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A New Me

Connie goes to Shelly apartment, hears of problems so Shelly moves in with Connie and
A New Me

A New Me

“Hey, Shelly, can I pick you up for lunch?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Are you OK?”

“Yeah, Ed came home drunk again last night.”

“I’ll be right there.”

I got to Shelly’s apartment as fast as I could. Knowing Ed, he gave Shelly hell. Ed was always rude to Shelly, even when they dated. I did not like the son of a bitch. No telling what emotional condition Ed left her in.

I knocked on the door and Shelly opened it.

“Shelly, how are you – what the hell happened here? There were no tornado sirens last night?”
Did he hurt you physically, I know he beat you up mentally.”

The television was ripped from the wall, the coffee table was broken, the mirror was smashed, and every picture was torn from the walls. It was a total disaster. Shelly moved some debris from the couch so we could sit.

“Connie, I did press charges, and this afternoon, I have an appointment with Frank, our lawyer. I am divorcing this maniac; this is the last time he is doing this to me.”

Connie and I go back as far as high school. There was nothing one would not do for the other. I tried to talk her out of marrying Ed. She insisted it would work. I told Shelly to grab her purse and phone. We were going to go to lunch, but I had a feeling lunch was going to be very quiet.

As I suspected, lunch was very quiet. At least Shelly had some food in her. She even had a beer with the roast beef. We talked about the four-year marriage which was more like four months before the wheels fell off.

I asked her if she stayed on birth control. She said yes, fortunately. I didn’t bring up talking to my fiancé Vic about this. He has hated Ed since the second they met. Vic does not like pompous, arrogant people. Ed was the epitome of those people.

I dropped Shelly off at her lawyer’s office, then stopped by Vic’s office. I had no idea how I would tell him what Ed had done, and not have him go hunting for Ed. Vic would find out sooner or later, might as well be now.

“Hey, Sugar! How is my beautiful fiancé – what’s wrong? Connie, please don’t say anything is wrong. I can tell by the look on your face. Tell me, Baby.”

“Vic, I had lunch with Shelly. And – a – Victor, please remember Shelly is my longest and best friend. I love her like a sister. Victor, please.”

“What did that son of a bitch do to her. Give me ten minutes in a locked room with him, and he’ll straighten out. Did he hurt her? Connie, tell me the truth.”

“NO, he did not hurt her. He did trash their living room. The manager said he would not hold her responsible for the damage. He knows Ed as well. But he is pressing charges for the damage. I dropped her off at her lawyer’s office. She is pressing charges and divorcing Ed. He is getting three hots and a cot.

Vic knows a lot of people. He found a Television for Shelly, a new coffee table, and the works. Vic just about refurnished her apartment. He also had taken care of the insurance covering Shelly’s loss. Shelly came out good. One of the many reasons I love Vic. If you’re down, he’s there.

Three months passed, and Ed was found guilty on all counts. It was also in the divorce filings, that he was not to be within a mile of Shelly at any time, day or night. Shelly was elated. After each court session, we went out for a celebratory lunch and drinks. Everything was going quite well.

One afternoon, just for fun, I stopped by Shelly’s apartment. I knocked and opened the door. She was sitting at the table sorting through a mountain of papers. She had such a forlorn look on her face.

“Shelly, what’s wrong? You look as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders.”

“Connie, even with the money I get from Ed, and he is good about paying, I can’t afford this place. They raised the rent, utilities, car payment, insurance, and renters’ insurance I have very little left for food. I don’t know what to do. Tom, the manager, has been great, but his boss will want the rent paid up sooner or later.

Shelly started to cry. So, did I. It was killing me to my dearest friend feeling destroyed and having nowhere to turn. I put my arms around my friend and her sobbing was tearing my heart apart. Shelly, give me a minute. I have an idea. I need to call Vic. Trust me, Baby, we won’t let you down.

I stepped outside of the apartment and called Vic to explain what was going on. We planned that I would move in with Vic when my lease ended. I was certain that Vic would understand if I had Shelly move in with me and we postponed moving together for a while. When I proposed the idea to him, he was all for it. There is no wonder I love this man the way I do.

“Shelly, listen to me, Baby. How would you like to move in with me until things are better for you? This will give you time to think and get your affairs in order. What do you think?”

“Connie! You are going to move in with Vic when your lease is up. I can’t put your plans in the gutter because of my stupid mistakes. I won’t do that to you and Vic.”

“Girl, I have already talked to Vic. He is all for it. He is calling your manager this afternoon and explaining what is going on. This way, it won’t be like you are skipping out. He then calls the movers. You know Vic. Do you want to tell him “No”?”

Shelly moved in and settled in the spare bedroom. I told her she could hang her favorite poster on the ceiling if she wanted. We both had a good laugh. It has been a long time since I have Shelly this happy, and calm.

One afternoon, not thinking, I just finished my shower and walked into Shelly’s room. She was in bed and covered herself as though she was an embarrassed young girl. I was standing there in my bra and panties and was a bit embarrassed as well. Shelly moved and a hum came from under the sheets. Try as she might, she couldn’t find the off switch. When she did find it she looked up at me.

“Connie. I – I – it’s been so long – and – I needed – “

I looked at Shelly and smiled. I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. It fell to the floor. The look on Shelly’s was of amazement. I slowly started to remove my panties, a type of strip tease. I walked to the bed and pulled back the sheet just enough for me to slide next to her. I moved next to Shelly until our bodies touched.

I put my hand on her face, she closed her eyes and I kissed her with a soft gentle kiss. Shelly slowly opened her eyes as our lips parted. I lowered my head to kiss her again, Shelly’s lips were slightly parted. I slowly slid my tongue between them, and Shelly pushed her pelvis against my leg.

I wrapped my arms around her and began to kiss her deeper. Shelly responded by grinding her pubic mound against mine. I moved my hand to her breast and gave it a firm squeeze. She inhaled sharply and slowly exhaled just enough to cover her saying “Connie”. I started playing with her nipple. She grabbed my breast and in a quick move began sucking my breast. I held her head against my breast as she sucked and nibbled on my hard nipple.

When she did that, I moved my hand to her pubic mound and traced her wanting pussy from clit to the bottom. I did this several times and then slid my finger inside Shelly. By this time, Shelly was panting, and I could almost feel her heartbeat. I fingered her and she moaned, pushing her pelvis demanding more.

I then pushed another finger into her. Shelly grabbed my hand in a firm grip. She was moving back and forth on my fingers. I was sucking on her breast when I decided to insert a third finger. When Shelly felt the third intruder, her grasp tightened on my wrist, and used my hand to plunge in and out of her passion pit.

Shelly took in a long inhale and held it for a couple of seconds. When she finally exhaled, she moaned “Now’ and her climax flowed over my intruding fingers and hand. She held my hand fast with my fingers inside of her. I let her grip dictate her desire. Shelly lay there my wrist captive in her grip. Occasionally, Shelly’s body would jump slightly.

This went on for several minutes, and she finally released my wrist. When she did, she held my hand close to her chest. It was as though she were holding a treasure and was afraid to drop it or lose it.

When she looked at me, her face was red and wet with sweat. I moved my head to kiss her. She licked her lips, and then mine. Her touch was tender as her tongue traced my lips and kissed me again.

Shelly gently pushed me on my back. The look in her eyes was a combination of wanting and love. She laid her head on my chest as though she wanted to hear my heartbeat. She turned her head and began sucking my breasts as a child would. Demanding nourishment from my breast.

Shelly suckled my breast and ran her hand lightly up and down my torso. Her touches were welcomed and exciting. I wanted her to lay between my legs, suck my breasts, and let her hands roam over my body as she wanted. Instead, she ran her toy up and down my torso. The light vibrations gave me goose flesh and a stirring in my pussy.

Shelly got up and straddled me with her hot, wet pussy less than an inch from me. It was as though she was saying what she wanted. I started licking her lips when she moved and placed her tight opening for me to arouse. I had not had this opportunity before. So, I licked and sucked from her tightest opening to her clit and back. While I was licking her, I felt her insert her toy into me.

This took me by surprise. The toy felt nice and hard, and the slight vibration was arousing me like I had not been aroused before. Shelly moved it in and out of my making me wetter and wetter. Then she started licking and sucking my clit.

I was still licking her from her clit to her bottom when Shelly removed the toy. She gently slid two fingers into me, replaced the toy and the licking started again.

She spread my cheeks apart and gently slid a finger into my bottom. The vibrating, licking, and intrusion of her finger was arousing me more and more. I gently pushed a finger into her pussy, then went back to using my tongue on her pussy and tight opening. Shelly let out a long moan. She reached back to my hand and pushed another finger into her tight ass. I let a muffled “yes” and then she inserted a second finger into my ass.

All of these working parts were bringing us to the climax that our openings demanded. I went first. I sucked her clit harder and pounded her ass with my fingers as my muffled moans assured her that she owned me. Within seconds of my orgasm, Shelly burst from her hot, wet pussy. Her climax flowed into my mouth and down my chin in a steady flow.

She removed her toy from me and turned around to be next to me. We were both panting from the experience. We pulled up the sheet and cuddled in each other’s arms. We were still breathing heavily. Shelly looked at me, and I kissed her ever so gently. She licked my lips and returned the kiss.

“Connie, are you going to tell Vic. About, about our – a – afternoon?”

“No. This is between you and me. I don’t want to remove our want for each.

We fell asleep wrapped around each other. We went through life as sisters, now we are lovers.

I decided I needed a little time off for bad behavior, and Vic agreed, so we both decided to take Friday off and spend it together. I planned a walk in our park and stopped at the food truck. Friday can and brought a drizzle with it.

We decided to go to Misty’s Grill House. The beer is cold and the roast beef sandwiches are to die for. Moonie, the barkeep was always in a good mood and ready with a story to tell or one of his crappy jokes, you had to laugh at.

When we left Misty’s, the rain had stopped. Vic and I walked to my place since it was closer. Once in the door, Vic put his arms around me and gave me one of his hot kisses. We walked hand in hand to my bedroom, removed our clothes, and stepped into a warm shower.

As for the shower, there was more kissing and fondling of each other. A very sensuous gesture Vic started was when we were drying each other, we hugged face to face as we dried the other’s back. That leads to more kissing and the fondling becomes more intense.

Another one of Vic’s little habits is when we get into bed, I crawl in and he gives me a firm pat on my butt. It does send signals between my legs. He slides in next to me and pulls me close to him. His arms are around me, and his tongue is wrapping around mine, as he fondles and massages my butt cheeks.

He knows that makes me crazy. I’m wrapped in his clutches, his hands on my ass are making me need it more, then he pulls me against his hard throbbing cock. I almost climax every time he does this.

I rolled him on his back and was getting ready to ride him when we noticed Shelly standing there watching.

“I’m – a – I’m sorry, I – I got off early and didn’t know, I mean -”, Shelly was stammering out of embarrassment.

I looked down at Vic, and it was as though we could read our thoughts. I got off of Vic, he sat up and we both sat on the edge of the bed. We walked over to Shelly and held her. She put her arms around us and turned to Vic, he kissed her. Shelly then looked at me, and I kissed her. Shelly stepped back from us a bit and slowly removed her shirt, and then her bra.

Vic turned Shelly’s face and kissed her passionately. I was busy licking her nipple and rubbing her tight ass. Vic reached down and lowered Shelly’s shorts, I lowered her panties. Then we both pulled them down, and she stepped out of them.

Vic gently set Shelly on the edge of the bed. He knelt between her and put her legs over his shoulders. With Vic in that position, Shelly was in for a wonderful climax. I straddled her face so I could squeeze her breasts and pull her nipples.

Vic’s magic was working. Shelly was licking me harder and harder as Vic licked her. It was arousing watching her push her hungry pussy to his mouth. Vic’s tongue is relentless. Once he has your clit in his grip and his tongue starts flogging it, you can only succumb to his oral prowess. Shelly was whimpering and moaning and finally exhaled sharply and flooded Vic’s face with her climax.

She pushed me from her face, pulled her legs from Vic’s shoulders, and curled into a tight ball. Shelly was trying to recover from Vic’s oral assault. She looked up at us, smiled, and closed her eyes again. It was as though she didn’t want the feeling to end.

Shelly had moved onto the bed next to me. I lay next to her and kissed her gently; she returned my kiss. I moved on top of Shelly so I could lick her dripping pussy. Vic knelt behind me and slid his hard shaft into my needy pussy until his body was touching my ass. He was giving it to me with those long even strokes I want so badly. My head was between Shelly’s legs licking up any of the juices from her orgasm.

With all of the physical and mental arousing, Vic and Shelly had me just on the verge of an orgasm. When I wanted to make Shelly orgasm, Vic pulled his piston from my dripping opening and slowly slid it into my tight back door.

I left it in me for a few seconds so I could relax enough for him. When I felt him slowly starting to stroke my tight opening, my mind went into sexual convulsions. As I relaxed, he increased his pumping. I loved every minute of it. My face was buried in Shelly’s crotch, Vic pumping his rod into me, it was too much. I started to climax just when Shelly started. I was flooding Vic’s member with my orgasm when he shot deep into my bowel. My pussy was dripping onto Shelly’s face, her juices were flooding my lips and Vic’s hot semen was shooting into me.

Shelly crossed her legs prohibiting me from enjoying her sweet fluids, and I was becoming too weak to remain on all fours. I collapsed next to her leaving Vic to stand guard over his willing victims.

Vic brought us a warm damp washcloth that he placed between our legs. It felt so good, then he crawled in next to us. He kissed me, then Shelly, and gave his usual nip on my nipple and then on Shelly’s. She looked nervous.

Vic went for two glasses of wine and his beer; I love watching his butt. When he returned, he gave Shelly her glass of wine and then gave me mine. Shelly was holding her glass with two hands and looking into it. I’m not sure if she was looking for a way to respond to what had happened, or if she was looking for a place to hide. Vic motioned me to the kitchen.

“That’s the most sex I have had in years, not to mention having an orgasm. Things never went that well with Ed. Stagger in, shove it in, then sleep in. I was so miserable. Thank you for letting me move in. You two saved me.” Shelly admitted.

Vic looked at Connie. He could see the wheels turning just by the look in her eyes. Usually, when she got this look, a good idea was forming, or at least the beginning of one. Connie looked at Vic with a look that said her idea was ready for sharing.

“Would anyone have an objection to the three of us living together?

“Connie, no, a – I mean you and Vic had this all planned to be together. I’ve postponed it long enough.”, Shelly interrupted.

Vic spoke up, “Can I add my thoughts to this? I think we all enjoyed the sexual experience we shared. I think it’s a great idea. I have the feeling you and Connie have been together. That’s fine. I believe we can make this work.”

“I would be the winner in all of this,”, Connie said. “I would have my best friends and my lovers close to me every day. I think we would have fun together. We may hit a few rough spots, but we will work them out. I think we may want a three-bedroom apartment.”

Shelly was smiling as a tear tried to sneak down her face. For the first time in a long time, she was feeling love and security. She said she would get a fresh round of drinks and almost skipped into the kitchen.

We had our drinks and decided to have a toast. We tapped our glasses together, but instead of taking a sip, I put Shelly’s nipple in my glass. She smiled and did the same thing to me. We both look at Vic. He held his arms out and we dipped his cock and balls deep in our glasses.

Shelly licked the wine from my nipples, then I liked her nipple. We dipped Vic’s cock in our glasses again and then set our glasses down. We knelt in front of Vic, ready to wash his cock. He stood there and raised his hand and put his other hand over his heart.

“For what we are about to receive, let us be truly thankful.”

We began our oral attack. Shelly and I kissed and began to please Vic. She sucked on his wine-coated balls, while my mouth was removing wine from his hardening cock. After a few minutes, Shelly and I kissed again and switched positions. You could hear us sucking and slurping on his manhood, while Vic was trying to stand.

Shelly and I stood up and knelt on the edge of the bed. Vic had complete access to our offerings, without reservation. He came behind me first, the first insertion of his hard cock always made me wetter. He knew just how to stroke me to make me hotter and my pussy more demanding. He pumped me for about five minutes, then withdrew from me. It was Shelly’s turn.

Vic stood behind Shelly and slowly inserted his cock into her dripping pussy. Shelly was so sexually excited, that she might have gone off in a minute, Vic is a master of making you wait. He had his rhythm going and Shelly was purring. His sliding in and out was making her crazy. She wanted it and was getting it. He slowly withdrew from her.

I heard him open the jar we had by the bed for special occasions. I knew what he wanted, and I wanted him to have me any way he wanted.

I felt him apply some of the gel to my bottom. Vic gently pushed a finger into my bottom and waited. When I relaxed enough for him, he slid his finger in and out of my butt. I was going insane. I wanted him in me. Then the moment came, he removed his finger and guided his hard, hot shaft into the depths of my bowels. He waited again.

He started pumping me with his rhythmic strokes that always made me squirt. Within five minutes of his massaging my sphincter muscle I was exploding. My climax shot from me coating his balls and legs with my juice. I had a death grip on the sheets as my orgasm went screaming throughout my body. Then I collapsed, leaving his rock-hard cock pointing to the ceiling. He had worn me out.

Vic then stood behind Shelly. I heard the same sound from the jar. I didn’t know if Shelly had sex this way, but I knew Vic’s touch from the first time he did it to me. He is so gentle. He does make a little pain turn into so much pleasure.

Vic applied a generous amount of gel on Shelly and made sure he was well coated. As he slid his finger into her virgin bottom, Shelly was whimpering. When he had it fully inserted, he waited until she relaxed. It had taken a bit longer, but Vic is a patient man. He started to stroke Shelly’s bottom with slow in-and-out strokes. Shelly started to mew and push back on his finger. Vic was ready for his move.

He removed his finger and gingerly guided his cock into Shelly’s bottom. Shelly responded by inhaling sharply and moaning with concern. Vic gently entered her bottom, stopping occasionally for her to relax to his girth.

When he was completely in her, he waited. When he thought she was relaxed enough, he slowly started his rhythmic massaging of her sphincter. Watching Vic work his magic on Shelly, I was getting wet again.

Vic continued his stroking in and out of Shelly’s bottom. She was beginning to feel the enjoyment of having Vic in her bowels. He continued his stroking, Shelly had a fistful of the sheet in both hands. Vic quickened his pace slightly and that was all. Shelly was panting and moaning when it happened.

Vic gave her a firm shove and Shelly’s orgasm flowed from her. She bucked back onto Vic’s ramrod as her orgasm continued. Shelly’s orgasm must have lasted five minutes. When she had finished, she collapsed on the bed, panting, and mewing.

Vic was still hard. I laid on my back and spread my legs and held them close to my head. Vic grabbed my legs and pulled me to the end of the bed. He reinserted his rocket into my backdoor again. I had nothing but desire and heat running through my body. I looked up at Vic.

“Take me.”

Vic started his rhythm as he always did, but this time was a bit different. Vic began pounding me a bit more than usual. The look on his face was a man demanding his woman and I wanted to give my man what he wanted.

Vic began pumping me in earnest. He was using my back door for his release and nothing more. I had never seen him like this, but it started my orgasm. When I started, Vic shot everything he had from his balls into my bowels. It felt so hot, that it increased my climax.

When he was finished, he looked at me as though he was asking if he hurt me. I reached up and pulled him down on me. He was panting and sweating. He felt wonderful on top of me. He whispered in my ear, “Baby, I love you.”.

Vic moved off me and lay between Shelly and me. Shelly had refreshed our drinks again and was sitting there watching Vic recover. As we were sipping our wine, Vic pushed himself onto his elbows. He looked at me, then looked at Shelly. He was looking straight ahead for a while, and then he turned to Shelly.

“Would you mind if we start looking for a larger place tomorrow?” and dropped back on the bed.

Shelly and I just started laughing.



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