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Lost In Her Eyes

A growing love and friendship between two women
Lost In Her Eyes

As I’m driving to her house I can’t help but think of her. These days she’s all I ever think about… falling into those traps that are her forest green eyes… I can’t help but think of the first time we met…

When we were first introduced we got stuck deep in each other’s eyes, unable to look away. Immediately I was intensely attracted to her, a feeling foreign to me at that time, my mind was still unopened, my deepest fantasies yet unexplored. Something deep inside me stirred… what were these feelings a single stare from her intense eyes could provoke?

Shortly after we met a few of us went out to a darkened bar… the kind of place none of us normally frequent with the kind of music none of us really enjoy. However, tonight the music was a dim background distraction. Her partner and mine had been friends for a long time… but when I looked into her eyes I forgot I had a partner, a man, that I was committed to anyone. From what I saw in her eyes that night, she felt the same.

It started off with meaningful stares across the table… I fell deep into her eyes, those eyes. We couldn’t keep our eyes off each other… searching each others souls. Closer and closer we were drawn to each other, a magnetism I had never experienced with anyone, always staring still into each others eyes. She pulled me close and kissed me… deeply. Chastely at first we experimented until more and more passionate we became, quickly forgetting where we were and that anyone at all was around. I pulled away from her, reluctantly. We were surrounded by hungry male stares with big, expectant smiles playing on their lips. She took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. We banged into a cubicle and hardly had it closed before we locked lips again… growing frenzied we kissed, harder and harder. I couldn’t get enough of her, the taste of her mouth was intoxicating me, her soft lips, her skilful tongue… I was completely on the back foot. She took off the black top she was wearing and I gasped at her beauty… I wanted to touch her, to feel her soft skin under my fingertips. Hesitantly, I cupped one of her perfect breasts, softly at first then harder and harder I played… fingering the piercing through her nipple, kissing her all the time. Her soft moans encouraged me. I was so hungry for her, her mouth felt like none I had ever kissed before, so much softer, so much better! I scared myself with my passion for her, though at the same time enjoying all these new feelings.

She ended our kiss and looked me deep in the eye, meaningfully. She unbuttoned my black, three quarter pants and slipped her hand down my front, never taking her eyes from mine. I was nervous… my eyes must have betrayed my feelings because she smiled softly, her beautiful full lips so irresistible now that I’ve had a taste of them. She stroked my swollen lips through the lace of my white G, which was soaked through by my unashamed lust for her. While she stroked my clit swollen, throbbed and ached for more of her touch. Gyrating my hips against her hand I willed her, silently, to move away my G and touch me. Without a word she did so, slipping her fingers easily inside me. The feel of her fingers inside me, the beautiful lust on her face and the sight of her still uncovered breasts had me so high… I could have been on a cloud far up in the sky rather than this dingy bathroom in a bar I had to interest in ever returning to.

We were interrupted by my partner who had come looking for us, worried at how long we had been away for. Oh if only they knew this new kind of lust we had found could not easily be forgotten. In later months they would come to fear this growing love and obsession we’ve found within ourselves for each other. Even so, we could no more make these feelings go away than we could ask the sun to shine when it rains.

We got back to her house that evening and after a few more drinks it was apparent to everyone in the room that we couldn’t resist the magnets that were drawing us to each other. This time she asked my partner if she could take me to her bedroom. He acquiesced.

The alcohol in my system did nothing to make my feelings of nervousness go away as, once again hand in hand, she led me to her bedroom. Gently she pushed me down onto her bed. One look into her wild eyes and I was lost. My nerves melted like the last snowflakes on the first day of spring.

After rolling around on her bed for a while, frantically exploring each others naked bodies, indulging in the softness of each other, enjoying the taboo feeling of the unknown, I rolled her onto her back. I sat up and looked at her, naked but for a small purple satin G with black lacing around the top. She was so beautiful. Her hair, red brown and wild like a Lioness from our frantic exploration of each other. Her green eyes were wild now, no semblance of self remained. Her body was slender, with the most beautiful legs I had ever seen. Her breasts, perfect and perky with one nipple pierced. I lay on top of her and kissed her hard, getting as close to her as I possibly could, wanting to feel her against my naked body. Moving down I started kissing her neck, sucking at her fragrant skin, listening to her soft mumbling. When I got to her shoulder I bit her sharply, enjoying the sound of her sharp intake of breath in surprise. Further down I went and I started to kiss and lick at one nipple, while playing with the jewellery in her pierced nipple. Her groaning grew louder and I was encouraged. I moved further down. The lips of her pussy were swollen against the satin fabric of her G. The bottom of her G was soaked through from her juices. I started licking her from the outside of her G, soaking up her delicious pussy juice through the satin and making her wetter and wetter with unbearable lust. I removed her G and sucked at it, tasting her intoxicating nectar, then threw it on the floor, now looking straight at her glistening lips, juice oozing from her shaved pussy. Throwing myself deep into the unknown I started licking her beautiful cunt, slowly at first, savouring the sweet taste of her, but she was so wet that soon she was all over my face and I wanted more! I put my hands under her round arse and lifted her to my face. I moved down towards her little tight asshole and started licking it, while staring at her pussy. Her eyes were rolling backwards with pleasure and her moaning grew louder and louder. I moved back to her pussy and while licking her now swollen clit, I slipped my finger into her asshole. From the look on her face I could tell that she loved it. I carried on licking, lapping up her juices until her legs started shaking and she couldn’t hold still. I removed my finger from her tight little ass and held her pelvis down, licking, sucking and biting at her walnut sized clit all the time. Suddenly she came, so hard that her juices were pouring down my face and into my mouth. Her shouts made me feel so good. I couldn’t believe I had brought her to climax! Climbing on top of her once again I kissed her, letting her taste herself. She loved it.

Suddenly she got up. I looked at her questioningly… she went into her closet and came out with a big, 19 inch, two ended purple dildo. I smiled at the sheer size of it. Getting on top of me she inserted the dildo into my pussy, my swollen lips sucking at it. Looking into my eyes she pushed it deeper and deeper; I couldn’t help but moan it felt so good. Laying back she inserted the other end into her pussy, still glistening from her orgasm. Watching the purple dildo disappear between us was such a turn on. Eyes closed we bucked against each other, each thrust pushing the dildo into each of us further and further. I had never experienced such pleasure before, and at the hands of a woman! A whole new chapter was opened for me that night and I loved it. Squeezing her side of the dildo out of her wet pussy she leaned over me. I couldn’t help but stare at her pussy. She was leaking down the inside of her thigh. The look in her eyes was pure lust, dripping with sexual intent, her grassy green eyes wild, making me think of a Lioness once again. Forever after this night, when I long for her, I close my eyes and it is that look in her eyes that I see. She grabbed the dildo and shoved it violently into me as hard as she could. I scream involuntarily. However I loved the pain intertwined with the pleasure and by bucking back onto the dildo I indicated that I want more. She complied…

The boys suddenly walked into the bedroom. We didn’t care, we carried on. They stood silently at the end of the bed, watching. We could tell that they were getting very turned on by the smiles on their faces and the bulges growing in their pants. That was fine by us… she continued to fuck me violently with the dildo when the boys decided they couldn’t take it anymore. Taking off their clothes they joined us on the bed and separated us. We reluctantly broke our eye contact to turn our attention to our boys. After a while we swopped partners… her partner, well endowed, made me gasp when he flicked me over as if I were light as a feather, and shoved his full length inside me, fucking me hard from behind. I looked over to my side where my partner was on his back and she on top of him, lowering her pussy down onto of his hard cock, dripping her juice onto the tip of his penis. She looked into my eyes as she lowered herself down, I watched as the tip of his cock prised open her wet lips. This vision turned me on so immensely that it didn’t take long for her partner’s huge cock to bring me to orgasm, my cum pouring down my legs as he continued to thrust into me.

Our frantic fucking continued for hours, with her and I grabbing every opportunity to get close to each other, however, finding it difficult with the boys there as well. Finally, spent, I lay on the bed cuddling her. We kissed for a long time, before, wordlessly, my partner and I got up to leave. Walking to our car in the early morning light I realised that something inside me had changed forever.

Now, a year later, I am driving to her house. In the year that we have known each other our love for each other has grown into something I have never encountered before. I love her like another self. I want to take her somewhere special today. She knows we are going somewhere, and even though I hadn’t said exactly what I want to celebrate, she knows.

We greet each other with a hug and a kiss. As always she looks amazing. She’s wearing a blue silky skirt, short to show off those amazing model legs. Her boobs look great in a black halter neck and she’s wearing my favourite black stiletto-heeled boots. From her neck dangles the red heart pendant I bought for her birthday. I lead her to the car. We drive, over the Harbour Bridge and across town. I have never taken anyone here before. 30 minutes later I park up the car in a quiet part of town up on the hills. Wordlessly we get out of the car and I take her by the hand. She looks into my eyes and we smile at each other, I a little shyly, as I lead her across a field. We climb over a short wooden fence and through some bushes and come to the spot where I want to take her. We are on top of a cliff, bushes and trees behind us and the beautiful Pacific Ocean spread out in front of us. She loves the Ocean. She gasps at the beautifully serene view in front of us. Still, without saying a word, I lay down a picnic blanket on the grassy hill and she sits down. I take two Champagne flutes out of my picnic basket and open a bottle of Moet. After pouring a glass for each of us I sit down next to her. I look into her eyes. I want to tell her what this is about; I want to tell her that I love her. Instead I look in her eyes, and realise, I don’t have to. She knows.

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