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Part 3

Lost And Found – Chapter 3 – Reality

Charlie goes to the cops to plead a case for the girls
Lost And Found – Chapter 3 – Reality

Life at the apartment, or sex den I should say, was going along great. Libby got a job at the cleaners to help with the expenses. Andrea was doing the cooking and keeping the house but felt bad because she was not working and bringing in money. I don’t know if that would have been a good idea. Since the murder, we kept her inside just for precaution. We hadn’t heard anything about the murder, but we were not leaving anything to chance.

I came home on a few occasions to hear moaning and flesh being slapped from their bedroom. It was fun watching them kissing and sucking each other. I watched them sucking each other’s breasts while fingering their wanting pussy. Each time I wanted to interrupt them and shove my dick in one or both, but it didn’t seem right. These were their private times.

It reminded me of the times we were all in bed, I would be plowing one of them and the other would massage my balls. They were so good at it. There were times when Libby or Andrea and I were in the sixty-nine position and the other would be massaging my ball sack. During those occasions, I shot off like a rocket in a heartbeat.

It was a Thursday night, I stopped on my way home for beer and Benny Burgers. I walked in and both were sitting in front of the television with fear on their faces. I walked in a bit more to see the screen, the police had found Trevor, their captor.

The police were asking for any help to find the murderer. Andrea was as white as a sheet and started to throw up.

“Charlie? What are going to do? By law, we all are in trouble.”

“I know. But we can’t rush into anything. We must consider the circumstances, and our ass’. Give me some time to think. I am not giving up on us, never. I just don’t know what to do right now.”

When I left the next morning, the girls were still sleeping. Good. Now I’m praying the rest of the plan goes half as well.

I went to the local police station. I asked to talk to the shift commander. I could have gotten a job at the malt shop because I was shaking so bad. I was ushered into an impressive office filled with citations, key to the city the entire ball of wax. I felt like there was a tight band across my chest. And in he walked. All six foot six with shoulders like a lineman.

“How can I help you, Mr. Jacobs?”

“Sir, I have information concerning the death of Trevor Holliday. But the circumstances are not as they seem. Please, I beg you hear me out.”

He looked at me with an odd expression. I didn’t know where I was going next. Jail just is not for me, and I will not give up the girls. So, I gave him the Reader’s Digest version, going all the way back to meeting Libby. No names were given, and I kept the details as close but as short as possible.

“Commander, that’s the entire truth. Not one word or letter was invented. The person that did this was a captive in a drug house. They were given to others, sometimes had food. This was a crime, I admit that. But it was a human being treated like an animal. If we can come to some agreement, I will do all I can, but I do need some assurances the girls will not be charged.”

“Jacobs, you have told me things that the public does not know. Only someone at the scene or knew someone that was at the scene would only know. I cannot give you any assurances, but I will bring your information to the D.A. and the judge. I will get back with you in a few days.”

There was nothing more I could ask for. I knew damned good and well Andrea would be up on murder charges, and Libby and I would be held for aiding and abetting a felon, I was scared. I had no idea how I was going to explain this to the girls, since we hadn’t talked about it.

I called Andrea, “Baby, put on a pot of coffee. We need to have a family talk. Libby is off today, right? Good, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes”

“But Charlie, it’s only eleven o’clock. You should be at work. Are you alright?”

“Yes, Baby. Just have the coffee ready.”

When I walked in the door, I had four laser beams trained on me. Two female bodies with a pure white complexion and hands bound together so tight a crowbar couldn’t them apart.

“Girls, you know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. You know from the first night we met, your safety and comfort has been number one in my mind. So, please let me tell you where I’ve been, and what I have done. After I am finished, you can ask me any question you want, and I will answer it with complete honesty.”

I told them the entire story of meeting with the Commander. I also assured them that their names were not given. The police have only my name. They know about you, but not who you are. I should have talked with both of you first, but I didn’t want you two on pins and needles all day. That’s the whole truth”

“Charlie, if we leave, you will go to jail”.

“That’s right Libby. I will go to jail”
“What do we do now, Charlie, Libby, what do we do now?” Andrea asked on the verge of tears.

“This is a lousy answer, but it’s the truest and best. We wait.”

The four days it had taken for the Commander to call was like four months. I was at work when he called. He asked, if the ladies would come to the D.A.’s office to meet with him and a judge and give a compete statement. No action would be taken. The Commander gave me his word. I believed him.

We set the appointment for Saturday morning at the D.A.’s office. When we walked in, everyone was present and ready to get to the task at hand.

“Ladies, I am asking you to tell them the whole truth. Try to remember as much as you can. They are going to ask you questions when you are done. Be honest, strong, and unafraid. I would like for Libby, Tina, to start only because I met her first.”

Libby told her story with great and morbid detail. The look on her face was strong and stern. She wanted to cry at times but didn’t. I was so proud of her.

Then it was Andrea’s turn. She was doing so well until the murder. She collapsed into tears. Weeping and moaning like a beaten animal. She had to stop several times. When she finished, she grabbed me and sobbed uncontrollably.

When she finished, the D.A. asked if there was anything anyone wanted to add. I looked at Libby, then to the Commander. I shook my head over Andrea’s shoulder, as she sobbed.
The D.A. asked us to wait in the next room. They were going to discuss this case. I wanted to stay but didn’t push it.

The hour passed like a month. Three souls waiting for their sentence to Hell. Scared, tormented souls. While we were waiting, Libby looked at me through swollen eyes rubbed raw from wiping tears away. Then Andrea looks up. The same pained face stared at me. The door opened.

It was the judge that spoke to us; “We have gone over all the evidence. I can tell you Mr. Holliday’s life is well known to us. We have had trouble tracking him down. He was very elusive. Had that evening not occurred, he would be somewhere.

We have concluded there have been laws broken and there is ample proof of that. There have been extraneous circumstances of which there is also ample proof. After reviewing the evidence from the scene and your sworn testimony, we can see no reason to bind you over for trial or press any charges against you.

You have paid, and I am sure still paying dearly for those nights. You are all free to go. All charges that would have been brought are dismissed. This meeting is adjourned.
It did take quite a few days to regain our sanity. We were still looking over our shoulders. Nothing was ever reported on the news. It was like the horrors never happened.

A couple of weeks had passed, and it was a nice quiet Sunday morning. I had one of my best night’s sleep in a long time and the coffee pot had my name all over it. Where’s the coffee pot?
I need my coffee, where’s the coffee pot.

Then I heard it. The giggling of two nymphs from behind their closed door. I slowly opened their bedroom door not knowing what I was going to encounter. There they were, in all their naked glory, sweaty and breathing heavily.

“Libby, if we rest for a few minutes, do you think we can make Charlie happy too?”

“Well Andrea, it’s up to him. Which do you think he would prefer for an eye opener, the cup of coffee, or two hot, wet babes that will give up any part of their body?”
Obviously, my coffee sat there getting cold.


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