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Beach Dreaming

Making our dreams of this Beach come true.
Beach Dreaming

A few years ago she fell in love with a woman long distance. This became their theme song when it came out on the radio. It’s by Shania Twain and it’s called:


After the song came out, a video was released and the love that she felt for her woman, her first real love, she could see on the beach where the video was recorded. This is their tale:

I’d been looking and researching since we saw that video, I wanted desperately to know what beach it was. It reminded me of beaches I had seen in Oregon, it reminded me of beaches that I’d seen on tv of England, it could have been anywhere in the world, it had to be that beach though, that very beach. Very little information was available about where this video was taken. I wanted to surprise her, I wanted to take her there…

The flight was incredibly long. I flew in from the Midwest, four hours. She was on the East coast, so her flight was 5 hours. We met in Los Angeles to continue our long odyssey. The next step wasn’t so easy. We were boarding a plane, voluntarily, to sit for 12 hours and 40 minutes approximately. Neither one of us was thrilled with this time table but it was the only way to get to New Zealand without swimming. She especially wasn’t thrilled since she HATED flying with a passion but I vowed to keep her preoccupied, to keep her entertained so she wouldn’t think the worst, that we could crash, or that she was in a small compressed airplane with air that other’s were breathing and wouldn’t be changed for that length of time.

Bethells Beach in New Zealand is across from Waitakere Bay on the West Coast of Auckland, New Zealand. We had been lucky to get accommodation as it was fairly remote and the proprietor only had three cottages for ‘casual comfort’ but we didn’t mind. The moment I told my girl, the love of my life, that we were going and where, the romance of the situation, the surprise, had captured both of us.

I was right that the flight would be long and boring. The human body just isn’t meant to sit there still for that long. We watched the movie, hell we watched three of them, fortunately they were entertaining but that didn’t help the boredom. We both made various trips to the bathroom, I entertained the thought of joining the ‘Mile High Club’ but when I made the suggestion to her it wasn’t received in a particularly receptive way. I kept silent about any thoughts of sex while she worried, she fretted, and she slept. I think sleeping on a flight that long is probably the best thing anyone can do when they are that uncomfortable. I tried not to think about the fact that we would be repeating this flight in reverse in a week. I thought instead about what I hoped would be a perfect vacation for the two of us. We had talked endlessly about this once I informed her I had purchased the tickets. It had taken a lot of my hard earned cash but for us, but for her, I would have spent every dime I ever earned.

Never have I been so happy to hear the captain announce that the seat belt sign had come on as we made our descent into Auckland. My girl woke up and immediately cheered up.

“That wasn’t so bad” she said happily.

I didn’t remind her that she had sulked, been a bitch to talk to, and had been a boring travel companion. I knew the flight hadn’t been easy for her. Again, I just kept thinking about the beach where we were planning a romantic week away from the rest of the world.

Customs took no time at all and we were soon renting a car to drive to our destination. Neither one of us was used to driving on the opposite side of the road much less on the opposite side of a car and we took it easy when we started out for safety’s sake. I wanted to get there of course, I was anxious to be with her, but I wanted us both in one piece, and safe. The drive as a result probably took an extra hour than it should of as we searched for and found Bethells Beach Cottages. It really was in the wild, untamed West Coast of Auckland.

Trude Bethel greeted us warmly as we unwound stiffly from our car ride and looked around at the wilderness around us. She showed us the cottage she had chosen for us and we were stunned at it’s simple beauty. It faced the ocean and it’s terrific sea view was unimpeded. It had a north facing set of windows that brought in the hot sun and warmed the cottage beautifully. I had to remember we were so far south on the globe and everything I knew was reversed.

Fresh flowers and Living Nature products including soaps, shampoos, lotions, and gels were provided for us.

There was a private hot tub for us that featured a Scandinavian theme. I looked forward to the two of in it this evening, drinks in hand, as we watched the sun go down washing away the aches and pains of travel.

Trude informed us that her husband John would be there to greet us in the morning, that they were available for tours, and cooking was available if we so desired, we did and thanked her for her help.

I had worried that such a remote place and such a small vacation spot would frown on two women vacationing together, but I was pleased at how accommodating the Bethells had been and the little cottage was a delight.

“I can’t believe we are here” my girl said as her arms swung wide and she danced around the living room.

“Believe it baby” I smiled as I took her into my arms and gave her a kiss “it’s ours for the next five days!” I enthused.

Trude Bethel was a good cook and while pizza was pizza the world over it seemed to taste extra special that night out of her oven. We chatted with her easily over dinner comparing notes. We were as curious about New Zealand and especially Bethell’s Beach as she was about America, the Midwest and the East Coast where we were from. We were yawning quite heavily when we finally made it back to our cottage. The time difference, a whole day, and the unfamiliarity of being ‘down under’ was wearing on our bodies. We still managed to end up naked in the hot tub with a drink each and kissing and fondling each other, a great prelude to ending up in bed.

The bed creaked ever so slightly under our combined weight, neither of us minded as we ended up in a tangle on top of the sheets. Our bodies were hot from the warm water of the hot tub, the heat still radiating from our skin. The foreplay in the tub had aroused our bodies as no hot water could. I wanted to taste her, apparently she was of the same mind, we were both incredibly clean from the warm water and caresses we had bestowed on every inch of each other’s bodies. Now that foreplay, those caresses, could reach their natural conclusion. My girl spun around until she was posed above my pussy, her still wet pussy above my face fascinated me and I reached out at the same time she lowered herself to mine. The water had washed away all vestiges of natural lubrication but I could tell by my own bodies response to this ‘stimulation’ that it wouldn’t be long before I was leaking out plenty of love juices. The first taste without my girl’s normal juice was odd and bland, I licked her labia thoroughly to imprint my mouth and tongue on every millimeter and for good measure I flicked her clit. By the spasm her body made I knew she was interested.

She imitated what I was doing to her to devastating affect, the spasm that she caused though had me creaming. Her body against me was getting me hotter than the tub had, I really felt quite light headed but attributed that to the drinks, the heat of the tub, the heat of our bodies, her being with me, the headiness that she aroused in me. Not one thing but the combination could drive anyone crazy. It was a short drive.

I delved between her legs with enthusiasm, bringing a hand in to help scoop out the wetness forming there and bring it greedily to my mouth. I no longer thought about how her mouth and lips were affecting me, I had to taste, to gorge on her and I sucked, and licked, and tongued to my hearts content. My body though was paying attention in some part of my brain because my arousal was going on without conscious thought. I know it wasn’t me that was more aware of where this was taking us to because I was absorbed in the wetness I was creating, in the incredible heat we were generating, in giving her the ultimate pleasure. She however, not only enjoying what I was doing to her was enthusiastically returning the favor, gauging my reactions and her own and timed the incredible orgasm that ripped through my body to release one of her own. Only holding each other tight allowed us to hang on and continue until I felt my head swimming from the combination. When I finally felt I could stop I found I couldn’t just fall away from her incredible body. I was too tangled up and my breath wasn’t cooperating. It seemed to take forever to be able to move, by then I was so exhausted and from what I could see of her moves, she was equally so. Together we somehow managed to peel the sheets down and crawl between them.

Between the long trip, a full stomach, a hot bath, and great loving we both slept rather well. Waking up to unfamiliar birds calling and the rich smells of the wilds around us, the hills, and the ocean breezes, we felt incredibly refreshed. Trude had a fruit breakfast waiting for us and advised us about what trails to take to the beach and into the hills so we would not get lost. She packed us a picnic lunch and wished us well.

The first view of Bethells Beach wasn’t exactly what we thought it would be from the video. We both had romanticized notions of what it would. Hoping to see sexy Shania Twain there was too much to hope for. While I thought the singer sexy, beautiful, and talented I was actually glad to be alone there with my lover and I think she was glad to be with me as well. The looks we exchanged lent credence to that thought.

We hiked down to the sandy beach and took in the views of the tremendous rocks that nature and perhaps the gods had placed so majestically on the beach. Time and water had worn a lot of the stones away and created incredible shapes. It was breathtaking and I for one thought it was worth the trip just to be there. It amazed us both to realize the planning, the anticipation, the reality was all there, here, in front of us. The moment was not lost on either of us as we realized our fantasy of being there. I took so many pictures of her, of us, let her take some of me that we posed as though in the video, made silly faces, and I snuck one of her looking directly into the camera that I knew in my gut would always pull at my gut her gaze was direct, so beautiful, so mine.

“Can you believe we are here?” she said as we finally sat on a blanket on the beach and just absorbed the atmosphere.

I smiled, I too had felt in awe of the moment. How many people fall in love with a song, a video, and make that fantasy come true, especially with the one they love. I handed her a wine glass and uncorked the wine bottle. Trude had made sure we had a nice New Zealand Zinfandel and it tasted delicious. The fruit and the sandwiches were equally welcome as we lay back on the picnic blanket and watched the waves, listened to and watched the strange birds, and listened to the music of the wind. No words were necessary as we absorbed the atmosphere, taking comfort in just being there, together.

Few places on Earth are so beautiful that they take your breath away. We were technically on a South Seas Island but New Zealand is different than just any South Seas Island. It’s very uniqueness gives it an aura that was already affecting the two of us. Just getting away hadn’t been our intention. Just having sex had been our intention, but even the best intentions change. Fulfilling some need to come here, to this beach, this fantasy had been the culmination of both of our dreams.

After packing up our food and plates we sipped the rest of the wine and relished the peace and quiet broken only by the sounds of the wind, the waves, and the birds. I glanced over at my girl and realized she was glancing over at me as well. The wine was heading straight for my crotch despite the lovely meal we had just consumed. We finished the wine and packed away the glasses. It was then that we could no longer pretend we were here to sight see. We were here to be together in a remote corner of the world, we were here make love on the beautiful beach that had inspired our fantasies and inflamed our soul. I turn on the little cd player with it’s attached speakers and hit play, the strains of our song come together in this place, so fitting, so appropriate. Our place now, our fantasy about to come true.

Gently I laid down full length beside her, staring deeply into those amazing eyes that I adored I couldn’t help but feel the love she felt for me as she returned my gaze. Smiling gently I cupped the side of her face and leaned in for a soft kiss. Damn, her lips tasted good. It wasn’t just the Zinfandel I could taste on them, it was the very uniqueness that was her. It was what kept drawing me back time and time again. As her tongue gently pushed into the depths of my mouth I couldn’t help but suck on it, earning a moan that encouraged me.

My hand continued to caress the side of her face and into her hair, cupping her head so that I could keep her exactly where I wanted her. Her arm crept around me and pulled me close, I swear her body was throbbing, I could feel pulses at the contact that couldn’t possibly be mine. My legs parted so I could capture one of hers between mine and squeeze it.

My tongue and mouth reluctantly released hers so that I could lick and caress her lips. I kissed along her jawline and nuzzled into her neck along under ear breathing in the scent that is so uniquely hers. I don’t care if I make love to her a million times (I’m not counting but hoping to achieve that number) I can’t get enough of the scents, the feeling of her body against mine, the feeling of contentment that comes over me from making love to her, this woman, the one that has captured my heart.

Rolling back I brought her with me so she is on top of my body. Gravity is my friend and her body is pressed against me much to our mutual delight. I wrap my legs around hers to keep her in place and allow our bare legs to caress each other. Her shorts have got to go though I think as I begin to rub. My hands have already traveled up and down her back and sides before beginning to slip inside to her bare skin. The feel of her warm flesh under my fingertips and hands is incredible.

She isn’t a passive partner as she wiggles, squirms, and grinds against me suggestively as she leans down to tease my lips, kiss along my jaw, and suck gently along my neck on her way down to my breasts. My blouse has a built in shelf bra and because of it’s design she just pulls it down exposing my nipples and full breasts to the elements. Gazing for a moment as their fullness pours out she smiles devilishly before leaning down to take first one nipple and then the other into her mouth, her hand capturing the orb and squeezing it.

Leaning back and taking this ‘abuse’ I grind up and between her legs with my crotch. These clothes are bothering me and I pull her shirt up and over quickly so she is naked above me, from the waist up. I wiggle my hand between us to unsnap her shorts and begin to pull them off of her delicious little toushy. A nice handful to be sure. I’m delighted to realize she went commando. Naked in my arms on Bethells Beach in New Zealand is the culmination of one of my fantasies.

“No fair” she breathed as she began to pull up my blouse but it stuck from where she spilled out my breasts. I laughingly help her and they flop back into her face she is so close. “Smother me” she laughs as she reaches for my shorts.

Kneeling together onto the blanket we enjoy the nakedness exposed to the elements. I can’t help but touch her more intimate parts, they are so gloriously out there for me, just waiting to be touched, to be caressed, to be adored. They are puckering up at attention for me. My lips capture her nipples dangling over in my face as she rises above me. My hand reaches down between us and begins to play with the wetness I find there. Her moan does things to my insides as I indulge.

Kissing her way down we manage so each of us can play between us with occasional forays to breasts, nipples, and other parts above the navel. Our fingers are working each other’s clit and thrusting inside to each other’s mutual gratification. Two naked women kneeling against each other we thrust and dance against each other as we rock to nature’s oldest rhythm. It’s as I’m having a beautiful orgasm, bucking against her hand, feeling her do the same against mine that the first wave hits us. Literally, a wet, salty, ocean wave hits us. While we have been mutually distracted by each other’s naked body, making love, the tide has begun to come in. We scramble up in dismay, look at each other, trying to get our orgasmic equilibrium back and quickly grab clothing, basket, cd player, and blanket to run farther up the beach.

“Holy shit, that was close” I laugh as I pull up my shorts and regretfully watch as she puts those glorious breasts away under her blouse.

“Let me help with those” she murmurs as I try to pull my blouse over my head and tuck my breasts into the shelf bra.

Looking down at her hands I have to ask “are you helping or helping yourself?”

Grinning back into my face she asks innocently “which would you prefer” before licking an erect nipple.

“Hey, are you two okay?” we hear a man shout.

I pull up my blouse and cover my breasts before turning and blocking my girls body so she can pull on her shorts before calling my answer “yeah, we got caught by the tide but we’re okay.” I look up the path we hiked down to see a tall man, must be John Bethell that we hadn’t met.

“Got it” my girl breathes behind me as she picks up the basket and I shake out the blanket. We begin to walk along the edge of the tide line hurrying to the path.

“Hi, I’m John” he introduces himself with his hand outstretched.

We introduce ourselves and look out over the now water coated sands where our picnic had been so abruptly interrupted.

“Trude should have told you what time the tide comes in” John commented to fill the quiet.

“That’s okay, we had a nice picnic” my girl responds but I think I’m the only one that hears the catch in her voice.

“That’s right, we can have another one later” I smile at John but know my girl is hoping my statement means more than what I am saying.

Together we begin hiking back up to the cabins….

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