that woman?” I asked on the way to Kristin’s apartment.

“Yep. You know? She was kinda hot.”

“Oh is that right?”

“Yes, but there was a much hotter woman there. She had long dark hair, big boobs, her name was Wendy I think,” Kristen joked.

“Oh yeah? You should’ve got her number, maybe gone home with her,” I said.

“Or I could’ve brought her home with me. You wouldn’t have minded, would you?” she asked me.

“Not at all! But I would’ve brought home a girl too. She was the hottest one there. A blonde named Kristen. Mmm,” I smiled at her.

“Ah, looks like we missed out then. Guess we’ll settle for each other. Maybe Trent ruining my marriage has made me become a lesbian!”

“Well, baby,” I laughed, “I’ll be gay with you!”


We got home, changed into pajamas, grabbed some wine and went to bed. I was using Wendy’s boobs as a pillow again.

“Thank you for being here, again,” I told Wendy.

I couldn’t help but smile. Her arm draped over me, rubbing my back

“I’m glad to be here. I missed you. I know it wasn’t that long since you moved here, but it felt like a long time. I thought about driving by Trent’s and egging his house,” Wendy said.

“You should have!” I sat up, grabbing my wine, gulping it down. “Ah. Back to my titty pillow.”

“You can use them for that if you want,” Wendy extended her arm, smiling as I snuggled against her.

Running my hand over her tummy, her warm tit-pillow against the side of my head, I told Wendy I loved her. It had to have been the alcohol mixed with my gratitude of her flying out to spend time with me during a sad time of my life.

“I love you too,” she kissed the top of my head.

In her arms, warm, cozy, at peace, I fell asleep with a smile on my face – something that hadn’t happened in a long time.


I got up early, cooking breakfast for Kristen. I drove to a grocery store nearby and got bacon and eggs. I was standing there in the kitchen, turning bacon, when I felt her warm body against my back. I set the fork down, turned around, and hugged her.

“I’m taking you shopping today,” I said, kissing her head. “Then tonight, we’re going out to dinner.”

“Wendy, you don’t have to do this,” she said.

“I want to. Now go shower, save me some water. Unless you want me to get in there with you. These big boobs would take up a lot of room though,” I joked.

Kristen eyed my chest, “Yes, yes they would.” She playfully licked her lips.

“Mmm, naughty girl,” I grinned, tending to the bacon.

A few hours later, we found ourselves holding hands again, as we walked from store to store. I didn’t mind. She didn’t seem to either. I thought it was sweet – whatever brought her happiness.

I bought her several things, much to her protest. New shoes, a dress, were among the items.

I drove back to her apartment, my hand resting on her thigh. “We’re going to eat some place night tonight. It’ll be very romantic.”

I rubbed her thigh. “Ooh, I could use that,” Kristen said, caressing my hand.

“Good. You’re my woman, tonight,” I grinned, thinking how stupid Trent was to hurt her.


We sat in a nice, secluded booth. Wendy was right, it was very romantic. For some reason, maybe loneliness, or joy that she was there was with me, I held her hand the entire dinner. We spoon fed each other dessert too.

She told me I was beautiful. I blushed, but let it roll off me. I figured she was telling me this, being sweet to me, hoping to cheer me up. It was working.

Wendy drove back to my place afterward. I held her arm, and she led me to my apartment.

I stopped her at the door, giving her a big hug. “Thank you for a wonderful, uh, date,” I smiled.

“No, thank you. I love spending time with you,” Wendy said.

I leaned in, reflexively, and gave Wendy a kiss on the cheek. “Would you, uh, care to come in?” I joked.

“Mmm, absolutely,” Wendy grinned, grabbing my hand, as I led us inside.

I set my purse down, making my way to the kitchen. Wendy sat on the couch, playing with her long, dark hair. I grabbed two wine glasses, filling them up. If this was a date, it was a great one. I was so happy my old college friend was there with me.

I sat next to her, turned to face her. Wendy facing me. We were mostly quiet, sipping our wine, giving simple caresses to a hand, forearm, knee, trading smiles.


Kristen was so gorgeous. I was in awe of her. Her heart was broken, she moved away, destroyed, yet there she was, on the couch next to me, radiating beauty.

Her lips, I couldn’t help but stare at them. They’re so big, full, beautiful.

“You need to be kissed,” I spoke up.


“I said you need to be kissed. With lips like yours, those beauties need to be kissed every day. It’d be stupid for anyone to not want to,” I told her.

“Wendy,” she blushed again, looking away. “I know you’re just trying to –“

I lunged at Kristen, grabbing her face, planting a big kiss on her mouth. She was shocked and moved away. “Sorry,” I said. “I, uh –“

“No, no, it’s fine. It’s ok,” She smiled awkwardly.

“I thought maybe I could, I mean, you would’ve liked –“

“No, yeah, I did. I liked it. I just didn’t think you would. I guess maybe I could use a kiss. Or two,” Kristen said.

“Or two?” I smiled.

“Well, maybe more. It’s just you. My friend,” she looked away again.

“Hey,” I placed my hand on hers.


I kissed Wendy. When she put her hand on mine, I lost it. I went for it, I kissed her hard. I didn’t care that she was a woman. Then and there she was my friend, someone who was there for me when I needed her – possibly in every way.

We broke the kiss, gasping for air. “Sorry,” I said.

“No, don’t be,” she smiled back. We kissed again, this time much slower. Our hands went to each other’s hair, our lips caressed each other’s, our tongues very subtly met in the middle.

We couldn’t stop. I didn’t want her to.

Wendy pushed me away, climbing on top of me, straddling me on my couch. We kept kissing and kissing – it was so soft and sweet.

Wendy ended the kiss. “I um, not normally like this.”

“Me neither. But, I think I need it,” I looked to her eyes.

“Then I’m here. All for you,” Wendy said. She then did something that made my eyes widen and mouth drop. She pulled her dress aside and exposed her bare breasts to me.

“Suck them,” she told me. She brought her hand to one, holding it for me to take.

“I, uh,” I stammered.

“It’s ok, it’s just us. Take it, You need it,” she said.

I nodded, flicked my tongue across her erect nipple, gave her one last look, then grabbed that big tit and sucked on it as hard as I could.


Oh shit! I almost climaxed just watching another woman, Kristen, suck from me, nurse from me, wrap those big, beautiful lips around my nipple. Trent was one lucky man to have her. I can imagine those same lips wrapped around his cock. He was a fool to throw it all away.

“Kri-Kristen!” I whimpered. She stopped sucking my breast, licking her lips, looking up to me.


“Are, are we gonna, you know?” I asked.

“I need this. I need you. Yes, we are,” she said. “Kiss me again.”

I did as she requested, planting my mouth on hers. Both of them opened, both tongues slithered out, both mouths were joined and closed on top of the other.

I was grinding against her, riding her, through one of the hottest kisses I’ve ever had.

I nibbled and pulled at her bottom lip, smiled, and reentered her mouth with my tongue. I could’ve done it all night – kissing her, sucking her lips and tongue.

Eventually, she ended the kiss, both of us panting for air. Kristen looked to my other breast, then back at me.

“Yes,” I smiled. “I’m your medicine, remember?”

She licked those big lips of hers and nodded slowly.


“Mmm, delicious,” I thought, sucking on Wendy’s other breast. I wished there was milk in them. This felt so good, like all my troubles and heartache were washing away by my best friend giving her body to me.

She orgasmed in my arms. I couldn’t believe it. I gave a woman an orgasm. I kept sucking and sucking on her tit, wondering if I was a lesbian now.

Smiling up at her, releasing her nipple from my mouth, I said the word “lesbian” in my head again.

“Let’s go to bed,” I suggested.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I replied.

Wendy got off me, I stood, we held hands and headed to bed.

“You made me cum,” She said as we walked, pushing a long lock of hair behind her ear. Her massive breasts were still hanging out.

“I know,” we arrived at the foot of my bed.

“I’d like to return the favor,” she said.

“How so?” I asked, not putting two-and-two together.

Wendy said nothing, only removing the rest of her dress. She stood nude before me, smiling softly. I looked over her hour glass body.

I undressed next while maintaining eye contact. We stood in front of one another for a moment. I imagined she was thinking the same thing I was.

“I’m about to have my first lesbian experience,” I thought. I inched closer, we grabbed each other’s faces, and once again, invaded each other’s mouths with our tongues.


Not taking my mouth off Kristen’s, I guided her to the bed, gently onto her back. On top of her, I kissed her neck, in between her breasts, over her sexy tummy, and on down to her pussy.

I scooted her up a bit, grabbed her legs, her knees on my shoulders, and I got to work. I drove my tongue into her, tasting something familiar, something I’ve tasted on my own fingers – wet, juicy, pussy.

My hands traveled all over her body, her stomach, breasts. My thumbs caressed the lips of her mouth, while my tongued parted the lips of her pussy.

I wanted her to cum so badly, to forget about Trent, to forget about the heartache he caused. With my tongue coated in her delicious nectar, I licked at and sucked her clit. Seeing her arch her back, grab her own breasts, and moan loudly was incredible. It’s what she needed, and I was going to give it to her.

As she moaned, her mouth opened. I slid my fingers in for her to suck. Continuously flicking my tongue against her clit, I drove those saliva drenched fingers into her pussy.

“Come on, baby. Come on,” I whispered to my friend, watching her face, her body, looking for signs while fingering her.

I continued my care of her clit. I licked everywhere, I nibbled it and her pussy lips; I forgot to breath. I’d kiss all over her inner thigh while catching my breath.

“Come on, Kristen,” I whispered again, urging her to let go.

She arched her back once more, I saw her core muscles tense up, and her thighs slightly trembling against the side of my head. “Yes,” I thought, “cum for me, baby. Please!”

“W-Wendy!” Kristen cried out, her hands gripping my head, holding me in place, my mouth covering her clit and my fingers going in and out of her.

“Yes!” she cried out. It was so great watching her climax, watching her shake, watching her let go of all the pain


It was incredible. Trent never ate me out like that. He’d occasionally play with my clit, but nothing like Wendy. Plus her fingers, mmm, so good.

She climbed on top of me, our mouths melted together again. I tasted myself in her mouth, moaning as I swirled my tongue all around the inside of hers.

We were moaning, kissing so much, I didn’t immediately notice her thigh against my pussy – mine against hers.

I was pinned down. Her big breasts mashing against mine, her hands propping herself up above me, and our mouths joined – we fucked each other. Our grinding wasn’t fast. Our pussies, our clits, slowly banged against each other’s. Sex, this lesbian sex, with my old college friend had me cumming far quicker than sex with my Trent.

Wendy was cumming too. She broke our kiss, sucking my tongue as her mouth left mine. She peered into my eyes, “Kristen.”

I moaned into her face, “Ah! Wendy!”

“Let’s, let’s, c-cum,” she tried to speak.

“Together!” I managed to eek out as we grinded our thighs against the other’s pussy.

Staring into each other’s eyes, breathing heavily on each other’s face, Wendy and I climaxed together – and it was beautiful.

Our thighs were soaking wet with our juices. Our hearts were racing. Our bodies were going numb. Wendy fell on top of me, then rolled off, taking me with her. I rubbed her stomach, using a breast as a pillow.

“That was amazing,” she said.

“Yes,” I agreed, my eyes closed, a smile on my face.

“Kristen? Do you want to keep going?” Wendy asked me.

I raised up, kissing her lips tenderly, “Absolutely.”


We rolled around, kissing, grinding, making love through all hours of the night. I loved hearing her cry out in my arms. I loved it when she returned the favor on my pussy until I came.

I lost track of time. Kristen and I were in a 69-position, eating, licking each other’s pussies for hours. We practically sprayed each other with our juices. Her room echoed with our cries of pleasure.

On top of her again, I dangled my breast over her open mouth. I watched that tongue of hers slide out of her mouth, flicking my nipple, just like she did to my clit earlier. She sucked from me so very much.

We kept going and going, until we fell asleep, hot, sweaty, covered in each other’s essence.

We woke up a few hours later. It was after nine. I led Kristen to the shower. We immediately resumed kissing. We somehow found time to lather each other up with soap, shampoo our hair, and rinse off.

After our shower, we were right back in her bed, pussies grinding.

For lunch, we made sandwiches, finished off some wine, and kept going.

Dinner was the same. Near midnight, we were in her tub. I was kissing and licking Kristen’s feet, massaging them and her calves. I loved hearing her moan.

She straddled me in the tub, her tongue finding my mouth again. Our kissing led to us standing in the tub, leaving it, not bothering to dry off, and finding the bed.

Our pussies we practically attached for so long, so hard, all the bathwater left on our skin turned into sweat. We were exhausted, but kept going, kept fucking.

Sweat dripping from her chin, Kristen spoke up, “I think we should stay in bed the rest of your visit!”

“Yes!” I said, my hips, my pussy grinding away against hers.


Wendy, my old college friend, and now, my medicine.

Our bodies slithered together, covered in sweat and pussy juices. Shaking, moaning, climaxing over and over again, throughout her entire visit.

In brief moments of rest, I thought about Trent, how he hurt me and ended our marriage. I forgot about him when I tasted Wendy’s pussy, when I sucked her breasts, when I licked her everywhere. I forgot about him when she did all those things to me.

On her last day, we had sex until I took her to the airport. At the airport, we found a bathroom stall and went at it again. We didn’t care who came in there and heard us.

I held her hand as long as I could before reaching the security line.

Looking into her face, our smiles long since faded, we knew how much we’ll miss each other.

“So is this a one-time thing?” Wendy asked me.

“I don’t know. All I know is that I need this again,” I told her.

“Maybe I could visit again soon.”

“Or I could visit you. We can drivr by Trent’s house and have sex on the front lawn,” I said.

Wendy smiled, fighting back tears.

We hugged and kissed goodbye. I told her I loved her, she said the same.

I watched her leave, making her way through the security checkpoint. I felt better, much better. She gave her body to me to use as medicine and it worked. I had no idea how long. But for now, I felt fine.

When I got home to my empty apartment, Wendy and I having sex in my bed flashed in my mind. I smiled, looking at the empty bed.

I undressed and fingered myself to orgasm in the bathtub.

Just before going to bed, I looked up plane tickets to LA. I booked one to go see Wendy the next month. I had a feeling I’d need more medicine.

The end.


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