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Part 3

Training The Hotwife

Cathy takes on her husbands best friend in her first Hotwife experience.
Training The Hotwife

John’s rough words rang in Cathy’s ears arousing her even more than sucking Marcus’ cock had done. — Holy Shit! We are really doing this! I am really doing this! — She thought as she lifted her legs one at a time allowing John to pull her panties down and then off. In seconds she was left wearing nothing but her boots as Marcus continued to bounce his cock on her lips and chin.

“Should we take it slow? Let him play with your tight little pussy before we take turns with you?” John whispered in her ear as he slowly slipped a finger between her ass cheeks and tickled her butthole. Cathy shivered in excitement at his words.

“Yes! Yes, whatever you want me to do.” She barely breathed out as she grabbed Marcus’ cock between firm lips and then released it with a sucking sound. “Anything, anything you want.” — I mean it, I didn’t expect to feel so…into this…so slutty. — With the thought rolling through her mind she returned to eagerly licking and sucking Marcus’ cock.

“What do you want?” John asked Marcus as he slid his finger lower, spreading Cathy’s damp lips before slipping the finger into her cunt. John knew his words and actions were exactly what Cathy wanted. Marcus, his initial shyness now over chuckled.

“Anything?” Marcus asked teasingly as he took Cathy’s head between both hands and lowered it to his cock. He waited a few moments as he moved her head up and down, forcing her to take more and more of his shaft before pulling her up by her hair to look him in the eyes. “Anything?” He asked again. Marcus marveled how the normally aggressive and strong-willed woman willingly, no eagerly accepted his dominance as she blew him.

“Anything,” Cathy responded a second or two before John said the same. “I love this! Thanks.” She said the last word, surprising Marcus. He’d been watching her as she spoke and sensed her sincerity. It was just fucking odd to hear her thank him.

“Well, you are definitely welcome! Especially if you keep sucking my shaft like that.” Cathy grinned at him as she slid her lips along his cock like it was a harmonica. “Hmmmm, I’m ready to do more. Let me taste that sweet pussy of yours. ” Marcus grinned as he put his hands under her armpits and lifted her to the couch next to him. “Spread your legs. Yeah, I like that shaved cunt. Hold it open for me.” He told her as he dropped between her open legs and stared at her pussy.

“Yes, like this?” She asked as she gently opened her labia. “John is the only man to ever see me like this.” Cathy began rubbing her clit while glancing back and forth between the two men. John winked encouragement at her then sat back on his heels, massive cock in one hand as he gently stroked it.

“Does it make you feel like a whore? That’s what you two want? Right?” Marcus asked with a grin ignoring John. “You gonna be our whore tonight?” He then turned to John who was sitting on the floor next to him grinning. “You good with me calling her a whore?”

“You good with it Cat?” John winked at her again as he tore his eyes from her pussy. Cathy had been gently tickling her clit as the men talked. She grinned down at them, suddenly looking like a cat ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey.

“Yes! Yes! I am going to be your slut tonight, but make it worth my while. Just promise you’ll fuck me senseless! Make me cum.” Cathy increased her pace, rubbing her clit furiously as she spoke. — I haven’t been this fucking horny in… ever. — The look on her pretty face was one of desperate need. Marcus replied with a grin before placing his lips and tongue on her pussy. Pushing her hands aside he tickled her clit with the tip of his tongue even as he rubbed his lips against her labia. “Please, yes, eat me out!” Cathy begged.

“Uhhhh,” Cathy gasped involuntarily as he manipulated her sensitive nub with his tongue then gently sucked on it. “Oh, GOD! Yes, lick me like that! Suck it! Can you see him, John?” Cathy tossed her head back and clenched the couch cushions as Marcus worked his tongue from her clit to her opening. “SHIT!” she gasped out as he worked his tongue into her.

“I see him.” John finally responded in a rasped tone as he moved to sit on a lounge chair near the couch. “Damn, that is so fucking hot.” He muttered as he watched Marcus work his tongue deeper and deeper. — I have to be careful I don’t cum! Baseball stats man! — John thought to himself as he stopped stroking his cock, squeezed his eyes closed, and thought about baseball. He knew he was dangerously close to losing his load and that might ruin the plans for the evening.

“HOLY SHIT,” Cathy exclaimed. “Keep doing that with your tongue, keep doing it, please! Deeper!” Marcus had begun humming softly as he slid his tongue in and out of her pussy. The vibrations on her aroused clit nearly sent her over the edge.

“Your fucking tongue is longer than my first boyfriend’s cock.” Cathy whispered between gasps. Not able to control herself, she grabbed Marcus by the ears and pulled his face snuggly into her pussy. John heard Marcus chuckle and had to open his eyes. Marcus had just pulled back from her grip and turned his head up slightly to grin at Cathy. John saw a mix of her juices smeared on his lips and face, glistening in the dim lighting of the room.

“Please don’t stop!” Cathy begged as she writhed on the couch. Her hands were now on her tits, kneading them. John saw Marcus now had two fingers in her and grinned as he realized how wild this was driving her. Marcus moved his face near hers, still grinning as he kissed her lips, then intentionally smeared her juices on her face.

“Suck this.” He told her then extended his tongue pushing it between her lips. Cathy’s eyes flew wide as Marcus proceeded to face fuck her with his tongue.

“Ummmmm!” Cathy groaned whether from the erotic act of sucking a tongue as long as most dicks or being fingered.

“It is big, isn’t it slut?” Marcus chortled as he pulled his tongue from her eager mouth to speak.

“So damn big! Please lick my cunt more, please! I’ve never had a tongue in me so deep… it’s amazing.” Marcus chortled again as he licked his way down her body. His tongue traced a line from one tit to the other before slowly, hauntingly he dragged it down to stop just before touching her clit.

“Nah, I think it’s time for you to take my cock.” Marcus grinned at her as he leaned back and grabbed his throbbing dick by the base. “You have me so fucking hard! Shit, I need to sink my dark meat in you!” He pointed his long ebony shaft at her spread pussy lips. Grinning at the reaction his blunt words had on her. Cathy’s blue-green eyes flew open. “You look surprised whore. I’ve already had my tongue in your pretty little cunt. You got a problem with taking my cock?” As he spoke Marcus rubbed the tip of his dick on her slippery, wet cunt. “Damn. That feels so good already. You want more than the tip? Hey bud, you good with me fucking her?” He turned to John who’d been watching the scene before him, his massive cock straining in his right hand. John hesitated briefly before responding.

“Fuck her, fuck her hard! She wants it.” John finally gasped, his eyes locked on the long black cock about to enter his wife. — Goddamn! I can’t believe we are finally doing this. I have to hold on but watching may make me explode!— John struggled to keep from stroking his cock as he watched. His large hand couldn’t wrap all the way around his girth. He squeezed tightly, trying to keep frum cumming.

“Please, fuck me! Hard like he said, pound my pussy!” Cathy called to Marcus even as she wrapped her long legs around his ass and pulled him into her. “Ohhh! Yes! Fuck me!” She gasped as she tossed her head back and moaned with pleasure as the first few inches of warm solid cock penetrated her. She tried to relax, to savor the sensation as he slowly pushed deeper but the thrill of fucking another man, her husband’s friend while John watched made her heart race. — It just feels so fucking good! — Marcus grabbed her by the waist, long dark fingers digging into her pale skin as he thrust into her.

“Goddam! That feels so good!” Marcus moaned, echoing Cathy’s thoughts, as he tilted his head forward as if in deep concentration and began a slow steady rhythm. For several moments the room was silent but for groans from Cathy and Marcus. Her groans increased as Marcus moved a hand over to roll her clit under a damp thumb.

“SHIT! I’m cumming! OooooH! Yes, fuck me like that, harder!” Cathy begged as she wrapped her legs tighter around Marcus. Her hands gripped the cushions fiercely as her face screwed up in a rictus of pure passion. John watched as her tits bounced with each thrust of Marcu’s cock. Despite the air-conditioning, her body was covered in a thin film of sweat as it seemed every muscle in her body clenched spasmodically. Her eyes were mostly closed as she took short shallow breaths through her full lips.

“That was fast.” Marcus laughed as he increased his pace bringing sharp squeals of pleasure from Cathy. “Your turn bud?” He called out the question to John even as he continued to fuck Cathy.

“You can finish,” John said, the words contradicting the look in his eyes and his pulsing cock.

“Nah, not yet. I’ll go again after you?” He gave a final thrust before disentangling himself from Cathy’s muscular legs. — Listening to them talk like that is so fucking hot — Cathy thought even as her hand flew down to rub her empty pussy.

“I love this,” Cathy told both men. She said nothing more as her eyes went from one man’s face to the other. Then with a grin, she dropped her eyes, obviously and boldly staring at the two hard cocks before her even as she rubbed her pussy.

She watched as John moved and knelt between her legs. Marcus shifted off to the side. For a brief moment, she had a glimpse of both of their cocks nearly side by side. — I had no idea a cock could be longer than John’s but… Marcus’ cock is a little longer just not nearly as thick. John’s dick is just huge and so pale compared to Marcus’. —

“She’s comparing our dicks dude,” Marcus commented as he leaned his back against the chair John had been sitting in. He began to slowly stroke himself as he stared at her matching her grin with his own. His dark shaft still glistening from her dampness.

“I think you’re right,” John muttered with a smirk as he split her cunt with his dick, stopping when he was half in to enjoy the look on Cathy’s face. — Shit! Just that much and I’m almost ready to cum. It’s fucking hotter than I thought to give her to another man. — Cathy’s shuddering as he impaled her made the situation worse. John gritted his teeth and leaned over to lay on Cathy, pressing his lips to hers, smelling her sex from her damp cheeks before thrusting the rest of the way in her.

“It’s so damn big!” Cathy whispered loud enough for both men to hear as she fell into a well-known pattern of fucking John. His cock filled her fully, stretching her in a familiar way. — I can’t believe how different their cocks feel. Both are great in different ways. — After several moments she lost herself to the sensations coursing through her body.

“Yes! John! Fuck! Fuck me!” She gasped out in a staccato beat as a new, powerful wave of orgasm swept through her. It had been years since she’d been able to cum twice like this. Almost one on the other. “Oh, GOD! I love this. Fuck me! Fuck me!” She felt a surge of disappointment as she felt John’s cock harden further and then erupt in her. — Damn! Too soon! I need more—

“You mind sloppy seconds? She always needs to keep going.” John gasped out as he pulled from her thoroughly soaked pussy and watched a steady stream of cum dribble from her. Cathy’s hand quickly returned to her pussy, furiously rubbing her clit as she desperately struggled to maintain her orgasmic high. Normally, this would be when John handed her a vibrator.

“Yeah, I’m ready to get into her pussy again.” Marcus moved over to Cathy but instead of taking John’s place, he knelt on the floor next to her right leg. “From behind Cat. So, C’mere and bend over.” Cathy grinned as she turned to face the couch. Her back arched and legs spread. Marcus smacked her ass gently. “You like that? Want a good hard fuck?” Cathy nodded her head, golden hair bouncing with the motion.

“Yes, please fuck me hard! Smack my ass! Hard!” She moaned as Marcus roughly pulled her legs wider and slid the tip of his cock into her dripping pussy. She felt his firm stomach muscles push up against her ass as he knelt behind her.

“What a dirty whore of a wife you are!” He taunted her as he slowly slid in until his nutsack bounced against her pussy. “You gonna cum again slut?”

“Yes, yes. I’m a dirty whore. I need to cum again!” Cathy reached between her legs to fondle his balls.

“Yeah, you do cum slut.” Smack! Marcus gave her right ass cheek a firm smack then thrust in her rapidly, like the piston of an old steam engine. “You like that? I know you like it rough.” — OH GOD, I’m going to cum again! SO fast! — Cathy thought as she pressed her face into the couch.

“You gotta’ great husband willing to share you just so you’re satisfied.” He panted as he paused fucking her to catch his breath. Smack. Marcus swatted a butt cheek then slid his hand up her back and around to firmly grip a tit. He twisted her nipple slightly until she groaned and shivered in pleasure.

“Yes, yes! Harder, please!!! Fuck me harder, smack my ass again.” Smack. “John is amazing. I’m so lucky!” She said with feeling as she glanced to where John now sat on the couch. His cock was partially erect, and dripping with cum. — I can’t believe he is still hard! He hasn’t been able to go twice in a row in years! He loves this as much as I do! —

“Suck that cock of his. Suck it while I fuck you.” Marcus growled at her as he began to fuck her again. “I’m gonna fucking fill your pussy with my cum! You want that?” Cathy groaned in affirmative even as she moved her head over to take John in her mouth. His cock was shoved nearly to her tonsils as Marcus pounded into her from behind. It was more than she could take. One hard cock fucking her from behind while another grew harder in her mouth with each second. — John could go again! — She thought as she felt another massive orgasm race through her body. Rather than serve as a release for her lust and physical need it only served to increase those feelings. — Holy shit! This is why we needed to do this. God! I fucking love this man! —

“Yesssss…..!!! She hissed as she pulled John’s cock from her mouth just enough to breathe. The scent of his cum and her sex on his cock filled her nose. “Harder Marcus, fuck me harder!”

He did, fucking her so fast that the sound of his pelvis hitting her ass filled the room with a slapping sound. She savored the sensation even as she rubbed John’s now firm and solid dick on her cheek. Smears of cum still dribbled out leaving traces on her face. With a grunt and final hard thrust, Marcus’ cock erupted in her, filling her pussy with cum for the second time that night. Marcus rammed into her a few more times, each push accompanied by a grunt of pure passion. Cathy felt the warm cum dripping from her. She reached between her legs and used the added lubricant to rub her pussy when Marcus pulled out.

“Damn.” He gasped out as he fell back on the floor spent. “You weren’t kidding, she can just keep going!”

“You need more?” John asked her, winking as she took his solid cock from her mouth.

“Please? Can you?” Cathy asked him. At his nod, she climbed onto his lap. Gripping his cock in one hand she guided it to her cunt.

“Fuck me, my love!” Cathy grinned at him as she sank down his cock, feeling the warm cum squeeze from her cunt as she did. “Uuuughh! So fucking big!” She grunted as she took his solid length in her. Stopping only when she felt his nuts on her ass.

“Well fuck! Isn’t that a sight? Can you slide up and do it again?” Marcus chuckled from behind and to one side of her. “I mean, it’s amazing watching you take that thing.” Cathy looked over her shoulder at Marcus, grinning fiercely back at him. Marcus’ cock was a slumped python resting on his thigh as he leaned back with arms crossed behind his head. Cathy chuckled as she realized he was in the same pose she’d seen for years as he prepared to watch a game with them. — He has a nice penis, almost pretty. — She thought with a giggle.

“Like this?” She said in a low sultry tone as she arched her back and knelt a bit higher. She could feel John’s warm cock sliding along her tunnel walls.

“Damn.” Breathed Marcus in appreciation. Cathy slid down again, shuddering as she took her husband’s cock deep in her. — I love being watched. Why has it taken us so long to do this? — The thought raced through her mind before she abandoned it to focus on the cock piercing her pussy and bringing such pleasure. John grabbed her tits and proceeded to move his hips, encouraging her to match his motion.

“Fuck!” He grunted after a few minutes of intense, energetic thrusting. Cathy had been balancing another orgasm, hoping he would be able to bring her to a third, or was it a fourth climax? As she felt him grow even more rigid, she sped up her pace, shoving his massive cock in and out like a piston.

“YES!” She called out as she began to cum, just seconds before she felt him let loose another load in her pussy. His fingers tightened spasmodically on her tits as she continued to try and ride out the sensation. Spent, she rolled off him and onto the couch. She watched as he breathed deeply, his cock visibly slumping down to rest on his stomach. After a few minutes of rapid breathing, she looked first at Marcus, then at John

“What’s next?” She chuckled then laughed aloud as John quirked one eyebrow at her and Marcus simply laughed in response.



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