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Experimenting In College

College roommates experiment with drugs and eachother
Experimenting In College

“Whaddya think? Should we get high?” Sarah had not shown any signs that she was cool, so the question came as a complete shock to Jenn. “I haven’t lit up since my high school graduation,” Sarah continued.

Jenn wasn’t altogether unfamiliar with smoke. She lost many a night in high school in the familiar haze, and since coming to college had found a small group who would occasionally light up. She loved the “floaty” feeling, as she called it, that she got when she was stoned. She described it once as the “feeling of a long-jumper right after he’s jumped and his legs are still moving, as if he’s running, but instead of running on the ground he’s running on the air.”

Grass gave her one other feeling…it made her horny. And though she knew that since she didn’t have a boyfriend she’d end the night with her hands down her pants relieving her tension, she agreed. “Let’s light one!”

Sarah pulled a small baggie from her book bag. In it was 2 joints and a pack of matches. She giggled as Jenn placed a towel at the crack of the door and turned off the ceiling lights. Lit only by the lamp hanging from the bottom of Sarah’s loft they sat closely on the old sofa.

“Shouldn’t we open the window?” asked Sarah.

“No way! It’s 10 degrees outside! We’ll just spray some air freshener every once in a while.” Jenn was sort of nervous about her “solution.” The dorm mother was well known for being able to sniff out beer, boys, and contraband. But Jenn’s time at school was going to be on her terms, even if it meant a black mark.

Attending the small, Franciscan college in Indiana wasn’t Jenn’s first choice, but her father gave her the option of sending her there and paying her way, or letting her go to a public institution and dealing with student loans and other costs on her own. Though it cramped her style, logic prevailed and she acquiesced to her father’s preference. The education was as good as she’d get anywhere else, but the lack of parties and the strict rules about boys made Jenn sneer every time she mentioned her college by name. “St. Frumpys” she called it.

“Here come old flat top, he come movin’ up slowly…” The Beatles came from the boombox to help set the mood. Sarah reached across to turn it down; no need attracting more attention than necessary.

As Sarah reached for the boombox Jenn caught a whiff of Sarah’s perfume. Musky, almost masculine, yet it seemed to be perfectly matched to Sarah’s chemistry. Not that Sarah was manly…quite the opposite was true. Sarah was a girlie-girl, scared of spiders, almost immature around boys, and “grossed out” when the conversation turned to sex. But Sarah was a beautiful girl; black hair, dark eyes, and an olive complexion portrayed her Greek heritage. Her slim 5’4” frame was nicely developed; with firm B-cup breasts and a fine fanny she could turn heads. Sarah often chose to hide her figure, though, uncomfortable with the looks that more form-fitted clothing garnered. Jenn often secretly admired Sarah when Sarah was changing.

Jenn was no slouch, either. Certainly more self-confident and “worldly” (a word the nuns used-often followed by a frown and “tsk-tsk.”), Jenn enjoyed all of the attention she got. Often wearing jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt, anyone who cared to notice would be impressed with her. Jenn stood almost 2 inches taller than Sarah and was slightly heavier-chested, though in a pinch they could probably share underwear. Jenn had mousey-brown hair and deep brown eyes. Her full lips and high cheekbones made her spectacularly lovely. She flirted, and would blow a guy on the first date if she were attracted to him.

The match glowed in front of Sarah’s face and Jenn giggled seeing Sarah looking cross-eyed at the joint as she lit it. Sucking in the smoke and feeling that knot form in her throat while she tried to hold it in without choking, Sarah didn’t want Jenn to know that she wasn’t particularly good at this sort of thing. The giggle hadn’t helped.

Jenn took the joint from Sarah’s hand and drew in her first breath. The music mixed with the smoke and the baby powder air freshener as Jenn and Sarah smoked down their weed. The conversation was a stream-of-consciousness affair that went from English Lit to cafeteria food to “Rocky,” their dorm mother. They laughed and choked, smiled and stared. Soon the joint was gone and they settled into an uncomfortable, unsettled silence.

Jenn was thinking simultaneously of Doritos and cock…she had neither on hand. Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all. The nearest convenience store was 5 blocks away and it was too cold to walk. The nearest bar was even farther, and besides, she hated going there looking for a man-fix when she felt like this. If only she could get a good pounding and have some bacon and eggs at the same time.

The weird intertwining of her thoughts had her fucking a short order cook at Bob Evans when Sarah broke the silence.

“Have you ever done it?” she asked quietly.

“Done what?”

“Gotten really fucked up then had sex?”

Did Sarah just say the “F” word? The implication of the question was that Sarah had gotten fucked up and had sex. But Jenn was pretty sure that Sarah was too “grossed out” by sex to have ever done it-at least to have done it and talked about it.

“Mmmm hmmm,” moaned Jenn, closing her eyes and remembering a particularly vigorous night with her old high school boyfriend. “I love fucking when I’m wasted. The feeling is even more intense. And when it’s over I don’t get pissed at him when he goes to make a sandwich, so long as be brings me one.”

They laughed uncontrollably at Jenn’s observation. They leaned into each other as people sharing a hearty often do. Then she kissed her.

It came as a bit of a shock. Not unwelcome, but unexpected. They withdrew and looked at each other for a split second. Then she stuck her tongue out and licked Jenn’s lips.

Too uncomfortable talking about sex was Sarah’s problem…performing it apparently wasn’t. Sarah again kissed Jenn and Jenn reciprocated. They sat on the couch, repositioning occasionally, and kissed for the longest time. The taste of marijuana mingled with their saliva, the smell of their perfume mixed with the growing smell of their horniness.

“I’ve never done this before,” Sarah said.

“Neither have I,” Jenn practically interrupted.

“I want to do more than kiss.”

“Mmmm. Me, too.”

One barely had the words out before the next chimed in.

“Can I take your shirt off?”

Having a mouth on her breasts, exploring her nipples and serving to moisten her pussy was all Jenn could think about. Before the last word left Sarah’s lips Jenn was reaching for the hook on her bra. When the shirt came off the bra came off. Sarah, too, stripped off her shirt and bra. Sarah closed her eyes and kissed her way south, eventually licking the left, then right breast.

Jenn’s nipples reacted to the attention. She arched her back and squeezed her eyes shut feeling that familiar tensing in her pants. She visualized an old boyfriend, then opened her eyes and decided to go with her feelings. Sarah’s hair tickled her belly…her tongue felt glorious racing over her stiffening breasts…her nipples grew in excitement. Jenn reached down and ran her fingers through Sarah’s hair.

Sarah sat up and smiled a stoned smile. Her squinty eyes beheld an enjoyment of the activities. Jenn smiled back, and reached for the button on her jeans. Sarah’s eyes followed Jenn’s hands and when she understood what Jenn was doing, Sarah snorted and leaned forward to kiss her. They giggled as their tongues entangled and their teeth banged together. Kissing and laughing, breathing into each other’s mouth, sucking each other’s lips.

Jenn wiggled and kicked off her jeans as Sarah traced a route down Jenn’s body with her tongue. Jenn put her left hand on her right breast and kneaded her nipple between thumb and forefinger. She could feel Sarah’s hot breath work over her belly, then reach the object of her lust. Her bushy pussy quivered as Sarah paused over it. Jenn wanted to reach down and slam Sarah’s mouth onto her clit…but she was distracted by the goose bumps forming on her thighs and chest. The intensity of her high combined with her horniness forced her to loose patience.

“Lick me. Pleeeeze! Sarah, lick me. Let me help,” Jenn begged. And with that she reached down with her right hand and spread her pussy apart with her index and middle finger.

Sarah paused. She looked up and stared deeply into Jenn’s eyes while her tongue took its first swipe at forbidden love. The taste was sweet and salty, hot and bitter. Another lick, then a flick at her clit and suddenly Sarah buried a finger deep into Jenn, all the time looking deeply into her eyes. Jenn broke their gaze and rolled her head back. The haze in her brain cleared and she felt Sarah’s finger begin to pump her pussy, while her tongue flicked and rubbed and folded over her clit.

Jenn’s orgasm was building when the thought that she would have to return the favor darted through her mind. The idea of sucking on another girl’s pussy was too much. From her cheeks and her toes she felt it grow…it moved into her belly and, like a volcano, began to build in the middle of her pussy. With one large buck she came, then she quivered as Sarah held on for the ride. Sarah’s chin and finger was drenched with Jenn’s sex. Jenn rolled her hips and dragged her clit along Sarah’s tongue, nose and chin. She attempted to form words, but that part of her brain failed to cooperate.

Jenn wiggled to conclusion, grunting and moaning. Sarah laid her head on Jenn’s warm belly. Sarah’s breath warmed her, and her hair tickled. She placed her hands on either side of Sarah’s head and lifted it. They switched positions and Jenn kissed and tasted herself all over Sarah’s face. Sarah pushed frantically at her pants and panties…she couldn’t get them off fast enough.

As they kissed Jenn put her left arm under Sarah’s neck and laid her right hand on her bush. Jenn cupped Sarah’s pussy in the palm of her hand and could feel the warmth. She pushed a couple of fingers tightly against Sarah’s vulva…it was swollen and wet. Had she not known better, Jenn might have assumed that Sarah had just returned from a good stiff fuck.

Lying mostly on top of Sarah, Jenn continued to kiss her. She traced her tongue with her own. She gently bit Sarah’s lower lip, and sucked her earlobe into her mouth. Jenn’s hands felt cold, but she felt the warmth of Sarah’s belly against her own.

The time had come. She removed her left arm from beneath Sarah’s neck and gave her one more kiss, gently, lip on lip. Putting one hand on each breast she pressed them together and put her face between them. Jenn then licked across, first to Sarah’s left nipple, and then to her right. She alternated…sucking and twisting on one, then tracing and flicking the other. Bites and tongue-slaps caused Sarah’s excitement to grow. She shivered under Jenn’s power.

Further down she went, down a path from which she wasn’t sure she’d ever return. She grew nearer to that blissful place and blindly stuck her tongue into Sarah’s bush. A few waggles allowed her to find the wetness. Giving herself into the feelings, wanting to share the orgasm that Sarah had bestowed, Jenn spread her pussy with her thumbs and drive her tongue deep into Sarah’s pussy.

Sarah grabbed the back of Jenn’s head and guided her around. Opening one eye, Jenn spotted Sarah’s clitoris. She reached out her tongue and made circles around it, then licking it side to side, and running her tongue up and down. She could feel Sarah shimmy and shake. She put a finger into Sarah, then another. Could she? Yes, a third slipped in and filled Sarah’s pussy. Jenn knew how to manipulate her own g-spot and set herself the goal of doing the same for Sarah. Pumping her fingers into her pussy, Jenn pressed her middle finger onto the outer wall of Sarah’s vagina. Jenn began to vibrate her finger against the area she had loved to touch in her own body, and was soon rewarded with a whoosh of wetness. Sarah muttered something about a “dirty girl” and came.

Remembering a scene from a porno movie she’d seen, Jenn moved and positioned her crotch over Sarah’s. She lowered herself, spread her pussy apart, and began moving her hips in time with her heartbeat. Closing her eyes, she imagined she was riding some big stud. Again the familiar tightening and releasing feeling came from her pussy. Ignoring Sarah’s orgasm, Jenn rubbed and fucked her roommate.

Then, it ended. Her ears were ringing. The muscles around her eyes hurt from being shut so tight. Her nipples had nearly burst, and now she was cold. Jenn let out a deep sigh.

“I’ve got a Snickers bar in my desk drawer. Want half?” Sarah giggled and winked at Jenn. Jenn nodded.

After Sarah lay back down with the treat, Jenn covered her up with the blanket she had retrieved from her bed. They snuggled together, naked, under the cover and shared the candy bar. Jenn put her head on Sarah’s shoulder and entered sleep. They would save the other joint for another time.

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