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Wife Fucked At The Gym

Wife cheats for first time with black trainer.
Wife Fucked At The Gym

Kim walked over to the information desk with a slight limp. “Excuse me, is anyone available now to give me a quick massage. It feels like I pulled a muscle.”

“Let me check,” replied Oscar, the owner of Push Gym. “Are you okay? It looks like you might have overdone it.”

“Maybe I did, I am trying to get back in shape, it has been a while since I have been to the gym,” Kim said.

Oscar looked Kim up and down. “Your shape looks pretty good to me.”

“Ha, thanks.” Kim glanced in the mirror, ” I do look pretty good, for someone who had a kid a year ago,” she thought.

Kim noticed her thick brown hair, her bigger and heavier tits, fairly flat tummy and an ass that was getting more compliments than ever. She turned thirty-three last month and was married for ten years, but still drew plenty of looks from interested men.

” Matt is available, are you okay with a male masseuse?”

” Umm, sure, that’s fine,” Kim answered. Actually, she always preferred a male massage. She enjoyed the strong hands and in the case of a handsome attendant, the fantasy of a stranger seducing her.

“Go in back, through the ladies locker room to Private Room 3, I will let Matt know you are coming down.”

“Thanks” said Kim gratefully.

Oscar called Matt, ” Matt, you are going to owe me, I just sent down a new member, she is one of those hot housewives I have seen eyeing up all of the trainer’s cocks. I think she might be a player.”

All the employees of Push were black guys, in great shape who were fucking many of the members. Push was one of those women member’s only gyms. Oscar chose his employees based upon their attractiveness and charisma, knowing that word would get out among the rich white women in town that Push had hot, young trainers for eye candy and more. Oscar’s strategy worked and Push quickly became the hottest gym in town.

Kim knocked on the door to Room 3, “Hello?”

“Come in,” a voice from inside replied

Kim entered and gave an involuntary grin when she saw Matt. Matt was one of the best looking guys at the club and Kim had noticed him several times this week. He was extremely well built and his cock was very noticeable in his gym shorts. Kim had been very aware of the hard bodies and large dicks that all the trainers at Push seemed to have. She felt guilty that she had been comparing these hot guys to her very nice and very average husband, Tom. Tom was an accountant at a large firm in town, who never worked out and possessed a perfectly adequate and average five-inch penis.

“Hi, I am Matt,” said the masseuse as he extended his hand to Kim’s.

“I’m Kim.” She felt her small white hand almost lost in Matt large, strong black grip.

“So, Oscar said you need some help, what can I do for you today?”

He couldn’t help but stare at the white wife before him. She had nice big, soft tits and a rounded ass that filled out her shorts. He noticed her slightly reddened checks and met her quick glance at his crotch with a smile.

“I think I strained something in my calf. If you are available I haven’t had a real massage in a long time and could really use one.”

“I am here for as long as you need me. The table is ready, you can change behind the screen and lie down when you are ready.”

Kim went behind the screen and quickly removed her clothes. She debated briefly with herself whether to go with or without panties. Her slightly moistened pussy decided for her and off the panties went. Kim loosely wrapped the towel around her and noticed that Matt had lowered the lights and put on some soft R&B. She walked over to the table and laid herself on her stomach.

“Okay, let’s get ourselves comfortable and work on your calf first. Then I will give you a full body massage. If something I do feels especially good you don’t have to say anything, I am good at reading body language. Just speak up if something hurts or makes you uncomfortable.”

“Sounds good,” said Kim.

Matt opened Kim’s towel so it draped over her back and top of her thighs and then moved down toward her feet to begin the rubdown. “Mmmm,” Kim moaned as Matt began by massaging her calf in one hand while rubbing her foot with the other.

Kim lost herself in thought while Matt carefully rubbed warm oil over her feet and calves. After he felt she was relaxed and out of pain he worked his way up to her thighs, kneading her muscles, using long strokes up and down the sides and back of her thighs. Her thoughts turned to fantasy as she felt strong, black hands stroking her thighs. She had never seen a black man naked, but had masturbated frequently these past few weeks to the images of Matt and the other black trainers fucking her with their big, black cocks. She now felt her clit start to tingle, as she thought about Matt naked, rubbing his cock on her ass and her pussy. She was unconsciously spreading her legs and allowing the towel to ride up her legs and begin to expose the very top of her thighs and bottom of her ass. As she moved her legs wider she inadvertently brushed Matt’s cock and balls with her foot. “Umm, sorry,” Kim murmured.

Kim couldn’t believe how large and heavy Matt’s package felt. “How big is he?” she thought to herself.

“No harm done,” Matt gently replied.

Matt continued to work his way up Kim’s thighs. His cock hardened at the touch of Kim’s foot that was now resting over the edge of the table. As he moved up Kim’s legs toward her slightly exposed ass, he softly pressed his thigh against her foot, trapping it between he and the table. Her toes were now gently rubbing against his semi hard dick as Matt wrapped his hands around the back of each of Kim’s thighs. His thumbs massaging her sensitive inner thighs were inches from her rapidly swelling pussy lips. Feeling no resistance from Kim, Matt worked his fingers up to her ass, kneading her ass flesh and dragging his thumbs ever closer to her cunt.

“My God, I have never been so turned on during a massage!” she thought. All she could think about was those strong hands squeezing her ass coming ever so close to her pussy. “He must be able see my hairy pussy, I am so turned on I don’t even care.”

As he continued to rub her ass and thighs, Kim thought more about that dick that every once in a while glanced against her toes. The more Matt rubbed, the more her inhibitions dropped away and she grew bolder and bolder as she snuck rubs with her toes against his hard cock. “I have never cheated on my husband, but if he starts to rub my pussy there is no way I am going to stop him. This feels way to good,” Kim thought.

Matt looked down at Kim and felt his cock strain even harder against his shorts as he saw her pussy hair poking out from under the towel and his black hands gripping her pale, white ass. He pressed his cock firmly against Kim’s foot and heard her gasp as she felt how large he was. He surprised her by removing his hands from her ass and pulling the towel down off her back and folding it over into a thin strip covering the top half of her ass. Matt walked around to the front of the table and started to massage warm oil all over her shoulders, arms and upper back. He rubbed her arms thoroughly, lifting them off the table and placing them out in front of her, so her hands here hanging off the edge of the table. As he worked his way further down Kim’s back, he positioned himself so her hand was in between his thighs. He leaned against her hand and waited for her move. If she pulled her hand back, maybe he would get a nice tip and she would have a fun story for the girls; if she left her hand there, he was home free and would fucking her before he knew it.

Kim felt the heat of his crotch on her hand. Her fingertips brushed against Matt’s gym shorts. Her mind was racing. She never had cheated before, but this beautiful black man was turning her on; his strong, confident hands were now sliding up and down the length of her torso, rubbing the sides of her breasts, her lower back and down under the towel to her ass. His crotch was so close she could feel the moist heat of his cock and balls. Without another thought, she moved her hand over, softly brushing against the front of his shorts. He pressed his crotch forward slightly, so she could feel the outline of his large penis with the back of her hand. Emboldened, Kim pressed back with more pressure and turned her hand so his girth was now in the palm of her hand. Kim felt him pulsating in her hand, his cock straining against the sleek fabric. She continued to grip his cock through the soft nylon and tried to wrap her hand around his girth. As if in a trance, Kim proceeded to run her fingers over his hard cock and down to his heavy balls. She slowly jerked him off, feeling him grow even larger and longer in her hand. As she rubbed his cock, she ground her pussy against the massage table, not caring that her wet pussy must be soaking the sheet beneath her.

Now that the pretense of a chaste massage was over, Matt removed the towel completely from Kim’s body. He let his eyes wander over this beautiful, hot, young, white mom. She had thick, shoulder length, brown hair, perfect soft skin, a round luscious ass; two pale globes with a hint of pussy hair down the crack. Her legs were shapely and glistened with oil and sweat. Matt let his hands wander all over Kim’s body, sliding his hands over her firm ass, teasing her ass crack and coming tantalizing close to her pussy. Kim raised her ass to try and get Matt’s long thick fingers to finally finger her hot wet cunt. Matt teased her by running his fingers through her thick pubic hair and squeezing his fingers together to rub her slick pussy lips together. His thumb lightly traced her asshole. He found himself grinding against Kim’s hand as she rubbed his long cock through his shorts and tried to cup his balls through the tight material. At last, he put his large black middle finger on top of her wet slit, his fingertip stroking her engorged clit, the girth of his finger separating her pussy lips.

“Mmmm, ahhh,” Kim breathed.

She stroked Matt’s still encased cock harder, the golf ball sized head beginning to poke out of the top of his shorts. She reached up and pulled his shorts down. “Ohhh!” she moaned.

Matt’s black mast stood at full attention. Eleven inches long, pitch black, slick with sweat, veins pulsating with blood and his balls; the size of plums, hanging below. Kim wrapped her hand around his penis, her fingers barely touching and lifted her head to take a closer look at this beautiful thing in her hand. She gave an involuntary gasp when Matt’s finger entered her hot pussy hole. His finger was a large as her husband’s dick and Matt swiftly drilled in and out of her bringing her to a quick orgasm, “Ahhh, it feels so good, mmfff!”

Matt continued to finger her, rubbing her pussy lips, teasing her clit and deeply inserting his long thick fingers in her slit.

“Suck my cock. I want to see my dick in your hot mouth, beautiful,” Matt ordered Kim.

Without hesitation Kim raised herself on her elbows so her mouth was level with his massive tool. Matt slid his hands forward placing them on Kim’s head, guiding her to his cock. She had both hands wrapped around his cock; still its massive head was uncovered. Matt felt Kim begin to lick and kiss his throbbing head while pumping his dick in her hands.

“Mmm, don’t stop baby.”

Kim continued to lick up and down his black shaft, using her tongue and soft lips to satisfy her new man. After thoroughly covering his dick with licks and kisses, she opened her mouth and starting sucking on the first couple inches of Matt’s cock. Matt moaned as Kim bobbed on his rod, taking him deeper and deeper in her hot, wet mouth. When the tip of his penis reached the back of her throat he was half way in. He held the back of her head firmly and began to pump his tool in and out of her mouth, using it as his pussy.

“Let me fuck that mouth of yours. You are such good cocksucker!”

Kim moaned and tried to keep pace with Matt’s oral assault. She had never a dick nearly that large ever and was struggling to get his huge cock in her mouth. She loved that he was using her mouth as his fucktoy. She felt his large hands leave her head and move down to her big tits that were now hanging and shaking as her mouth got fucked. His hands explored her breasts finding her swollen pink nipples. Her nipples were very sensitive, which Matt found out after pinching and pulling on her hard nipples. Kim groaned loudly on Matt’s cock and bobbed her head quickly as Matt continued to manually manipulate Kim’s large tits and nipples. He kneaded her tit flesh and rolled her large buds between his fingers. She responded by sucking his throbbing rod harder and deeper. Matt continued to slide his black snake in and out of his new white conquest’s lips, savoring the feeling of her tongue and lips worshipping his dick. Kim moved her mouth down to his balls licking and sucking each ball, softly moaning to herself.

She paused for a moment to say, ” I am so hot, I need you to fuck me already.”

” Easy baby, I will fuck you soon enough. Roll over on your back and show me that pussy.”

Kim quickly obeyed her new black master and flipped over on her back. She raised her knees up and put her hands on each side of her now soaking box and slightly spread her lips for Matt’s inspection. Matt continued to stand over the white wife feeding his ball sack into her awaiting mouth. Kim gave Matt’s balls a tongue bath while rubbing her clit and pumping her hips. Matt kept his hands on Kim’s tits, pulling and twisting her nipples, as they grew more swollen and red.

“This beautiful white bitch is all mine now,” he thought, ” she is so fucking hot and dying for a good fucking. Once I fuck this whore I will own her ass.”

“Oh, please fuck me. Please!” Kim begged.

Matt didn’t say anything, but walked to the side of the table and lifted Kim easily off the table and placed her on her back on the exercise mat on the floor. “Lift your legs up, pull your knees up to your tits. I want to see that pussy close up.” Matt ordered.

Kim complied and Matt kneeled in front of Kim’s open legs, placing his hands on either side of her steaming cunt and his face above her stomach. He roughly spread her pussy wide open, holding her lips with his thumbs, and quickly licked his way from your belly button to the top of her pussy. He raised his head and placed his nose over her now open hole and breathed deeply, inhaling her excited scent. She moaned loudly, “Oh God, don’t tease me, suck me.”

Kim raised her hips and tried to grind her pussy against Matt’s mouth. He laughed and easily pushed her back down to the floor. “Ok, honey, why don’t you show me how hot you are for me. Let’s see you play with your pussy for me.”

Kim immediately began using one hand to spread her pussy and the other to finger her hole and rub her extended clit. “Mmmm, anything, anything,” she moaned.

Matt was licking his lips watching this seemingly prim white wife and mother, shamelessly finger fucking herself for her new lover. He pulled her hands aside and lapped at her soaking bush like a man eating his last meal. Kim head whipped back and forth as Matt expertly licked and sucked Kim’s pussy. He drove one then two of his huge black fingers deep in her hole and sucked her on her clit. He opened his mouth and sucked the top half of Kim’s pussy in his mouth, sucking and licking her outer and inner lips, stabbing her clit with her long tongue.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Kim screamed as she clamped Matt’s head between her thighs.

Matt responded by strongly squeezing then opening her ass checks, while inserting his tongue deep into her cunt. Kim grabbed Matt’s head and mashed his mouth into her bush. Matt sucked her pussy even harder, lightly biting her while circling her asshole with his thumb.

Kim continued to loudly moan, ” Oh mmmm, God, mmm, so good!”

Matt lifted his head and asked, ” Who is my whore? Who is my fuck toy?”

Without hesitation Kim responded, “Me, me. Whatever you want, just don’t stop. So fuckin’ good!”

Matt pulled himself up over Kim’s sprawled body, keeping one hand deep inside his new slut’s cunt. Matt licked and sucked the top of Kim’s tits working his way up her neck to her ear, stopping to plant love bites all around her neck. Kim fondled Matt’s big tool while he licked and probed her ear with his long tongue. Kim opened her mouth expectantly as Matt placed his lips and tongue over her lips. They kissed deeply, Kim tasting her pussy on Matt’s lips, his tongue exploring the hot mouth that had just sucked his cock. Matt sucked and licked the white wife’s lips and enjoyed her frantically tugging on his cock trying to pull him into her steaming slit.

“You want something,” he whispered in her ear.

“Please, please I want you so bad. I really do.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“With what?”

“With you big, hard, black cock!”

“Are you my white whore?” Matt asked ” Are you mine now? Tell me.”

“Yes, yes, I am all yours, I am your whore, please fuck me, fuck me now! I want your black cock in me! Take me.”

“Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, once you get a taste of big, black cock you will want nothing else. I am going to fuck you good and hard bitch.”

Matt pushed up off Kim, took one of her calves in each hand and pressed them back toward her head. His long black snake rested on top of her pussy. Matt loved the feeling of her wet pussy hair and slick cunt lips on his penis. The time for teasing was over, he needed to feel that hot white pussy wrapped around his cock. He put his large cock head at the entrance to her cunt. One push and his cockhead was in her hot hole. He slowly pressed his tool deeper into her pussy to let her get used to his size. The slick, wet walls massaged his massive cock as he slowly pumped in and out of her. He heard her grunting and huffing and he quickened the pace. When he got half of his black snake stuffed in her hole she shuddered and groaned as she had another orgasm.

“Ohhh, I’m cumming for you, baby!” Kim shuddered.

Matt gave one hard thrust and shoved his entire eleven-inch cock into Kim’s white wife pussy. She screamed with a combination of surprise, pain and ecstasy. Matt got even more excited; he loved hearing his white bitchs scream when they got the black cock treatment. He felt his rod completely fill this whore’s pussy and began to pump her harder and harder.

She screamed, “Ah! Ah! Ah! fuck me! fuck! fuck!”

Matt let go of her calves and grabbed on to Kim’s flopping tits, squeezing them so hard he left deep bruises, all the while fucking her harder and deeper than she ever imagined getting fucked.

Kim came over and over again, “fuck me! fuck me! ahhhhhh!”

She ran her hands all over Matt sweaty body, feeling his muscular biceps and chest as his sweat dripped off him on to her pale white skin. She reached down to hold his black ass and felt his strength as he fucked her harder and harder. He leaned down so he could suck and chew on her nipples as he pumped her cunt. As she got used to his large dick implanted deep within her, she began to fuck Matt back lifting her hips in motion with Matt’s stronger and stronger thrusts.

“Mrr, mrrrrr,” Matt growled, “you are one hot fuck. You were made to fuck black cock.”

When Matt started pulling his eleven inches almost all the way out of her pussy, the look of panic and disappointment on Kim’s face quickly changed to pleasure as he plunged his black rod fully back in her cunt. As he continued to deep dick her she came again.

“Mmmmm, fuck me hard! Harder!”, she urged.

Matt was getting to close to cumming in this hot cunt, so he pulled all the way out of her pussy and barked, ” On your hands and knees, now I am really going to fuck you senseless!”

Kim quickly assumed the position, with her ass high in the air, her throbbing pussy on display for her black lover. Matt roughly grabbed her ass and with his thumbs spread her inflamed pussy lips; her hole was already gaping open, still engorged from the hard fucking it just received. Without hesitation, Matt plunged his cock into Kim.

“Oh, Ahhh!” Kim yelled.

Even though she had just had Matt inside her, her cunt was not used to such a large cock. “Ohh, God it feels like you are ripping my wide open!”

Matt didn’t pause, but continued to pump his black tool in and out of her pussy. Pulling Kim strongly to him he thrust the entire eleven inches deep into her womb.

“OHHHHH!” she yelled.

Matt felt Kim’s cunt wall gripping his cock has he pounded her. Kim felt complete helpless as Matt jack hammered her like a dog in heat, his hands wrapped around her hips pulling her to his cock. Kim was uncontrollably groaning with pleasure as Matt’s huge cockhead and pole slide over her clit and deep inside her. She completely submitted to his will and let him fuck her and use her cunt for his pleasure.

“I’mm cummmming! I’m cummming! So good, so good, mmmm!” Kim breathless said, as Matt continued his assault on his newly submissive whore.

Kim noticed she was able to look at the mirrored wall see her self getting fucked. Kim observed the sharp contrast between Matt’s dark, cocoa skin and her whiteness, his chiseled muscles and her soft curves. She couldn’t help but stare at the sight of the large black cock pumping in and out of her married cunt and the look of pleasure that was plastered on her face.

“I am going to cum bitch!” Matt announced, ” Get ready for my black cum!”

Matt quickened his pace and then plunged to the depths of her cunt and he began to unleash his cum. He quickly filled her pussy up. Kim felt his huge cock jerk and in an instant his hot cum filled her cunt.

“Whaa” exclaimed Kim, as Matt pulled out rubbed his still spewing cock all over her ass.

Cum now gushed out of her misshapen pussy hole and ran all over her ass cheeks. Any other time Kim would have immediately ran to bathroom to clean herself up, but she was still so horny and turned on that she just let the cum drip out of her and dry all over her ass and cunt.

She smiled as she thought to herself, “I really am a slut.”

“You are a great fuck,” Matt said.

Kim lay on her side in exhaustion, “What just happened? I can’t believe what I just did. It was incredible.” Kim exclaimed. ” But I never thought I would be with anyone else but my husband.”

Kim leaned against Matt rock solid chest and felt his still hard, slick, black cock resting on the back her thighs. Matt gently caressed her soaked pussy.

He whispered in her ear, ” You know just what you did. You got fucked and fucked good.”

He reached over to tease her nipples. “You loved it and you still want more”

“Oh, no I can’t! “

Matt adjusted his long black dick so it lay in between her thighs and he slid it over her swollen, wet cunt lips. He softly pulled and twisted her nipples and continued, ” I am not done with you yet and I know you are not done with me.”


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